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Alexander Skarsgard: Soaking Wet

Alexander Skarsgard: Soaking Wet

Alexander Skarsgard works the camera in soaking wet clothes for the May 2010 issue of Details.

The 33-year-old Swedish stunner admits that even gay men have hit on him. He shared, “I roomed in this very flamboyant Filipino designer’s apartment. He had three guys staying with him–all 20-year-old guys. (laughs) We had a very interesting relationship. I think he wanted to be more than friends. He knew I had a girlfriend, but maybe he figured he was irresistible.”

Check out the video below, which features Alex and his fellow cover stars (and True Blood co-stars) Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer.

Behind-the-Scenes of True Blood’s Cover Shoot for “Details”
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  • VILF

    Damn, Alex truly is one hot VILF!

  • TBfan

    They all look hot!

  • true blood

    Alex looks great. They all do.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • Whatever…

    Gotta tell you, I see him at Equinox in West Hollywood several times a week. In person, not all that. Good looking but not AMAZING as some folks (and apparently HE) thinks he is. He’s tall, lanky and just sorta blends in with the crowd. And yes, he DOES shower with the regular folks.

  • Emily

    alex <3 <3<3<3<3 hes just so damnnnnnnnn beautiful!!!!

  • Nicole

    He looks hot and even better without the Bosworth crap attached to his name right now.

  • LoveSkars

    GORGEOUS!!!! and @whatever, actually he’s always saying how he’s “not good looking in person”, though I highly doubt it! Just the sheer size of the man is enough to make me drool!

  • MeMyselfandI

    @Whatever…: Funny. I’ve seen him in RL and I found him to be striking and pleasant to everyone around. I agree he is not “big” in a bulked up way, and could be referred to as lanky. He jokes about having a hard time keeping his weigh up. Seriously though, Alex is truly one Striking Viking.

  • anna

    what’s the name of the song playing in the video?

  • funderpants

    I’m sitting in a puddle now. Thanks for the video!

  • Answer


    The video credits Shadow Shadow Shade, “Is This a Tempest in the Shape of a Bell” @ 1:11

  • Dreads

    I don’t know who’s the hottest between Alex and that guy in the middle……..

  • Hot spotter

    Good looking group of men.

  • Betty

    @Whatever…: I suppose Alex doesn`t appeal to everyone but a lot of us think he is beautiful! No he isn`t really big and muscular, but then not that many guys are. I don`t really like the big bulked up look myself, I think he looks great just as he is. Oh YEAH.

  • topazgirl

    Alex’s pics should look better because he is former male model. I’ve seen better pics of him though. He looks better with slightly longer hair and he’s really “unbuffed” his muscularity within the last two years. I think Ball wanted him slim for the role of Eric Northman.

    I still find him very attractive and I’ve seen and read some swedish interviews and he is extremely humble and down to earth.

  • ANV

    Hot&Humble, what more can we ask?

  • Celia

    DAYUM! I can’t even breathe after watching all that sexy.

  • Lauren

    so gorgeous <3

  • yo sista

    They all look great but I want Alexander!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sven

    @natalie- ouch…that AIDS comment is really harsh. Mean. Actually your whole post is. Askars may not be for you but I think a post like yours shows more about your lack of appeal than his.

  • kay


    You may “crap” better than him, but here you are, looking. hmmmmm. interesting.

    We’ve all seen better, but he’s the hot “It” pretty face now. I for one, shall enjoy. plus, hell, they teamed him up with joe, stephen, ryan, sam, and Nelsan. can you say “Yeah, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • eva

    @natalie: Hey Natalie was that really neccessary? This is a Skarsgard Thread, why come into the thread if you don’t find him attractive? and Some of you call the fangulrs crazy? Okay Alex as always looks great. Ryan looks great also, can’t get acclimated to Beel, but he will do.LOL TEAM ALEX!!!

  • jangles

    Soaking wet Swede? Let’s see…fainting, rapid hr, light-headedness, shortness of breath? Check, check, check and check. Tachycardia, here I come. Warnings, Jared. Warnings! ;) He is soooo beautiful, seemingly inside and out.

  • OMD

    Alex is talented but he’s getting too swept up in Hollywood bs. Even the Details reporter called him out on it. I hope he sees how his co-star Ryan stays away from paps, doesn’t play “are they or aren’t they” dating games with famewh**es….and Ryan still got the same magazine cover as Alex.

  • lacey


  • Ash


  • http://SOFE SOFE

    they all look good but alexander just does it for him…he’s the total package

  • GreenCAT

    Thanks for that video JJ!!! Alex looks so freakin HOT! I’m definately getting his cover!

  • Stella

    Hot! can’t wait to get the magazine

  • MeMyselfandI

    @OMD: Show where the reporter really said something bad about Alex? He has been dealing with fame and fan desire for over a decade and he has not changed his nice guy, humble personality. You cant fake a personality of that long. Tossing out random negatives is uncalled for. Besides, have you never had a bad moment or someone thought you obnoxious? It happens to everyone.

  • Wow

    He is not that humble and believe me when I say that hollywood has gotten to his enflated head. He makes snarky comments about his true blood fans implying that they are fat ugly housewives, they are not all like that. I know plenty of hot university students who are fans of the show. If it were not for these fans Trueblood and his job would not exist, he would not be working like that famehore Kate B he associates with! He just playing the fake hollywood game.

  • Kate

    Actually your right no one cannot fake a personality that long, but there has bee rumblings from the Trueblood set that he has become difficult and whiny. Do not be surprised that after the 4 th season when the actors contract end AS will be credited as the one who complains the most and walks away. Eventhough there is an oscar winner in the cast….

  • Sweetie

    He is a good guy and are not faking. Swedes are humble

  • yaya!

    Alexander Skarsgård:)<33

  • really

    there goes my beautiful husband!!!! he is just real! and really beautiful……….. I love my husband!

  • elle

    Wow alex is too hot for words..he looks so sexy with that water dripping all over his beautiful self

  • Karoline


    You’re one lucky person!

  • CID

    Everyboy from fans, the directors and producers of Generation Kill to journalists who had met Alex say he’s very sweet and personable, even the guy who’s playing a new character on S3 made a point to tweet saying how kind Alex was to him. So I’d rather believe in the countless stories about Alex’s work ethics than some troll with a imaginary grudge against him.

  • vanessa

    they all look great especially alex! june 13 can’t come fast enough!

  • evathediva

    @Wow:Really? Who started this rumor? KB’s fans and Hans? He seems to be very grateful and humble. I only hear this rumor from you under different names. I doubt it seriously that he would say something like that , even if he feels that way. His Mom raised him better.

  • Lovely

    How do you pick one, they are all gorgeous

  • Wow

    I only post as wow what are you talking about it is not my fault that thre is more than one person that does not agree with your delusional opinions. Actually my circle of friends have come into contact with AS circle of friends and let me say while you praise him he makes fun of his fans like you behind your back, he is not stupid to do that in interviews!!!! @Swetie, By the way, my Godarents are from Sweden, I have been there and let me tell you obnoxious people come from all over the world!!!!

  • MeMyselfandI

    @Wow: I have heard Alex himself say he is very appreciative of all his fans (at Paley Fest). And his reputation of his treatment of fans has been well documented for many years. While on location for Straw Dogs he was stalked endlessly and all reports were how gracious he was to everyone. Again where are these negative quotes you say you have heard, or are they just that…. rumors that get spread about and exaggerated? Not saying it isn’t possible, but doubt it.

  • MeMyselfandI

    @Kate: I might agree with you about the rumblings except for I’ve read from all the cast how nice he is to work with and how gracious he is to everyone. I’ve read rumblings about Sam Trammel being upset he is not getting more attention… but I don’t believe them just because someone posts those thoughts on a site and the rumor then gets legs. And just because this academy award winner is on the show doesn’t mean she can’t be pea green at times because she is not the center of attention and the hot guys are (not just Alex). If you believe blog sites out there… some of them are titled things like “Just how bad do you hate Anna as Sookie?” and “Is Sookie miscast?”. Doesn’t mean I agree either. I don’t go to a Stephen Moyer site and bash him, and there are rumors out there about him too. Seems like a nice enough bloke, he just doesn’t float my boat like the viking does. I don’t arbitrarily believe rumors about anyone. But in the end, who cares about any of it really? These are actors… not perfect gods… they have the same frailties as the rest of us. Don’t care who any of them they date or shag… it’s not like it was ever going to be me anyway. *grins*

  • MeMyselfandI

    @Wow: BTW… was it really necessary for you to call @evathediva delusional? IMHO comments like that only make the poster look bad.

  • Jessica

    That’s right, strike that pose you sexy bitch!

  • Shirey

    I can’t fault someone who might privately complain (or allegedly “mock” as someone here said) fans who stalk him outside of hotels and latch onto him. That would be unsettling to most people. What matters is that he’s gracious in person, and makes the fans happy, which is more than I could say for many actors. What he says and does beyond that? It’s none of our business. Just enjoy looking at him!! lol

  • sweetie

    beautiful and talented man. :-)
    I’m glad he’s getting more recognition.

  • lina

    tall and delicious ;)

  • Emma

    @MeMyselfandI @Shirey – I agree!

    No ones perfect, I’m just worried about the media ripping him to shreds like they always do when someone is put up on a pedestal.

    Hes so nice and humble, I would hate the fans that stalk his hotel lobbies etc to turn him off. He should be able to deal with it though, in saying that this must be the most paparazzi he’s ever had, hopefully LA isn’t wearing him down.

    I can’t wait for his movies, hopefully “April 23″ and “Straw Dogs”. And the fans aren’t cockblockers, well most of us, we just want him to be happy!