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Suri Cruise is Pretty in Pink

Suri Cruise is Pretty in Pink

Suri Cruise is all smiles as she leaves a hotel in Manhattan on Monday (April 12) with a nanny.

The adorable 4-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was carrying a stuffed elephant – too cute!!

Suri has been all over New York City while Katie shoots Son of No One in Queens. Over the weekend, the two visited a home furnishings store (with Suri in bunny ears) and on Sunday, they reportedly went on a picnic!

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suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 01
suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 02
suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 03
suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 04
suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 05
suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 06
suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 07
suri cruise pink dress stuffed elephant 08

Credit: JDH/JCP; Photos: WENN
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  • marebear

    How cute is Suri!

    I think this is the first time I have EVER seen her wear a pair of socks!

  • Rachel


  • kara

    wow dressed as a girl of her age, finally, nice, her parents read us ;-)

  • Celia

    Adorable. She looks just like Katie.

  • Mei

    Finally! Suri is looking and acting appropriate in these pictures…I guess her nanny knows what she’s doing. Suri’s hair is relatively neat, she’s walking by herself and she’s not wearing pjs or slippers. She seems happy.

  • mousse

    Well looky there! Never seen pictures of this child before looking so refreshed, happy and relaxed.
    That’s a good evolution. For herself.

    But I can’t help wondering when there will be laws to protect children from (actors, singers,…) from being followed by paps all the time?

  • Lillianne

    ohmigosh she looks like a happy normal four year old

  • carly

    she’s so gorgeous!!!

  • Pandora

    Never thought I’d say it, but she is a very pretty little girl. She is not looking morose lately. Now, if her “mother” would learn to dress her weather appropriately and cease to bundle her up in blankets and carry her around like a newborn, well, that’d be even more progress. I know the kid is priviledged and all, but I still feel sorry for her because her parents are screwed up bigtime. Down the road there could be lots of psychological problems for her. Let’s hope not.

  • she’s adorable

    but let’s give her a break – do the paps need to follow her every single day? Give this kid some privacy.

  • kit

    She’s always at ease when with the nanny.

  • Dreads

    Okay, Suri’s quite cute but hmmm I’m getting so sick and tired of seeing her everyday now….Ugh. ENOUGH!

  • claudia

    gosh, she’s so pretty!!!! TomKat need to have another kid.

  • to kara

    do you honestly believe that katie and tom know or care that this board exists? for that matter, do you honestly believe that those two even care what what we think when it comes to suri? i’m just happy that this little girl is wearing socks.

  • to mousse

    the only thing katie and tom can do is take indivdual paps to court to try and get an all encompassing restraining order against each of them. just like jackie kennedy had to do in order to protect her children. she basically put one pap out of business.

  • Come out come out wherever u r

    Stll no Tommy?

  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    Thanks they finally read that she was carried to much.I thought Suri was cripple or something else was wrong, 4y/o and still being carried like she is an infant and wearing heels. All I can say is thanks for letting her feet touch the ground.

  • kara

    @to kara: Do you really think I think their parents read us? Have you heard about “irony”? Stop analyzing and get a life :)

  • Infamous

    Shes too precious

  • kizbit

    I find it ironic that Suri always looks so much more at ease with her nanny than with her mother. And in the video of her visiting Katie on the set in Queens, I found it interesting that Suri was reaching for the nanny as Katie carried her through the throng of paps.

  • to kara

    Have you heard about “irony”? Stop analyzing and get a life :)

    considering that everytime i come on this board you always have comments about suri i could say the same to you. stop telling these two people what do with their child and take care of your own.

  • to kara

    Have you heard about “irony”? Stop analyzing and get a life :)

    i could say the same thing to you. at least i’m not on this board, as you are constantly, telling katie and tom how to raise their child. you are the one who doesn’t have a life.

  • cindy

    This looks like a totally different child to the one you see with her mother and father. She looks clean and taken care of. She has a sparkle that I’ve never seen in any of her other photos. She’s dressed age appropriately in fabrics and styles that are suitable for her and she looks carefree and childlike.

    Whatever the Nannie is doing, she’s doing right. Bravo and this is the first time I’ve said it…. what a charming little face.

  • Sam

    Wow, big difference in this child then when she is with her mom or with her dad (with mom vs. dad she’s a different looking child too). Hair done, appropriate clothing and not looking all pouty. She’s not even ‘scared’ of those paps here! hmmmmmmm???!!! It’s ok to spoil your child (and I did) but you have to teach them to act accordingly too, even at 3 1/2. What a pretty little picture she makes in these pictures.

  • sillyme

    Wow, she looks like a real little girl for once. Reminds me of Camilla Belle when she was younger (in Practical Magic).

  • ChiChi

    There is something freaky about this this child. Has she been taking acting lessons from her mommy’s gynecologist Tom, to smile for the paps now? It’s weird.

  • peter

    I am thanking the nanny for the socks. Well done.

  • Shan

    Thank goodness the nanny allows her to walk on her own two feet! No wonder she looks so happy :)

  • Kaka human waste Homely

    Wow! That’s a totally different child!
    So much happier, so much more independent, she almost looks like the happy sunny Violet for once.,
    What a change of pace, gets to show you what an unfit mother Kaka Homely is!

    But we know why, Kaka is not really a mother, she’s only a pimp!
    Kaka Homely uses that child, not feral for once, to gain paps attention and tabloid coverage.

    No wonder Suri is miserable when Kaka takes her out.

  • Susie#1

    Isn’t it interesting that Suri is smiling and relaxed with her nanny? Katie should take parenting classes.

  • lips,tits & ass

    Nanny rules!

  • noria

    Suri is smiling and she looks very happy with her nanny!And finally she walks on her own.She is not usually like that when she’s with her mother who always carries her.Kate is really stupid,I saw a photo from another site and it’s disgusting the way that Kate carries her in front of the cameras.Photographers can take photos of her daughter’s underwear.

  • troi

    For once she is appropriately dressed and looks like a happy, normal four year old. I know the blogs and rags have been criticizing her dress the last few weeks mercilessly. Maybe the criticism finally sunk into Katie’s small brain–like “oh this is my child and not my friend, maybe I should be a parent.”

  • a realist

    No wonder she has on socks and her hair pinned back out of her eyes. She is with the nanny.

  • dirty denise

    She acts like she really enjoys being with the many,=.. And the nanny sure knows how to dress her appropriately, and let her walk.

  • g!na

    wow, Suri is looking like a bright happy child in these pics. How adorable and kudos to the nanny.

  • idani

    Wooo whoooo. For once this child looks like a kid. Dressed like a four year old–check! Hair combed and out of her face–check. Appropriate footwear–check. Looking self assured and self confident instead of clinging to her mom–check.
    Let’s see more of this Suri.

  • sarah

    Oh, my gosh! She’s so cute in these pics!

  • annie

    A nanny is more detached than a parent, where Katie doesn’t like the paps and it shows . She rolls her tongue in her mouth , she sucks in her cheeks, she finds their presence distubing and it rubs off on Suri. When you see her away from the paps, Katie has that gorgeous smile, ( that by the way is being commented on everywhere), she is super friendly gets on with everyone and seems to have a ball, but it is a different senario when confronted by the paps. Suri def picks it up, what her mother feels.
    I have never thought that Katie pimps her daughter, she is the least one in Hollywood to do it , and yet she is the one that is followed the most. But yes, Katie has to lighten up a bit in front of the paps , Ithink she is a bit paranoid about them, and that’s why she carries Suri all the time, some of you are a bit harsh.

  • missy

    You guys who are saying she only looks happy with the nanny are so mean. Just the other day there were photos of her with her mommy with a big smile on her face. It’s great that she has a nanny that she feels comfortable with. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her parents!

  • missy

    Also, if Katie was with her, you guys would be whining that Suri needs a sweater. The nanny is wearing a sweater and scarf.

  • Anon

    The fickleness of the people who make comments about tom cruise and katie holmes amazes me. When this child wears piggy slippers you criticize her for not wearing proper footwear, when she wears ballet flat you accuse the parents of treating her like an adult. get over yourselves. I have never seen this child as unkempt as some of you attempt to imply she is (have we ever seen her with a cheeto stuck in her hair as i saw with another celebrity child?) Have her clothes ever been stained? Simply because you don’t like her parents, you see fit to examine her every expression and pass judgment on how she’s being raised. I’d really like to know how all of you raise your children, if you even have children, and whether you would appreciate these comments being made about you and your parenting skills.

    Furthermore, since when did religious freedom end in this country? If all we can hold against Tom Cruise is the fact that he has weird beliefs then every Christian is in trouble because the Bible is rife with the unbelievable. Yet, because Christianity is so widespread and has become mainstream we openly accept it. For every person who will respond to this comment with the argument that Scientology is a cult that harms people I counter with the Crusades, wars waged by Christians that resulted in the upheaval and deaths of thousands of people.

    Let the bashing continue and I look forward to everyone’s irrationality.


    Cute, normal, and happy….with her nanny, naturally.


    Closer inspection tells me Holmes designeds this t-shirt fabric dress.

    Child cute, dress awful.

    Baby Gay does it better, Katie.



    No one read anything. You’re delusional if you think they read these celeb blogs. They don’t even read their own email.

    The nanny does it her way, when the morons aren’t around.
    It’s always been that way with Nannys.
    I was a celeb nanny, they are idiots as parents and demand thier ridiculous ideas are adhered to. When they leave, we raise normal, happy, secure childrem.

    Heartbreaking really. They are miserable with their own parents and only happy with us.

  • AutumnM


  • AutumnM

    Suri is looking more and more like Tom as she gets older.

  • curious

    Curious? Maybe Katie has experienced post-natal depression since Suri was born? Considering the stand T.C. has taken on it in the past , it would not be dealt with.

  • Go Ask Alice

    She looks normal and is dressed normal and cute kid like.

    Ooh My!!

  • Tom

    See you next year sweetie.
    Daddy busy!