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Rihanna: 'Rockstar 101' Video Preview!

Rihanna: 'Rockstar 101' Video Preview!

Rihanna teams up with Travis Barker — on the drums, of course — for her new Rockstar 101 video.

The Blink-182 drummer has said of Rihanna‘s drumming skills: “She’s awesome. I haven’t seen anyone catch on that quick in quite a while and have that kind of ear for drums or rhythm, so I was stoked that she could really play the drums.” Watch the video of Ri on the drums below1

Rockstar 101″ is the fourth single from Ri‘s Rated R album.

Rihanna is The Drummer Girl
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  • Justus

    Ha! Ha! Nikki Sixx turned her down!

  • sj

    This site is the only place I see hate comments for her. There are comments about her live singing on many sites but this site is the only place that tears into her appearance name-calling. This site, and Perez’. So congrats JJ posters, you’re on par with Perez users.

  • Allie Baby

    I find it admirable that she actually wants to learn to play the instruments and do something other than “sing” and “dance” with her robots. And Travis Barker is a great drummer, so if she sucks it won’t be because she didn’t have a good teacher…

  • Bruna

    She’s real, and young (my age), and still normal despite her fame. Her beats are cute, if you don’t like her voice, fine. Listen to someone else. The hate she gets with people calling her “tranny” and stuff, is beyond lame, not only because she doesn’t look like one, but because trannies exist, they are human. They’re real people who read this site. Think before you type.

  • ‘JJ posters’

    @sj: “don’t group us all – internet trolls are internet trolls, haters are haters. half a million people visit this site.

  • high five

    @sj: Congrats JJ users, you recognise a lack of talent and don’t kiss her label’s ass.

    Maybe they will develop better artists?

  • agree

    She does look like a tranny and no, she can’t sing either.

  • finn

    That’s nice that she wants to learn how to play an instrument. How about working on her vocal skills too?

  • Mike

    Her thighs look huge in that video.

  • whisper

    You got to give her credit. She shows such emotion in the stills, you’d think she was putting on the performance of her life. Wish she could sing like she fakes.

  • jams

    Rihanna has gained weight.
    Is she pregnant?

  • my3cents

    This is the only blog I can think of that constantly covers her. Maybe if they toned it down and didn’t make a post every time she stepped outside the house, people would feel more favorable to her. It seems to be Rihanna overkill here at the expense of better artists.

  • snoop dog

    Time to lay off the McDonalds, RiRi.

  • Backwards C

    Wow you people hate like you get paid for it. Sorry but I dout she give to shit what you… She is mad young and could by you whole family and still have millions left over. Sorry

  • juniper

    She seems more concerned with trying to make love to the camera than playing.

  • rap it up

    @Backwards C: I don’t think the people posting here give a shit what Rihanna thinks. If they did they’d tell her how great she was like her stan here does.

    If she has millions, why doesn’t she pay her trainer?

  • borat

    she was born a man 35 years ago.

  • who?






  • vids

    It’s previous obvious ppl are tired of the incessant posts, but not much you can do about it. Her label pays this blog to post about her.

  • celeb spotter

    We need some real celebs on here. Too much Rihanna.

  • meow

    Well, at least she’s developing her skills.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it.
    She could help a lot of women.

  • tal

    stuning RIRI

  • El

    @bajan suprise, her name was Robyn, not Ronald. Ronald is her daad.

  • jASON

    i bet these comments are comming from jealous rednecks, rihanna is the best!!

  • catalina

    Travis Barker isn’t a very good drummer and is getting paid to kiss her behind. Rihanna is woefully untalented.

  • sidv

    @14 Backwards C

    Would you like to “by” a wovel?

  • Amy#1

    @Mike: they are, I don’t mind some women looking curvy and healthy but this tranny looks weird, her top half is so tiny and her legs are HUGE! nasty figure and no talent either! for the sake of her audience when she goes on tour, that drumming better be good else their eardrums will melt ’cause of her voice.

  • Emmy

    nikki sixx rejected her wanna be rockstar ass lol hahah that shows that her no one is buying her “rockstar persona” hahaha, tranny no talent ass.

  • Emmy

    @sj: really, cause I visit other celeb sites and her haters far outweigh her stans, and even in the Caribbean and barbados where she is from. You know why ppl hate her, cause she has no talent, she is inarticulate, she is a hypocrite and she is SLACK. yep, harsh but its the truth, Go back to school riri.

  • Kacie

    @El: she was being sarcastic duh, she said it ’cause rihanna looks like a tranny. oh, and she also sounds like a dying cat.

  • proof of human stupidity

    @Kacie: take your bullsh#t elsewhere…maybe get a new hobby

  • Kacie

    @proof of human stupidity: ouch! you have a problem, go see a shrink! you take things TOO personal.

  • Ryaaan24

    She aint a man obviously. have u seen the pics? you seriously need to get a life!! Your sayin all this shit but have u realised yet that she is one of the most hottest things in music now?! 6 number ones? she might not be the best singer but she is and always will be, one of the best artists ever!

  • Ryaaan24

    Seriously, get a life! shes one of the hottest and succesful women in the music industry ever! 6 number ones! one right now?! she might not be the best singers but she obviously is succesfull, she has like 2 grammies. your all just picking at little things, but you need to realise that she is HOT!!

  • Ryaaan24

    Didn mean to comment twice:L thought one of them didn save

  • riri#1..2k10

    This is her 5th single from Rated R:::Wait Your Turn, Russian Roulette, Hard, Rude Boy, and THEN Rockstar 101!!!! Everyone are haters…quit hating on Rihanna cause yall not famous…whatever. Go Head Sexy do the Damn thing!!!! RIHANNA’S #1 FAN!!!!!

  • Lisa Ling

    Why is it that everytime someone makes a positive comment about rihanna it gets a lot of thumbs down but whenever someone says something negative and dumb about her it gets,like, over 10 thumbs up?
    People here are such morons. Ok we get it…Rihanna can’t sing, she can’t dance, and has no talent. Does that stop her from having 6 number singles and being a multi-platinum artist….NO

    Everyone on here think they are so clever calling Rihanna a tranny and untalented, seriously people it gets boring after awhile. I keep hearing the same insults about rihanna over and over and over again that it ends up becoming irrelevant and makes me wonder if the people on here are just jealous of rihanna for having done so much in just a short amount of time (while having no talent and looking like a man) and here you are with a great voice and probably much better looking than rihanna, yet you don’t even have a record deal.

    Everyone on here please, if you are going to insult rihanna then come up with something better than just calling her an untalented tranny that acts like a slut because I am sure, that in the 5 years that rihanna has been out ,we all have heard it before and are aware of it. No one is that stupid that people have to repeat themselves over and over. We get the point already.