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Brandy: Stop the Blog Hate!

Brandy: Stop the Blog Hate!

Brandy has sounded off on negativity online on her blog – and asked people to think twice before they pass judgment.

“I’m a very strong person, but some of those things that people say about me on blogs make me cry. I don’t like it. And what’s so frustrating is that I don’t get a chance to retaliate. Because y’all are not posting y’all pictures on the blogs,” Brandy wrote. “I can’t respond and I can’t be negative back because that’s just not me.”

“Sometimes we don’t read the comments because of what we’ve seen people say in the past about us. Okay, you don’t like my shoes, you don’t like my outfit, cool, but the rest of it, like bringing up the car accident?” FYI: Back in 2006, Brandy was involved in a car accident in L.A. where there was a fatality, but she was not charged in the incident.

“It affects us….It really does. We’re people at the end of the day with feelings. You know we’re sensitive because we’re artists. You know that stuff is going to hurt sometimes,” Brandy concluded.

To read Brandy‘s full blog entry, visit!

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  • HeyHowAreYa

    brandy who?

  • the truth hurts

    Well, if you weren’t such an attention hoe you wouldn’t google yourself 84 times a day and wouldn’t see the hate.
    Scroll on, Moesha.

  • 7

    No one feels sorry for you Brandy. You’ve got milions in the bank. Suck it up. You wanted fame now deal with it.

    But lets be real here–your career was over a long time ago, you should be happy people are still even talking about you–postively or negatively.

    So if you must, go cry your tears in your millon dollar home while there are starving kids around the world with nothing to their names–and receive no attention–because we’re all so focused on you. Thanks for putting everything in perspective for us.

  • vibe

    She’s being unrealistic. People are going to discuss her car accident.

  • Francia

    … guilty conscience pricks the mind!

  • Dreads

    She’s totally right. Blog hatred is so coward. Get a life, you freakin’ freaks!

  • Dreads

    @7: Though I have to say your comment is quite relevant.

  • How do I put this?…

    She needs to work on her thick skin. She had an avoidable accident that resulted in a fatality, and it will ALWAYS be a part of her legacy as long as she remains a public figure and does nothing else of notoriety…Free speech is free speech. You can’t shut up the haters anymore than the loons, so…

    She even admits she reads “about somebody else we knew.” Come on, now…You can’t have it both ways.

  • Tori

    oh what a cry baby

  • fas

    FAS faced has been

  • Team Swiftie!

    She is not a has-been, and she is right. People need to stop the hate.

  • Team Swiftie!

    People think they are God, but here’s a news flash – you guys aren’t God and really don’t have the right to hurt peoples feelings.

  • Trinity

    I see what she’s saying but like another poster said, it’s unrealistic. She should develop thicker skin or just not read the comments. She’s sort of a hypocrite too because she’s never had a problem publicly calling another artist out (Monica).

  • Athina

    Note to Brandy – Those hating on you are anonymous with no consequences for the negative comments. They enjoy making hate remarks against celebrities because they themselves can never achieve that kind of fame and wealth themselves, which equals a lot of envy and jealousy. It’s just human nature to feel that way. They don’t know you personally and you’re not the only one getting dumped on. You need to suck it up and let it go. Don’t read the stuff. Delete the celebrity sites from your Favorites list. And develop a thicker skin. It’s not going to go away so you have to make the changes in yourself.

  • dreamkiller

    I think people enjoy hating on these celebrities. People look at them like they have money so they deserve it. Their own lives don’t have anything good going for them. I see what Brandy is talking about because I see the comments on various blogs. And she has every right to be embittered about people bringing up the accident because her name was basically dragged through the mud for something that wasn’t her fault and her career suffered because of that.

  • Who Cares

    @Dreads: Cowardly.

  • the african darkside

    Hateful blog comments? Brandy,are you sure?

    It sounds more like,being treated differently,and being tired of it.

    But thats the nature of celebrity,right or wrong.

  • AutumnM

    Well she does have a point in a way. I agree with dreamkiller and Athena, but it’s the price of fame I guess. Gotta take the good with the bad.

  • cacey

    Someone needs to feed this girl, SHE is suffering from STARVATION…….

  • wtf

    One way to deal with it: STOP READING ABOUT YOURSELF.

  • L

    People will say anything when hidden behind a computer.

  • Zanzibar

    Maybe she shouldn’t have killed someone with her car. Oh and she looks like an African Hammerhead shark.


    p.s. Monica is better.

  • Christina

    Brandy, personally for me you ruined your image when you ignorantly judged Michelle L’Amour on ‘America’s Got Talent’. She is a burlesque dancer (trained dancer) with class and you likened her to a stripper and not even a stripper is necessarily ill, but your implication was that it was ‘whore-ish’. The ENTIRE feminist community rebelled against you. Woman to woman it was a disgraceful thing to do and again, ignorant.

    Then she turned around and owned your ass by tossing her bra to you on the judging table the next week. I hope you remember that.

    You looked like an idiot.

    Learn to drive.

    You are a nobody from the 90′s. You’re brother is one of the hugest douches on the planet and everyone knows it. Basically the public opinion is that you two are major a*sholes, in all honesty.

  • Christina

    w-h-o-r-e-i-s-h is the word censored


    sit down cognac, or whatever your name is
    no one cares
    toughen up or get lost, you whiney hole!
    oh no….are you gonna cry? sniffle, sniffle


    @ Zanzibar @ 04/14/2010 at 11:37 pm +1

    Oh and she looks like an African Hammerhead shark.



  • nettie

    Hm, do you people realize how many car accidents there are a day? Not to mention fatal accidents. Ugh, just because a famous person got into an accident, suddenly they are the hot topic of the moment and are subject to ridicule. A random person kills someone in a car accident. It MIGHT be reported on the news, but that’s it.


    Just get one of your own!!!

    It’s not THAT hard, people.

    Of course I don’t like that she got in an accident and there was a fatality in it. No one does. But by God, people! I mean, grow up. Learn to tie your own shoes. Aw, yeah, she must be an attention wh-ore. Leave it alone. I don’t necessarily like Brandy, but I dislike you people more because all you do is judge other peoples’ actions when you’re NO better than the people you’re flaming. Sure, it comes with being famous. But she might actually consider herself an artist. It doesn’t matter if you like her music or not. It certainly isn’t my taste. GAH! You people are SO STUPID!

    I bet most of the people who commented are judgmental women.

  • jerk

    Brandy is right y’all. Y’all don’t talk about car accidents no more. Y’all talk about illegitimate kids or human urinals or something.

  • ROC

    Maybe if you weren’t trying to pass yourself off as flawless, others wouldn’t be quick to pass judgement on you. You remember the whole I’m marry thing. When in actuality, you had a kid out of wedlock. You see how it goes?

  • DMB30

    @7: Shut the hell up! Because there are children straving means she needs to stop living?? How is her career over when she has one of the top shows in vh1? Hatin ass bi%#h!!

  • DMB30

    None of us are prefect!! Its her life and she has to be the one to live with it! Do you have a perfect life? Dont think so

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  • http://hjlwkrieurtelreihggjk kjfehrekjfcdl

    Brandy is a ugly slut!

  • ange

    look what brandy has to do is understand she totally awesome ive listened to her music forever lol i watch moesha on line still ….she great people dnt understand that this a form of bullying god made u Brandy u worry abt him he loves u no matter what….RECENTLY I WAS SINGING AND I WAS COMPARED TO BRANDY I WAS HAPPY ACTUALLY EVERYONE TELLS ME I SOUND JUSS LIKE HER …..GREAT… WELL MORAL TO STORY I HAD SOMEONE TELL ME I WOULDNT BE SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE OF THIS I TOLD THE THEY WERE STUPID …SHE THE MOST TALENTED ARTIST OF HER TIME …UNIQUE

  • ange


  • ange