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Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by ladies as he makes his way around Miami, Florida on Sunday (April 11).

Earlier this month, Oliver Stone began negotiations to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Travis McGee, a potential franchise project based on the shaggy hero of 21 detective novels written by John D. MacDonald. Stone is about to open his long-anticipated Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Leo will play a “salvage consultant” who helps his clients on recover lost property. The Fox movie will be based on the first book in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by, which tracks him reluctantly leaving his houseboat to search for treasure hidden by a soldier after World War II.

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206 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies”

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  1. 51
    @50 Says:

    I see your point with all the traveling and most of the time they are not even alone. Most of the time they are with friends and not even alone. I still think they are still in `honeymoon period` and I`m sure there`s more to come – maybe Cannes and Inception promo but after it who knows? Another break I assume…

  2. 52
    lol Says:

    It is Barf next to him but it`s hard to see her because luckily the plants are covering her face most of the time. It seems it was after that lunch with Q-Tip. Black shirt and the aviator glasses that`s her.

  3. 53
    ella Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I think he’s with her right now because he needs someone to tag along with him during this vacation or holiday whatever …….. It sucks to travel alone, and he already know that she wouldn’t say no if he ask
    And i agree with you, this is only casual relationship, if someone is in love, that would be Bar

  4. 54
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Agree!! Agree!! Agree!! Honeymoon period, and your right, there’s still Canne, Inception…… her birthday, 4th of July, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, pick any holiday. They just don’t live together. Period.

  5. 55
    Candycotton Says:

    @ella The only one Barfy is INLOVE Is HER PATHETIC SELF…lol She just wants to be seen with a Movie Star as simple as that!!!She probally kept begging Leo to take her with him…..Barfy saw how much Fun he was having without her PATHETIC A*S …so now Barfy’s going to Ruin his…Fun!!! I really think LEO’s Bored with Her…and finds excuses to avoid seeing her!!!haha!!……That’s Probally been A Big Issue in their
    so called relationship…and why they SLPIT UP the first time 2,3,4 ect… They Really Dont have anything incommon!!! Even their astro charts are NOT..insync!!! What do U think?? She’s JUST ANNOYING!!lol

  6. 56
    @55 Says:

    I didn`t mean any holiday. I meant these two events attract a lot of publicity ( for his new movie even though I doubt he needs `her kind of publicity`- quite the contrary ) so I assume we`ll see them together but after that… ?????

  7. 57
    gimmeabreak Says:

    yea, I see what you mean. more publicity. I was just thinking that any kind of traveling would be much better than living together. I think that’s his plan for now. It just keeps things casual for him. But yea, we’re not done seeing them together, he’s got major events coming up, and I’m sure she won’t be far behind.

  8. 58
    french Says:


    At the table she was far of Leo and in this video she is next to him but there are no contacts between them. I miss Leo and Gisele together, they looked so in love, you have never seen her far of Leo, they were always together, he kissed her very often and they looked always happy, … . Even on the photos of Leo and Barf where they seem “close” it is obvious there is nothing between them and it seems he forces himself to kiss her or to take her hand, it doesn’t seem natural at all.

  9. 59
    Argentina Says:

    is this girl bar? this article claims she is in nyc…

  10. 60
    lol Says:

    Yeah, good old Gisele&Leo days! I miss those but I`m happy to see Gisele with her family. I always liked her.
    On the video you can see more interest on the black girl`s face while Leo is talking than Barf ever had around him.
    I`m sure Barf is gonna be around him while promoting Inception since it doesn`t seem like she has a lot of work going on right now. And after the distasteful Jersey Shore photos I guess she`s gonna need all the attention she can get …

  11. 61
    Candycotton Says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    This LEO’S OLD GIRLFRIEND KRISTEN ZANG..She the Blond…They dated for 2yrs.. She’s 35 but she ‘s not a Model any more Kristen has her own Company!! Independent woman…lol just goes to show She not Ditzy!! But she acts ditzy in the video!!

  12. 62
    cbme Says:

    @WHY: Who cares if he has gained some weight and looks older – I could learn to like this guy with all the hair on his face.

  13. 63
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @ french
    I miss leo and gisele too. They were the cutest couple. They were both so affectionate with each other, and you could see the connection (love) between them… they looked so happy and relaxed. Leo looked so happy… yea, i miss them too.
    My computer finally let me watch the video. Yea, I see it too. No connection. They look like friends. yea, i’ve seen pictures too where they might be holding hands or kisssing (milan pic) and he just seems empty inside. Even those pics at the basketball game, she’s the one that radiates with happiness, and he’s just sitting there……..

  14. 64
    ..... Says:

    she did say in that now infamous interview that SHE is in love……..hmmmm…………..

  15. 65
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak… BARFY can’t COOK she said it herself…she calls her mother to tell her step by step what to Do!! What A MORON lol!! SO LEO never gets home cooked meals from this pathetic idiot?? THAT SUCKS NO WONDER HE SHIPS THIS LOSER BACK TO ISRAEL … every Three weeks…lol!! BARFY needs TO GET HER OWN HOUSE!!! And STOP BEING A BED WARMER!!

  16. 66
    BoonDocks Says:

    @…..: She’s in love with the movie star package of “Leo” she’s not in love with Leo the person! Leo is definitely not in love with her. He always looks bored while she’s smiling away.

  17. 67
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Yea, she definately needs to become more independant. Someone else on these threads pointed out that she owns no property, etc. (Was that you?) I wonder if she needs to be an american citizen to buy property in the US. Is she still an israeli citizen? I wonder about that. Somebody else was counting days, can’t remember the rules about citizenship. Anyways, I agree, it’s about time she got something going for herself instead of expecting everyone else to take care of her. She’s making him feel responsible for her, and Leo’s not stupid-he’s not going to be one of those people any time soon. Bed Warmer, just think, she’s had to sleep in so many beds in several countries with him to get that name. I’d say she’s earned it. Atleast leo and gisele both had separate properties, but I think they lived together too. I could suggest more she could do, but I don’t want to give her any advice.

  18. 68


  19. 69
    lol Says:

    I wonder when he is gonna visit kate again. hopefully soon.

  20. 70
    POOCHIE Says:

    I love u Leo!!!! I wish I were in Miami Beach with you.

  21. 71

    bar refaeli is dead happy news

  22. 72
    lol Says:

    don’t tease us like that.

  23. 73
    lol ( the original one ) Says:

    @70&73: Why can`t you use your own screen name? Try to be original.

  24. 74
    goldie03 Says:

    I used to post count down to number of days til whats-her-name could no longer claim Israeli citizenship and not pay taxes. She was around 61 days, then a job in Paris and Easter/Passover so I stopped. I found it rather entertaining because it is so public and yet her government has not done jack! If one is no longer a citizen- how can one have a passport from that country?
    I wish Leo the best- but his rep is being dragged down by gf. There was a 39% decrease in his rating with fans as soon as those pics w/ jersey jerks. I think it was a paper from Colorado. 39% is a huge amount! Even I am disgusted w/ him w/ her. Irmelin save your son!!!

  25. 75

    dicaprio is dead he deserve to be dead

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