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Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by ladies as he makes his way around Miami, Florida on Sunday (April 11).

Earlier this month, Oliver Stone began negotiations to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Travis McGee, a potential franchise project based on the shaggy hero of 21 detective novels written by John D. MacDonald. Stone is about to open his long-anticipated Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Leo will play a “salvage consultant” who helps his clients on recover lost property. The Fox movie will be based on the first book in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by, which tracks him reluctantly leaving his houseboat to search for treasure hidden by a soldier after World War II.

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206 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies”

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  1. 151
    lol Says:

    Still no work for Barf. Just being a leech in LA.

  2. 152
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: Did Bar paying for you to do all this publicity for her??? you just cant stop talking about her.
    or you are just too obsessed??

  3. 153
    @153 Says:

    Yet again, impressive improvement in your spelling. Or you just like to post under different names? lol Like I`m the only one posting and talking about her. Get over yourself! :)

  4. 154
    jennifer Says:

    french, i was just imagening what he could have think about her, I don’t know, but with sure he was attractred in some way for want to stay with her. just this. I know you hate Bar but I still don’t think Leo’s needs a fake gf, he could stay single for the time he wants, he doesn’t need this type of attention of her a gf, even because he hates this type of publicity, that’s what I think!

  5. 155
    Lisa rose Says:

    @@153: “lol”, “french” why did you changed you name AGAIN??? you can keep laughing about my spelling mistakes but I can promise to you that when you change your name all the time it is more ridiculous- everyone can see that its the same person all the time!!!

    but please tell me, how much did Bar pay to you for that great publicity??
    how much did she pay to you to mention her name 24/7??

  6. 156
    gimmeabreak Says:

    The Grove… popular hang out for the paps. I’m happy for her she’s getting some publicity…….so Leo doesn’t have to take care of her.
    On Leo’s twitter-don’t know if it’s real or not-he says something to the effect of every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day. that was yesterday. i wonder if he ever gets embarassed by her. He must be getting some reaction from people, friends, or even higher ups who he’s worked with. He’ so well respected in HW, but this has got to be a little stressful for him.

  7. 157
    lol Says:

    I`m not sure if Leo has a twitter account. I know he had a myspace page but twitter? These new photos had to be embarrassing for him but I assume this wasn`t the first time. lol
    Yeah, of course The Grove and since Leo is not around she isn`t even hiding.

  8. 158
    kem Says:

    Interesting about Barbitch:

  9. 159
    ella Says:

    I don’t think Bar is Leo’s gf or fake gf, she’s just his casual lover.
    She’s like his free escort, and they have a win-win situation. She get publicity to keep her in the surface and get a job and he get escort girl.
    If you don’t know what escort is, google it

  10. 160
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I was just looking at older posts from the Laker Lovers thread. #63 is pretty interesting written by someone named Kev.
    It sounds like someone who’s in the industry who knows Leo. All of the other posts are all bashing leo, bashing bar, his is the only one who stands out. Here’s what it says:

    ‘Leo is someone whose first love is work. He will always be married to his work. Right now he is trying to leave his party boy image behind, for his career. He knows the big awards will come once his image is
    more “matured” in a way. so he is trying to change it. The only woman he knows right now that is in a position to do what he wants is Bar. Ofcourse she gains something too. Atleast until he meets a woman whom he loves and meets certain standards that will help his career other than hurt it. Plus, he is human too, so he has the pressure of his age, settling down, kids, balancing his life with his image, etc. He is a perfectionist. He wants to manage everything but certain things are better left to the universe to manage. Have you seen the “aviator”? HH relationship with Faith Domerge? He didn’t want to be alone and he needed a woman’s image around him.’
    ‘I hope he finds a better way to do PR, because in the end he will be missing out on having a real partner, and the meaning of a real family. And all his success would have been in vain.’

    okay, I don’t know what any of you think, but this sounds like someone from within the industry. Who the hell knows who Faith Domerge is? Who says things like “certain things are better left to the universe”? Only people from California talk this way. and towards the end, It just sounds like something that a caring friend would write. Even the first sentence sounds like someone who is pretty confidant in what he is about to unload.
    And I think it makes sense with what people are saying here without bashing either one of them. They are both getting something out of this relationship. We all think he’s just waiting for something better to come along. I would sure hate to think that he would do anything further calculating in their relationship out of an ill-mannered way of thinking that he would somehow end up looking more mature. This is just basic stupidity on his part. If anything, she’s making him look so immature. She sounds immature which I think embarasses him- I’m embarassed for him. The smartest thing he could do at this point is to break it off with her, throw himself into his work, and wait for the right person. (This would be much healthier for him in the long run). Don’t waste your time with someone who is only going to bring down your moral character for a chance to improve your PR just to get a damn award. If this really is who I think it is writing this, Leo is even more narcissistic than I thought. He needs to stop this model chasing if he is really interested in estabilishing good PR. Chasing models is not good PR. As much as it impresses men, it just ruins his chances with a real woman, a real family, and a real life.

  11. 161
    jennifer Says:

    @161, i agree, but I don’t think that to have sucess and respect in his career he needs to desperately have a family or look more mature, until because his relationship with Bar doesn’t seems mature and everyone knows this. He’s mature in his profession and Leo’s very commited with his work and passionate by what he does, he’s an actor because he loves what he does and he takes this very seriously that’s what really matter. But media press eveyone to be “normal”, what’s normal? beyond have a great career, makes a lot of money… they want that everyone gets married and have children until they start to invent a divorce, press sometimes is so ridiculous and disgusting. He have the control of his life, it’s not because society charge something of you that you have to accept and agree in everything, if he wants to stay single for the rest of his life this will not took his talent away,isn’t it? this will not change nothing, people could think whatever they want, but he will always be a great actor. I don’t think he would leave the media make his mind, he’s to smart for this! I hope one day he settle down if he wants, but this is not a rule!

  12. 162
    Lisa rose Says:

    @jennifer: Jennifer, you are just unbelievable! when Leo has a happy photo with Bar you say how much they are beautiful together, and happy together and hope that they will get married together and more and more…… but now suddenly you seems to change your mind and starting to bash on Bar too. to me, its seems like you are saying all of that just to makes the haters happy, and to become “one of them” so no one here will hate you. otherwise, I have no idea how your opinion changed so much in such a short time.

    and yes, I also hate the photo shoot that Bar did and I’m really cant understand how Leo stayed with her after that, but I remember you said all the time how much they are cute together and wonderful and now your opinion is just like all the hater’s (you saying that they didn’t really meant to be, and its just a fling and blah blah blah) . to me its seems like you are not saying what you really thinking and just trying to makes the haters happy. ):

  13. 163
    french Says:

    @Lisa rose:

    It’s not me

  14. 164
    french Says:

    @Lisa rose:

    For once i agree with you

  15. 165
    french Says:


    When Leo is not with her, she doesn’t hide. I hope that we will not see them together another once (since Barf’s ugly and por n photoshoot, we don’t see them together anymore)

  16. 166
    Candycotton Says: Testing a Link……..?? I thinks it’s Barfy’s Photoshopping career??

  17. 167
    Candycotton Says:

    Maybe that will shut up LISA ROSE ANd stop whinning about Haters !!I’m sure she’s Going to print every photo off her computer and pin them to her wall!! BARFY worshipping is NOT Becoming….and All that PHOTOSHOPPING just shows U ANYONE Can be a model!! The funniest pic is the one where BARFY is fighting with the PAPS!! Lol… ZIpi must put her up to that one!!! ANd Some photos are just hard to stomach… NO STYLE No CLASS!!! NO TALENT MODEL.. FULLTIME FAMEWH*RE and PARTIME BED WARMER THATs BARFY!!!

  18. 168

    dicaprio and bar broke up

  19. 169
    DEB willett Says:

    Leonardo takes excellent pictures he is hansome and I am thankful for his good works to trhe earth and other charities two he is a excellent actor and god bless you Leonardo sincerely DEB

  20. 170
    lol Says:

    @159, kem: thanks for the link, it is a good article about Barf. I liked the article as a whole but these were the best parts.
    `Having DiCaprio for a boyfriend is good ( for her essential ) when it comes to attracting attention.`
    `Perhaps it’s because young women feel they have to conform to stay relevant. To decline the opportunity to flirt with a baguette might give off the impression you’re no fun.`
    `So long as you suspect a million half-naked girls would be happy to take your place, it’s much safer to keep quiet and play along.`
    @161: great comment, thanks for reposting it, it`s so true what Kev said!
    @163: look who`s talking? Like you never change your mind about them depending their current situation. Hypocrite!
    Last night there were tweets about Leo at Goal Sports Bar and apparently Tobey and his wife were there as well. Was there a Lakers game last night?

  21. 171
    gamma Says:


    how would you know that? if only it was true.

  22. 172
    @169 Says:

    You had some weird comments but in this case I do hope you are right!

  23. 173
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Your right, Leo doesn’t look mature by being with her and everyone knows it! Everyone but him. I just think that in life sometimes people believe that if they have ‘the’ wife and ‘the’ family, then they will be believed, or thought of—SEEN as an adult. I think that’s why Leo talks about marriage and children. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s lying by saying he wants those things, (everyone does) but I’m sure he knows that it is better for him publicly than to be seen partying and hanging out with girls in clubs. He seems to have two lives running simultaneously. (I know other people have noticed this). On the one hand he is a great actor and is very accomplished working with Great Directors and obviously seems respected by real Adults in his industry, and then on the other hand seems young and immature, partying in bars, hanging out with models, Lindsay lohan, Jersey Shore kids, etc. Verbally talking about one kind of life, while living another. I think he’s confused. A boy, not yet a man. and yes, I agree, I don’t think to have success in his career, he needs to have a wife and family. He is already successful and will always be in my opinion, and your right, if he was single it would not matter, it would not take away his talent. He will always be a great actor no matter who he dates. He will always have a career even if he’s not mature enough to make the right decisions in his personal life. I just really hope, for him, he doesn’t actually “think” that she makes him look like an ADULT, because she clearly DOESN’T, she makes him look like a child. I don’t think he realizes this yet.

  24. 174
    gimmeabreak Says:

    any mention of Bar with Leo and his married friend?
    Oh, and there’s a home game tomorrow afternoon (ABC) and Tuesday night (TNT)

  25. 175
    @169 Says:

    No, no mention of her. :) Only Leo, Tobey and his wife. :)
    I believe that instead of talking about marriage and kids when he is clearly not there yet and instead of sticking with the wrong woman in the long run he would need to date a mature woman. Leaving models behind would help him to achieve that mature man image he wants.

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