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Jake Gyllenhaal - 'GQ' May 2010 Cover Star!

Jake Gyllenhaal - 'GQ' May 2010 Cover Star!

Jake Gyllenhaal suits up in a J.Crew shirt and Prada suit for the May 2010 issue of GQ magazine. Here are some choice quotes from the 29-year-old Prince of Persia actor:

On working with Heath Ledger: “He was very sensitive. He didn’t always have a sense of performance in his everyday life. He knew who he was. I think actors very often, they know how to present something, and that’s part of their job. I think he was just really sensitive. We often used to do a lot of things together, because people were very interested in him and I think we felt safe together.”

On his experience filming Brokeback Mountain: “There was something magical in that time. We all slept in our trailers out by a trailer park in the first month of making that movie. I was sleeping next to Ang’s trailer; Ang’s trailer was next to Heath and Michelle’s trailer—they’d kind of moved in together. And Michael Hausman, the producer, brought his Airstream trailer down. And it was just us, by this river, for a month. And we would walk to set, and we would eat together, and we would make coffee in the morning, and I would wake up in the morning and there would be Ang Lee doing Tai Chi outside of my trailer, and it was just magical.”

On how Heath’s death affected him: “I don’t really like talking about it. That period of time was…it was difficult. He was very sensitive. He didn’t always have a sense of performance in his everyday life. He knew who he was. I think actors very often, they know how to present something, and that’s part of their job. I think he was just really sensitive. We often used to do a lot of things together, because people were very interested in him and I think we felt safe together. Even when we did Brokeback and stuff, it was like my work was the only thing that mattered to me. It was like I could only understand or define myself through doing that. Life, I didn’t totally understand. And I think I was afraid of life. And I had success in my work, enough success that you could keep going back there. But after that happened…I think I recognized that it was work. And I recognized that this is for real.”

On his life as a single man: “It’s…it’s okay…. It goes in either direction. I think it’s important for every man to find the right woman and every woman to find the right man…. Who am I to say what the most important thing in life is? The best answer I could give to any of those things is that I really don’t know. Particularly right now in my life.”

On his parents’ divorce: “I think it takes a lot of courage for my parents to make the decision that they made, and I I trust both of them and their outlook on life. They’re wonderful parents to me and my sister.”

Brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard on a fight he and Jake had, causing them not to speak for ten days: “The nice thing is, for Jake, he doesn’t see having any argument as something that ruins a relationship. He sees it as something that could potentially help one. That’s something I learned from him. I’m extremely close with him. He’s basically my brother.”

Peter further points out, in extolling Jake’s virtues, how unusual he is: “It’s a very difficult thing—or it has been over the course of my life—for me to have respect for people like Jake, who are not self-destructive, who are positive. There are very few actors who have that quality. I go [sighs], ‘Ohhhh, motherf–ker just wants to live—f–k him.’ and my thesis with Jake is that it is genuine. He is not doing it to be more popular and more successful, it is actually who he is.”

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Photos: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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  • Taly

    Great interview! He is amazing.

  • Raquelle

    wth is wrong with that cover?! it’s disproportioned to the max! he is leaning too forward! his head looks HUGE! but wow, great interview lol

  • Buzzy

    So sexy. So gorgeous. Love him!

  • Mary

    Great interview,
    looking forward to reading the rest!

  • Lindley

    Jake is such a good guy. You can tell by the way he talks, how he is with family. He deserves to be with someone who cares about him. I think he’s the sweetest guy in Hollywood.

  • callmewhatever

    Raquelle his head looks huge because IT IS HUGE!!! His head has always looked big and not proportioned, not much neck. However he still LOOKS HOT in these pics! Very handsome dude. The interview though, seems like it was jumbled in a way. He was saying one thing and then saying another, not making much sense. Just seems like his thoughts were scattered.

  • Liza

    Why does Jake coloring look so off on the cover? Yeah Jake was so broken up after Heath’s death that he did a photo op with his beard and her kids 4 days later hiking in the park. Just imagine they went hiking in a state park (such a pap hotspot) and the paps happened to be there to capture the pics of the supportive beard and her kids help Jake through a tough time. Jake has learned the PR game and how to spin the BS well from his former beard, Reese.

  • Jaro

    he is really good looking!
    like his butch (haircut) !!

  • jake

    love him and liza who are you to judge?

  • really, peter?

    “It’s a very difficult thing for me to have respect for people like Jake, who are not self-destructive, who are positive.”


  • paraberry

    he forgot to mention Anne Hathaway..?!?!

  • Jenn

    People have got to get over themselves and stop commenting about his personal life. I think it’s obvious now that Jake is a geniunley NICE guy and there are countless first-hand accounts of how generous he is with fans etc. and what are you trying to prove anyway, sitting behind your computers,. It’s strange how you, “Liza” know so much about him yet use it to BS about him..strange times we live in.

    On a positive note he is one HOT man.

  • iza

    his head looks big cause he is really skinny and has no shoulders! he needs to bulk up!

  • jey

    I don’t like him. He has very predatorial eyes. It creeps me out.

  • pickles


    I agree. He’s really a good person. Very thoughtful. And he’s hot, too! LOL!

  • janelle

    He’a a handsome guy. I never understand why they photoshop the covers of mags so much. They make his head look huge. It is a great interview htough. He seems very genuine and humble.

  • Kate

    @Liza: Yes,
    that photo op with the beard Witherspoon was disgusting. Jake probably couldn’t think straight.

  • Boo

    sorry, i’m sure he’s nice, talented and everything, but I’ve never find this man handsome or attractive at the very least, he has that doggie eyes just like her sister and when he smiles, he looks like a retard..

  • Jimmy

    His comments on himself seem terribly confused. Odd how his statement that he doesn’t understand himself seems the clearest thing he says. I also note the ambiguous remark that “it can go either way”. Does he mean sexually or what? He hasn’t given many interviews recently. His old interviews were described as being “as confusing as the instructions with a Chinese toy.” Still seems to be the case.

  • Jimmy

    Typically confusing is his statement that Heath and Michelle had “kinda” moved in together. There was no “kinda” about it. They moved in together. Stop fuzzing up your statements, Jake.

  • Jimmy your a thick one.

    seriously, read the interview again, in a quiet room..jimmy.

  • Jeff

    @Jimmy: Jake was THERE, and you know better? LMAO

  • Former Jake Fan

    So now the self-loathing closet case is telling everyone that the most important thing they can do is find someone of the opposite sex. Thanks for throwing your gay fans under the bus Jake. I won’t be spending my gay dollars on your next movie.

  • LOL!!

    no photoshop involved…. his head is HUUUUGGGGe!
    Wonder how much Bruckheimer paid for this cover. That’s the only way an actor making flop films could BE on the cover of GQ. Bought and paid for trying to promote Jake’s next flop….Prince of Persia.

  • Gabi

    the only thing I find odd is that Peter likes self-destructive people and doesn’t like positive people… okay?

  • madmax

    I think GQ made a mistake on the background color for this cover. It basically washes Jake out.

    who knows how out of context this interview is. It is good he talks about Heath but it’s still obviously a painful issue for him. That was why he was taken aback when Nate asked him on the red carpet at the Oscars about him. Heath was a friend and what he feels deep down is personal so he’s not going to talk about it. I’m sure he misses him. I’m glad Jake is close to his family and has that support system. So when things fell apart with RW they were there for him.

    I think he’s at a point in his life where he is finding out who he truly is and what really matters to him LIke he said first it was about work and how that defined him, then Heath’s passing woke him up to what is important to him.

  • MKhay

    interesting interview. He seems like a really cool guy, and it helps that he’s gorgeous.

  • lea

    Liza aka Destiny elsewhere, what a boring, silly person you are, still stuck with the park episode, give it a rest would you? What tf is the problem with going for a walk in the park it was not like he was out partying at a club for god’s sake. Plus, ‘the beard’ is what you call it, but wouldn’t it be a good thing to check your ‘facts’ before dispensing your judgement over people you don’t even know? And no TC gossip column does not equate to ‘facts’. Karma is a b’tch, remember that.

  • faking stinks

    @madmax: I’m sure Jake was very happy when the fauxance with Reese Witherspoon ended – who wouldn’t be?

  • faking stinks

    I’m sure Jake was very happy when the fauxmance with Reese Witherspoon ended – who wouldn’t be?

  • DJ

    I think Jake is great. He seems like a really good guy and is talented and sexy. A great package!

  • JJane

    Great guy and great interview!

  • destiny

    I usually only read the comments over here, not post, but I had to de-lurk to say that I am not Liza.

    I know the Jake is straight crowd as well as Jake and his pr would like to think there are only one or two people out there running all over the internet expressing their belief Jake is gay, and that they think if they can discredit Ted Casablanca we’ll stop thinking it, or that if they say it often enough people will believe it just one or two people with that opinion. Not going to happen. There are a lot of us, and nothing anyone says is going to change all of our minds.

  • ganymede30324

    He’s cute. Has he ever done anything besides “Brokeback”?

  • Butter_Fly

    I like him but that picture just don’t look right.

  • Deedz

    I enjoyed reading that. Jake is too fabulous for words. Thanks Jared. :)

  • slambang

    Love love love him! He’s wonderful.

  • Cherita Chen

    @destiny: “nothing anyone says is going to change all of our minds”

    You said it, not me. No logic or evidence or truth in the world is going to change the minds of a bunch of ninnies who think running all over the web making unfounded comments about someone’s sexuality is a worthwhile pastime.

    Why is it important enough to you (collective) that you inevitably post about it every time there is a story about Jake? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? I can assure you, if Jake were looking for a partner of either gender, he’d have no trouble finding one. He doesn’t need your “help.” And if your issue is that you are gay and are somehow offended because this celebrity whom you have irrationally decided is also gay is closeted, you need to get over yourself. He’s said he’s only interested in women, there’s never been any (legitimate, non-invented by someone with a bizarre agenda) reason not to believe him, and he’s only ever made a statement one way or the other because he was asked about it point blank in interviews after he did BBM and ended up with an (even greater) appreciative gay fan base.

    So, why all the bitterness? You’ve got Neil Patrick Harris (who in America doesn’t love that guy?), totally hot John Barrowman (seriously, if I’d known at the time that someone who looked like that was on the show, I might have actually watched Doctor Who) and hotter-than-hot Adam Lambert (who’s really going to challenge some attitudes, I hope). You don’t need to add someone to your list who has already stated he doesn’t represent the gay community.

  • Jimmy

    We often used to do a lot of things together, because people were very interested in him and I think we felt safe together.

    !!! complete non-sequitur. Why would the fact that people were interested in Ledger cause them “to do a lot of things together”??? Like what things? And feeling “safe” together means what? Ledger wasn’t going to come onto him? Bizarre babble from a guy who went to Columbia University for two years.

  • BR

    Gorgeus as always….. Sweetheart as always …. Shut the hell up haters… He’s kinda, gentle and polite he is a nice guy … The world is so used to like bad boys that thinks that boys like Jake are gay or odd… Team Jake forever…

  • Jimmy

    i apologise for my noncey comments.

    sincerely..i wish i knew how to quit you JJ : (

  • fangirl double standard

    @Cherita Chen: Jake is gay.
    You only have a problem with people posting about that, I’m sure you NEVER complain when people post and comment about Jake’s “relationships” with women.

  • datingadoctor

    is he still seeing austin

  • jane

    Jake is very very polite and because of this he doesn´t say the words clearly of course. I think in truth he prefers being low profile, including about his friends and dead friend.
    Talking about Heath is painful for him.
    The cover wasn´t the best pic of magazine. Even more, in the end, he appears hot!

  • Nina

    @datingadoctor: We don’t know, no news about them for a long time.

  • Cherita Chen

    @fangirl double standard: “I’m sure you NEVER complain when people post and comment about Jake’s “relationships” with women.”

    And you’d know this because? Uh, right. Actually if you were present in a couple of forums around the beginning of his time with RW, you’d have seen me (yup, same name) telling people to keep their noses out of his relationship and stop insulting the woman just because he was with HER and not them.

    But try another counter-attack. I’m sure there must be *some* real reason why you obsess over a stranger’s bedroom habits. Maybe you have no bedroom action of your own to think about?

  • nepenthes

    Oh,Jake….And what he said about Heath.
    Such a shock it was indeed.I think that Jake simply says he only appreciated life through acting but when Heath passe away he realised the real meaning of living.

  • Annie

    love him)))

  • se

    Gostaria de ver Jake Gyllenhaal, Gehard buttler, Cristian Bale em um filme de ação e aventura em 3 dimensão com tema de safari na Africa do século 19.