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Tina Fey Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' -- VIDEO

Tina Fey Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' -- VIDEO

Tina Fey hosted yesterday’s Saturday Night Live with musical guest Justin Bieber, who made cameos in a few of the sketches.

The funniest two sketches were 1) the commercial for the Duncan Hines Brownie Husband, which has Tina making out with a life-size man-shaped brownie and 2) Tina reprising her Sarah Palin parody.

Bieber performed his hit songs “Baby” and “U Smile.”

DO YOU THINK Tina Fey did a good job hosting SNL — YAY or NAY?

Click inside to watch all of last night’s SNL sketches…

Sarah Palin Network

Brownie Husband

Obama Census Cold Open


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Update: The Devil

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Ruff, Rugged & Roker


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  • Eric


    Tina Fey is like a parasite, she should stop riding on Sarah Palin’s coat tail. Have some self-respect! Tina should stop promoting herself using Sarah’s fame. Pathetic!

  • karen


    grow up.. Tina is the Queen and this was one of the best shows in a long time.. Palin has put herself out there and she is not off limits.. Heck they make cracks at the President and Vic President all the time. Please don’t try and play the EVERYONE PICKS ON PALIN CARD.

    She makes jokes and snide comments about everyone so she too is fair game.. GO TINA.. KICK SOME AS&

  • michele

    Fey’s only claim to fame is Sarah Palin so I doubt she will ever step away from the parody, which is unfortunate because I can’t watch a film or show that she is in without seeing Sarah Palin. She definitely needs to recapture her own identity. Saw Date Night and it was like watching Sarah Palin playing Tina Fey.

  • Dog Lover

    Now it’s getting boring.
    Enough already
    get some new material

  • a realist

    LOL…love it.

  • Wizard

    Oh Come On …Tina Fey is hilarious .. Go TINA

  • anna

    Her and that Beiber kid were really creepy together!

  • Nome

    Those who say that Sarah Palin is Tina Fey’s claim to fame are morons in the first degree. Do some research before you make stupid statements like that.

  • Ali

    Great show. She was better than most hosts.


    Fantastic writing, great performance. Divine !

    Ms. Fey continues to be one of America’s most talented and hunourous writers.

  • caxposed

    Tina was amazing on SNL. That last skit even had me tearing up at the end. :~)

  • letstalk


    You grow up! If you don’t have your head up Tina Fey’s ass, you might recognize how ridiculous the situation has become: how many times has Tina Fey played the Sarah Palin card? What self-respecting artist would repeat herself again and again like that?

    You said: “Heck they make cracks at the President and Vic President all the time.” So why didn’t Tina Fey make cracks at them, or Nancy Pelosi? Oh, nobody would watch? so she is riding on Sarah’s fame after all. Tina knows it, you know it, it is getting boring and it is pathetic.

  • ashley

    is anyone gunna talk about how not funny bieber was?

  • Vicki

    YAWN…..enough with sarah palin act. Tina is that all you know how to do…funny for awhile but boring as hell now.

  • Vicki

    exactly, I couldn’t have said it better….enough with Sarah already, apparently they need new writers. Talk about Pelosi who can’t get anything right or Joe Biden who calls jobs a three letter word…OMG every time he opens his mouth he says something stupid..go there for awhile, your beating a dead horse with Palin, we’ve seen it…seen it….seen it….get it?

  • Vicki

    @caxposed: wow how boring is your life?

  • happy girl

    i love it! exposes the sheer mediocrity and hypocrisy of palin. tina nails it!

  • MrMarleyFAN


    Speak for yourself.. Anytime somebody can shine a brighter light on that screecher Palin, I’m happy. She’s a political phoney and a celebrity wannabe. She uses God to promote hate and she is a hypocrite. She makes me sick and I have to fight my dislike for her more than I have anyone in a long time. She’s evil and people like you are to blinded by “aw shucks” crap to see it. She’s an evil war and hate mongerer and power drunk.

  • Keep It Real

    Tina hasnot done the Sarah Palin thing ina a year. Whats the big deal. She is on WEEKLY show being a diff character if the above posters want to see her be something esle. I LOVE this place. There should be an age Then again it wouldnot be as much fun.

  • Leni

    Boring Boring. Palin is better looking

  • amy

    get new material tina!!! the palin thing is not all that funny anymore. and the whole hollywood standing tall against conservatism act is so ol’ school and already proven to be elitist and ingnorant. yes, i said it!! elitist and ignorant ya’ll!!!

  • SMH

    Hmmm, there sure seem to be a lot of Republicans in here posting under different screennames. LOL

  • Alex T

    Let’s separate the issues, which people seem to bring up at random:

    1. Is SNL unfair to Sarah Palin? I would say SNL tries to spread the fire equally (more or less) – it does make fun of all politicians who are in spotlight – Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden. If Palin gets a bit more of a flak, sorry, she deserves it.
    2. Was Tina Fey funny? Let’s face, the current weakness of SNL is writing, not delivery. Given the material she was given, Tina Fey was as good as one can be. A legitimate gripe about Fey would be that decline in writing quality started when she was a chief writer. Now it’s even worse, but it is no longer her fault

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