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Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by ladies as he makes his way around Miami, Florida on Sunday (April 11).

Earlier this month, Oliver Stone began negotiations to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Travis McGee, a potential franchise project based on the shaggy hero of 21 detective novels written by John D. MacDonald. Stone is about to open his long-anticipated Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Leo will play a “salvage consultant” who helps his clients on recover lost property. The Fox movie will be based on the first book in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by, which tracks him reluctantly leaving his houseboat to search for treasure hidden by a soldier after World War II.

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206 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies”

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  1. 101
    lol Says:

    Surprise, surprise, lisa rose has changed her mind again. Who would have seen it coming? lol Apparently she has already forgotten those disgusting photos of her.
    There was a tweet last night, some guy said he had seen Leo and Barf at the Century City Mall in LA. No photo.
    I agree on the beaded necklace. It`s not good on him but I love that photo.

  2. 102
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Yea, I’d like to see them try to live with each other. (sarcasm). I’m happy for him he has control… I remember last year there were those rumors that her dad said he’d have to convert, and then you see him at a basketball game…..with a BIG cross!! HA! I love how he gives clues…..that was the nonverbal equivalent to giving someone the finger! Too funny.

  3. 103
    me Says:

    does leo look more tired and haggard lately????? i know its 4months into the year and half of that time he was promoting si but he has been taking alot of vacation time aswell but it hasnt seemed to revitalise him. every new pic we see of him, hes seems to have lost some of that sparkle, that glow that usually radiates from him that makes you want to smile, like a jolt of electricity. (no-im not high). you know what i mean!!!. he should be on a high after the si success but it does not reflect in him at all. he looks like a guy who hasnt accompalished anything in a while, like instead of living, hes only existing…am i making sense!!!. when was the last time that we saw that genuine sincere smile and humour….speaking for myself, at least a couple of months.

  4. 104
    Makenzie Says:

    Thanks for the Leo pic! Her looks so yummy but the necklace not so great. Yes Leo looks tired but jet-lag can do that to you. It don’t matter Leo looks great regardless.

    I give up telling you people to stop their fascination with the bimbo. Why are you people so obssessed with that trollop? I can’t even write her name. Keep on writing about the no-talent wannabe supermodel. I would rather spend my time talking about the wonderful Leo.

    I’ll go back to the worldcrossing forums and others who ban talk about Leo’s troubled romance. Those are the real fans who really love Leo. I don’t know what’s wrong with you people.

  5. 105
    jennifer Says:

    @me: I agree, about Leo seems tired and also love to see (and I miss) him with that wonderful smile and that glowing blue eyes, it’s true that we just see pics of some moments, we don’t see his everytime life. Anyway, Leo have a great career and it’s in a very good moment as an actor but this isn’t everything, life isn’t made just of work, people have other needs in life. I think something is lacking in his life to make him glow of happiness again!

  6. 106
    gamma Says:

    He should go be with Kate. They have fun together. He smiles everytime he’s around her. Like when escorted her to the Goldren Globes last year.

  7. 107
    sara Says:

    @Lisa Rose

    Yes, she is in LA, waiting in Leo’s bed for him while he’s at the basketball game because it seems that is all she’s good for in his eyes. I give them less than a year.

  8. 108
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Okay, they’re back together, you think he’d be his happy self, but he doesn’t seem the same. Did he go alone? Maybe that’s why, but still, he just seems really empty. Anybody know where she’s at?

  9. 109
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: WHO said that I forgot the photos?? I am still VERY surprised that Leo stayed with her after these photos! I just said that shes in L.A.

  10. 110
    lol Says:

    Ok, lisa rose, my bad!
    Since there`s no new Leo sighting ever since the Lakers game I assume she is still in LA keeping him occupied but who knows? Seriously doesn`t she have any work these days? It seems being with Leo became her full-time job.

  11. 111
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: seems like you are just trying to disagree with me and makes me seems bad no matter what. but whatever, who cares. I’m already understand that this is what happens to people who doesn’t hate Bar in this site.
    you people are way too bad with her, especially when some people here are wishing to her death.
    I am really hate the photo shoot that she did, and really cant understand why she did it, and how Leo is keep seeing her after that unrespectful thing she did to him. but, whatever, I cant get any of these tow already. I give up!! I’m taking that as an intermittent and nothing more. cant wait to see what will be in the next episode… LOL

  12. 112
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Lisa rose: *these two

  13. 113
    gimmeabreak Says:

    That job could have gotten her GOOD publicity if she hadn’t F’d it up!!! No wait, nevermind, it was with the jersey shore. It would have been trashy no matter what. oh well, can’t wait to see what happens next. anyway, she posted a twit pic today on twitter of her and Emily Daniels on a private plane. thing is, there’s no telling when it was taken. Boooooo!!! I’m sure leo and bar will pop up somewhere, they seem to like being in public.

    Lisa Rose, are you talking to yourself? LOL

  14. 114
    Argentina Says:

    the pic on twitter whit emily is old… anyway i think she´s no longer in LA… the blonde girl from miami (the one whit the hat) is a friend of bar from israel (i saw a pic of bar and that girl in eliat whit tzion baruch and bar´s brother celebrating pesaj a couple of weeks ago… the pic was posted on but i can´t find it anymore because it´s from 2 or 3 weeks ago…) so maybe she is back in israel or maybe working somewere else but no in LA… and if she is in LA and she´s not whit leo well something is wrong (like i said before)… remenber the last time both were in LA and didn´t show up together ? it was june 09…

  15. 115
    Lisa rose Says:

    @gimmeabreak: are YOU talking to your self??? shut Up LOSER!!!!!!!

  16. 116
    Amanda Says:

    @Argentina: so funny they’re ALWAYS with friends!! lol that says alot…

  17. 117
    Bunches Says:

    Looks like Barfie does have a twitter account. According to this article that calls her LEo’s EX, she has been in contact with another model from Australia.

    I love how this article is calling Barfie’s Leo’s EX ALREADY! I’ve actually read a few current articles that call her the EX. Maybe they know something we don’t?!?!?!hmmmm?!?!?!

  18. 118
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @Lisa rose
    Geeeez, you took that personal??? I was Joking!!!!! you posted one post to yourself!!!!! Lighten up!!!! I was only teasing you, I’m sorry if you took it personal. and please don’t call me names, you’ll only be inciting more hate on this web site. that other person and her morbid remarks were bad enough. I think we can agree on that.

    For everyone else, since this is leo’s thread, here’s a happy pic of Leo.,,628697_621333,00.html#621324

  19. 119
    joanne Says:

    lol they were just in Miami( getting cuddily), and galapagos, and you assume they are broken up, because the paparazzi didn’t get a picture lol.

  20. 120
    joanne Says:

    oh and that article is just behind on the fact that Leo and Bar are back together that happens sometimes if they don’t keep up with some celebrities. nothing to get excited about sorry guys. You guys were wrong about miami, japan and stuff no offence, so your just thinking of the worst case scenario.
    Whose to say if she is in la or not, if shes not that doesn’t mean they’ve broken up, she’s a busy busy girl. it appears they are happy together.
    PS I don’t think that BarRefaelicious is her real twitter she wouldn’t use an obvious name like that, its someone pretending to be her. If she does its probably under a more discreet name.

  21. 121
    Amanda Says:

    ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i think they are actually still together they’re spending too much time together, that Miami trip clinched it for me, i thought he went by himself i was extremely disapointed to see Barf. Same thing with japan but then i read that darn article. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  22. 122
    @120&121 Says:

    `getting cuddily` according to a source and of course we just have to take her/his word for it, right? And we thought they broke up because the paps didn`t take a picture? What are you talking about? The photo from that lunch with both Leo and Barf was posted so we knew they were there together in Miami.
    You said Barf is a `busy girl`. You are right following Leo around like a leech is very time-consuming because it`s obvious that she is not busy with work recently. Btw what do you think about her new photos with the Jersey Shore clowns?
    It seems like for some reason that`s beyond my understanding you like them together but guess what. Not everyone feels that way. We hope they won`t stay together much longer and that`s it. Wishful thinking. :)

  23. 123
    POOCHIE Says:

    I still love you LEO!!!

  24. 124


  25. 125
    @125 Says:

    Seriously what`s wrong with you?????????????

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