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Jessica Simpson: I'm a Bad Housekeeper!

Jessica Simpson: I'm a Bad Housekeeper!

Jessica Simpson heats up the red carpet at Good Housekeeping‘s 125th anniversary celebration held at the New York City Center on Monday (April 12).

The 29-year-old Price of Beauty star admitted she’s not a very good housekeeper sometimes. “But it depends on the person I’m taking care of!” Jessica told “It also depends if I feel like they deserve good housekeeping or not. (laughs)”

FYI: Jessica wore a Matthew Williamson dress, Fendi shoes, Fred Leighton jewels and a Calvin Klein clutch. She was accompanied to the event by her BFF hairstylist Ken Paves and mom Tina Simpson.

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson celebrating Good Housekeeping

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Credit: Justin Campbell, Stephen Lovekin, Patricia Schlein; Photos: Getty Images, WENN
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  • helloeverybody

    wow everything about that outfit is just wrong. also looks like jess has had breast augmentation….how sad.

  • kev

    wish she would just show her mountainous overflowing cans before they sag too far

  • Scot

    Fat slag

  • Laura

    I wish she would stop trying to fit into clothes that are to small for her. She has no idea how to carry herself or her body. She has no idea how to dress for her body or ANYTHING. How can someone be famous for this long and be so clueless about everything that comes with it? Ugh, she drives me crazy. She always looks so ridiculous.

  • Jana

    I know I’ll get crap for this, but I think she looks really pretty. And that color looks good on her.

    As for the “fat” insinuations, that got old a long time ago. She’s not a stick, get over it.

  • Josie

    her face looks bloated, her body looks out of shape (she has clearly gained weight), her hair is a hot mess, the dress is hideous and do not go well with her body….all in all, she looks like sh!t. …NEXT!

  • faith87

    “It also depends if I feel like they deserve good housekeeping or not. (laughs)”

    Thats funny because I don’t think she ever deserved to be famous.

  • So Judgemental

    Wow a bad performer.. a bad housekeeper.. a really really really bad dresser.. and yet sexual napalm. Do I hear a future in adult entertainment calling you Jess?

  • JM

    Fat lard!

  • Kitty Kat

    ANOTHER wardrobe malfunction which shows why Jess needs a stylist NOW!

    This dress highlights everything that’s wrong with Jessica’s figure.
    Top-heavy breasts, thick waist and chubby arms.

    Jess should have swaped dresses with the gal in the second pic. The green dress she has on would be much more flatterng to Jessica’s figure.

  • ghfztzzt

    you people are crazy…do you want a woman like skinny beckham…she is ugly but j.s. looks healthy…look at the mirror first and than you can talk how people have to look or not….you all have a shallow personality…and no im not fat or something like that i just hate how people can be sooo stupid
    she is happy with this dress,body…so what

  • In The Know

    The fatter she gets…. the higher the heels get.

    Why is this ne’er-do-well appearing anywhere?

    She is blowing up like a tick.

    God help her if she ever gets pregnant!

  • kablamo

    A word of advice from a queen: telling people that you’re a bad housekeeper, don’t wash your hair until it smells, and other stupid stuff like that ain’t no way to land a man honey.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    What a life accomplishment it is when you’re introduced as “the 29-year-old Price of Beauty star”…

  • edna

    She has the wrong dress here but she’s a beautiful girl and she’s so charming in her show, she makes it fun to watch.

  • r.

    I agree with Jana. She might not always have the best taste in clothing but just because someone isn’t “Hollywood anorexic” doesn’t mean they are fat. That is just ridiculous.

  • She Looks Awful

    She looks terrible these days. I don’t understand how her hair always looks awful too when she’s always with her hairstylist? It looks like she’s been standing in the rain for hours. Blah

    She needs a stylist too. Her clothing is awful. And there is no way she’s a size 4 like she tells people but there is nothing wrong with that. Learn to dress better!

  • kate

    her weight fluctuates like a lot of peoples…get over it. she’s a beautiful women no matter what size she is. and anyways- who are you people to judge?

  • Jordan


  • wtf

    she is a hot mess and needs to go back to the trainer she had for Dukes of Hazzard.

  • what happen to her

    She look like a hot mess. I think she is getting fat on purpose . It is what she is famous for these day. She is not making movies or singing. That outfit is wrong for her shape.

  • elisilla

    she looks uncomfortable… I don’t think she is fat, but she is not skinny.

    … and she is trying too hard to show her clavicles!

  • So Judgemental

    And yet she is still probably claiming to be a size 4 (like the mom jean incident). Does she also still think she has a successful career and marriage too?

    Hmm.. never under estimate the power of denial.

  • The Doctor Is In

    Either fire your stylist or get one…stat!

  • meme’s just sad to look at her…and her mom let’s her wear this horrific outfit??!! she even has fat legs….bad….and yes, i agree with the who said the fatte rshe gets…the higher the heels!! true…but it doesn’t help!! and stop all the posing with your hand on your hip jess…u r far from a model…….please loose some weight, honey…u don’t look good any more…..u looked good back when u were in “newlyweds” with that gorgeous ex husband of yours…who, by the way…he still does look good!!!!! what happened to u???

  • bejeebus

    cellulite on armpits…not good

  • luisaonline

    too fat for that dress!



    This woman should NEVER EVER be allowed to choose even one outfit for herself.

    A stylist needs to hired, clothing purchased, and tags made explaining exactly what is worn with what, including shoes and accessories.

  • lexy hates bilson

    So basically the only thing she is good at is sex and being Pappa Joe’s puppet? She can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act, can’t dress. She’s not that bright. She can’t do a load of laundry. Can she wipe her own butt after taking a dump or does Pappa Joe or her mom have to do that too??

  • miss245

    the dress is gorgeous. But not right for jessica. She doesn’t have the figure to carry of that gorgeous sexy dress.

  • Dee

    What’s with her stylist? She’s a beautiful woman but yet they put her in shitty clothes that make her look awful. It’s her fault too not to blame it all on the stylist. lol But yeesh!

  • PuppyJuice

    I used to watch her reality show, and yeah, she’s a terrible housekeeper. She kind of spoiled.

  • Lisa2
  • datingadoctor

    Nice Body!

  • pup

    woooah. she looks ginormous!

  • Mirdeb

    I’m a Bad Housekeeper! and a bad dresser as well..

  • peter

    She’s put on a lot of weight.

  • ChiChi LaRue


  • Lucy

    She is hideous, and too dumb to put any sense in anything she does or says.
    What she is famous for?
    Why people keep trackin her?
    She is too easy to target: gross, fat, dumb.
    Please Jessica.
    Go hide in a cave.
    U r an embarassement.

  • marco

    Say what you want but I think she looks real good…the curvy look suits here well.

  • David Peet

    she’s recovering from her overweight state! liked those shoes)

  • tetra

    Jessica is NOT fat, just big-boobed and top heavy (wide face, big arms ect). If she was thinner you would all be complaining about how disgustingly skinny she was.

  • kookabear

    atrocious dress. does NOTHING for her. And she is a very pretty girl. Just needs to get a good style and stick with it.

  • del

    Her problem isn’t a bad stylist or lack of one, it’s her manface on top of her flabby fat body. No stylist can make a barrel balanced on platform shoes look good.