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Sex & The City 2 Poster is Here!

Sex & The City 2 Poster is Here!

Check out the brand-new one sheet for Sex and The City 2!

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are back for more in the second film based on the HBO series.

A new trailer for the film, out May 27, was released late last week! Be sure to watch and see which of Carrie’s exes will be back in the picture at an inconvenient time in her life.

Bigger poster inside…

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sex and the city 2 one sheet poster 01

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  • jess

    So Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte don’t get to be on the poster? That’s pretty rude. I bet she made them do that. Her ego is huge.

  • lindsay

    we ALL know she really doesn’t look like that in real life.

  • she shall remain nameless

    I agree…I love Carrie but the rest of the girls need to be there too!!! Maybe there will be different poster designs. This is just one of them…

  • Laura

    LOL, only SJP on the poster? The other women must be pissed!!!

  • cindy

    Already? I don’t get the hype with this show. I was forced to watch this (first movie) when it was aired on HBO for a long time.

  • i-i

    I think the movie loses a huge chunk of its appeal because half if not most of it is set outside Manhattan, which many considered to be a character in itself

  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    I’m tired of the injustice done to the other atresses when it comes to SATC productions and promotions. SJP can’t carrie the movie on her own. Is she sleeping with the producers? Kim Catrall may not have won awards for playing Samantha, but she’s the biggest draw hands down! I’m sure the audience would agree that it wouldn’t be the same with only Sarah J Parker in it. hence why all the hype about her, when the scripts do not write make her story interesting..everybody can’t wait for when the camera rolls into Samantha’s life!

  • Jill

    Seattle Slew in stilettos. Priceless.

  • Douglas Costa


  • Sammi

    Ummm, where are Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte? Seriously????? SMH!

  • s

    carrie’s actually my least favorite character soooo…wtf is up with only her being on the poster? there had better be individual posters for the other characters then…which i doubt is the case.

  • chaos

    The ladies are getting old and the marketing strategy really should be revised to reflect that. All these skin shows are getting a bit embarassing. And SJP really is aging very badly.

  • brightside

    Jeremy Clarkson once described her as looking like a boiled horse – strangely I can see where he’s coming from….

  • helen

    woah what’s wrong with this picture? Where are the girls???

  • LoveLeeR


  • jason

    This poster ….. WOW, WHAT A FAKE!

  • happy girl

    great legs. that is all i will say cause i don’t mind her actually.

  • Jako

    I think it’s not a one sheet poster. Just character poster.
    and will coming for Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte.

  • Ivan

    I saw trailer for that movie two weeks ago at



  • Atrium


  • Anon

    I don’t understand why they used this fugly woman alone on the poster! I’ve never understood why they thought she was a draw card, i personally like Samantha best

  • kara

    Wow Photoshop did a good job :)

  • callmewhatever

    She looks great here but of course the other girls need to be there as well. The show was about their friendship more than it was about her as the main attraction. I was just as much interested in Miranda and Steve for instance as I was Carrie and AIDAN( aidan 4 life!). Love them all.

  • margaret

    Sarah JP looks very old…on the movie screen….it shows even if she wears a very heavy make up…

  • datingadoctor

    i can’t wait

  • t

    i still don’t get why they cancelled the show if they’re gonna shoot out movies

  • sue

    where are all the other girls???

    please, pr-people, don’t make it seem like sjp would be such a great promoter. she never was a beauty, but lately she’s gone really ugly, practicaly unbearable to watch.
    though i have to admit it was even difficult during the series.
    i loved sex and the city, but i always thought that her face was incredibly ugly, especially for an actress. now she’s old and ugly. without being mean, i simply hate the fact that they throw her into the public eye like some sort of super hot chick, which she never never was.
    talented, yes, charming, maybe, but NOT HOT.

    plus i always mostly loved the other characters. where are they? and why did they always remained in her shadow???

  • Nancy

    Such a great poster! I totally disagree with all the dislike comments! SJP looks fabulous as ever! The poster is great and regarding the plot she totally deserves to be there by herself. Don’t get me wrong, I totally love the other girls too but ISN’T IT “SEX AND THE CITY” CARRIE’S COLUMN? So everybody cut the hate that you don’t look as fabulous and stop writing such thoughtless comments!

  • Dina

    Does anyone know who is the designer of the dress?????