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LeAnn Rimes: National Anthem at Dodgers Stadium!

LeAnn Rimes: National Anthem at Dodgers Stadium!

LeAnn Rimes sings her heart out as she performs the National Anthem at the Dodgers opening game held at Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday (April 13) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old singer, who sported new blunt bangs, was joined by, who threw the opening pitch at the game!

LeAnn recently joined Twitter and shared that she brought boyfriend Eddie Cibrian and a friend along for the fun! “Nothing like the energy of opening day!” she wrote.

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes national anthem dodgers game opening day 01
leann rimes national anthem dodgers game opening day 02
leann rimes national anthem dodgers game opening day 03
leann rimes national anthem dodgers game opening day 04
leann rimes national anthem dodgers game opening day 05

Credit: Noel Vasquez/Stephen Dunn; Photos: Getty
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  • a

    she looks awful!

  • lala

    that haircut looks terrible on her

  • Katie n

    she is dressing like a teenager but her face looks 45.

  • Ralene

    I would understand if Eddie left his wife for someone who was at least attractive because she’s not even hot. His wife was so much more attractive than her.


    Why is she wearing duct tape around her ankles and feet?

    Is that a retro swimsuit?

    A straw wig?

    Is this serious?

  • dash

    lol talk about a hot f@($ing mess!! lol brandi granville must be laughing her ASS HER OFF right now!!!!


    i love her flat chest, ugly evil stepmother face, and HUGE TREE TRUNK ARMS AND LEGS! fail!

  • Dee

    First thing I thought when I saw her in those pictures was she dressed like a hooker. Haha She just looks bad.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @dash: You wanna bet? This is a beautiful woman who sings like a dream and there is no woman in the world laughing at her right now. Go LeAnn.

  • http://deleted cbme

    She looks years younger with her new “do,” her dress and shoes are very mod and she looks very sweet. We love you, LeAnn and these previous posters are just trying to appease a jealous person.

  • t

    she looks like Jimmy Fallon in drag

  • Madison

    did someone yell “homewrecker”

  • Shan

    looks a hot mess

  • Mari

    That dress is awfull and the shoes are hideous. Other than that I have nothing to complain about. :P

  • Leann fan

    It’s pathetic that we live in such a hateful society, you people need to focus on your own flaws and leave Leann alone. Stop living to tear her down.

  • Leann fan

    I’d take Leann over LadyGagme any day.

  • Leann fan

    And what Leann does is her OWN BUSINESS, you people are far from saints.

  • Poop

    Hair- Blunt bangs do not look good on her.

    Face- Squinty eyes. Nose is something I can’t describe. Like a pushed in cat nose?

    Boobs- What boobs? Flat.

    Shoes- Too much wrapped around her ankles.

    Dress- Hideous.

  • erica

    if matthew mcconaughey needs a body double for his next movie, CALL LEANNE!!! STAT!!

  • blech

    A HO.HO ….aka a hollywood w.hore….yawn….next!

  • gwen

    Well, what do we have here?

    So now we see why Leann wanted EC kids for his son’s birthday so badly.

    It was so she can use them to promote her concerts and album.

  • gwen

    Leann fan(aka cbme, kathy)

    1) Leann makes EVERYTHING the public’s business when she tips off the paps, feed the details of her farce to the media/tabloids, and then twitters about her farce. If it’s none of your business, then why are you even posting on these sites? Are you implying that you have a right to post? What gives you that right? LR money?

    2) Of course you would take LR over Lady Gaga, LR is the one who is paying your bills.

    3) “It’s pathetic that we live in such a hateful society, ”

    No dear, pathetic is how you keep acting like LR is the vicitim.

    4)”you people need to focus on your own flaws and leave Leann alone.”

    So then by your own logic, that means you need to leave those who don’t condone EC and LR actions and focus on that flaw that makes you sleep with married men and post under different names.

    5)”Stop living to tear her down.”

    The only one who lives to tear people down is Leann. You can not get mad because people won’t pat LR on the back.

    6) “She looks years younger with her new “do,”

    No she doesn’t.

    7)”her dress and shoes are very mod and she looks very sweet. ”

    Wow, that check that LR pays you must be really great.

    LR doesn’t look sweet, especially since everyone knows just how she has been stalking BG.

    8)”We love you, ”

    Who is we? Everyone knows by now that LR doesn’t have any fans. You do a good job at proving that.

    9)”LeAnn and these previous posters are just trying to appease a jealous person.”

    We know that YOU are just trying to appease LEANN when you hate on BG and spread lies about BG.

    10) “This is a beautiful woman”

    On what planet? The one where LR deposits checks into your account?

    11)” who sings like a dream”

    Unfortunately for LR, even her voice can not save her reputation.

    12)” and there is no woman in the world laughing at her right now. ”

    Well you also think that your posts don’t say what they say. If you spent less time on the internet, you would see that women are laughing at LR. Do you really think that women respect women like LR?

    13)”Go LeAnn.”

    Oh look, the adultress is cheering on her fellow adultress.

  • gwen

    Now JJ you left out the most important thing off all.

    EC Hallmark movie airs on WEDNESDAY.

    So I called it yet again. Notice that we keep getting these “devoted lover” stories when Hallmark EC movie airs?

    JJ, I could have thought that EC said that he can’t get any privacy? Well this is why because EC mistress keeps tipping off the paps and feeding the details of their farce to the media.

    So cbme the next time you scream “it’s none of our business”, you might want to tell you your client to stop feeding info to the press.

  • Amanda Dubs

    Wow I think she looks very very bad here.

  • gwen

    Leann sings her heart out? And what? Is that supposed to make the public feel sorry for her?

    So in essence the record producers must think that LR album isn’t going to do very well because look at how hard they are working to focus on LR talent.

    Instead of trying to whitewash LR image, why don’t they just tell LR to stop airing her business? Do you really think that she has won people over?

    Highlighting LR twitter account only shows us that LR is unstable, that BG was 100% correct when she called LR out for stalking, and LR wants BG life, and LR is HPD. Once again, now we are supposed to think that love=EC because he shows up at a game with her.

    All this despite the fact that he only showed up beause he movie is airing. So LR has to pimp out her name, face, and voice just to get EC some FREE PUBLICITY for his show. The public has been on this from the start. This isn’t love, it’s a business adventure for EC.

  • gwen

    Isn’t Eddie still married?

    Since EC is using Leann for FREE PUBLICITY, does it really make EC her boyfriend? Why do you keep shoving this nonsence down our throats.

    This article explains the real reason why Leann has “recently started up her twitter” page and has been using it to stalk BG:

    From Michelle “Bombshell” McGee to John Edwards’ baby-momma, not to mention the 16 and counting Tiger Woods’ mistresses, the “other woman” is getting a lot of press these days. It kind of makes me wonder, when did being an adulterer become en vogue? And each time another “other woman” comes forward, her tell-all gets a bit more sordid than the last, told without regard for the woman suffering betrayal not only from the liaison in question, but from its being made public. I’m not so naïve to think that all women have the inclination to form a sisterhood against patriarchy, or that patriarchy is an evil institution that affects only women. And true, there’s no glass ceiling for self-opportunism. Still, the confessions (albeit for money and fame) of these “other women” strike me as an especially mean-spirited brand of girl-on-girl misogyny.

    Relationships are complicated, and each encounter we have with another is something unique. As long as we’re human, there’s no absolute way to qualify the types of relationships we forge. We’ll also probably always have the urge to judge our own and others’ entanglements. That said, a woman who knowingly sleeps with someone else’s husband or partner and then has the urge to “come forward” like she’s unearthed some hidden treasure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not suggesting we brand these women with scarlet A’s, and I’m not forgetting the adulterous man in the equation, neither the media outlets that dole out dollars for salacious stories, nor the public that consumes them. In this way, blame is really useless. But back to the confessional “other woman.” Something besides gold-digging and fame-seeking is at play – namely the “other woman’s” warped sense of entitlement. She feels entitled to speak, and that’s somewhat interesting. As the “other woman,” she represents a wanton rebel, a direct threat to the sanctity of the American family. Yet as the “other,” her position in the love triangle is secondary, and many would argue there’s some void in her self-esteem that leads her to seek intimacy with someone not fully available. But with a very public tell-all, she has her chance to stake her claim.

    Psychologist, professor and Second Wave Feminist, Dr. Judith Kuppersmith explains:

    “Men are still born into this world as the number one sex, and as such, they have automatic power and move into the and through our social environment. They don’t have to speak – they just have to take action – to move and push things out of their paths. Women, born the second sex, have to earn any kind of power they may want, and because they are born with less muscle and physical power, they attend to the ‘other’ in the social environment. It’s also true that the little girl speaks earlier than the little boy and girls are encouraged to develop their social speaking as a power and control mechanism.”

    So by speaking, the “other woman” finds her footing, and earns power by confessing dirty little secrets.

  • gwen

    Brought along EC for fun=EC Hallmark Movie airs Wednesday and he was using LR for FREE PUBLICITY. Or LR was too afraid that EC would go off and have chemistry with his co-star while she was away so she dragged him to the game and paid someone to babysit him while she sang so that he doesn’t go off and have chemistry with someone he met at the game.

    Seriously, EC and LR are the Sienna and Getty of 2010 . No one likes them and the more the media plays these little games, the more the backlash.

    So this is nothing more than a “WATCH EC HALLMARK MOVIE” photo-op. LR should just make EC a shirt, it would cost her less money than paying these tabs to spin her farce into a fairytale.

    So EC can go and have fun at a game with his mistress, but he can’t go to his own son’s game? Wow, what a great father. So what EC is saying is that he wouldn’t mind going to his son’s game if he could use it to promote his movie? Since EC made such a fuss about not having privacy, the backlash is going to be huge.

  • Chexy

    Goddess ! ! !

  • Jay

    Her Karma is hitting her hard. People make these choices and hurt people and children and then go on like they are these happy people with not a care in the world. Karma doesn’t forget. Karma lets you think you got away with something then GETS YA! We all know it is true we’ve probably been on both end of karma before the good and the bad. KARMA WILL GET YA!

  • sarafina

    @Madison: Totally agree with you Madison…..

  • michaela

    LeAnn is looking great and that’s why the Gwen and all her multiple names are having a major breakdown.

    I bet Eddie couldn’t get enough.

    She’s super cute. Her dress and shoes were perfect for a warm day and her hair w/bangs look really good on her. And I hear her singing was really good.

  • michaela

    I just looked t the close-ups again and no wonder B and the trolls are having a meltdown. This girl is looking SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember all the akas one or two haterz use.

  • michaela

    cbme………this is simple. Look at the closeness of the time stamps on the opening of this thread. They are by one-and-the-same and we know who that is!!!

  • Tommy

    Hey, twitter this you stalking taunting homewrecker. Rimes is a an authentic fake however, her tan looks really good lol. This callous witch twittered Deane Sheremet about how much she loves Eddie. Rimes has no heart or conscience.

  • Jane

    I hear her next albumn is a remake of old cowboy songs. She can’t hit those high notes anymore so I guess used up cowboy songs is her best bet. She can always continue singing in indian casinos and county fairs. The top ten ladies of country are knocking their songs out of the park so LeAnn will just have to wait until one of them retires.

  • michaela

    Jason or whatever names you’re using these days ……you are so transparent. Eddie’s heart is with someone else now and she looks really good with her new hairstyle. It’s eating you alive so why do you keep following what is like poison to you?

    You keep using those same talking points like an automaton.

  • Kelly

    Her psoriasis meds must not be working because she’s flaking a new layer of skin twice a day. God, she’s white as a ghost. She should take Eddie out for his walk more often and spend some time in the sun.

  • Maggie

    A friend of mine back east attended her concert and said she’s still pretty good but the voice is definitely not what it use to be. As far as her performance went, my friend said she should stick to singing and leave the dancing to others. She said LeAnn hopped around on stage like she was trying to put out a fire in a trash can.

  • Vivien

    Wow, she’s really ugly. I have yet to see a good picture of her. Those bangs don’t help matters either!

  • jj

    Agree with the comments about her new look, whoreable. HH made recent comments about cheaters “The real immorality of infidelity is the lying”. Describes these morons perfectly.

  • bzz

    She has a great voice but looks funny

  • bzz

    She has a great voice but she looks funny here


    Why is it white trash always have bruises all over thier legs and STILL wear skirts and shorts.

  • Pandora

    @Leann Fan — I hate to burst your deluded little bubble, but in the real world no one likes, or looks up to, a skanky homewrecking ho. She looks horrid here, but probably looks better on the outside than what’s within. She’s not made of particularly good “stuff”. I suppose it’d be alright with you if she (or another skank) glommed on to your man/father of your kids, huh? Oh, wait. You probably don’t have either so you can post these glowing comments about this brainless lacking in morals tw*at.

  • michaela

    Jason/betty/gwewn…………..OUTED as the hater here. All exact same sentences. Where have we seen this before!!??!! HERE, of course. Does Brandi pay you well or are you Brandi? LMAO!!!!

  • jennifer

    Gee willikers folks, she looks like a million bucks and she is living a full life. Sure, I’m her lifelong fan. Sing it baby!

  • highstandards

    Thank you everyone who put these snapshots up. To me she looks better than ever. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Le Ann Rimes

  • Raquel

    Before all this came before the media I had no idea who Eddie C. was. LeAnn is very well known and I’ve thought of her as a younger sister, but I have now started to watch Mr. Cibrian’s work and he has begun to grow on me.

    The two of them look quite beautiful as a couple. Do well you two!

  • michaela

    gwen aka HRH….go to the opening game yesterday?

    Can you believe some were saying they were going to boo when LeAnn sang. I thought “how disrespectful to even think about dissing one’s own country’s national anthem.” Shows the lack of character in some people. Not even loyal to one’s country.

  • Nash

    It looks to me that LeAnn reminded the folks at Dodger stadium just how much they dislike her and they’re posting today. Way to go LeAnn. You chose to make your adultery public and you continue to bask in the publicity of being the country’s number one puke, so your supporters shouldn’t complain. I thought this stuff had gone away and then I saw last week that LeAnn is stalking and taunting Brandi still. You LeAnn fands must be turely blind not to see what a mean and mental deficent person LeAnn is.