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Sarah Palin Earns $12 Million Since July

Sarah Palin Earns $12 Million Since July

Sarah Palin has made 100 times her old salary of $125,000 a year since leaving her post as Governor of Alaska.

The 46-year-old Fox News correspondent has reportedly earned $12 million since leaving her former job in July. Sarah has raked in cash from TV, book deals and speaking appearances.

The $12 million salary is only an estimate of what Sarah is bringing in – an aide told ABC News that now that she’s no longer a public official, “her fees and earnings are private.”

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40 Responses to “Sarah Palin Earns $12 Million Since July”

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  1. 1
    mg Says:

    whats wrong with this country…she makes me sick!!

  2. 2
    Ilia Says:

    R E T A R D E D C U N T !

  3. 3
    LuckyL Says:


  4. 4
    datesingledoctors Says:

    I luv Sarah, she is so perfect

  5. 5
    Birch Barlow Says:

    So left-wing celebrities can make millions and upon millions, and it’s okay for them, right on, but when a conservative woman does it, she’s a witch? Liberal tolerance at its finest…

  6. 6
    loyal Says:

    Good for her! She deserves it. The press smeared this woman and her family and chased her out of office. She is smart enough to grab the brass ring.

  7. 7
    observer Says:

    …and she still thinks that Africa is a country & dinosaurs co-existed with people. oh dear, why on earth would a university invite her to speak? for students to learn what? it’s not like she’s going to speak about another breakthrough on nanotechnology? or the marvels of bio-engineering? it’s just going to be same old politics & hypocrisy.

  8. 8
    Ckayed Says:

    Sarah is a ***** and very, very dumb – as in dumb as a box of hair. How did this woman ever get 12 million? Oh, that’s right, there are stupid people who actually think she is relevant.

  9. 9
    Holly Says:

    Anytime I see this woman I only remember Tina Fey.

  10. 10
    To observer Says:

    She believes no of that and that you believe that she does only shows your ignorance and that get your news from mainstream media and you are not very well read yourself. Just because you believe in God and that you think Creationism should be allowed to be taught in school as it relates to our Christian heritage (which is what Western society is sprang from) doesn’t mean one doesn’t believe in ebolution as well. Open your mind.

  11. 11
    blah Says:

    Just comes to show you , even a dumb ass ***** can make some cash

  12. 12
    TIM GUNN Says:

    Which is why this woman forsook her constituents (her voters).

    Palin cares not one iota for public service, honoring commitments, integrity, her state, her country, or even policy.

    What Palin cares for is MONEY.

  13. 13
    LeviKlein Says:

    Yet another example of dumb people earning way more money than what they actually deserve. Look around and you find smart and capable people who can’t even afford to pay their rent even thought they are the ones who can push the country forward and do something smart for a change. Instead we have HER slapped into our faces everyday. This is simply disguting.

  14. 14
    niwatori Says:

    Goes to show you don’t need brains or common sense to earn bucks. It’s a sad world.

  15. 15
    xxx Says:

    Disgusting. I feel sick.
    Just goes to show once again, you don’t need to be educated to be filthy rich.

  16. 16
    offtheproperty Says:

    anyone who believes she cares about anything but herself is a fool (and a republican)

  17. 17
    A Says:

    Sarah is another narcissist just like Kate Gosselin. Funny how Kate says her new book will outsell Sarah’s. Even narcissists compete with each other.

  18. 18
    PillowTalk Says:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
    Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of US (1809 – 1865)

    Sarah Palin is supported by those people who can be fooled all of the time.

    Those who want to give their money away to watch her speak from notes written on her hand, or who will buy that book she didn’t write, I say fine! Great! Give her all your support and your money! Fools.

  19. 19
    anna Says:

    She only cares about money and fame. Her supporters are so deluded.

  20. 20
    please Says:

    what am i doing wrong? why can’t i be making that kind of money from doing good in the world?

  21. 21
    Lauren Says:

    It makes me sick that this idiot made that much money while teachers make peanuts compared to this.

  22. 22
    butterflier Says:

    So now we know why she didn’t want to stick out her governor’s term. This woman is an idiot and so are the people who support this brainless twit. $12 million? For what? What a world.

  23. 23
    butterflier Says:

    Nobody smeared this woman out of anything. She is incapable of holding office. She’s also a quitter. Money talks.

  24. 24
    Dante Says:

    Just Jared, maybe you can post what former politicians on the left make, like say Al Gore who was worth 3 million when he let the White House and now is worth 400 million, all to do with his snake oil salesmanship of hyping Global Warming, so his companies can get more subsidies through the government or all the potential money he will rack in if a Cap and Trade bill passes.

    Or how about Bill Clinton who’s made over 100 million dollars mostly by foreign governments and companies, wonder what he is peddling to them , maybe access …… but lets just report on Sara Palin, because she isn’t a left wing loon.

  25. 25
    superman Says:

    hmm sounds like we have a bunch of far left morons on here who think tnia frey was the real Sarah Palin. You idiots just want to hate and hate and hate and hate and hate. welcome to reality morons people like her. And on that note she isn’t dumb if she is making more money then you she must be smart. All i see here are a bunch of pricks who just want to pick on a lady who has a job. You people think all those myths nbc said are true the you really are either naive or just plain hateful people.

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