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Tiger Woods To Take Time Off After 'Unsuccessful' Masters

Tiger Woods To Take Time Off After 'Unsuccessful' Masters

Tiger Woods finished fourth at the Masters Tournament on Sunday (April 12) and is planning to take a break.

The 34-year-old golf pro, who was hoping to rebound after a four month break from the game, called his performance “unsuccessful,” adding, “I didn’t get the job done.”

Tiger, who told that he felt uneasy on every shot, also shared that he’ll be stepping away from the game for a bit. “I’m going to take a little time off and kind of re-evaluate things,” he shared.

Tiger has won the Masters Tournament four times and, since 2004, has not finished any worse than sixth place.

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  • jamie

    Actually, 4th place is not bad at all considering he hasn’t played in months….

  • boston61

    Ti could’nt be bothered to congratulate the winner Mickelson. To busy talking about himself yesterday.

    This guy is a white women hating (and black women, he never touches them) dirt ball. He gets off on getting white women to act like whores.

  • Buzzy

    He should take some time off from life, at which he has been a complete and utter failure. Do we have to hear another word about this impossibly ugly (inside and out) POS?

  • Infamous

    He didnt do too bad!

  • sillyme

    Well, at least this time he didn’t say he was taking time off to spend time with his family…looks like his wife doesn’t want to be bothered.

  • clement

    His mother is Asian an have you seen his cousin? He has a cousin that plays women’s golf. He touches Asians. Leave the guy alone. He didn’t cheat on you and not your boyfriend or husband. That’s between Tiger and his wife and I think he did pretty good yesterday. However he is ranked #1 and always been a competitor to be the best. That is what his father taught him. How is his life affection you Red Sox Fan. Just worry about how your Red Sox pitcher left his wife for the woman who interviewed him and moved to L.A. and all your catcher who was cheating on his wife and kids with the girl who does your sports.

  • boston61


    How would you feel if it was your daughter? Still leave him alone?

    I hate when the powerful prey on the weak. Whether it’s the guy who owns the cole mine and does not care about the lives of his employees or Tiger and his neighbors daughter or some cocktail waitress.

  • Orchid

    Poor Tiger! Only 4th.

  • psshh

    you cant expect too win all of them…

  • jessica

    Oh shut up Tiger.

  • unbelieveable

    He played very well considering his time off and everything. I think he will win the us open.
    BTW I agree with Clement get off this guys back already he didn’t cheat on you. What happend is between him and his wife and he doesn’t owe me, you or anyone else besides his wife an explanation or an apology in my opinion. If his wife leaves him, fine, if she doesn’t that’s fine too but it really is no one else’s business

  • springtime

    At least Tiger broke the ice of coming back to the game. He played well and just need more time to deal with his issues and practice more. I still don’t think Buddha is going to help him but to each his own.

    Look forward to seeing you play again soon Tiger in the next tournament!

  • boston61


    He owes all the girls who he seduced an apology for exposing them to possible HIV infection.

    And, HE is the one who put himself out there as a roll model for kids all these years.

    It is not a private matter when his image has been SOLD to all of us.

    It is fraud.

  • unbelieveable

    it’s tigers job to be a role model? Funny, I always thought it was the parents job. I don’t have kids but I have a little brother and it’s up to ME to set the example for him not tiger woods. If my brother messes up it’ll be because I failed him not tiger woods if he suceeds it’ll be because I’m a good big brother not tiger woods. Take responsibility for your own kids for a change
    And those ladies u speak of really seem to be suffering as I hear they are all trying to become “actresses” now.

  • boston61


    Tiger has made the bulk of his money being a role model.

    When your sister or daughter gets to service Tiger at his every whim you may see it a bit differently. I think many of them really loved him.

  • T pain

    He is a FRAUD!!!

  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    Tiger is walkin-talkin entertainment..seriously we don’t care anymore what u have to say. Tiger is is a sad case of a bad record on replay.

  • tiger is a sore loser

    Tiger comes off as a sore, ungracious loser with his comments. All of a sudden he needs to take more time off because he didn’t win – to me it’s rude and disrepspectful to his fellow golfers, especially if he thinks he can take 5 months off and all of a sudden win the tournament. But because he didn’t, he now needs time off to “kind of re-evaluate” things. So pathetic!

  • I’m all about the winner

    Phil Mickelson, a true champion.
    , Tiger, a horrible person.

  • Greg R Rohrbach

    (Tiger Woods) time to start selling your invention,
    The Tiger Wood tees!!. maybe your level of confidence wood go back up, you think ?!!XO%#.

  • Ellie

    He makes want to barf in my mouth

  • offtheproperty

    I’m not hoping they get a divorce. I’m just wishing they never got married. Them and every other inter-racial couple.

  • Keep It Real

    Tiger has a bad attitude and always did about sportsmanship. HE DID set himself up to be a role model. He was the anti-Allen Iverson. Turns out he is no different just more whitewashed. He made the BULK of his millions endorsing etc. I don’t feel sorry for him losing some of that AT ALL. He has plenty of money so he wont starve. He just needs to play golf and leave it at that. IF his trophy wife leaves him or stays really doesnot matter.
    @unbelieveable- You cant decide who your brother uses for a role model. Only he can. He may want to be NOTHING like you. Even if your a perfectly decent person.

  • Jen

    @Keep It Real: This is a great post, you hit the nail on the head! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • unbelieveable

    Ur right I can’t, but at the end of the day it my responsibility to teach him right from wrong. It’s my responsibility to teach him how to be a good person. That’s my job it’s not tiger woods job. If he does wrong I’m not going to blame tiger, im going to blame myself because I failed and trust me I do everything to make sure that doesn’t happen. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not condoning what tiger did, it was wrong but I honestly don’t feel it’s any of my busniess.

  • Lillianne

    Kind of arrogant to think you can disappear for months and then pop back in and win the Masters. It demeans the game.

  • Renault

    Team Tiger!!

  • Ben Affleck

    #23 I agree that’s why i didn’t.

  • Jimmy

    Hey Tiger-wiger, why not just retire? I think you are washed up.

  • MsWoman


    Was it your daughter? You sound bitter and angry that he did not touch you or that it wasn’t you. Are you obsessed with Tiger.