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Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by ladies as he makes his way around Miami, Florida on Sunday (April 11).

Earlier this month, Oliver Stone began negotiations to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Travis McGee, a potential franchise project based on the shaggy hero of 21 detective novels written by John D. MacDonald. Stone is about to open his long-anticipated Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Leo will play a “salvage consultant” who helps his clients on recover lost property. The Fox movie will be based on the first book in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by, which tracks him reluctantly leaving his houseboat to search for treasure hidden by a soldier after World War II.

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  • uhmm

    he is always surrounded by women. leo=womanizer!

  • Courtney

    Stop picking your nose Leo! It’s so unbecoming. Leo is a womanizer but he also likes testosterone. I wonder where Lukas is.

  • Sheigh

    Girls, stop turning around this fat a**hole guy ! He is not a playboy anymore. The Titanic beauty sank in the depth of ocean.

  • Nicki

    By looking at their face expressions, they look like they’re heading to a funeral…. what an unhappy group of people! Travis McGee sounds cool. Oliver Stone’s movies are weird but nevertheless interesting.

  • T

    That other guy in the hat is Q-tip

  • A

    He’s probably single now…after seeing the Jersey Shore photo shoot of his girlfriend looking like a tramp. I used to defend Bar….but yucko!

  • lol

    I hope he dumped that low-class girlfriend after seeing those tasteless photos. Leo can do way better than her!
    It is Q-Tip in the grey hat it was his birthday this weekend.
    I really like Leo on these photos. That blue color looks great on him! :)

  • Ivan
  • sayuri

    Ele é tudo. =)

  • girl

    He is looking worse and worse.

  • WHY

    fat, ugly and older…..He ain’t that hot anymore!!!

  • not

    not cute

  • He’s a loser

    Leo looks dirty and homeless. He used to look great, now he looks like a homeless guy

  • Leewa

    @He’s a loser:

    How does he look dirty & homeless???

    He looks like a normal person like you and me. You are obviously jealous because one: women would never surround your ass & two: You will never make as much money as he does.

  • abssy

    I think hes more handsome now. I cant stand guys with baby faces. he looks like a real man! FINALLY. he is handsome. besides hes leo decap. rich,talented,handsome. women flock to him. he is a playboy. always has been always will be. looks like his ex gf bar cant stop that….
    after seeing her new “shoot” I dont think she minds, lol. she would be better well suited for one of the cheap jersey shore guys anyways

  • mimi

    Leo seems to like hookers and “half-hookers” (instead of money they get “presents”, media exposure and vacations).
    He is single though, and it’s better than Tiger Woods to have this lifestyle without being married.

  • mimi

    Leo likes his women very cheap and trashy. Look how these women look like.
    Everyone know how Gisele climbed up the ladder in the industry and we all know how cheap is Bar Refaeli and how low they all go for money or fame.

  • Mari

    There’s nothing wrong with the way he looks in these photos. He’s just very casual in his regular life. Also, I think it’s a wee bit premature to start calling these women “cheap and trashy.” We don’t even know who they are. Maybe they’re just friends of his and/or his friend (Q-tip?). I don’t see anything about them that looks “trashy.”

  • Petunia

    Leo looks fine to me, lets hope he dumped his sleezy gf Bar. Those pics I was in shock seeing her like that. Leo is too classy for Bar. I hope he has a good time in Miami, maybe he is disappointed in Bar. You can do better Leo.

  • Ali Etu

    Michigan hat?

  • s

    leo looks hot!!

  • ….

    o look its donkey diick decap…..haha love u leo!! ;)

  • lucky gal

    leeeeeeeooooooo…………..this guy is one of the nicest, sweetst, funnyst best looking guys on the planet how do i know this? because i met him (hehe best day of my life) and if your interested hes even BETTER looking in real life, those eyes literally go through you..anway this is starting to sound creepy ….so just lay off guys!!!

  • boo……..haha leo acting gay/ like a spolied hollywood kid HILARIOUS watch the whole thing on youtube, yhink this was at the oscar luncheon a few years back!!

  • lol

    I remember that one, boo, it was hilarious. It is only part of that Oscar Roundtable interview but definitely it was the funniest part. It`s rare to see him acting this goofy.

  • boo

    @ lol ya its sad but true ever since titanic he never acts goofy in interviews anymore and were always hearing from his friends and co-stars how funny he is…..its almost sad to see that he feels he has to gaurd himself so much in order to be taken seriously as a actor, wish we could see more of this leo!!

  • …..
  • lol

    Yeah, I wish we could see him this relaxed and goofy more. Definitely it won`t happen around Barf as you can see on the photos lmao ( = …. ) posted. Not a smile and trace of emotion around her. Thanks for demonstrating my point! lol

  • Lisa rose

    Bar is actually there too (shes wearing a black shirt)! you can see the pic in the other Leo’s post.

  • Lisa rose
  • …….

    @Lisa rose:

    It’s not her, Barf is fat and the girl on the photo is thin

  • wow

    It’s funny how all you girls bash Bar for a shoot she did (as part of her JOB) yet praise Leo for being a “playboy”.

  • ???

    Who praised him for being a playboy? I`m happy to see him around other woman because I hope it means he doesn`t take Barf seriously.
    As for Barf nobody forced her to take a trashy and tasteless job like this.

  • jilley

    it is bar there with leo i saw other picks from miami and shes not fat at all she looks great now leo hes fat sloppy ugly and gettting more and more gross looking its just a matter of time bar dumps him shes out ther now BRIGHTSIDE WE KNOW ITS YOU BASHING AND HATING COMMENTS SO TAKE YOUR MEDS

  • jilley

    it is bar there with leo i saw other picks from miami and shes not fat at all she looks great now leo hes fat sloppy ugly and gettting more and more gross looking its just a matter of time bar dumps him shes out ther now BRIGHTSIDE WE KNOW ITS YOU BASHING AND HATING COMMENTS SO TAKE YOUR MEDS

  • @35

    Based on those distasteful photos with the Jersey Shore guys I wouldn`t say she is `not fat at all`. She looks like a giant next to those guys… I wonder how long the `honeymoon period` is going to last this time? Any guesses?

  • Megan

    He’s so hot!
    All you haters are just jealous of him.

  • Cheeks

    LOVE LEO! <3

  • Mimi

    Those girls were at the same table with Bar and leo. The paps just caught them leaving, but Bar was there. There are all friends obviously. Those are most likely the girlfriends of Leo’s male friends.

  • Mackenzie

    Leo looks so delicious here. Why is every Leo mention turn into a Bar forum? Geez, no repsect for Leo at all. Let’s talk about Leo and not about his maybe girlfriend. Why do you care more about Bar than him? I couldn’t care less about Bar. I just want to talk about Leo. OK?

  • tinsletown

    oh cool thosse pictures of Bar at the table prove those girls are friends of theres. I love how they are not sitting next to eachother because they saw the paparazzi. They are nice and discreet. good for them
    It’s good they are spending so much time together. they are so cute.

  • @42

    A guest took that photo not the paparazzi inside the restaurant and the paps took these ones when they were leaving. So that`s not an explanation why they are not sitting next to each other but hey, whatever makes you happy! I find it very funny that there are many posts that emphasizes that Leo was there with a bunch of girls and no Barf… hahaha

  • gimmeabreak

    It’s good to see them not sitting together. Like you said, this was private pic not a paps pic. THIS is what they are like?? Since when do they sit separately for the paps??? I guess this is her new mantra. not to be photographed together. she keeps changing, she’ never had a problem before. What’s so different about it now???? I guess she’ll keep running her mouth about him in interviews, (a different kind of publicity) and exploit their relationship in that way, while others (friends?) insist that they are a VERY private couple….. Yea, right. Leo looks so tired. I wish him the best. Hope he finds someone soon. The last time I saw Leo look happy was at a basketball game with Toby, and another time with Kevin Connoly. He always looks SO relaxed and happy around Toby and Kevin. I’d be so happy for him to see him look that relaxed and happy with someone special. Bar is just not right. In her words and actions, that girl is not right.

  • BoonDocks

    @gimmeabreak: you forgot to add in her brain!

  • http://google SOFIA ADAMO

    were is the bitch bar right know?

  • Makenzie

    Why people why? I don’t get this Bar fascination. Are you people really Leo fans? I love Leo and can’t stand Bar and that is why I don’t care to know anything about her. Comprende? I want to only talk about my sexy Leo and no one else especially her.

    Sofia if you hate Bar that much why do you even care where she’s at? Bar could be in the White House dancing with the Prez and I still wouldn’t care. She annoys me so much. I try to avoid any stories or photos about her. This is a Leo story. Bar’s not even mentioned which is great. I hope Leo dumps her soon but for now I’ll just ignore that he has a bimbo model girlfriend. Maybe everyone else should too.

  • jennifer

    love Leo with this blue t-shirt, love him with beard too! I don’t know what’s happening in Leo’s love life, anyway, I wish the best for him!!! TE AMO PARA SEMPRE, LEO!

  • …..

    does anyoneknow wher they are now?? i saw an article that said leo was going to haiti…is this tru??

  • gimmeabreak

    Haiti? Oh boy, more traveling. I’m starting to admire him again!! Heres what I think. He travels with her because he doesn’t want her living with him. I think it’s just another attempt to keep her happy, buying himself some more freedom. Didn’t they break up because she wanted to move in? I don’t think he wants her getting too comfortable in his bed. Yea-where are they now? Together and traveling? Translation: not together, just a good way to distract her and spend time with her at the same time. I don’t think she stays with him in LA for too long…….Like I said. Doesn’t want her to get too comfortable in his bed. I swear, his actions say it all….. after 5 years you think she could open her eyes and take a hint. Other relationships, SERIOUS relationships move much faster than this!!!! That’s great if he was intoxicated at some persons party and was cuddly with her. Alcohol is only going to give him a false sense of closeness. What is he like when he’s sober?? You can’t drink all the time, ya know? Still doesn’t mean much to me. I still see a casual relationship. Traveling, drinking, having sex in a bed that doesn’t belong to him. If he doesn’t want you living with him, he doesn’t want you in his bed, he doesn’t want you cooking for him, he doesn’t want you taking care of him, and he doesn’t want YOU. Damn, take a HINT. If they were in love, wouldn’t they be living together by now????? And who the hell talks about babies when they obviously can’t stay together long enough to have a serious relationship??? In love? Fall out of love, stay together, have a relationship, and see if you can actually stay together. I think we can all see what happens next. They obviously have a pattern of behavior. They’re relationship is nothing but entertainment to me. Leo has his priorities: full time job-part time girlfriend. I’m really liking him- I hope they keep traveling………..

  • gimmeabreak

    My computer is too slow to play this. all I can see is him sitting next to someone, not bar. let me know what’s in it. I already tryed to post this, but it didn’t take.