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Gerard Butler: Haiti with Ben Stiller!

Gerard Butler: Haiti with Ben Stiller!

Gerard Butler and actor pal Ben Stiller take a meeting with Artists for Peace and Justice in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on Sunday (April 11).

Artists for Peace and Justice encourages peace and social justice and addresses issues of poverty and enfranchisement in communities around the world. The organization’s immediate goal is to build schools to serve the poorest areas of Haiti, providing an education, hot meals, clean drinking water and regular medical treatments to the children living in the slums.

Earlier this year, Gerry volunteered his time and participated in the Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

Other celebs in Haiti and pictured below: Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, and Olivia Wilde.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Ben Stiller in Haiti…

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gerard butler haiti 01
gerard butler haiti 02
gerard butler haiti 03
gerard butler haiti 04
gerard butler haiti 05
gerard butler haiti 06
gerard butler haiti 07
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  • sallyo

    this warms the cockles of my cold, dead heart. good for all of them. well done paul haggis!

  • nancy

    That is great. Rhode Island just had the worst flooding in our history, Businesses, homes and infrastructure have been destroyed.

    I guess no one cares about people in their own country

  • ashley

    @nancy: It’s not about caring about their own country but these people had made a prior commitment to this organization and the situation in Haiti and it’s good to see them there.

  • postwatcher

    Love the serious posing…oh please, how hard is it for these people to write a check and call it a day.

  • LauraS

    that was quick JJ…
    Gman looks great but why does he always listen with his mouth open? he’s sweeeeet….but he looks like a numpty ;)))

  • Luna

    it’s good Gerry volunteered his time and participated in the Hope for Haiti – better than he would spend it with Laurie Cholewa!!!

  • Barbie

    I’m so happy that Gerry is part of this wonderful group of actors in Haiti….

  • daffodil

    Good to see actors doing something positive with there free time good on them.

  • it’s good

    to squeeze in a trip to Haiti in between outings at Voyeur and Venice Beach, and goosing your co-star in the City of Light. That man is all about social justice. Word.

  • Taly

    Love it!
    The situation at Haiti is still so sad, I was watching yesterday at the new, it gets worst each day, people are getting sick , some are amputed in the streets. No schools, hospitals , homes and security yet. Women and child fight with stronger men for food! It’s so sad.

  • nancy

    I still think it would be nice to have some help here as well

  • social justice?

    Does Glenn Beck know about this? Beck says social justice = evil communism.

  • hahaha

    I wonder if Jen warned Demi, Susan and Olivia no to take picture close to him because of his disappearing fingers.

  • Lucy

    Please, Gerry, come to Brazil and help us too. Here in Rio de Janeiro is a catastrophe,

  • Dumdums

    I’m kind of impressed with Sean Penn. He’s been there for like a month helping out

  • karen

    As usual, Aniston is nowhere to be found. She’s there for telethons and check-writing, but not when it’s time to actually go see the damage.

  • greenlawns

    I think these artists are a bit naive. Building schools? The country needs to rid of the thugs first from the top to the bottom. Gerry and the Artists for peace and Justice memebers are like missionaries. They can do some good but nothing fundamental to change the situation in Haiti. Still it’s nice to see someone cares.

  • fairydust

    Oh those eyes in the first pic…they get me every time!

  • r.

    Good for them for at least trying to help their fellow man. And the “posing” is because the organization wants to release photos to publicize their work, not because the celebrities want their picture taken. They are loaning out their face for a good cause essentially and judging from the note taking, it looks to me like Ben and Gerry are genuinely interested in what they are participating in.

  • nancy


    He helped durig Katrina also

  • hillary

    I’m glad he’s helping out, but I feel so shallow. I’m looking at the photos and not thinking about Haiti. I’m just thinking ‘Wow, is he beautiful.’

  • gossiphound


    Yes Bob Geldof learned the hard way – after all the money he raised for famine releif in Ethopia to buy food that he had shipped in, guess what happened – large amounts were stolen or co-opted to be sold on the black market and never got to the starving people it was intended for. Though you never really heard about all that. That is why Bono was trying “the forgive the debt ” campaign on the impression that once that debt was eliminated the governments would spend money on essential services for their people. Has anyone bothered to look back and see if life has improved in any of those countries?

    You can’t give the money directly to the governments that’s for sure as it just ends up in pockets of corrupt officials. At least if the schools are to be be rebuilt by private parties, it will get done much much faster and hopefully they will building to hurricane and earthquake codes so they can withstand future natural disasters but that does not preclude the thugs or warring militiias from damaging or worse taking those new shiny buildings for their own use in the future.

  • an oldie

    Good job, Ben and Gerry.

  • sallyo

    nancy – dont go all kanye and say no one cares about rhode island! there must be people rallying for that cause too?
    I think its commendable that they aren’t just chucking money at the problem. it looks like Paul’s cause is trying to build up key infrastructure.
    Gerry – i love you but sometimes you look like you belong on sesame street. work the camera like Ben: Blue Steel n Serious

  • gossiphound

    Gerry is working the wow it is really that bad here look of incredulousness. I kinda dig it. Oops did I say that.

  • daffodil

    Jennifer is Filming at the moment.

  • To: #26

    Excuses, excuses..

    Aniston wouldn’t have been there if she wasn’t filming. Also,if this was a cause that was important to her, she would have made a way to be there just like she made a way when she was promoting the crap hunter.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    So glad to see these pics. No more Ass Apple press. Thank goodness.
    Ben and Gerry do Haiti… I wonder what flavor of ice cream that will be? hehe

    *waving to my chatty girlies*

  • ITA

    nancy @ 04/12/2010 at 2:13 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I still think it would be nice to have some help here as well


  • He is just

    jumping on the band wagon……why even take pictures? Just go an help without saying anything!

  • r.

    Clearly you don’t read all the comments. The ORGANIZATION takes photos and releases them as a way to bring attention to the ORGANIZATION and the work they do. The actor’s let them release the photos of them doing charity work as a way to bring attention to the ORGANIZATION and their work, not themselves. It’s ridiculous how many people want to assume the worst about everything they read and see.

  • The Doctor Is In

    Mouth breather…I guess he needs to be given his proclivities.

  • daffodil

    @To: #26:
    Why are you so hard on Jennifer there are loads actors not there she donated money good for her i do not understand all the hate for this woman. GET A LIFE.

  • hahaha


    I agree. JA has donated towards Haiti already. The woman is currently filming maybe people wants to see GB with JA.

  • redOctober

    OMG…G in Haity…then off to Serbia , followed by a trip to Africa (MGP)…it’s going to be an overdose of “this is the real world”.

  • gossiphound

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton: MacIntosh and Lox?

  • gossiphound


    Perhaps a good thing.

  • CJ

    He is Just…I agree with you…Celebs think if we see their photos we will give me photos of Red Cross workers, Habitate for Humanity, etc. and I would be more impressed…but if their cause is genuine then good for them..I do think their time would be more well spent rolling up their sleeves and moving debris, building homes etc…I applaud Sean Penn for his hands on approach..he was there from the beginning just like he was there after Katrina..that impresses me more..♥.

  • redOctober


    I hope that too.


    their time would be more well spent rolling up their sleeves and moving debris, building homes etc


    I do agree with you.

  • whatsup
  • realitycheck

    @CJ When Sean was helping in New Orleans, he had his own camera crew with him. I think he learned a huge lesson from that experience and now just quietly goes about the business of helping in times of disaster. I admire him more for that than anything. Charity should never be used as a photo-op. JMHO.

  • sukar

    Gerard Butler is a beautiful liar and media manipulator.

  • Hiseyes


    I would say it’s the lighting in that particular picture. His eyes look fine in the rest of them. Or he could be crying, I certainly don’t blame him for that.


    Nice to see him finally there in Haiti. He, along with other celebs, agreed to a long term commitment to this cause. (yeah, I know, you can insert long term commitment joke in here)

    All my snarkyness aside, it really is nice to see him out of the “trolling” character of the press, but I know that will probably start up soon. Seeing him in this light without all the phony pr cr*p makes him seem more genuine and caring.

    And yeah, he looks gorgeous. I feel guilty for saying that.

  • redOctober


    ….makes him seem more genuine and caring….


    I see him there, all wide eyed , an expression of pain and bewilderment on his face and I pray, really pray it’s a genuine feeling. An eye opener and a first step into becoming a better human being.

  • gerry

    At least he is living his life and trying to make a difference in the world. I don’t understand how people can critize people for trying to help others. I would be more impressed with your responses if you were actually doing something beside spouting poison negativity. Anyone that slams someone for helping others is just sad. Lord help us all….

  • redOctober

    I’ve been a teacher for 20 years. My children have almost nothing, many come from broken families, others are abused ….but I’ve received more than what I’ve given. Life can be hell for the poor and the weak but even in the darkest of places you can find beauty and dignity and a way to grow spiritually serving others. I wish for G all the joy I’ve found among my little ones.

  • Fritz the Cat


    Beautifully said.

  • xxx


    Oh, please. #2 you are an imbecile. America is RICH as all f–k. Haiti is a third world country. You are a complete IGNORANT FOOL.

  • shaar

    It’s great that they’re over there. Just because it’s not in the news anymore has got many people to forget about it.This serves as a great reminder that this is still going on.