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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Picnic Pair

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Picnic Pair

Katie Holmes carries her headband-clad daughter Suri Cruise out to their waiting SUV in New York City on Sunday afternoon (April 11).

The mother-daughter pair reportedly went on a picnic together.

Below is some additional footage of Katie and co-star Channing Tatum taking pictures with fans on the Queens, NY set of their new movie, Son Of No One. Fans can be seen running and chasing down Chan and Katie for their autographs.

FYI: Suri wore green flats by Maloles.

Katie Holmes & Channing Tatum Sign Autographs, 4/9

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise‘s picnic…

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suri cruise picnic 01
suri cruise picnic 02
suri cruise picnic 03
suri cruise picnic 04
suri cruise picnic 05
suri cruise picnic 06
suri cruise picnic 07
suri cruise picnic 08
suri cruise picnic 09
suri cruise picnic 10
suri cruise picnic 11
suri cruise picnic 12
suri cruise picnic 13

Credit: Jackson Lee, A Miller/WENN; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • faith87

    so thats how they film those cars scenes…interesting.

  • Dan

    that kid has been 3years old for like 6years. knowing her whack job parents, they give her some kind of anti-growing drugs so they can keep her as a cute accessory for the paps.

  • boston61

    There is the chosen one. All the doors will open. She will never wait on tables. Never know a day without people kissing her ass. Even if she is dyslexic like Dad. A little thing like being able to read could never get in the way of her success in life. Although she will have Dad’s big honker nose and Mom’s cankles. She will cut her way right to the front of the line like Gwyneth, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, and half of the other people in Hollywood.

  • robert

    Again!!! this is ridiculous.

  • gigi

    This girl have a father????

  • janelle

    Suri is cute but that is a strange family.

  • Josie

    omg those little mexican kids running around being rude and obnoxious are down right scary! what ghetto in NYC are they filming in?

  • Kitty Kat

    Call me a hater, but I think it’s CREEPY when a 4 year old child is wearing make-up, but her 30 year old mother isn’t!

  • Susie#1

    OMG the earth just stopped. Katie combed her hair and Suri is wearing a sweater! Suri is wearing lipstick again. Why? Somehow nothing ever seems to work for them.

  • Suri Suri

    Suri is so pretty. I just hope Tom & Katie don’t make her bat S crazy. Poor girl.

  • Sue

    Doesn’t this damn kid ever walk on her own?

  • kit

    She’s eating her lipstick.

  • gracie

    Red lipstick and full make-up on a 4yr old —- that’s strange?

  • scarlet

    Why is Tom NEVER with his family.. and where are the critics regarding that little fact.

    AND why was Tom showing up on Cameron D. movie set.. hmmm

  • http://justjared samantha nolan

    Dang! they been showing suri alot lately. before we never used to c her, now shes everywhere! i dnt mind. shes adorable!=-)

  • veru

    Suri is really beautiful and cute child but I dont like Tom and Katie. They are weird.

  • Where is tommy

    Looks like cousin bill mapother more and more everyday

  • L Ron Humbugger


    Yo, Jared —

    Even I am sick and tired of this skinny beard b!tch, her fruity hubby and their horrid little troll child conceived with my frozen j!zz.

    I don’t care how much they are paying for your attention: No more. Please.

  • T pain

    so sick of Katie’s and Suri’s face…

  • bizarre

    Poor girl, will be as Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan or….

  • troi

    Ah, how nice, the pimp is out with her little pet.

  • Jasmine

    2 things:

    She’s about to be 4 years old still drinking a bottle that’s an issue!

    I find it odd any post related to the Cruise family get over 100 comments why? lol

  • Adrienne

    @Kitty Kat:

    Wearing makeup AND still drinking from a baby bottle! Very weird parenting. Don’t know why she is joined at the hip to her insecure mother and not playing with children her own age.

  • emmy123

    Say what you want about Tom and Katie but that child is adorable. And, if she is photographed too much, or spoiled, or wearing too much make-up, none of that is her fault. She’s three. It’s the parents responsibility to set rules and guidelines. Sure, every kid likes to play dress up and what not, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t raid my mom’s make-up a few times when I was little. And, when I was six, I had one of those weird childhood obsessions with the roll-y lipgloss that you can get in the whole package of fruity flavors. Maybe my parents are just old-fashioned that way, but I always was dressed for the weather (though it has been pretty nice in NY for a week or so), didn’t wear sparkly heels to walk down the street, and didn’t wear red lipstick to go outside. Granted, it can be pretty hard to get your kid to take off the make-up, but, as the parent, one should be able to take care of that. Especially when you know you’ll be under public scrutiny.

    & Ah, twelve year olds who have probably never even seen Dawson’s or anything with Katie in it and just know her from tabloids. And who probably will only see this movie because Channing is in it. Silly, kids. Does no body care that Al Pacino is also in this film? Or, has he not been filming yet? Actually, I doubt those kids would even know who Al was, so it makes sense that no one chase him for an autograph.

  • kara

    Suri again makes happy pedophiles. Suri’s little underwear, Suri with high heels, Suri with make-up,……. what’s next bad parents? Suri with a G-string on the beach or lying down on a car?

  • katie is back with suri wippee

    Tom is pulling a Ben Affleck … Both are not with their daughters…

    As for Katie .. wow how boring carrying her around after bitchin about
    Jen Garner carrying Vi everywhere…

    Wonder how Channing likes have the kids around walking up
    sidewalks and to the car.. wippee.. get Suri in the movie too..
    Daddy Tom would appreciate that..Since he is pulling a Ben

  • Where is Tom?

    Mom and daughter have been in NYC for going on 2 weeks. Where is Daddy Tom?

    CameronD is not filming with him, CD has been in Miami having fun this week. Where is Tom?

    Where oh where is Tom?

  • Scientology

    I wonder if people will watch homely or tomy girl’s movies, because if you pay for their movies it’s mean that you donate your money to scientology.
    tomy girl is a high level priest in this cult.

  • peter

    Suri turns 4 yrs in 1 week… But she’s still on the bottle…and wears lipstick and high heels??

  • notafan


  • Shan

    If Katie is going to continue to insist on carrying Suri (which is ridiculous at her age) then please have her wear pants. And for goodness sakes take that makeup off of her…..she’s not a doll Katie!

  • sciento

    Katie will carry her into college just like that, and with a diaper bag

  • Benny

    Heya Jared, long time! :) I was totally there (as evidenced in #11 :)

  • its robo-bride

    Is Katie channeling Kidman? Twice in the last week or so she has been wearing the same shoes Kidman wears. They aren’t popular among the young set or even trendy.

  • geez!

    I bet you suri is a little snot.

    Which blame the parenting because they have showered her in privilege. Nothing wrong with being rich but it seems they are not teaching her to be rich is a privilege not an entitlement. Entitementwill turn her into the next Hilton or worse.

  • Miss Tolerance

    meh. She like a little Lolita with makeup.


    doesn’t suri’s vulgar red lipstick get all over the nipple?

  • a realist

    Katie is using the child as a shield. Katie needs psych help. Something is not right with her.

    Also Tom is never with them.

    Brad and Angie always are together when the other is shooting a movie.

  • sherri

    The people who make comments in reference to this little girl never cease to amaze me: from hinting that she might be dyslexic and then belittling her for it to saying that her choice of clothing invites pedophiles, as if all a person needs to see is a child’s underwear and then is transformed into a pervert, you people range from mean to downright absurd. I would say that you should be ashamed of yourselves but somehow I think that would fall on deaf ears. You do make me question how you all are in real life because if you can be this mean and petty to a child you have never met and who has never done anything to you, how do treat people in real life?

    Now go ahead and give my comment a thumbs down because I know that when it comes to this family and the Jolie-Pitts, it’s no use trying to be the sane voice of reason in an insane asylum.

  • Josh

    Katie Holmes is in New York making a movie. Since she is also a mother , she has her daughter with her. Everyday she leaves her apartment , sometimes with Suri , sometimes without. She is going to work. She is not asking those pesky paps to be there 24/7, doing nothing more exciting than snapping pictures of her going from the front of her apartment to the her waiting car.
    By the way ….the shoes are called Oxfords….they are very in this year.
    If it wasn’t for the pics , I wouldn’t even come on this site , all the dumb losers come here with their loser comments. Take a good look at yourselves , you are so pathetic, it’s SAD!
    Thanks for the video JJ, you proved something that I have always known————Katie Holmes is a very good looking young woman!

  • LuckyL

    I worry at this little girl’s mental strength with all her dumb nonsense her mother exposes her to.

  • LuckyL

    God, and the lipstick’s back.

  • sarah

    Katie looks nice, and put together. :)

  • TIM GUNN, Sorry ROBO

    Kimdan wears Converse All Stars, has for decades.

    They ARE very hot in the style department and have been since the 50′s.

    Ms. Holmes is not wearing Converse.


    What is vile, is how even and perfectly the lipstick has been applied.

    An adult placed the lipstick on the child.

  • little cockroach

    Maybe it’s coloured lip gloss.
    You are very old arn’t you Timmy, besides a fully paid up member of the Nicole Kidman fan club.

  • Pac Man

    You’re idiots, #2 and #3.

    All the time, #11.

    He’s busy working and there are plenty of pics with his family, #14.

    The problem is is this catch-22 critics have with him: If’ he’s not abandoning his Holmes and daughter Suri, he’s playing favorites with his bio-kid and is keeping a watchful eye on his wife.

    You don’t or can’t know that, #20.

    It’s not an issue till the PARENTS think it’s one, #22.

    These threads are so popular because busybodies can’t help giving their unwanted and uncalled two cents on every little detail they’ve picked from a few seconds of TomKat’s parenting caught on film.

    No one can be held responsible for what turns a pedophile on, #25. (And that underwear incident DEFINITELY isn’t their fault. The wind blew her skirt up!)

    What does ‘pulling a Ben Affleck’ even mean, #26?

    Busy working, #27. You’d just say he was being overprotective anyway if he was seen with his family here.

    Of course they will, #28. Most people don’t care about what an actor’s religion is.

    You have quite the gift for stating the obvious, #29.

    Shoes, #34?

    If she is, it’s not your problem, #35. Whatever happens, let the PARENTS deal with her. Don’t tell other people how to raise their kids. Especially people you don’t even know.

    Asa shield how, #38? Against what?

    Cruise doesn’t care about what Brangelina does. That’s them and this is not.

    If Cruise was here, you’d just twist things around and say that Holmes is never given any room to breathe….which will then lead to the same break-up rumors!

    Exactly, #39. Incredible how your sound and articulate post is rated lowly as opposed to the badly-written, negative ones.

    Right, #40.

    Quit with the mock concern, #41. You don’t care and you don’t even know them.

  • anza

    bahhhhh,strange looking girl!!!!!!!! can’t she walk or what?????? but i guess, it would be a drama, not to do what the little princess want. i am looking forward,seeing her as an adult!!!!!!!! a two meter man will carry her!!!!!!,, no, it’s not the day to walk, go on mister!!!!!! ”

  • Hah……

    katie & suri go shopping at bonpoint boutique and katie & suri go shopping to the store on new york’s madison avenue to buy expensive dress for little princess, but for “poor Bella” they’re go shopping only to H&M, even their teen are having problem with acne or over weight this robo wife & tomy girl just don’t care. their attention only for a little princess

  • Hah……

    robo wife is also channeling kidman other shoes, she wore kidman “cap toe” shoes, but for robo wife didn’t suitable & looked cheap.
    Cap toe shoes looked very nice & elegant for NK.