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Emma Roberts Clarifies 'Target' Comment

Emma Roberts Clarifies 'Target' Comment

Emma Roberts got flamed when she said she would never do a fashion line like “Emma Roberts for Target.” But it’s not like how it sounds!

The 19-year-old actress took to her Twitter to explain the situation: “I did not mean for it to sound like I said Target is cheesy. I love Target and have been going there my whole life. I meant to say if I ever design a line I would not put my name on it but do it more anonymously like the Olsens and The Row line. I realize they and others have had incredible success at Target and similar stores, and I think that’s totally cool. Sorry if I unintentionally offended anyone!” Live and learn!

Pictured here: Emma at a Target party in September 2008.

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  • Good way to spin that comment she made to try to save her rep

    I have always thought this girl was a diva though, even before the target statement. Sorry

  • cacey

    What makes her think anyone will buy her CRAP with or without her name on it

  • gigi

    who’s dumb enough to believe that excuse? she will always be julia roberts niece never emma roberts.

  • fashionista

    Nice save Emma. You never know where your bread will be butterd in the future. Don’t burn any bridges before youeven get there.

  • JJFan

    Just because you’re a has-been actress’ niece doesn’t mean you’re famous or that Target would even pick up your clothing line.

  • Jokergurl

    Open mouth, insert foot.

  • Jordan

    Ok Emma, don’t even try it. You’re full of shit and you don’t know fashion. Keep being a condescending bitch though, it suits you

  • Lisanne

    She better had cleared that up or she would have gotten one hell of a beating!

  • Amber-louise

    Surprise, surprise another Hollywood brat with a sense of entitlement. Another bitch, just like her aunt I’m sure.

  • annasaurus

    @JJFan: She’s never been a has been actress. She’s a never-been actress.

  • statingtheobvious

    Jean-Paul Gaultier-Target
    Liberty of London- Target
    Alexander McQueen-Target
    What the hell has this loser ever done besides being Julia Robert’s niece? What a dumbass

  • shaar

    let’s give her the benefit of the doubt due to her young age and inexperience. But if it happens again, then we’ll know this was a save and that she didn’t mean a word.

  • Holly

    I am wondering something. Where did she “hear” about or “see” any flaming? Here? I don’t recall reading any negative comments anywhere else, other than from here. Infact, Jared is the only site I even saw this story… I guess no one else really cared.

    She must spend time here, or someone in her circle certainly does. lol

  • Ginger

    She should’ve said that in the first place instead! Now no one wants to believe her intentions… good or bad. hahaha

  • datesingledoctors

    she looks like julia

  • FroFro

    @JJFan: JJFan – Did you really just call Julia Roberts a “has been” actress? Are you kidding? She is one of the all time most successful actresses ever in Hollywood…in the world! Just because like everyone she ages, has a family, has a life outside of acting you call her a has been?

    I know that Just Jared is a magnet for absolute head-in-their-asses idiots, but dude, you just took the cake! Get your facts straight next time before opening your mouth…figuratively.

  • cacey


    Are u running low on ur Crazy Meds?

  • caxposed

    Girl, please! As much as I like you, you can’t take back, clarify, explain yourself (WHATEVERUWANNACALLIT) now! It’s WAY too late, what’s done is done… just leave it alone before you dig yourself a deeper hole.

  • elle

    nice try emma. LOL!

  • http://justjared tangie

    This little twit is always making little snide comments. She really thinks her crap doesn’t stink. She’s like that b*****in school that’s always saying mean things, but then says,”I was just kidding,” so you don’t crack her teeth.

  • sara


    people trashed her on ohnotheydidnt too which in my opinion is the biggest gossip site on the net.

  • dianne

    How arrogant and rude to make a comment like that in the first place, has she ever sewn anything in her life? Or does she just want to tell the designers that she wants more pink and stamp ROBERTS on it? I will definitely make an effort not to see any movie she is in. Go on “acting”, and I will make sure not to see any of your father’s or aunt’s films either. You lost my $12. You unthankful urchin.

  • leah

    the big mouth smart attitude obviously run in the family, and thats about all they have going for them, well except for being extremely lucky her aunt ever got into show business, because thats the only reason she s been in any movie.

  • la

    i was an extra in a film emma shot a few years ago… i only got to chat to her for a few minutes, but she was really lovely. certainly a lot nicer than the other cast who wouldn’t be caught dead mixing with the extras.

  • Chexy

    The girl is hot.

  • ROC

    Yeah! Dumb Ass – before “THE OLSENS” had the blessing of designing there James & whatever line, they peddled their crap at KMART. Don’t forget if it weren’t for people with lesser incomes, you [also] wouldn’t have the same privilege. They’re the ones that will pay to see your so-so movies.

  • precious Wally world

    leaver her alone… she’s still very young.

  • lylee

    What has she done so terrible? she just said she doesn’t like Target, can’t she have her own opinion without being called a b**** ?

  • Celia

    She still makes no sense. The Olsen’s name is on their clothing lines.

  • jessica

    She should of said that in the first place. Wow.

  • yupemmafan

    LEAVE her alone, she’s still young. I am a huge fan of her so if you don’t like her so much why do you bother to critisize her? jeez.

  • air jordans

    It is really totally cool of Emma. Nice sharing.

  • 8drian

    If only people would think before they open their mouths, it would save a lot of embarrassment and hassle.