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Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Video Preview

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Video Preview

Christina Aguilera shows off her big blonde curls and a sexy dominatrix outfit in this new preview pic from her much-anticipated “Not Myself Tonight” video.

Four girls with a very similar look surround the 29-year-old songstress. Looks interesting, to say the least!

Christina is also set to perform “Not Myself Tonight” live on Friday (May 7) at NYC’s Radio City Hall during The Oprah Winfrey Show. Exclusive interview, too! Pick up tickets at

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  • carly

    she looks like a drag queen

  • mars


  • Audrey

    HOT! HOT! HOT!
    Can’t wait to see the video!!

  • Oblioo

    Can’t wait to see her new music video :D

  • Lo

    I love Christina, but this picture does not give me high hopes. I like her short bob not this lady marmalade poof thing.
    Love the song though, great vocals.

  • Callie

    I can’t wait, I love Xtina :)

  • yo sista


  • dadadu

    lmao epic fail.
    well done xtina, another flop’s coming :)

  • Tina

    Hot!!!!!To bad she stays away for so long she was almost forgotten…Most of her 20′s she was out of the spotlight.

  • Dreads

    My idol is back. =) I can’t waiiiiit for this. She is so talented vocally and amazing in every way that she has many haters. I never understood that. Why do you hate her so much? Do you feel bad about your own lives or yourself? Maybe you could get some help with a psy or get a life. She cannot flop. Her fans love her no matter what. I am proud to be one of them. She’s one of the most beautiful blondes I have ever seen.

  • Kay

    This song is terrible. I like Christina but the song is fkn terrible.

  • Phoebee

    Its just sad, the song is awful.. It isn’t catchy or different.
    I heard it from radio first time today and it was so disappointing :/
    It was so BLAH BLAH BLAH

  • lea

    I really wanted her comeback to be good but her song is just so….forgettable and generic. Oh Christina.


    From the screen capture it looks like the Lady CaCa video bad romance when she is dancing with her dancers in front of men. Way to go Christina copy another persons video. Is anyone in music original these days???

  • Taly If anyone is original it’s not Lady Caca

  • truly

    Although Christina stayed away from the spotlight, she at least is a very established artist. She have a very loving husband and a great child. Most artist chose their career first rather than having a family only to find out that their old or its too late. At least Christina does not have to think about having a family, she has it all! Not to hate on the other artist, but look at Beyonce who is trying her best to have a baby. You can’t bring Christina down, whether you like her or not, she will keep doing her thing. She’s a good role model!!! Perhaps some people hate her b/c she’s pretty well rounded, they like to see her fail, but doesn’t. Christina is a legend, and as she said in one of her song, “ill keep singing my song.”

  • greta

    The reason why so many people slag her off and try to compare her to so many other female “artists” is because she is THAT TALENTED and that truly intimidates people. Therefore, the only way they can deal with her is to try to undermine her talent. Get over it people. Everything has been done before. She was around way before other artists, who by the way seem to also draw inspiration from her, and she’ll be around as long as she feels like it. I’ve been a fan from day one and will be til she retires.

  • xtina keeps getting better

    She looks firece, can,t wait to see her new video for a great song.

  • Lis

    @greta: You’re wrong, tbh. There are a LOT of really TALENTED people who plenty of people respect. Some people like Christina try a little too hard and it shows. When I look at her nowadays, all I see is someone who misses her wild days and youth, it just shows. Of course there are also fans of other artists who like to bash, almost everyone has haters – some just less or more than others. But there ARE also those who just see someone trying too hard and find it either amusing or annoying, thus comment on it.

  • Lis edit

    *get* plenty of respect

  • Kevin

    You cannot simply pick up tickets for Oprah jared, I wish I could though, since I will be in NY may 7 haha!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Can’t wait!!

  • Ellis-j

    Because I cant really see her face and really it’s only 1 picture I’m not going to judge and say that she looks bad or the video is an epic fail!!
    (like some haters) I’m looking forward to seeing what this video looks like (okay exstatic) “lol” but yeah and to say the song is blah, horrible,terrible or disappointing is a lie the song is niether 1, it’s good and catchy (if it’s a hit it’s a hit) I respect your opinion but I don’t agree, like half of you say it sounds like the same music that’s been on radio for the past 2yrs (IMO it does’nt sound like nothing out there) but I will say you here a lil sexy back in it a lil but other than that nothing else!! half the time the people that hate her or as I call them jump on the band wagon stanz (gravitate to what’s hot at the moment) are the 1′s that got s**t to say…


    This video clip will be gonna HOT and FIERCE … CAN”T WAIT. SHE IS COMING BACK … ROCK !!!


    GAGA never reachs to XTINA’s level .. REMEMBER THAT

  • xxx

    I love you Christina… you are amazing……….
    she is my inspiration in life. Such a strong and intelligent woman. LOVE HER <33


    I LOVE CHRIS…………

  • sOhOt

    Can’t WAIT for this video clip. SHe is damm hot

  • xtina4ewver

    All I have to say is that everyone wants to bring Christina down always cause they find her a threat with everything. They hate her singing call her all these names copycat that’s just sad how they can knock her down which she’s has made her mark and deserves to be here cause lady GaGa should be intimidated Christina will be around much longer than her. All I know is GaGa wants to be Christina. Their is no need for Christina 2 be her what for GaGa is just an entertainer that’s it just like Britney GaGa has no unique voice she does the same shit songs nothing to blow us away at all. Christina’s music says a lot about themselves she don’t have to hide behind mask or ridicoulous outfits for people to like her. She’s a classy women with a great life son husband. She don’t care what anyone thinks of her.

  • Dirtty

    Ugly Caca fans, be fair please.. Don’t be the uneducated-persons. This girl is really good for music industry that no one can deny. She can sing, can dance, can write songs, can change everything in every album ….. I actually can’t wait for the video.

  • wanker

    Hope it wil show cleavage so it will be wank worthy

  • Kenneth

    Say what you want about Christina…You cannot deny that she sings BETTER than every one of her peers. She is among the best.

  • James

    She looks great!
    Cant wait for the music video!!

    The song had to be removed from iTunes UK because it was charting so well!!! They couldnt have it chart so high without a music video.

  • Turabo19

    @carly: If she look like a dragqueen Gaga will be Rapuls Next Dragqueen…

  • Turabo19

    @Tina: I agreed she takes to much to release another album..

  • Turabo19

    Someone knows the date of release?

  • people rock

    So Lady Gaga! Come on Christian be ORIGINAL!