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Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by ladies as he makes his way around Miami, Florida on Sunday (April 11).

Earlier this month, Oliver Stone began negotiations to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Travis McGee, a potential franchise project based on the shaggy hero of 21 detective novels written by John D. MacDonald. Stone is about to open his long-anticipated Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Leo will play a “salvage consultant” who helps his clients on recover lost property. The Fox movie will be based on the first book in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by, which tracks him reluctantly leaving his houseboat to search for treasure hidden by a soldier after World War II.

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206 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies”

  1. 1
    uhmm Says:

    he is always surrounded by women. leo=womanizer!

  2. 2
    Courtney Says:

    Stop picking your nose Leo! It’s so unbecoming. Leo is a womanizer but he also likes testosterone. I wonder where Lukas is.

  3. 3
    Sheigh Says:

    Girls, stop turning around this fat a**hole guy ! He is not a playboy anymore. The Titanic beauty sank in the depth of ocean.

  4. 4
    Nicki Says:

    By looking at their face expressions, they look like they’re heading to a funeral…. what an unhappy group of people! Travis McGee sounds cool. Oliver Stone’s movies are weird but nevertheless interesting.

  5. 5
    T Says:

    That other guy in the hat is Q-tip

  6. 6
    A Says:

    He’s probably single now…after seeing the Jersey Shore photo shoot of his girlfriend looking like a tramp. I used to defend Bar….but yucko!

  7. 7
    lol Says:

    I hope he dumped that low-class girlfriend after seeing those tasteless photos. Leo can do way better than her!
    It is Q-Tip in the grey hat it was his birthday this weekend.
    I really like Leo on these photos. That blue color looks great on him! :)

  8. 8
    Ivan Says:

    I loves his new movie i have watched on

  9. 9
    sayuri Says:

    Ele é tudo. =)

  10. 10
    girl Says:

    He is looking worse and worse.

  11. 11
    WHY Says:

    fat, ugly and older…..He ain’t that hot anymore!!!

  12. 12
    not Says:

    not cute

  13. 13
    He’s a loser Says:

    Leo looks dirty and homeless. He used to look great, now he looks like a homeless guy

  14. 14
    Leewa Says:

    @He’s a loser:

    How does he look dirty & homeless???

    He looks like a normal person like you and me. You are obviously jealous because one: women would never surround your ass & two: You will never make as much money as he does.

  15. 15
    abssy Says:

    I think hes more handsome now. I cant stand guys with baby faces. he looks like a real man! FINALLY. he is handsome. besides hes leo decap. rich,talented,handsome. women flock to him. he is a playboy. always has been always will be. looks like his ex gf bar cant stop that….
    after seeing her new “shoot” I dont think she minds, lol. she would be better well suited for one of the cheap jersey shore guys anyways

  16. 16
    mimi Says:

    Leo seems to like hookers and “half-hookers” (instead of money they get “presents”, media exposure and vacations).
    He is single though, and it’s better than Tiger Woods to have this lifestyle without being married.

  17. 17
    mimi Says:

    Leo likes his women very cheap and trashy. Look how these women look like.
    Everyone know how Gisele climbed up the ladder in the industry and we all know how cheap is Bar Refaeli and how low they all go for money or fame.

  18. 18
    Mari Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the way he looks in these photos. He’s just very casual in his regular life. Also, I think it’s a wee bit premature to start calling these women “cheap and trashy.” We don’t even know who they are. Maybe they’re just friends of his and/or his friend (Q-tip?). I don’t see anything about them that looks “trashy.”

  19. 19
    Petunia Says:

    Leo looks fine to me, lets hope he dumped his sleezy gf Bar. Those pics I was in shock seeing her like that. Leo is too classy for Bar. I hope he has a good time in Miami, maybe he is disappointed in Bar. You can do better Leo.

  20. 20
    Ali Etu Says:

    Michigan hat?

  21. 21
    s Says:

    leo looks hot!!

  22. 22
    .... Says:

    o look its donkey diick decap…..haha love u leo!! ;)

  23. 23
    lucky gal Says:

    leeeeeeeooooooo…………..this guy is one of the nicest, sweetst, funnyst best looking guys on the planet how do i know this? because i met him (hehe best day of my life) and if your interested hes even BETTER looking in real life, those eyes literally go through you..anway this is starting to sound creepy ….so just lay off guys!!!

  24. 24
    boo Says:……..haha leo acting gay/ like a spolied hollywood kid HILARIOUS watch the whole thing on youtube, yhink this was at the oscar luncheon a few years back!!

  25. 25
    lol Says:

    I remember that one, boo, it was hilarious. It is only part of that Oscar Roundtable interview but definitely it was the funniest part. It`s rare to see him acting this goofy.

  26. 26
    boo Says:

    @ lol ya its sad but true ever since titanic he never acts goofy in interviews anymore and were always hearing from his friends and co-stars how funny he is…..its almost sad to see that he feels he has to gaurd himself so much in order to be taken seriously as a actor, wish we could see more of this leo!!

  27. 27
    ..... Says:

    more pics……………..

  28. 28
    lol Says:

    Yeah, I wish we could see him this relaxed and goofy more. Definitely it won`t happen around Barf as you can see on the photos lmao ( = …. ) posted. Not a smile and trace of emotion around her. Thanks for demonstrating my point! lol

  29. 29
    Lisa rose Says:

    Bar is actually there too (shes wearing a black shirt)! you can see the pic in the other Leo’s post.

  30. 30
    Lisa rose Says:

    here is the pic with Bar:

    even I am cant believe that he stayed with her after these photoshoot….

  31. 31
    ....... Says:

    @Lisa rose:

    It’s not her, Barf is fat and the girl on the photo is thin

  32. 32
    wow Says:

    It’s funny how all you girls bash Bar for a shoot she did (as part of her JOB) yet praise Leo for being a “playboy”.

  33. 33
    ??? Says:

    Who praised him for being a playboy? I`m happy to see him around other woman because I hope it means he doesn`t take Barf seriously.
    As for Barf nobody forced her to take a trashy and tasteless job like this.

  34. 34
    jilley Says:

    it is bar there with leo i saw other picks from miami and shes not fat at all she looks great now leo hes fat sloppy ugly and gettting more and more gross looking its just a matter of time bar dumps him shes out ther now BRIGHTSIDE WE KNOW ITS YOU BASHING AND HATING COMMENTS SO TAKE YOUR MEDS

  35. 35
    jilley Says:

    it is bar there with leo i saw other picks from miami and shes not fat at all she looks great now leo hes fat sloppy ugly and gettting more and more gross looking its just a matter of time bar dumps him shes out ther now BRIGHTSIDE WE KNOW ITS YOU BASHING AND HATING COMMENTS SO TAKE YOUR MEDS

  36. 36
    @35 Says:

    Based on those distasteful photos with the Jersey Shore guys I wouldn`t say she is `not fat at all`. She looks like a giant next to those guys… I wonder how long the `honeymoon period` is going to last this time? Any guesses?

  37. 37
    Megan Says:

    He’s so hot!
    All you haters are just jealous of him.

  38. 38
    Cheeks Says:

    LOVE LEO! <3

  39. 39
    Mimi Says:

    Those girls were at the same table with Bar and leo. The paps just caught them leaving, but Bar was there. There are all friends obviously. Those are most likely the girlfriends of Leo’s male friends.

  40. 40
    Mackenzie Says:

    Leo looks so delicious here. Why is every Leo mention turn into a Bar forum? Geez, no repsect for Leo at all. Let’s talk about Leo and not about his maybe girlfriend. Why do you care more about Bar than him? I couldn’t care less about Bar. I just want to talk about Leo. OK?

  41. 41
    tinsletown Says:

    oh cool thosse pictures of Bar at the table prove those girls are friends of theres. I love how they are not sitting next to eachother because they saw the paparazzi. They are nice and discreet. good for them
    It’s good they are spending so much time together. they are so cute.

  42. 42
    @42 Says:

    A guest took that photo not the paparazzi inside the restaurant and the paps took these ones when they were leaving. So that`s not an explanation why they are not sitting next to each other but hey, whatever makes you happy! I find it very funny that there are many posts that emphasizes that Leo was there with a bunch of girls and no Barf… hahaha

  43. 43
    gimmeabreak Says:

    It’s good to see them not sitting together. Like you said, this was private pic not a paps pic. THIS is what they are like?? Since when do they sit separately for the paps??? I guess this is her new mantra. not to be photographed together. she keeps changing, she’ never had a problem before. What’s so different about it now???? I guess she’ll keep running her mouth about him in interviews, (a different kind of publicity) and exploit their relationship in that way, while others (friends?) insist that they are a VERY private couple….. Yea, right. Leo looks so tired. I wish him the best. Hope he finds someone soon. The last time I saw Leo look happy was at a basketball game with Toby, and another time with Kevin Connoly. He always looks SO relaxed and happy around Toby and Kevin. I’d be so happy for him to see him look that relaxed and happy with someone special. Bar is just not right. In her words and actions, that girl is not right.

  44. 44
    BoonDocks Says:

    @gimmeabreak: you forgot to add in her brain!

  45. 45

    were is the ***** bar right know?

  46. 46
    Makenzie Says:

    Why people why? I don’t get this Bar fascination. Are you people really Leo fans? I love Leo and can’t stand Bar and that is why I don’t care to know anything about her. Comprende? I want to only talk about my sexy Leo and no one else especially her.

    Sofia if you hate Bar that much why do you even care where she’s at? Bar could be in the White House dancing with the Prez and I still wouldn’t care. She annoys me so much. I try to avoid any stories or photos about her. This is a Leo story. Bar’s not even mentioned which is great. I hope Leo dumps her soon but for now I’ll just ignore that he has a bimbo model girlfriend. Maybe everyone else should too.

  47. 47
    jennifer Says:

    love Leo with this blue t-shirt, love him with beard too! I don’t know what’s happening in Leo’s love life, anyway, I wish the best for him!!! TE AMO PARA SEMPRE, LEO!

  48. 48
    ..... Says:

    does anyoneknow wher they are now?? i saw an article that said leo was going to haiti…is this tru??

  49. 49
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Haiti? Oh boy, more traveling. I’m starting to admire him again!! Heres what I think. He travels with her because he doesn’t want her living with him. I think it’s just another attempt to keep her happy, buying himself some more freedom. Didn’t they break up because she wanted to move in? I don’t think he wants her getting too comfortable in his bed. Yea-where are they now? Together and traveling? Translation: not together, just a good way to distract her and spend time with her at the same time. I don’t think she stays with him in LA for too long…….Like I said. Doesn’t want her to get too comfortable in his bed. I swear, his actions say it all….. after 5 years you think she could open her eyes and take a hint. Other relationships, SERIOUS relationships move much faster than this!!!! That’s great if he was intoxicated at some persons party and was cuddly with her. Alcohol is only going to give him a false sense of closeness. What is he like when he’s sober?? You can’t drink all the time, ya know? Still doesn’t mean much to me. I still see a casual relationship. Traveling, drinking, having sex in a bed that doesn’t belong to him. If he doesn’t want you living with him, he doesn’t want you in his bed, he doesn’t want you cooking for him, he doesn’t want you taking care of him, and he doesn’t want YOU. Damn, take a HINT. If they were in love, wouldn’t they be living together by now????? And who the hell talks about babies when they obviously can’t stay together long enough to have a serious relationship??? In love? Fall out of love, stay together, have a relationship, and see if you can actually stay together. I think we can all see what happens next. They obviously have a pattern of behavior. They’re relationship is nothing but entertainment to me. Leo has his priorities: full time job-part time girlfriend. I’m really liking him- I hope they keep traveling………..

  50. 50
    gimmeabreak Says:

    My computer is too slow to play this. all I can see is him sitting next to someone, not bar. let me know what’s in it. I already tryed to post this, but it didn’t take.

  51. 51
    @50 Says:

    I see your point with all the traveling and most of the time they are not even alone. Most of the time they are with friends and not even alone. I still think they are still in `honeymoon period` and I`m sure there`s more to come – maybe Cannes and Inception promo but after it who knows? Another break I assume…

  52. 52
    lol Says:

    It is Barf next to him but it`s hard to see her because luckily the plants are covering her face most of the time. It seems it was after that lunch with Q-Tip. Black shirt and the aviator glasses that`s her.

  53. 53
    ella Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I think he’s with her right now because he needs someone to tag along with him during this vacation or holiday whatever …….. It sucks to travel alone, and he already know that she wouldn’t say no if he ask
    And i agree with you, this is only casual relationship, if someone is in love, that would be Bar

  54. 54
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Agree!! Agree!! Agree!! Honeymoon period, and your right, there’s still Canne, Inception…… her birthday, 4th of July, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, pick any holiday. They just don’t live together. Period.

  55. 55
    Candycotton Says:

    @ella The only one Barfy is INLOVE Is HER PATHETIC SELF…lol She just wants to be seen with a Movie Star as simple as that!!!She probally kept begging Leo to take her with him…..Barfy saw how much Fun he was having without her PATHETIC A*S …so now Barfy’s going to Ruin his…Fun!!! I really think LEO’s Bored with Her…and finds excuses to avoid seeing her!!!haha!!……That’s Probally been A Big Issue in their
    so called relationship…and why they SLPIT UP the first time 2,3,4 ect… They Really Dont have anything incommon!!! Even their astro charts are NOT..insync!!! What do U think?? She’s JUST ANNOYING!!lol

  56. 56
    @55 Says:

    I didn`t mean any holiday. I meant these two events attract a lot of publicity ( for his new movie even though I doubt he needs `her kind of publicity`- quite the contrary ) so I assume we`ll see them together but after that… ?????

  57. 57
    gimmeabreak Says:

    yea, I see what you mean. more publicity. I was just thinking that any kind of traveling would be much better than living together. I think that’s his plan for now. It just keeps things casual for him. But yea, we’re not done seeing them together, he’s got major events coming up, and I’m sure she won’t be far behind.

  58. 58
    french Says:


    At the table she was far of Leo and in this video she is next to him but there are no contacts between them. I miss Leo and Gisele together, they looked so in love, you have never seen her far of Leo, they were always together, he kissed her very often and they looked always happy, … . Even on the photos of Leo and Barf where they seem “close” it is obvious there is nothing between them and it seems he forces himself to kiss her or to take her hand, it doesn’t seem natural at all.

  59. 59
    Argentina Says:

    is this girl bar? this article claims she is in nyc…

  60. 60
    lol Says:

    Yeah, good old Gisele&Leo days! I miss those but I`m happy to see Gisele with her family. I always liked her.
    On the video you can see more interest on the black girl`s face while Leo is talking than Barf ever had around him.
    I`m sure Barf is gonna be around him while promoting Inception since it doesn`t seem like she has a lot of work going on right now. And after the distasteful Jersey Shore photos I guess she`s gonna need all the attention she can get …

  61. 61
    Candycotton Says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    This LEO’S OLD GIRLFRIEND KRISTEN ZANG..She the Blond…They dated for 2yrs.. She’s 35 but she ‘s not a Model any more Kristen has her own Company!! Independent woman…lol just goes to show She not Ditzy!! But she acts ditzy in the video!!

  62. 62
    cbme Says:

    @WHY: Who cares if he has gained some weight and looks older – I could learn to like this guy with all the hair on his face.

  63. 63
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @ french
    I miss leo and gisele too. They were the cutest couple. They were both so affectionate with each other, and you could see the connection (love) between them… they looked so happy and relaxed. Leo looked so happy… yea, i miss them too.
    My computer finally let me watch the video. Yea, I see it too. No connection. They look like friends. yea, i’ve seen pictures too where they might be holding hands or kisssing (milan pic) and he just seems empty inside. Even those pics at the basketball game, she’s the one that radiates with happiness, and he’s just sitting there……..

  64. 64
    ..... Says:

    she did say in that now infamous interview that SHE is in love……..hmmmm…………..

  65. 65
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak… BARFY can’t COOK she said it herself…she calls her mother to tell her step by step what to Do!! What A MORON lol!! SO LEO never gets home cooked meals from this pathetic idiot?? THAT SUCKS NO WONDER HE SHIPS THIS LOSER BACK TO ISRAEL … every Three weeks…lol!! BARFY needs TO GET HER OWN HOUSE!!! And STOP BEING A BED WARMER!!

  66. 66
    BoonDocks Says:

    @…..: She’s in love with the movie star package of “Leo” she’s not in love with Leo the person! Leo is definitely not in love with her. He always looks bored while she’s smiling away.

  67. 67
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Yea, she definately needs to become more independant. Someone else on these threads pointed out that she owns no property, etc. (Was that you?) I wonder if she needs to be an american citizen to buy property in the US. Is she still an israeli citizen? I wonder about that. Somebody else was counting days, can’t remember the rules about citizenship. Anyways, I agree, it’s about time she got something going for herself instead of expecting everyone else to take care of her. She’s making him feel responsible for her, and Leo’s not stupid-he’s not going to be one of those people any time soon. Bed Warmer, just think, she’s had to sleep in so many beds in several countries with him to get that name. I’d say she’s earned it. Atleast leo and gisele both had separate properties, but I think they lived together too. I could suggest more she could do, but I don’t want to give her any advice.

  68. 68


  69. 69
    lol Says:

    I wonder when he is gonna visit kate again. hopefully soon.

  70. 70
    POOCHIE Says:

    I love u Leo!!!! I wish I were in Miami Beach with you.

  71. 71

    bar refaeli is dead happy news

  72. 72
    lol Says:

    don’t tease us like that.

  73. 73
    lol ( the original one ) Says:

    @70&73: Why can`t you use your own screen name? Try to be original.

  74. 74
    goldie03 Says:

    I used to post count down to number of days til whats-her-name could no longer claim Israeli citizenship and not pay taxes. She was around 61 days, then a job in Paris and Easter/Passover so I stopped. I found it rather entertaining because it is so public and yet her government has not done jack! If one is no longer a citizen- how can one have a passport from that country?
    I wish Leo the best- but his rep is being dragged down by gf. There was a 39% decrease in his rating with fans as soon as those pics w/ jersey jerks. I think it was a paper from Colorado. 39% is a huge amount! Even I am disgusted w/ him w/ her. Irmelin save your son!!!

  75. 75

    dicaprio is dead he deserve to be dead

  76. 76
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @SOFIA ADAMO #76
    What??? What is wrong with you? That is one hatefull thing to say. Leo doesn’t deserve that, no matter how people feel about his personal life. I’ve got my opinions on his relationship, but I think that’s taking it a bit too far. I think your taking this way too hard. He’s famous, so his personal life is like entertainment fior people (sorry) just like his movies. I hope you feel better.

  77. 77
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Sofia Adamo #72 & #76 . Sad……very sad……..

  78. 78
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Sofia Adamo (#72 & #76)… I think you are disgusting……….If this thread is making you that angry, leave. None of that is right…… are sad.

  79. 79
    @60 Says:

    I don`t think that`s Barf in NYC. I have just seen a tweet that someone has seen Leo and Barf in a mall in LA today ( Tuesday ).

  80. 80
    gamma Says:

    how long is he gonna string this s k a n k along. It’s getting pathetic now. Ugh.

  81. 81
    ... Says:

    … beyond pathetic. Someone should smack him already and give him a clue!

  82. 82
    Mackenzie Says:

    WTF! How dare anyone say that about Leo! His stupid girlfriend doesn’t deserve that either. Leo’s is a wonderful human being and has done a lot of humanitarian work. I’m absolutely disgusted by his choice of a girlfriend but I’m not mad at him. I just hope Leo will dump her soon because she ain’t no good for him. You are a horrible person!

    What else is disgusting is this morbid fascination with Leo’s soon to be ex-girlfriend. You guys care more about her than Leo. But why? She’s doesn’t deserve all this attention. Leo should get every single morsel of our attention because he’s so awesome. Ignore the bimbo.

  83. 83


  84. 84


  85. 85
    Jess Says:

    SEXY! <3

  86. 86
    Candycotton Says:


  87. 87
    Lisa rose Says:

    @SOFIA ADAMO: you are a psycho, even if I’m sure that its will be a really happy news for some people here (cus they are out of their minds), you cant say such a thing. even Bar doesnt deserved it!!

  88. 88
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@60: Can you give me the link please??? Thanx.

  89. 89
    Argentina Says:

    @60: thanks! do you have any link please? Leo was at a Lakers game yesterday so i don´t think she is in LA… and if she is in LA and Leo didn´t take her to the game i think something is not going well…

  90. 90
    jennifer Says:

    Leo is in L.A, he isn’t going to Haiti?

  91. 91
    ..... Says:

    are there any pics from the lakers game?

  92. 92
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Just found this.

  93. 93
    me Says:

    thanks for the link gimmeabreak, he looks good in this picture…..i’m not sure about that beaded necklace he’s wearing though, it doesnt somehow fit with his image…or it might be me. too bad he looks very serious, i miss the lighthearted twinkle in his eyes and that mischevious playful look he has. lets hope he loosens up without that ball and chain (barf) weighing him down. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let her be anywhere but in LA.

  94. 94
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Yea, I know. You know, I’m surprised to see him at an “away” game, but good for him! I guess he needed some time “away”. I bet he enjoyed it. (smile) Anyways, happy for him that he’s getting a break. Oh yea, I posted this on the other thread, but I’ll post it here too. This morning on Regis & Kelly they showed the “sandwich” picture. They didn’t mention Leo (good!) or Bar(Boooooo!!) though, just the guys from the “jersey shore”. Too bad, just a mention of her name would have been nice. She needs some publicity!! You know……. for her “work.” For this picture I hope they never mention his name.

  95. 95
    gimmeabreak Says:

    wait, this was a home game? ugh… yea they are probably together. Hey, if they broke up because she wanted to move in, do you think they got back together and now she is living with him? curious…..

  96. 96
    BoonDocks Says:

    @me: I agree with you . Leo has been looking so serious lately! I think he needs to loosen the load if you know what I mean!

  97. 97
    Lisa rose Says:

    @me: too bad! shes in L.A!!!

  98. 98
    BoonDocks Says:

    @<a href=”/@gimmeabreak: Thanks for the LA pic!

  99. 99
    BoonDocks Says:

    @Lisa rose: even if she’s in LA she wont be for long,…as these two can’t stand to be around each other for long!!! She’ll be gone before the end of the month(next week) giving us all another month long break!! :))))

    It looks like Leo has stopped taking her to public events now. If someone catches them it wont be at a laker game.

  100. 100
    Plossip Says:

    @gimmeabreak: No, I dont think she leaves with him. That’s why they’ve been together for so long. Leo can only take Barfy in samples.

    I wish they did live together 24/7 because then they would break up for sure. They hardly see each other. Or they see each other on LEO”S terms when he feels like it. I’m sure she’s going to dissappear again soon for some weeks!

  101. 101
    lol Says:

    Surprise, surprise, lisa rose has changed her mind again. Who would have seen it coming? lol Apparently she has already forgotten those disgusting photos of her.
    There was a tweet last night, some guy said he had seen Leo and Barf at the Century City Mall in LA. No photo.
    I agree on the beaded necklace. It`s not good on him but I love that photo.

  102. 102
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Yea, I’d like to see them try to live with each other. (sarcasm). I’m happy for him he has control… I remember last year there were those rumors that her dad said he’d have to convert, and then you see him at a basketball game…..with a BIG cross!! HA! I love how he gives clues…..that was the nonverbal equivalent to giving someone the finger! Too funny.

  103. 103
    me Says:

    does leo look more tired and haggard lately????? i know its 4months into the year and half of that time he was promoting si but he has been taking alot of vacation time aswell but it hasnt seemed to revitalise him. every new pic we see of him, hes seems to have lost some of that sparkle, that glow that usually radiates from him that makes you want to smile, like a jolt of electricity. (no-im not high). you know what i mean!!!. he should be on a high after the si success but it does not reflect in him at all. he looks like a guy who hasnt accompalished anything in a while, like instead of living, hes only existing…am i making sense!!!. when was the last time that we saw that genuine sincere smile and humour….speaking for myself, at least a couple of months.

  104. 104
    Makenzie Says:

    Thanks for the Leo pic! Her looks so yummy but the necklace not so great. Yes Leo looks tired but jet-lag can do that to you. It don’t matter Leo looks great regardless.

    I give up telling you people to stop their fascination with the bimbo. Why are you people so obssessed with that trollop? I can’t even write her name. Keep on writing about the no-talent wannabe supermodel. I would rather spend my time talking about the wonderful Leo.

    I’ll go back to the worldcrossing forums and others who ban talk about Leo’s troubled romance. Those are the real fans who really love Leo. I don’t know what’s wrong with you people.

  105. 105
    jennifer Says:

    @me: I agree, about Leo seems tired and also love to see (and I miss) him with that wonderful smile and that glowing blue eyes, it’s true that we just see pics of some moments, we don’t see his everytime life. Anyway, Leo have a great career and it’s in a very good moment as an actor but this isn’t everything, life isn’t made just of work, people have other needs in life. I think something is lacking in his life to make him glow of happiness again!

  106. 106
    gamma Says:

    He should go be with Kate. They have fun together. He smiles everytime he’s around her. Like when escorted her to the Goldren Globes last year.

  107. 107
    sara Says:

    @Lisa Rose

    Yes, she is in LA, waiting in Leo’s bed for him while he’s at the basketball game because it seems that is all she’s good for in his eyes. I give them less than a year.

  108. 108
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Okay, they’re back together, you think he’d be his happy self, but he doesn’t seem the same. Did he go alone? Maybe that’s why, but still, he just seems really empty. Anybody know where she’s at?

  109. 109
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: WHO said that I forgot the photos?? I am still VERY surprised that Leo stayed with her after these photos! I just said that shes in L.A.

  110. 110
    lol Says:

    Ok, lisa rose, my bad!
    Since there`s no new Leo sighting ever since the Lakers game I assume she is still in LA keeping him occupied but who knows? Seriously doesn`t she have any work these days? It seems being with Leo became her full-time job.

  111. 111
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: seems like you are just trying to disagree with me and makes me seems bad no matter what. but whatever, who cares. I’m already understand that this is what happens to people who doesn’t hate Bar in this site.
    you people are way too bad with her, especially when some people here are wishing to her death.
    I am really hate the photo shoot that she did, and really cant understand why she did it, and how Leo is keep seeing her after that unrespectful thing she did to him. but, whatever, I cant get any of these tow already. I give up!! I’m taking that as an intermittent and nothing more. cant wait to see what will be in the next episode… LOL

  112. 112
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Lisa rose: *these two

  113. 113
    gimmeabreak Says:

    That job could have gotten her GOOD publicity if she hadn’t F’d it up!!! No wait, nevermind, it was with the jersey shore. It would have been trashy no matter what. oh well, can’t wait to see what happens next. anyway, she posted a twit pic today on twitter of her and Emily Daniels on a private plane. thing is, there’s no telling when it was taken. Boooooo!!! I’m sure leo and bar will pop up somewhere, they seem to like being in public.

    Lisa Rose, are you talking to yourself? LOL

  114. 114
    Argentina Says:

    the pic on twitter whit emily is old… anyway i think she´s no longer in LA… the blonde girl from miami (the one whit the hat) is a friend of bar from israel (i saw a pic of bar and that girl in eliat whit tzion baruch and bar´s brother celebrating pesaj a couple of weeks ago… the pic was posted on but i can´t find it anymore because it´s from 2 or 3 weeks ago…) so maybe she is back in israel or maybe working somewere else but no in LA… and if she is in LA and she´s not whit leo well something is wrong (like i said before)… remenber the last time both were in LA and didn´t show up together ? it was june 09…

  115. 115
    Lisa rose Says:

    @gimmeabreak: are YOU talking to your self??? shut Up LOSER!!!!!!!

  116. 116
    Amanda Says:

    @Argentina: so funny they’re ALWAYS with friends!! lol that says alot…

  117. 117
    Bunches Says:

    Looks like Barfie does have a twitter account. According to this article that calls her LEo’s EX, she has been in contact with another model from Australia.

    I love how this article is calling Barfie’s Leo’s EX ALREADY! I’ve actually read a few current articles that call her the EX. Maybe they know something we don’t?!?!?!hmmmm?!?!?!

  118. 118
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @Lisa rose
    Geeeez, you took that personal??? I was Joking!!!!! you posted one post to yourself!!!!! Lighten up!!!! I was only teasing you, I’m sorry if you took it personal. and please don’t call me names, you’ll only be inciting more hate on this web site. that other person and her morbid remarks were bad enough. I think we can agree on that.

    For everyone else, since this is leo’s thread, here’s a happy pic of Leo.,,628697_621333,00.html#621324

  119. 119
    joanne Says:

    lol they were just in Miami( getting cuddily), and galapagos, and you assume they are broken up, because the paparazzi didn’t get a picture lol.

  120. 120
    joanne Says:

    oh and that article is just behind on the fact that Leo and Bar are back together that happens sometimes if they don’t keep up with some celebrities. nothing to get excited about sorry guys. You guys were wrong about miami, japan and stuff no offence, so your just thinking of the worst case scenario.
    Whose to say if she is in la or not, if shes not that doesn’t mean they’ve broken up, she’s a busy busy girl. it appears they are happy together.
    PS I don’t think that BarRefaelicious is her real twitter she wouldn’t use an obvious name like that, its someone pretending to be her. If she does its probably under a more discreet name.

  121. 121
    Amanda Says:

    ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i think they are actually still together they’re spending too much time together, that Miami trip clinched it for me, i thought he went by himself i was extremely disapointed to see Barf. Same thing with japan but then i read that darn article. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  122. 122
    @120&121 Says:

    `getting cuddily` according to a source and of course we just have to take her/his word for it, right? And we thought they broke up because the paps didn`t take a picture? What are you talking about? The photo from that lunch with both Leo and Barf was posted so we knew they were there together in Miami.
    You said Barf is a `busy girl`. You are right following Leo around like a leech is very time-consuming because it`s obvious that she is not busy with work recently. Btw what do you think about her new photos with the Jersey Shore clowns?
    It seems like for some reason that`s beyond my understanding you like them together but guess what. Not everyone feels that way. We hope they won`t stay together much longer and that`s it. Wishful thinking. :)

  123. 123
    POOCHIE Says:

    I still love you LEO!!!

  124. 124


  125. 125
    @125 Says:

    Seriously what`s wrong with you?????????????

  126. 126
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Yea #125, what the HELL is wrong with you???? Get off of this thread! You have no business being here!

  127. 127
    gimmeabreak Says:

    As for Leo and Bar, it won’t last. I don’t even care anymore if they are together, I know they won’t last. Look at all the celeb couples that are breaking up and getting divorced. You will Never convince me that they have what it takes to stay together… they are no different than any other celeb couple, these on/off things never last. these kinds of relationships end up on talk shows. and it’s still too early, they just got back together, and they weren’t even in his home, they were traveling most of the time,and doesn’t he just look miserable?? I know everyone here sees it. After 5 years with G, he was happy and talked about how happy they were together. IF they (leo & Bar) are happy, that’s great, I’m happy for him, I just don’t think he looks happy. for someone who just got back together with his gf, you think he would have some inner joy that would be spilling over. he just seems so empty inside.

  128. 128
    Bunches Says:

    @gimmeabreak: he doesnt seem very happy to me either.

  129. 129
    lol Says:

    I found this quote today and apparently it is from Leo. Someone should read it back to him!
    “Your attempts to be happy fail when you don’t move on. I’ll never date the same person twice.” – L. DiCaprio”

  130. 130
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: End you actually belive that Leo said that???????????? this is REALLY pathetic, to belive that its really him!!! you cant be that dump, come on….

  131. 131
    lol Says:

    @131: What the f*ck is your problem? Obviously you don`t wanna believe it since you are a fan of his sk*nk! Now that`s what I call pathetic! lol Your spelling is horrible…

  132. 132
    ..... Says:

    was there a laker game on last night? and if so was leo at it aka ar there any pics of him at the game??

  133. 133
    gimmeabreak Says:

    There are games coming up sunday afternoon ABC, and tuesday night TNT. The Western Conference is starting, whatever the hell that is, but alot of celebs I’m sure will be going. Jared will probably have another post next week. I don’t think there was a game last night. Getty images usually has all the pics and they haven’t posted anything since March. They haven’t even posted the ONE pic from this week. I hope he goes to these games, and I hope he goes with friends or somebody he can have fun with. It’d be nice to see him smiling and having fun. That last pic was depressing, but I’m pretty sure he went alone, atleast that’s what it looked like.

  134. 134
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak @ lol.. LEO said in an interview that intelligent Women intimidate him!! So ….Maybe that’s why he only dates models… Barfy gives Models a bad name….their not all Stupid… But Leo knows exactly what he’s doing!!! He’s sees her when he wants a BED WARMER… Lol and when he wants Someone to TRAVEL with!! It’s Funny how Leo’s has NOT been back to Israel since 2007?? BARFY and Irmelin never shop or Spend time together??…. No Candids Unless Leo’s around!! Barfy is slowly sucking the life out of him…. He used to have THAT SPARKLE but now it’s dimming!! Also losing his Grandmother must have been heartbreaking… And Barfy was not around !! She was too busy being a FAMEWH*ORE!!…… her ONLY TALENT!!!

  135. 135
    CandycottonmadlyinlovewithBar Says:

    Your only talent is tracking Bar’s every move. You are obviously in love with Bar and want her badly. BAR, BAR, BAR BAR, BAR that is all you think about it! You are nothing but a useless piece of garbage.

  136. 136
    CandycottonmadlyinlovewithBar Says:

    #132 WHAT THE F*CK IS YOUR PROBLEM? You are also a fan of Bar since you all you do is talk about her. You would know about being a sk*nk wouldn’t you? Your spelling is also horrible. Lisa Rose is a foreigner. What’s your excuse, stupid?

  137. 137
    lol Says:

    @137 FYI English is my second language and I doubt my spelling is horrible.
    If I`m fan of the sk*nk what can we say about you and Gisele. I saw your stupid comments on her thread trashing her. Are you a fan of hers? lol
    Get lost and take lisa rose with you!

  138. 138
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @136 & 137 i don’t think anybody here cares what you think. it’s leo’s thread.

    @135 Agree, she definately seems to fill a need, just not emotionally. I think we all see it lately, no sparkle. nothing, and yea, I don’t think she’s the type to care about him losing a family member, she was too busy shaking her butt in spain-didn’t look to me that she cared about him at all. and Israel? yea, he won’t be going back to israel any time soon!!!! He’s too famous and I think he can see she’s not worth all of that. and yea, he never spends time with his mother! i completely forgot about that!! Interesting because G and her are so close. Interesting. Ya know, when you get along with family members, it’s usually not too far fetched to start thinking of the person like famly. Gisele is family. His mom and her definately bonded. I don’t think bar is anywhere close to being a part of the family, much less bond with his mother, the one person he loves more than anyone!! He seems to spend time with her family, but she doesn’t seem to be included in his. hmmmmm……Again, it’s all about HER. No wonder he looks so miserable!!

  139. 139
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: Sorry, that I’m form Israel, and English is not my first language!! or my I say that I’m sorry that my English is not as good as your’s!! LOL I would like to see you write something in Hebrew.
    what I wanted to say to you is that, I really that stupid to think that Leo would actually write somewhere (you didnt even said where you read that) that he “will never date the same person twice”?? you are just hurting the intelligent of Leo when you think that he would tell such a things. (and I’m not even talking about your intelligent, cus you prove us your VERY low intelligent a while ago)
    Leo is A PRIVET person, you know?! even if you dreaming in your sweetest dreams that Leo would say such a thing about Bar- its will never happened!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. 140
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Lisa rose: **you really that stupid…

  141. 141
    Lisa rose Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I care from what #136-137 has to say!! CandycottonmadlyinlovewithBar I like your comments, at least someone here have some sense, you are so right they are all OBSESSED with Bar!!!

  142. 142
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: Stop with all of this obsession with Bar Refaeli!!! STOP STOP!!!! its not healthy!!!!!!!!! I guess that all of the walls in your room is full of a photos of her…. if poor Leo will ever see you he’ll run away from you!!!! you are too obsessed!!!!
    and I really wouldn’t be surprise if you second name her is ‘French’!!! LOL

  143. 143
    @140 Says:

    I don`t try to write anything in Hebrew but if I would give it a try first I would make sure I know how to write correctly before posting it.
    Do you know what hurts Leo`s intelligence? Dating Barf. He said things before but later changed his mind about them. He could have said something like this when he was younger and before dating both Gisele and Barf on and off. This statement is general and I never stated that he said this about Barf. Or do you see anything in my previous comment that says otherwise? Read it again! And you question my intelligence… lol
    @139 Honestly I see the lack of sparks but not just lately. It`s been gone for quite a while. It was there years ago but nothing now and it doesn`t matter whether he is around her or not. I assume that is why I personally can`t accept the fact that he is dating Barf. He is not the same around her as he was with Gisele and that makes Barf very unlikeable for me. I believe I saw only one photo of Irmelin and Barf together ( no Leo ) but I cannot remember where. They were waiting to cross a street. They weren`t even standing next to each other, Barf was standing behind Irmelin. Like two strangers.
    You might be right about her just filling a need but the longer it lasts the worse for Leo.

  144. 144
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I think your on to something candycotton!! you never see her with his mother…interesting. Does he still spend time with his mom? You never see much of her, oh yea, she went to Berlin while he was promoting S.I., she’s so cute!! Her are G are so close, and G became part of the family and I think G will always be a part of the family. Even Leo and Gisele seem to be friends. I found this article posted Jan-19-2010. This is interesting, this was right around the time Leo took bar to a basketball game. I wonder if he had to do that just to make “her” happy. Probably why he looked so miserable sitting next to her.

  145. 145
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Doesn’t surprise me that Leo’s mom and bar looked like two strangers. Leo and Bar look like two strangers. I agree, It just wasn’t like this when he was with G. He seems much different now, and I don’t like it either. I don’t think Bar makes him happy.
    Here’s another happy Leo pic, this time it’s with his mother.

  146. 146
    jennifer Says:

    I think the problem with Leo is that he starts to date Bar in a wrong time because he knew her in november of 2005, just one month after end up with Gisele, isn’t time enough to forgot someone you are with 5 years, I doubt he was able to get her out of his head in that time. Was a mistake of him, I think he starts to date to forgot Gisele, that old history, a new love to forgot the old one… but things were too far, until today with Bar, wasn’t love or passion that moved him to be with her, probably he saw Bar in that party and thought she was beautiful and hot and starts to flirt her but look where it goes… nowhere! so I think Leo and Bar aren’t made for each other, and in my opinion they have to follow their lifes separated for good of both!

  147. 147
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak Exactly… No photos of them having dinner shopping Nothing…. Irmelin loves GiGi!! And remember when Leo saw Gisele for her birthday…it was a few years ago…hah !! He does not even see the BED WARMER for her birthday??? SHe always back in Israel!!! And i should have known LISA ROSE was from Israel that’s why she’s worships BARFY….lol and agrees with what ever a BARFY FANS say She’s got multiple personalties!!!! And not to Mention that Other FREAK!! Lisa rose Speaks Hebrew WHO CARES!!!!! …..LEO’s BORED WITH THAT MORON…!!aka BED WARMER!!!

  148. 148
    french Says:


    “Hot and beautiful ” i don’t think so, i think he thought that she was perfect to be a fake girlfriend because she just wanted to get attention

  149. 149
    gimmeabreak Says:

  150. 150
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak….Barfy pics Yuck I just Ate!!! Does she ever shop at any HIGH end stores??Guess NOT!! I think Emily is better looking than BARFY …!!and actually looks Her age!!! …..Those WHITE PANTS very unflattering… Well WHITE PANTS FOR WHITE TRASH!!! Hah!

  151. 151
    lol Says:

    Still no work for Barf. Just being a leech in LA.

  152. 152
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: Did Bar paying for you to do all this publicity for her??? you just cant stop talking about her.
    or you are just too obsessed??

  153. 153
    @153 Says:

    Yet again, impressive improvement in your spelling. Or you just like to post under different names? lol Like I`m the only one posting and talking about her. Get over yourself! :)

  154. 154
    jennifer Says:

    french, i was just imagening what he could have think about her, I don’t know, but with sure he was attractred in some way for want to stay with her. just this. I know you hate Bar but I still don’t think Leo’s needs a fake gf, he could stay single for the time he wants, he doesn’t need this type of attention of her a gf, even because he hates this type of publicity, that’s what I think!

  155. 155
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@153: “lol”, “french” why did you changed you name AGAIN??? you can keep laughing about my spelling mistakes but I can promise to you that when you change your name all the time it is more ridiculous- everyone can see that its the same person all the time!!!

    but please tell me, how much did Bar pay to you for that great publicity??
    how much did she pay to you to mention her name 24/7??

  156. 156
    gimmeabreak Says:

    The Grove… popular hang out for the paps. I’m happy for her she’s getting some publicity…….so Leo doesn’t have to take care of her.
    On Leo’s twitter-don’t know if it’s real or not-he says something to the effect of every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day. that was yesterday. i wonder if he ever gets embarassed by her. He must be getting some reaction from people, friends, or even higher ups who he’s worked with. He’ so well respected in HW, but this has got to be a little stressful for him.

  157. 157
    lol Says:

    I`m not sure if Leo has a twitter account. I know he had a myspace page but twitter? These new photos had to be embarrassing for him but I assume this wasn`t the first time. lol
    Yeah, of course The Grove and since Leo is not around she isn`t even hiding.

  158. 158
    kem Says:

    Interesting about Barbitch:

  159. 159
    ella Says:

    I don’t think Bar is Leo’s gf or fake gf, she’s just his casual lover.
    She’s like his free escort, and they have a win-win situation. She get publicity to keep her in the surface and get a job and he get escort girl.
    If you don’t know what escort is, google it

  160. 160
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I was just looking at older posts from the Laker Lovers thread. #63 is pretty interesting written by someone named Kev.
    It sounds like someone who’s in the industry who knows Leo. All of the other posts are all bashing leo, bashing bar, his is the only one who stands out. Here’s what it says:

    ‘Leo is someone whose first love is work. He will always be married to his work. Right now he is trying to leave his party boy image behind, for his career. He knows the big awards will come once his image is
    more “matured” in a way. so he is trying to change it. The only woman he knows right now that is in a position to do what he wants is Bar. Ofcourse she gains something too. Atleast until he meets a woman whom he loves and meets certain standards that will help his career other than hurt it. Plus, he is human too, so he has the pressure of his age, settling down, kids, balancing his life with his image, etc. He is a perfectionist. He wants to manage everything but certain things are better left to the universe to manage. Have you seen the “aviator”? HH relationship with Faith Domerge? He didn’t want to be alone and he needed a woman’s image around him.’
    ‘I hope he finds a better way to do PR, because in the end he will be missing out on having a real partner, and the meaning of a real family. And all his success would have been in vain.’

    okay, I don’t know what any of you think, but this sounds like someone from within the industry. Who the hell knows who Faith Domerge is? Who says things like “certain things are better left to the universe”? Only people from California talk this way. and towards the end, It just sounds like something that a caring friend would write. Even the first sentence sounds like someone who is pretty confidant in what he is about to unload.
    And I think it makes sense with what people are saying here without bashing either one of them. They are both getting something out of this relationship. We all think he’s just waiting for something better to come along. I would sure hate to think that he would do anything further calculating in their relationship out of an ill-mannered way of thinking that he would somehow end up looking more mature. This is just basic stupidity on his part. If anything, she’s making him look so immature. She sounds immature which I think embarasses him- I’m embarassed for him. The smartest thing he could do at this point is to break it off with her, throw himself into his work, and wait for the right person. (This would be much healthier for him in the long run). Don’t waste your time with someone who is only going to bring down your moral character for a chance to improve your PR just to get a damn award. If this really is who I think it is writing this, Leo is even more narcissistic than I thought. He needs to stop this model chasing if he is really interested in estabilishing good PR. Chasing models is not good PR. As much as it impresses men, it just ruins his chances with a real woman, a real family, and a real life.

  161. 161
    jennifer Says:

    @161, i agree, but I don’t think that to have sucess and respect in his career he needs to desperately have a family or look more mature, until because his relationship with Bar doesn’t seems mature and everyone knows this. He’s mature in his profession and Leo’s very commited with his work and passionate by what he does, he’s an actor because he loves what he does and he takes this very seriously that’s what really matter. But media press eveyone to be “normal”, what’s normal? beyond have a great career, makes a lot of money… they want that everyone gets married and have children until they start to invent a divorce, press sometimes is so ridiculous and disgusting. He have the control of his life, it’s not because society charge something of you that you have to accept and agree in everything, if he wants to stay single for the rest of his life this will not took his talent away,isn’t it? this will not change nothing, people could think whatever they want, but he will always be a great actor. I don’t think he would leave the media make his mind, he’s to smart for this! I hope one day he settle down if he wants, but this is not a rule!

  162. 162
    Lisa rose Says:

    @jennifer: Jennifer, you are just unbelievable! when Leo has a happy photo with Bar you say how much they are beautiful together, and happy together and hope that they will get married together and more and more…… but now suddenly you seems to change your mind and starting to bash on Bar too. to me, its seems like you are saying all of that just to makes the haters happy, and to become “one of them” so no one here will hate you. otherwise, I have no idea how your opinion changed so much in such a short time.

    and yes, I also hate the photo shoot that Bar did and I’m really cant understand how Leo stayed with her after that, but I remember you said all the time how much they are cute together and wonderful and now your opinion is just like all the hater’s (you saying that they didn’t really meant to be, and its just a fling and blah blah blah) . to me its seems like you are not saying what you really thinking and just trying to makes the haters happy. ):

  163. 163
    french Says:

    @Lisa rose:

    It’s not me

  164. 164
    french Says:

    @Lisa rose:

    For once i agree with you

  165. 165
    french Says:


    When Leo is not with her, she doesn’t hide. I hope that we will not see them together another once (since Barf’s ugly and por n photoshoot, we don’t see them together anymore)

  166. 166
    Candycotton Says: Testing a Link……..?? I thinks it’s Barfy’s Photoshopping career??

  167. 167
    Candycotton Says:

    Maybe that will shut up LISA ROSE ANd stop whinning about Haters !!I’m sure she’s Going to print every photo off her computer and pin them to her wall!! BARFY worshipping is NOT Becoming….and All that PHOTOSHOPPING just shows U ANYONE Can be a model!! The funniest pic is the one where BARFY is fighting with the PAPS!! Lol… ZIpi must put her up to that one!!! ANd Some photos are just hard to stomach… NO STYLE No CLASS!!! NO TALENT MODEL.. FULLTIME FAMEWH*RE and PARTIME BED WARMER THATs BARFY!!!

  168. 168

    dicaprio and bar broke up

  169. 169
    DEB willett Says:

    Leonardo takes excellent pictures he is hansome and I am thankful for his good works to trhe earth and other charities two he is a excellent actor and god bless you Leonardo sincerely DEB

  170. 170
    lol Says:

    @159, kem: thanks for the link, it is a good article about Barf. I liked the article as a whole but these were the best parts.
    `Having DiCaprio for a boyfriend is good ( for her essential ) when it comes to attracting attention.`
    `Perhaps it’s because young women feel they have to conform to stay relevant. To decline the opportunity to flirt with a baguette might give off the impression you’re no fun.`
    `So long as you suspect a million half-naked girls would be happy to take your place, it’s much safer to keep quiet and play along.`
    @161: great comment, thanks for reposting it, it`s so true what Kev said!
    @163: look who`s talking? Like you never change your mind about them depending their current situation. Hypocrite!
    Last night there were tweets about Leo at Goal Sports Bar and apparently Tobey and his wife were there as well. Was there a Lakers game last night?

  171. 171
    gamma Says:


    how would you know that? if only it was true.

  172. 172
    @169 Says:

    You had some weird comments but in this case I do hope you are right!

  173. 173
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Your right, Leo doesn’t look mature by being with her and everyone knows it! Everyone but him. I just think that in life sometimes people believe that if they have ‘the’ wife and ‘the’ family, then they will be believed, or thought of—SEEN as an adult. I think that’s why Leo talks about marriage and children. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s lying by saying he wants those things, (everyone does) but I’m sure he knows that it is better for him publicly than to be seen partying and hanging out with girls in clubs. He seems to have two lives running simultaneously. (I know other people have noticed this). On the one hand he is a great actor and is very accomplished working with Great Directors and obviously seems respected by real Adults in his industry, and then on the other hand seems young and immature, partying in bars, hanging out with models, Lindsay lohan, Jersey Shore kids, etc. Verbally talking about one kind of life, while living another. I think he’s confused. A boy, not yet a man. and yes, I agree, I don’t think to have success in his career, he needs to have a wife and family. He is already successful and will always be in my opinion, and your right, if he was single it would not matter, it would not take away his talent. He will always be a great actor no matter who he dates. He will always have a career even if he’s not mature enough to make the right decisions in his personal life. I just really hope, for him, he doesn’t actually “think” that she makes him look like an ADULT, because she clearly DOESN’T, she makes him look like a child. I don’t think he realizes this yet.

  174. 174
    gimmeabreak Says:

    any mention of Bar with Leo and his married friend?
    Oh, and there’s a home game tomorrow afternoon (ABC) and Tuesday night (TNT)

  175. 175
    @169 Says:

    No, no mention of her. :) Only Leo, Tobey and his wife. :)
    I believe that instead of talking about marriage and kids when he is clearly not there yet and instead of sticking with the wrong woman in the long run he would need to date a mature woman. Leaving models behind would help him to achieve that mature man image he wants.

  176. 176
    lol Says:

    My previous comment was for #175 not #169. :)

  177. 177
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @lol “Leaving models behind would help him to achieve that mature man image he wants.” you got that right. Nice to know he’s spending time with his married friend, and no mention of her.

  178. 178
    ..... Says:

    it was lukas’s bday yesterday they were probly all together for that

  179. 179
    CandycottonmadlyinlovewithBar Says:

    You just can’t stop talking about Bar. She’s your sole reason for living. BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR! That’s all you think about day and night. Every Leo thread becames a Bar thread. You hate her so much that you have to see every Bar picture and video. You have the hots for BAR. You even know the names of her friends and mother. Are you now stalking her little brother too?

    Your writing is shoddy. Lisa Rose has always lived in an non-English speaking country. You have no excuse. I would never write something negative about Gisele or any other celebrity. If I don’t like someone I wouldn’t waste my time tracking their every move and writing about every little detail of their existance like you do with Bar.

    BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR you want her so badly. You can’t stop thinking or writing about her because you ARE SO MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER. Just admit it already.

  180. 180
    lol Says:

    @179 Thanks for the info. I like Lukas I hope he had a nice party with his friends. :)
    And yes, upgrading from his current gf to a decent one would make a difference. Hopefully Leo is going to realized that soon enough.

  181. 181
    gimmeabreak Says:

    In that pic above (shopping at the Grove), she’s not wearing the *ahem* ring.
    I’m sure it will reappear when he has his movie to promote, or the next time she goes to israel to promote somthing…….

  182. 182
    lilli Says:

    leo doesn`t wanna have a more mature image. he said in new interviews that he is always joking around and act like a child and an idiot with his friends, cause he is dealing with so much serious things in his job so he wants fun and party with his friends, cause that`s like therapy for him. he said that he is just grown up for his job, but not in his private life. and that`s ok. leo is very succesful his movie shutter island is a big hit. everyone knows that he is a great actor. he doesn`t need to be married to be a great actor. leo knows that, he is smart. everyone knows that. everyone thinks that leo is a great actor. george clooney isn`t married, too and he has great work done and everyone knows that. leo says in interviews that he has no control of what people think of him and what newspapers write about him, so all he can do, is make a good job. leo doesn`t care of what people think of him, he doesn`t let the media control his life. he is to smart for that. so he doesn`t wanna have a more mature image, that`s what you all want, but not leo, because leo has an image of beeing a great actor, and that`s all he wants.

  183. 183
    lilli Says:

    all of you always wanna say what leo has to do. you need to realize that this is leos life and not yours. so he has to do what he wants and not what all of you wants. all of you don`t have the right to say what leo should do. he can do whatever he wants. ITS HIS LIFE!
    so he can date every woman he wants and not every woman that you want. and he can lead the life he wants and you have to accept this, cause it`s his life.
    hè is a great actor, that should be counting. his private life is privat and you have to realize that. and he has to do, whatever he wants to do, without beeing beashed by “fans”.

  184. 184
    @lilli Says:

    No, I don`t think we `have to accept this`. We are entitled to have an opinion even if you don`t like it or you don`t agree with it. We can`t make him do things we want obviously but we have the right to feel different.
    Leo is a great actor and clearly that`s the most important thing but if you are in the public eye like he is there`s more to that. It does make a difference who he dates and I think you fool yourself if you think otherwise or that it doesn`t matter. It seems like you are the kind of Leo fan who accepts whatever no matter what. But there are other ones who don`t see the point of this ongoing on/off thing `relationship` or that he looks depressed ever since this woman is in his life.

  185. 185
    @lilli Says:

    Also it`s Hollywood so I believe there`s more to his overall image than `being a great actor` and he should know that.
    But you are right he is smart and a great actor but nobody is perfect. His flaw is that he significantly lowered his standards when it comes to woman.

  186. 186
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@169: SOOOOOO FUNNY how you always believe the sightings with no photos, ONLY when its doesn’t mention Bar! LOL
    you people are so pathetic, its just unbelievable (its so clear that you are all American people)! lol

  187. 187
    leonardo Says:

    bar gives good head…..just sayin…

  188. 188
    boo Says:

    so ar both leo and bar in LA now?? interesting…..theres a laker game today hopefully leo will be at it and we can get to see some pics of him!!:)

  189. 189
    @187 Says:

    Yeah, it`s really not that hard to believe a sighting like that because Leo was seen there so many times before with his friends. FYI I did post the sighting about Leo and Barf shopping in a mall in LA just like the one from Goal but who cares, right? LOL! Apparently you still feel the need to use someone else`s screen name to post. That`s not pathetic, right? LOL!

  190. 190
    riri Says:

    hmm due to that volcano erupting bar wont be able to travel so guess leo is stuck with her now hahaha!!

  191. 191
    ...... Says:

    come on jared do your job gets thos paps out there and get us some leo pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. 192
    Candycotton Says: This a PATHETIC interview about BARFY LISA ROSE’s IDOL….. The writer is truly NOT impressed with this FAMEWH*RE!! and shows how she is so full of herself….. PRINCESS hah more like SHEDEVIL!! And also talks about BARFY’s crazy mother Zipi….. and LEO’s name comes Up……BIG SURPRISE!!!!……so LEO FANS try not to BARF!!!

  193. 193
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Interesting article. So she’s gonna grow old in israel. Interesting. She’ll have to change her status again. She seems to be really close to her family, I can’t imagine her being a resident any where else. I wonder what Leo thinks about that, and if he ever thinks about what a future with her would look like.
    Agree @ #185 & #186: His public image, it does matter who he dates. We all have the right to our opinion on that. She’s just not good for his image, I think that’s why we’re not seeing photos of them side by side, and I think that’s why he didnt appear on Ellen. The ‘situation’ facebook pic was shown on TMZ that same week on national TV. I think he knows what’s up. Anyways, basketball game will be on soon. I hope he goes.

  194. 194
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@187: WHAT?????? I NEVER changed my ‘Lisa rose’ name!!!! I’m always posting under that name!! what are you talking about???

  195. 195
    lol Says:

    I don`t buy that she wants to grow old in Israel. She says what`s best for her image in Israel. Even the article pointed out her sham marriage and the fact that `When the roar puts her contract with Fox in danger, the model promises to commit herself to the Israeli army for free.` Everything for the contract. She didn`t do it for her country but for the contract. Not to mention trying to get a non-Israeli resident status to avoid taxes doesn`t really make me believe she wants to grow old there. Pathetic!
    Of course there`s no article about her planned career without mentioning his name. I assume a famous boyfriend was also part of the plan!
    @195 Of course you didn`t. Spelling, grammar and the style of the comments are totally different but whatever makes you happy! lol

  196. 196
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak…Barfy just saying all that to suck up to The Israeli people….She’s a LIAR and can NOT be trusted…..If people really think she loves her country then they need Help!!! BARFY will say and do ANYTHING to get attension!!! She needs to stay in Israel …..and stop sucking up LEO’s FAME!! And notice when she was at the Grove in LA their was no Body guard with Her?? No one paying attension to her!! Just one or two PAPS….hummm ??….NO ONE is IMPRESSED!!! And since she looks like trailer trash in Candids imagine In person!! Like in another interview…the writer states that She has a girl next door look!! Which most supermodels don’t have!! That’s why Gisele is so popular cause she has an exotic face and has what it takes to be a Supermodel!!… And never Down played that she Is Brazilian!! And I don’t really think Leo’s thinking about a future with BARFY!! Just keeping her on the SHELF and takes her off when he WANTS lol!!..But soon LEO will come to realize that SHE JUST EMPTY!!!!!

  197. 197
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: WHAT THE F*CK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?????? did you get obsessed now with me too?? are you going to stalking me too now?? so what if I have a bad spelling?? who cares?? I dont have any problem with that, and I’m actually think that my spelling in pretty good for someone who almost never speak English! (:
    and unlike you and all the other two haters here I’m not changing my name all the time to makes it seems like there’s a lot of people who likes Bar!!!

    and stop saying your opinions about everything, cus NOBODY cares!!!!

  198. 198
    Candycotton Says:

    @Lisa rose: What a DUMBASS is HATER the only word U know ??…In case u didt notice You and couple of other FREAKS are the only BARFY WORSHIPPERS ON HERE!! This thread is FOR LEO FANS …PEOPLE can say whatever the HELL THEY WANT!! Why don’t U go worship BARFY somewhere else!! And since u think Americans are haters why are U On an AMERICAN BLOG?? U don’t like the comments… LEAVE no one ‘s gonna CARE!!!!!!

  199. 199
    don't happy Says:

    Hey guys, don’t pay attention to all the barf lovers…just relax…. Leo and Barf WILL break up FOR GOOD this year. IT is so and IT will be so….:)))))))))))) Keep your eyes peeled. This will be a GREAT year for Leo. He will be FREE FOR GOOD from Barf!!! :))))))))))

  200. 200
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I second that. Everyone here, love her, or hate her, she’s in Leo’s life at the moment. I’m pretty sure too that this won’t last. That comment that Kev wrote on the other thread just cinched it for me.

    “Leo’s first love is his work…….right now he’s trying to leave his party image behind….The only woman he knows right now that is in a position to do what he wants is Bar……Alleast until he meets a woman whom he loves and meets certain standards that will help his career other than hurt it……I hope he finds a better way to do PR… the end he will be missing on having a real partner and all his success would have been in vain……”

    sorry for reposting some of that comment. It was written in January, and I think it is still relevant. I hope he meets someone of his caliber and success real soon. Yea-don’t worry be happy. i mean, I just think that it’s so written all over the wall that a break up is inevitable. I mean, this Is leo and bar.

  201. 201
    jennifer Says:

    I watch Lakers game this afternoon on tv and I thought Leo could be there, but he wasn’t, well at least I can’t see him in any place, I saw Jack Nicholson, but Leo was never filmed or something, so I think he was not there. anyone knows if Leo is still in L.A? but Lakers win, yeah!!! I’am not American but I like basktball after the Brazilian soccer, off course! that we call football here… just saying!

  202. 202
    CandycottonmadllyinlovewithBar Says:

    You’re the FREAK who can’t get enough of Bar! All you do is talk about Bar. Your so obssessed that you find obscure Bar interviews and YOU JUST HAVE TO READ THEM. You are the one that worships Bar because you follow her every move. This is not a thread for Leo fans but a thread for Bar-obssessed stalkers. You never even talk about Leo.

    Just admit that you are crazy about Bar, and just plain crazy, and can’t stop thinking about her. BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR BAR. THAT’S ALL YOU THINK ABOUT!

  203. 203
    tinsletown Says:

    it is funny how you guys assumed she wasn’t in LA and look where she is, you guys just want to believe the sightings when Bar is not mentioned, but sometimes she is still there.

    look at the sighting with leo with janet jackson and busta from twitter, bar wasn’t mentioned because on twitter the majority are just part of the general population who probably don’t know who bar is, so even if she was there they wouldn’t know to identify her. And it was actually proven by people magazine that she was in fact there getting cuddily with him with janet jackson.

    So some twitter sightings wouldn;t mention bar if that particular person doesn’t know who she is. Also, like Bar said if you don’t see her doesn’t mean she wasn’t there.

  204. 204
    @204 Says:

    So if she is not mentioned in a sighting it`s possible that she was there but it`s also possible that she wasn`t. So what? If someone cannot stand her that person is obviously going to assume that she wasn`t. Wishful thinking. So what? And why is it a big deal that someone is sceptical about `cuddily` if there`s no photo to prove it?

  205. 205
    ElizabethPeters Says:

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  206. 206
    body wraps for weight loss Says:

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