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Knox Jolie-Pitt: Balcony Bonding with Grandma Jane!

Knox Jolie-Pitt: Balcony Bonding with Grandma Jane!

Jane Pitt, the mother of superstar Brad Pitt, holds onto her adorable grandson Knox Jolie-Pitt from their family’s apartment balcony on Tuesday afternoon (April 13) in Venice, Italy.

Grandma Jane and her husband William Pitt have been babysitting Knox and twin Vivienne as Brad and Angie travel to the south of France with their older children — Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 3.

10+ pictures inside of Knox Jolie-Pitt and Jane Pitt‘s balcony bonding…

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knox jolie pitt jane pitt 02
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knox jolie pitt jane pitt 05
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  • Kandy

    SO CUTE!

  • QQQQ

    Grandma Pitt!


    awwwww cutie pie he loves his boats. Love seeing grandma pitt there.

  • gracie

    Awww soo cute! Looks like it’s Grandma’s turn on the balcony.

  • Sofia

    Awww how cute!… Knox loves the balcony!

  • funny

    They’re standing on the balcony every day so photographers can take photos of them?

  • Just-Me

    Keep it coming Jared! Knox is sooo cute. I can see the resemblance between these two, especially their eyes.


    He is just sooooo adorable, i can just see him tugging on grandma pitts hand to go take him outside to see the boats again. Bet he can say the word too.

  • dundies

    YE-HAW first page bitches

  • pooh

    Knox is sooo adorable.. he LOVES that balcony

  • gg

    He so adorable .He ‘s got to be easy going too . Brad parents are good looking.

  • Tay

    knox must really love the balcony! cute!

  • dawne


    no, stunned c*unt, they are on the balcony with KNOX because he is a little boy obsessed with the boat traffic………..ever had a boy just under two who is crazed about cars or boats or planes or whatever? Didn’t think so, who’d impregnate you or your ‘has been’ idol?

  • Thunderstruck

    it seems they had fun

  • Lurker

    Knox is one cute little boy. No matter who is watching him, he wants to be on the balcony. Kids are so interesting at that age, they are stuck in a routine and wants to do the same thing every day.

  • releka

    Luv it!!

  • Dawn

    Waits for the JA hating posts from Queen Bee. She filed the thread with Knox and his grandpa with them. Let’s see if she does it with grandma.

  • Tres Magnon

    he is sooo cutie. Angie and Brad has beautiful kids. Knox looks like both of his parents.

  • http://justjared samantha nolan

    knox is gorgous! but we never see vivienne=-( i like to see viv more to. shes just as adorable as knox=-)

  • cacey

    Knox looks like he has been crying to come out on the balcony. He is a star in the making.

  • Venom

    So cute.
    He has his momma’s lips. lol

  • ladylurksalot

    Wow, Knox really loves that balcony, huh?

    He’s got a set of gorgeous eyes, heavy-lidded, that will translate into those sexy “bedroom” eyes that girls and women will go crazy for later.
    Geez, hoping that won’t put me into “creep” territory for commenting on a baby’s “sexy” eyes! lol With the genetics he’s sporting, though, it’s not hard to imagine that this kid’s gonna be a show-stopper once he’s grown.

  • gracie

    That baby is in love with that balcony, the boats and all. I’m beginning to feel for him, what’s he going to do when Angie finishes filming and they had to leave. Can you imagine him waking up and asking his mom or dad to take him to the balcony to see the boats. What are they going to tell him?

  • BA


  • JP Fan

    He is one of the cutest little boys. betcha Grammy loves her baby boy to bits. you can tell he does not want to go back in. What a cutie.

  • angiefan

    Gorgeous pics!!!!! Knox is just soooooo adorable!!! He does look a bit like his grandparents.

  • alex

    JA must b e freaking out! she took pride being close to Brad’s mamasita.

  • Pot

    @Dawn: I like Queen bee’s posts. If you don’t, then go to a JA thread. It’s pretty silly of you to be here wishing for some praise for JA. Not gonna happen here, darlin’.

  • RuFairy

    So CUTE!!!But I want to see Viv too!!!!!

  • funny

    @dawne: @dawne:

    I don’t doubt that a little boy is crazed about boats,cars,planes.I know it.I just think it’s ridiculous to see them almost every day standing on the balcony when they know that photographers can see them.There are other ways for Knox to have some fun for the reasons you just said before with privacy too.Children must have some privacy and their parents can do something about it.There are lots of celebrities babies (boys and girls) but we rare see them.I’m sorry if my english are bad.

  • marina

    the haters must be suffering now… poor things.
    This is SO cute!
    few things are nicer to see than a happy grammy enjoying her baby grandchildren, they are So cute at this age!

  • Pot

    haha, Knox’ eyes have such longing in them. He must be having flashbacks of his long lost bunny. Actually, he’s longing to get to those boats! He just has those dreamy kind of eyes.

  • Sweetness

    That baby is cute as a button. Absolutely adorable.

    It is clearly evident by some of the dumb comments here, many have never had the opportunity to stay at a fabulous hotel in Venice which over looks the gorgeous views of the canals…And had you the chance in your life to experience Venice’d understand from their point of view how magnificent the view is from a balcony.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    knox is so cute!!!!


    The Jolie-Pitt fans are having the best week ever!!! Knox is a future heartbreaker. Brad and Angelina are great parents and Bill and Jane are great grandparents.

  • Pot

    @gracie: I agree. They are setting an expectation here. Maybe the JP’s will invest in a boat or even a yacht like Johhny Depp. That would be a fun family pastime for them. And hopefully they could have privacy on their yacht.

  • QQQQ

    Jesus! u losers just NEVER fr*gging rest. There are pics of them inside their fcuking house. They should NEVER come to the window. Prior to them being in Italy, u asse_holes were going on about; “where are the the twins? why are they hiding them?” Now they are being seen. and u b*tches are still complaining!
    Is funny telling Suri Cruise she is being seen too much, or Honor Marie or Violet and the many others we see every fr*gging day?

  • dert

    1) Angelina with Knox

    2) Grandpa with Knox

    3) Granny with Knox

    What for a bad show.

    Why only with Knox??

  • dawne

    Now, Kate Gossebish, this is how it is done by real stars……..they make movies, do humanitarian work while making movies and they are still always with their children, and the RARE time they need to do something without the children which is typically no more than a night, they have family, not just nannies, with them.

    After reading on the main page the quote from Khate today, I almost ralphed up lunch….she wishes she was home baking and cooking for her eight kids…………..meanwhile she is gone for weeks, just after a public divorce that traumatized her little kids …yet she, who is not a star of any variety, leaves them for WEEKS with nannies and the occasional time with their father….when it’s his turn.

    When will Americans throw this phoney, spinning bish to the curb??? She is damn insulting to anyone’s level of intelligence.

    Also, big laugh last night on AH, Heidi HO was in Vegas revealing her new Dolly Parton implants……..had her spine whittled down to create a sexier dip in her lower back (notwithstanding her facial work)…apparently had eight procedures simiultaneously to the rest of her grotesque body………and this was her quote in effect: “I will now be in the league of Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.!!!!!! ”

    Between her and KG and a few others, one of them aforementioned, I think the entertainment industry is on its way to becoming a joke.

  • Neil

    OK. It’s official. Knox is the balcony prince.

  • lurker

    Grandparents will always give what their grandchildren want as long it does not hurt them. I know I always ask my grandma anything my mom would not give me. Knox is adorable. How can you not please him. I love those cheeks, eyes and just want to hug him.

  • http://deleted Jo




  • Mini Angie is adorable

    Awww mini Angie is adorable and I guess we all know why Angie has been on he balcony with him now. He wanted the balcony and mommy ange can’t say no to him. Lolol how many times was she dragged out their by the little munchkin? The people accusing her of photoops r punks. Is grandma and grandpa Pitt using Knox for photo ops on the balcony too ?

  • Pot

    @funny: They do have their privacy. They’re on a raised balcony. The paps aren’t close to them, and aren’t scaring Knox. Why shouldn’t they take him outside to do his favorite thing…look at the passing boats? Who cares if the paps take a picture from a distance. Knox isn’t aware of them, and it’s not affecting him. If they kept him locked up inside all the time, then that would negatively affect him. It’s nice that Knox is getting his bonding time on the balcony with his parents and grandparents. It makes him happy and he feels loved.

  • Deedz

    So cute. This is the woman who started it all. Haha, with the help of grandpa Pitt of course.

  • Pinkrose

    What’s with Knox and the balcony? He is addicted to that view and the boats, birds, whatever…. Intervention anyone? Grammy sure looks animated too. I probably need a turn on this balcony!!!

  • sharon

    Mini Brad is too gorgeous for words. Grandma looks good too.

  • Orchid

    7 funny @ 04/13/2010 at 3:47 pm -12

    They’re standing on the balcony every day so photographers can take photos of them?
    They’re on the balcony because little Knox enjoys it. He likes looking at all the interesting things. They don’t mind or care that the paparazzi take pictures. The papz make money. The JP fans like to look at the pictures. If you don’t like it, don’t look!

  • Pax

    So cute,Knox is mini Angie