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Kate Gosselin's For Your Entertainment -- Tango!

Kate Gosselin's For Your Entertainment -- Tango!

Kate Gosselin dances the tango to a live rendition of glam rocker Adam Lambert‘s “For Your Entertainment” during week four of Dancing with the Stars, on Monday (April 12) in Los Angeles.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba said, “I am proud of you. You may not have ability but you have determination.” Bruno Tonioli added, “We had a mini breakthrough this evening. At one point, I believed you were dancing.”

Earlier this morning, Kate, 35, responded to ex Jon Gosselin‘s claim that she’s an absentee mom. She told told The Today Show, “I’ve got to work harder now than ever because I am a single mom. In my heart I’m always in my kitchen, baking and cooking for my kids, and I’ll always be there. It’s a struggle to be here [in NYC], to be anywhere. The emotion that you see is because I would rather be at home with them.”

Kate added, “I have to work. I have to provide for them. And it’s a struggle that every working mom, especially single moms, go through, and I’m really feeling it now, and it’s really hard. If I had 24 hours a day seven days a week with eight kids, it wouldn’t be enough time in my book. So, to minus out the working days is really hard. But I make the most of every minute I have with them … When I’m home, we make those little spots of time really big in our memories.”

20+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin dancing the tango

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  • cece

    she did better than i expected in this number.

  • Patsy

    She’s such liar – Jon pays her $21,000/month in child support. She does not have to be away from her children to earn enough to live on. Somebody please muzzle this woman.

  • Whamo

    She’s kidding right? She’d rather be cooking and baking for the kids!!!!
    I understand she needs to make money but flying all over the country for weeks at a time doing a “job” that ALWAYS gets her face time in front of the camera speaks volumes as to where here priorities are. Kate is about KATE.
    I’m sure with her high profile she could find work that doesn’t take her away from home for such lengths. There is NO WAY Kate LOVES to bake and cook. She loves to yell and scream at them we know that much. Both these parents are poor excuses for parenthood.
    This woman is so vain she can’t be away for the spotlight for a moment. Can you imagine what those poor kids would go through if Kate didn’t get face in front of that camera?

  • excuse me

    sn’t it time hard working Americans or those searching for jobs, trying to keep food on the table start calling out Kate Gosselin and Octomom for the sudden “infertility”and doctors/drugs stories so they can really scam people for fame and fortune on their constant pity party? It is sooo old.
    Knowing people with real infertility issues seals it that these two are frauds out to scam people, such narcissists.

  • ughhh

    Walking With The Stars………..she can’t move

  • sara

    Kate employs a chef, paid for by TLC

  • MomOfMany

    Real single moms ( no child support or no real physical support) should take offense at her calling herself a single Mom. She is at worse in a co-parenting situation. The father of these children is there and available to take care of the children when she is away. It is her decision not to acknowledge him and his participation both financially and physically.She chooses nannies over their father. Why does she try and make her situation seem so much worse then it is? That’s where she loses credibility.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    She’d rather be home cooking and baking for the kids she barely sees? What a crock. This no-talent woman craves the limelight. That’s what this is all about. She is seriously disturbed.
    She doesn’t have to live in a million-dollar mansion, have plastic surgery, tan, get her nails done every other day. Don’t buy the “i have to work for my kids crap.” She has plenty and will have enough to last her a lifetime.
    Her crying, whining, poor me the victim garbage is classic narcissism. And she is not a “single mom” She is a divorced mother with eight children her nannies take care of. If she really cared about her traumatized children, she would be home with them, with the focus on them, not on her.
    Look for the beginning of book tours to promote her terrible new book, in which she continues to violate her children’s privacy. You “want to tell” them, Kate? How about writing private letters, or being with them to help them through the divorce, which you bear the primary responsibility for.
    Nice job bashing their father on DWTS. I’m sure that’s helping the kids. This woman makes me puke.

  • Toni

    I feel for Tony. Why do they give him the bad dancers while Derrick always get the more experienced. Do they favor Derrick over Tony? After this season, they need to give Tony a better celebrity for making him put up with her, or he should just leave.
    Kate needs to stop complaining about how hard it is and how dificult it is. If it’s too difficult, she needs to just leave and go take care of her children.

  • thinking of her children

    Yea, it looks like a struggle for her while she’s in NYC. Boo hoo Kate.
    Kate Gosselin out and about in Manhattan’s Upper West Side New York City, USA – …

  • Shane

    Will this sociopath ever stop trying to sucker the brain dead public?.. welp,,,,.as long as their are suckers……

  • say a prayer

    no mortgage
    worth over 10 million
    collects child support
    3 full-time nannies + many others to help
    large income
    How will this single mom ever make it?

  • excuse me

    A real mom grateful for what she has, not whining, crying for more freebies or what she doesn’t have or complaining about her children in a book called “love letters”. Kate is all about the attention and money, she’s a self-absorbed narcissist.

  • Jennifer

    If you look up PA records – you will see Jon’s report against Kate. And in the report it shows that he only paid 2 child support payments to her. So no he is not paying for those children – she is responsible for the home and since she is the primary custodial parent – she has to pay the bills not Jon. And dont say you would not go on dancing with the stars to make more than enough money then if you worked a 9-5 job for 5 year salary!

  • le’

    SHAME on Kate!
    All she can do is complain about her life!!. She should at least try hard to learn how to dance. She is an embarrassment to herself the show and especially Tony, her dance teacher.
    Whoever votes for her to continue on DWTS are i *** s!!

  • Frida

    Oh boohoo, if she really wanted to spend some more time with the kids, she should try to get a proper job where she lives instead of rushing around the country trying to be the celebrity that she’s not.

  • Wendy


    And how do you suppose JG is going to continue to pay child support when he won’t get off his lazy azz and get a job? He is about as dependable as snow in July. He blew all his money on his flavors of the month and now is only interested in freeloading and basking in the glow of his self-proclaimed celebrity. He is probably the most hated man in America and can’t even put a roof over his own head; he is all of a sudden worried about the kids; where was that worry before his latest meal ticket booted him out of her parents home. He is a despicable excuse of a human being trying to pretend he cares about his kids; he cares about Jon Gosselin and that’s it.

  • Doris

    “When I’m home, we make those little spots of time really big in our memories.”
    …… like when she beats butt for merely being interrupted.
    I wonder how those poor little boys are doing with this selfish man hating woman as a mother. I somehow don’t think they are going to be alright.

  • KC

    Every time Kate Gosselin talks about how difficult it is to be a single “working” mother she insults real single working mothers everywhere.

  • Paula

    Jennifer, lol – gotta link? No, you don’t. Just typical sheeple lies.

    Even Kate’s lawyer admits Jon is paying $21,000 per month.

  • Jan

    Jon’s new attorney told Nancy Grace that money is running out as it was taken from the settlement fee Jon received from the divorce. Jon has been to Vegas,HI,France,snowboarding multiple times in UT,and lived in upscale apt in NYC and bought 3 new cars in the last 12 months. Kate travels for work and paps photo her shopping at Target. Jon posed with young women for the last year while Kate spends her spare time with her children. I think due to Kate’s income, Jon will get out of paying any child support and Kate may have to pay him. SAD situation but it may happen.

  • Who believes this crapola?

    In her heart she’s in the kitchen. In her chosen reality she’s at the spa, the hairdressers, on jets, shopping for clothes, fame ho-ing, selling out her children etc.

  • Jan

    @Jennifer: Very interesting. Jon did not even make 3 payments before crying. When Nancy Grace asked his attorney if Jon is up to date with his payments, he said, “As far as I know he is.” The attorney was not told by Jon he was falling behind I bet.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Honestly I”m so sick and tired of her tears and tantrums (sp) every week. I feel so bad for Tony, because every week she’s always in tear in the footage whining about every damn thing…and she can’t dance. The only thing she does is stomp across the dance floor


    @Jennifer: I agree with you.
    Jon is just pathetic. Now after making these latest allegations he says he would be willing to work with her and the kids on TV. And does he think everyone really believes he wants those kids? it would get in the way of partying and the teeny bopper girlfriends. Heck he would hire the new nanny from the local bar like he did before!

    ….but she still can’t dance. She’s walking.

  • dawne


    Is your last name Aniston……….her sister fame ho?

  • OXA

    Kart Go$$elin a hard working single mom my backside. She is a narcisssist expoiting her kids as a ruse for the media attentions she craves.

  • dawne

    This bish can spin like a politician caught with his pants down………what a load, crock, whatever………

    ANY decent mother with the wealth she has……..KNOWING how upset her kids are about the split of their parents who makes a decision weeks/months later to flash her boobs and bad dancing on a show that takes ALL her time is a certifiable selfish, personality disordered egomaniac…….and then spoon feed us this tripe about ‘wishing she were just baking and cooking’ for her kids……apparently any baking she did was for the benefit of the reality show; her sister-in-law said it was all staged.

    She effing thinks she is a movie star………..the big hot thing of the moment….thanks to People mag, TLC and the tabs……..and now DWTS………I refuse to watch this season because she is on it. What a list of enablers……….I will never buy another People mag again either…

  • DetroitDani

    @Wendy: Jon CAN’T work or TLC won’t pay Kate. If “The Insider” wants to hire him, KATE won’t get her 100k from TLC. Anything negative about Jon was caused by Kate’s abuse and public humiliation. He has support and he has FAMILY behind him. Kate’s family? Oh, she gave up on them years ago because “they didn’t know how to help her.”
    TeamKids which means TEAM JON

  • DetroitDani

    @Jan: Jon’s trips were paid for by the companies that sponsored his appearances or flew him to France. Kate’s freebies, cool. Jon’s, so NOT cool. Double-standard. Imagine if he slapped her around on TV and banished her to the garage. Would the country support a man with Kate’s characteristics? No. Just because Kate is a woman doesn’t give her the right to abuse Jon. I hope he gets full custody.

  • Wow!

    DWTS doesn’t last forever. Kate is a naturally bad dancer, but the woman has balls. She had so many babies and the world is constantly taking jabs at her for her audacity to have any fame. I give her credit for having the nerve to face such scrutiny. For the time that this show is on, her little ones will survive. Jon is stirring up controversy for no reason. She’s not doing anything so bad. Other mothers have jobs too. Many working women spend a lot of time away from their kids and their little babies are in daycare. I see it every day, so Kate isn’t a bad parent.

    Jon doesn’t make enough to pay Kate for the kids, so she has to do it herself and now he wants to ride her on her cloak…. again. If women here think Jon is such a prize, I know why so many people aren’t in happy marriages. So many women don’t know how to tell if a man is a good marriage material. To praise Jon is ridiculous. He’s just a regular guy, but he’s nothing special. I haven’t seen anything special from him, except that he is low-key and that’s just his personality.

    Jon Gosselin should get his act together.

  • Helen

    I thought she did pretty bad, and was a bit shocked when judges gave her compliments. Also is she ever gonna stop making excuses? She needs to be in the moment if she wants to stay. Get your mind off of everything, this is work, so be a professional and leave problems at home.

  • WhatUp!!

    “Real single moms ( no child support or no real physical support) should take offense at her calling herself a single Mom.” – THANK GOD!! I was starting to think I was the only one who thought that. She’s a slap in the face to all the REAL WOMEN OUT THEIR SACRIFICING TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS A SINGLE MOTHERS. I hate this cunt with a passion

  • KamiH

    I am in such pain from my illness but I just had to log on all my favorite hate sites to beeotch about Kate. Somewhat if my doctors think I am crazy, they now have me on steroids so I am big like ox. Jon is a loser. I do not care if he pays the $40,000 per week alimony/child support, he is still a loser who screwed around on his family.

  • Wow!

    Yikes! Talk about Kate whining———well, REAL single moms should also stop whining about their plight in life. So many REAL moms act so angry about their situations when they have nobody to blame but themselves. Women accept too many bad men to father their kids and the men take off. Not only that, but what about all the kids REAL single moms are having out of wedlock? When I see that, I don’t feel that sorry for you. Nobody made you get pregnant. For some of you, when you played, you paid. You should know by now that many marriages don’t last. The odds are against your unions too and you can’t always count on a man to help you raise your family. It doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the real situation…. one reason why I’ve been ‘extremely’ responsible and took every caution not to get pregnant. Too risky and times are too difficult. No regrets about my decision either.

  • Jon who?

    Shouldn’t you man haters wait for a Jon thread? This thread is about the horrible dancing, whining, scamming, and downright lying of one, Khate Gosselin.

  • WendyJo

    I feels sooo sorry for Ms Kate. She has such hardships.tisk tisk. I doesn’t know how she takes it. All the way over yonder in Callyforny and her yungins stuck alone in that country estate wishin she could whip up a batch of chicken and biscuts to feed them little mouths. So sad…I only hav to deal with unemployment, diabetis and and amputated leg. I truely feel fur this woman and her trubles.

  • Cayenne

    She always pull the “mommy card” for sympathy and everyting else she does…so sick of it! Because she’s losing popularity on DWTS’s she worried about getting voted off so she’s pulling the “mommy card” on all interviews! It’s like Bruno the judge on DWTS said “it’s not my problem she can’t dance and has 8 kids” (it was pretty close to that anyway) I agree with him and I also hope the best for TONY = Team Tony! All the way!

  • rhonda

    Don’t forget her plea to her “fans” the children will be heartbroken if I have to leave” They’re probably alot happier when she’s gone!

  • seriously

    Does this mean Jon and her little daughters will all grow up to be like lindsay lohan? Bitter divorce fights never ending, and a really bad dad they wont want to know, and a mom who turns a blind eye to all her kids problems, because she does not care to see them, and likes to live in her own pretend world instead of really caring for her kids, she sure is milking thme like lindsays mom, the kids are the oines who are famous, not you, dont kid yourself. You come off as normal people on your tv show with your kids, but you are nothing but. Jon could not be a worse parent if he tried hard. Kate – caring about your kids means YOU caring about them, no nannies, nothing, YOU. Sure they are already used to mommy not giving a sh*t. Poor kids, they need parents, not nannies, they are tv-orphans, both parents running around silly looking for fame and not caring for their kids.

  • guitartown

    she has traded the childhood joy of her children for her own noxious “career.” please, this woman would have faded from site years ago if she had really “put her children first.” be honest kate. you love the celebrity and the money and the fame all loaded on the back of very little talent…

  • Jokergurl

    This woman needs one of those electric shock collars every time she does and says something stupid it would zap her. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to see her face everywhere because she would be incapacitated half the time. I do feel for her children though, it’s okay they will get their revenge when they become teenagers I bet.

  • Nancy Irene Govert

    I am Kate’s #1 Fan. I just finished watching her win and go on to next week. Tomorrow I am going to buy her new book at Borders. Go Kate. You are an inspiration to single working moms everywhere.

  • datingadoctor

    i luv her

  • marie

    ick. she is just gross.

  • m


  • m

    uh kate calls the paps for a photo op.. jon is not a loud to work on tv or kate will not get the $100.000 a month. what have you been reading?
    your facts are wrong..

  • ouch

    LOL those live singers were so bad. Oh and I hate this witch.

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