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Angelina Jolie & Jane Pitt: Twins Time!

Angelina Jolie & Jane Pitt: Twins Time!

Angelina Jolie spends time on a balcony with her pseudo mother-in-law, Jane Pitt, and twins Knox and Vivienne on Wednesday (April 14) in Venice, Italy.

Knox has enjoyed the view of Venice with both of papa Brad Pitt‘s parents over the past few days – he and Grandma were spotted out together on Tuesday, and grandpa William Pitt took Knox out on Sunday!

FYI: A new report out stating that Angelina is three months pregnant is “totally false,” a source tells People. Angie‘s rep also denied the reports.

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angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 01
angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 02
angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 03
angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 04
angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 05
angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 06
angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 07
angelina jolie jane pitt vivienne knox balcony 08

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  • bee

    Jane Pitt is not her mother-in-law…they aren’t married.

  • eek

    Vivienne looks like a puffer fish

  • Elena


  • emma

    am i 1st?

  • Hahhaa!

    Looks like even Jane Pitt has moved on from Aniston.

  • Pokeman

    more than 5 yrs together & 6 kids. they are married in my eyes.

  • emma

    Nope I wasnt 1st, Oh well lol.

    Knox and Vivienne are precious :D

  • Pokeman

    looks like viv doesn’t like the balcony. she has tears.

  • Dreads

    I love Angelina’s bone structure, she’s exquisitely gorgeous. Aww, it’s amazing to see how the twins don’t look alike at all. Haha. Knox’s hair is darker while Viv’s hair is much lighter blonde. She’s so cute by the way. She’s my favorite of the whole bunch. Too bad we don’t get to see her more often, Viv is so adorable. I bet she’s going to be even more beautiful than Shiloh is. She’s gonna be a stunner.

  • Infamous

    THey have to know paparazzi is outside taking photos!

  • yep

    See. Vivienne looks like a girl Brad Pitt with Angelina lips. Knox looks like Angelina with slightly smaller lips.

  • roxy

    Angie is too beautiful as well as all her children..Knox and Viv are very different…

  • Fresh Air Please

    Why do they keep the foreign kids all locked up?

  • ssssss

    they are soooooo cute!

  • Grescia

    Viv is so cute! I LOVE the twins!
    Beautiful family

  • Haters are dying of jealous!!!

    Take that Haters!!! Angie & Mom Pitt!!!!! Jared why are you not posting or mentioning the boat ride with Brad, Angie & Jane???? Or are you trying to appease the haters. Almost all websites have those photos, so im sure you can also lay hands on them unless………

  • Dawn

    That new “report” that Angelina’s pregnant is from Star magazine. It’s their cover story. LOL. The tabloids never give up. They have been trying to get Angelina pregnant again since shortly after she gave birth to the twins and was doing press for Changeling.

  • SJ

    Jane is not Jolie’s mother-in-law

  • releka

    I am so loving this!!

  • :)

    I read a stupid comment recently that Vivienne must be afraid of heights, which is why she isn’t on the balcony much… ugh. I hate when people speculate every little thing this family does.

    AJ&BP are wonderful actors and the children are sweethearts. Can we just enjoy the pictures?

  • Jane – Mother of the boyfriend


  • nancy

    @SJ: How do you know she is not?

  • yep

    @Dawn: last time a pregnancy story was in IN Touch aka Outta touch and they said Angelina was pregnant because she was trapping Brad. Like one more kid was the only reason brad was staying with her. LOL

  • busted

    I see the idiot got here first. LOL

    well nice picture.. and yes they know the paps are there.. They are everywhere they go.. so I guess Brad/Angie are not allowed to live their life because paps are out taking pictures. I actually think it is a good idea to let the twins be photographed. Takes the price down on pics and they can go out more. I think when they are not seen the pics are even more valuable. Well now a picture of Knox.. no matter how cute or Viv will not be the huge money maker. So good for them

    I know the debate over which child looks like which parent. Well I will say Knox is a beautiful boy.. looks more like Angie to me.. And Viv is all Brad with lips like her sister.. Brad actually has a full bottom lip so she gets it from both.. Viv seems all drama to me.. Knox more laid back. but really how much do we know from a picture.

    I am taking from what Angie said about the twins when she did the Changeling promo.. Knox is so chill, and Viv is a bit more demanding.. YEP I see that.

    But as always enjoy seeing the children. and lovely that Brad’s parents are there as well..

    The fools will spin.. mainly because all the crap they read and have posted has been shown time and time again to be a lie. But man I guess they can’t stop the hate.

  • idiot

    @Fresh Air Please: Well there are pics of the “Foreign “kids playing in the park with Brad and Angie today on Ramey

  • first and last post

    bringing over from previous thread
    307 first and last post @ 04/14/2010 at 12:01 pm +1

    OT for PT
    Hi PT,
    I emailed Chris about a malware that kept showing up whenever and only when I refreshed or came newly onto jareds page, I can’t get rid of it. Chris said that it may be a false positive that is common with Avira and that I was the only one who complained. I remembered at one time you posted you kept getting malware as well. I emailed Chris that I had read of one other. This is his email to me:
    “Was this recently? We had reports like this in the past, but we ended up purging our networks and finding a completely different vendor. Since then, it looks like things have been better. Please let me know if you see anyone still having issues. Thanks”

    PT, could you email Chris about the malware you experienced details, name, when etc. Also since you are the expert PT, should I just uninstall Avira and reinstall if Chris is correct and it is a false positive. It shows up EVERY time and is annoying. Thanks my dear.

    If any other poster is having malware/virus problems, please email Chris ASAP. They really do want to make this site better but need help from posters reporting incidences.
    Hi to all JP supporters,
    Orchid, I saw your post and will respond later.

  • sharylmj

    I guess they should just hide until the paps go away.. NOT

    Poor grandma has a death grib on Knox.. it must be a pretty high balcony!! What cute babies!!

  • luv B&A

    These haters that are here are so pathetic,still hating on Jolie and Babies.Like it or not Jolie is more wife and daughter-in-law than the fake Aniston ever was and ever will be.Jolie will be in this Family forever.Aniston is so fake and a lost cause.Aniston will never be happy.Aniston does not know about real happiness.Aniston is
    pathetic .

  • sharylmj

    Love this picture of mom and grandma with the babies.
    Looks like poor grandma is scared Knox is going to jump out of her arms.. she has a death grip on him.. must be pretty high up!! Very cute babies!!

  • angi fan

    ı love you angi

  • Passing Through

    # 298 anon @ 04/14/2010 at 11:30 am
    Darren Aronofsky Directing Rachel Weisz As Jackie Kennedy

    The Steven Spielberg-produced Jackie has found a director and lead, EW reports. Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, The Fountain, Requiem For a Dream) will direct his fiancee Rachel Weisz as she plays Jackie “about the immediate days following President Kennedy’s assassination.”
    No offense to Rachel Weisz, whom I happen to like, but aren’t there any American actresses who can play this role? I’m really starting to get a little irked at how all many iconic Americans or important American historical fugures end up being played by foreigners. A few years ago it was Anthony Hopkins as Tricky Dick. Later this year it’s Naomi Watts as Valerie Plame. Jonathan Rhys Myers played Elvis.
    Then there are all of these American comic books where the leads are played by foreigners – James McAvoy in Wanted. Yeah, Millar is Scottish, but the character is supposed to be an American. Aaron Johnson is Kick-Ass – another Millar comic about Americans. Then there’s the new Thor flick – a 40 year old American comic about a Norse god played by an Austrailian and directed by a Brit (Kenneth Branagh). And the biggest of all – Batman played by a Welshman. I’m starting to think American actors must truly suck if none of them can get cast as an American…

  • angi = brad

    super womannn

  • angi

    Beautiful picture

  • Passing Through

    It’s really funny how the twins don’t really look alike but they both look like Shiloh. Vivienne looks like Shiloh at the same age…and Knox looks like Shiloh looks right NOW. And you can make strong cases for each one of them resembling one parent more than the other – and then the next time you them you might reverse your opinion. They’re little chameleons…

  • idiot

    @non: Ok, ffer last week Knox had Downs, nov Viv is retarded and oh yeah you claimed Shiloh had Down’s too. I wonder how the ff cult is explaining why Jane Pitt went to the set and took a boat ride with Angie and why the two are on the balcony together since they hate each other.LMAO

  • niwatori

    Gorgeous pictures. The twins are sooo adorable. It’s nice to see Viv again. And the way Jane is holding Knox is just pure love…aawww :D

    aaand it’s good to know that the trolls are burning up in their hate and jealousy :D

  • idiot

    @Dawn: A lady on said” everyone in the world looks more pregnant than Angelina including my dad”lol

  • sharon

    The twins are gorgeous.

  • fauna

    @Passing Through:

    Matthew Vaughn addressed this saying he tried is hardest to get an American actor to play Dave. He said everyone he saw had no training, no range and no skills and no interest in getting them.

  • angi

    Viv&knox so cute

  • kizbit

    Don’t those poor kids ever get to actually go down off the balcony and run around outside????????

  • Helen

    Just because grandma Jane wants to see her grandchildren which of course is natural, that doesn’t mean she and Angie get along. I get the opposite feeling about those 2 being besties.
    As for Angie’s face, did yo notice that it’s a bit wider? Wonder why that is.

  • Carribean

    Viv, looking like Pitt, always has her mouth open like daddy Pitt. Shi was that way too. Cute. Girls look like daddy and are like daddy. Precious.

  • angi

    ı love you angiiii

  • BA


  • gracie

    Knox is a very curious child. He looks like he wants to jump into that canal and touch the boats. Grandma is holding on tight. Viv is mommys girl. Look how pleased she is being carried by mommy,

    For the idiot who said Jane is not Angie’s mother-in-law. That word kills you — doesn’t it? Well, she is not Aniston’s mother-in-law anymore. And as far as the world is concerned, Angie is Brad’s wife, and I’ll say it again, WIFE. What are you going to do, stop me from saying it? Jane is her mother-in-law. People refer to them as husband and wife, they look more convincing as husband and wife than Brad ever did with Maniston. And now that I know the word pisses you haters off, I’ll be using it more. No more grandma, it’s Angie’s mother-in-law from now on.

  • gg

    Knox looks like he wants to grab those boats. Viv looks girly with those earings. They are cute kids. Brad parents must be proud of her Angie as she is one of them now. She looks beautiful.

  • idiot

    @Helen: Then why did she go to the set to visit Angie(the grandkids weren’t there) and take a boat ride with Angie and Brad. Relatives I don’t like I try to avoid as much as possible I don’t go visit them at work.Duh pics of the visit to the set are at Ramey pics of boat ride at yuku jjb and popsugar.

  • Elaine

    @Infamous: of course they do, so they have to stay holed up inside?? Ridiculous.