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Leighton Meester & Robert Pattinson Dating? Nope!

Leighton Meester & Robert Pattinson Dating? Nope!

Leighton Meester recently had a rendezvous with Twilight star Robert Pattinson at her New York City apartment, according to reports.

Did it ever happen?

“Not true,” a source exclusively tells “How could Leighton and Robert have been hooking up if they’ve never even met? Impossible.”

So relax, Twi-hards! Robert was in Hungary celebrating Kristen Stewart‘s birthday over the weekend. He’s probably not even in the country!

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Credit: Amanda Schwab, Ian Daniels; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • Russian girl

    Relax? Oh. thanks, But we never believe in a bullshits. And everyone who has brain & good eyesight knows who stole Pattinson’s heart :)

  • AshleyD

    haha that would be so hilarious if it was true
    she is drop dead gorgeous and he is pretty good lookin himself

  • emma

    Anyone who believes this story is an idiot. It’s physically impossible since they were on 2 different continents.

  • cheryl

    Wow never heard that one before! Would be great if it was true..too bad it isn’t! In my opinion, Rob can do better than Kristen..but it’s really funny to see that the media can make all this up, even it is sooooo ridiculous

  • martin

    Ed Westwick is the prettier brit, anyway. Isn’t the path now cleared for her to hook up with him.

  • Kenneth

    He has some fugly pothead eyes and caterpillar brows

  • Dawn

    This is not an exclusive for you. Gossip Cop debunked it yesterday via a Leighton source.

  • no way

    There is no way Rob would ever do that.

    Nothing against Leighton but Rob and Kristen are epic! I love Robsten.

  • Rose

    I almost had a heart attack when i read this on Wednesday (Aus time). Leighton could do sooooooooo much better than him. Heck, she gets to work with and kiss an even hotter British actor every other day, why would she chose Rob? No offence to R-Pat fans, but i personally dont find him very fascinating to look at. Leighton is smarter than that :)

  • serena

    i think kristen and rob will break up because of robsten fans. they have insane fans. bella and edward wll not lasted in real life

  • pasty

    Wow he needs a tan

  • laly

    i’am tired of this crap and robsten fans. rob said many times that they were friends and denied many times but this year he is dating her. he so confused and really crazy guy. now i’am not fan of him sorry. he think that we are stupid but we are not

  • corine

    yeah you right laly. this actor is insane like robsten fans

  • Dawn


    Yeah well it originated at Perez so what do expect. LOL! He talso ook the Jessica and Ed break up story word for word from the NY post and posted it as his own 24 hours after the Post reported it and it was confirmed by Gossip Cop. He’s an idiot.

  • Dawn


    If they are really together, I don’t think their fans will break them up. Though their fans need to loose this idea that if they are together, they are going to be together forever and will never break up.

  • april

    the story is so fabricated they should stop spreading it

  • nana

    I personally don’t know what is worse, the entire world in two young actors business as if they all know them personally and should decide who rob should date or this bullshit! If I were them I would not say a word if they are or not because people are so into rob and want him until stories like this will continue to come up until they try and break these two apart, which in my mind I doubt will happen as he is just to into kristen and she him right now to even care about the world and it’s issues. and personally I think they are doing just fine with the way they are! rob into kristen and kristen into rob only!

  • commentor

    better if rob is with leighton. duhhh, kristen dont need him, he’s so ugly! kristen is a star without rob the stinky hobo.

  • natalie

    I agree with everybody, I would be disappointed if the beautiful Leighton Meester was to hook up with fug face Robert Pattinson. That guy is hideous! Leighton can do MUCH better than Robert IMO.

  • natalie

    I agree with everybody, I would be disappointed if the beautiful Leighton Meester was to hook up with fug face Robert Pattinson. That guy is hideous! Leighton can do MUCH better than Robert IMO.

  • helen

    hm…… really? i didn’t know this rumour was out there but… REALLY? where did that come from?

  • she shall remain nameless

    This is such a ridiculous rumor! ROBSTEN <3

  • Jasmine

    Rob and Kristen seem to be a good match, they have similar attitudes about things, similar personalities…I DO think that Leighton and Rob together would be smokin hotttt though lol

  • bebe

    LOL. poor rob, every day the tabloids sold him out, whose his date with, bed with, lunch with, diner with and even when he is not in the city where this story come up with, he is there, you name it, rob is like edward cullen, moving fast and steadily to all beautiful women in the worlds, such a vampire. there you have it.

    did people forget we just get paps pics that robert enjoying his private lives with KRISTEN STEWART. yes, that chick, like together in budapest and living down low in london like together, together.
    jeez, people have short memories LOL

  • lucas

    @Russian girl: Anyone with brains, eyes and ears knows that THERE IS ZERO PROOF THAT ROBSTEN IS REAL. No one has made the statement, they have never been photographed kissing. the alleged engagement ring photos were a cropped New Moon shot.

    Robert and Kristen are not Edward and Bella. The latter are fictional and madly in love blah blah. The former are very possibly just very good friends that hang out (easy to do when you don’t work a 9 to 5 job and have lots of money) and yes hold hands, as friends. And yes as friends even crash on the couch or borrow a shirt. Non celebrity boy and girl friends do it all the time. Just because the tabloids want to make something out of it doesn’t mean it can’t be the same for them

  • lucas

    @Jasmine: that attitude is why they are friends. it doesn’t equal that they are soulmates, madly in love, dating, meant for each other or any of the rest of it;
    there is no logic to not admitting it if they are a couple. Summit wouldn’t block it cause it would be awesome press for the movies. the whole ‘but he’s older’ hasn’t been an issue since she was 18 so that can’t be it. they have no privacy so that can’t be it. No comments from them or anyone that they are dating. and how is it when there’s all these rumors of them kissing and what not, no one has gotten a single photos. the tabs would pay a fortune for that shot. so where it is. no where, cause the photo op hasn’t been there.
    they are friends. period.
    folks need to stop thinking they are their characters.

  • athena

    Like yah, they are miles and miles apart….I doubt that she and Robert could be a couple anyway…can you imagine the fugly babies they’d have….LOL….I’m being snarky….I just wanted to use the word fugly in relation to Robert P.

  • bebe

    why do you think that way ? only friends.

    doesn’t mean to be rude but WOW how different is your thoughts to stated robsten is only friends. do you have some experience to have loads of time like private time, flying thousand miles away only with 1 friend to celebrates your b’day. i mean, does that sound very sad. i mean to have 1 friend only and do you have not have any other friend.

  • Lily

    LOL. I love it when celebrities that are suppose to be hooking up never even met.

  • huh

    this is a no brainer one.. totes ridic! however now the rumor that leighton is split with stan and ed split with jess.. i really wanna see leighton and ed hook up for real.. would be awesome.. i think…and drama comes alive…

  • nina

    They make a great couple! Js… They are both so hooot!!!

    I’m sorry but idgaf about Robsten.

  • elsa


    bahahaha omg are you 10? Ok kiddo, Rob is in no way ugly, you need to get your f**king eyes checked!

    I really like leighton, I’m sure Rob can do better than kstew.

  • Russian girl


    1. I’m not Twilight fan. I can’t stand Bella and Edward. So, please, i don’t need and believe with this “forever love blah blah blah”.
    2. I like Pattinson, Stewart and Jackson Rathbone. I think they are talented and interesting people.
    3. Anyone with brains, eyes and ears DOESN’T need a proof. I don’t need to see their kiss or something like that. I don’t care about tabloids with their shits. I simply can see farther than my nose. I trust only my eyes. So, it’s obviously that they are couple.

  • Alice

    hey guys, i’m from Hungary, and don’t worry, Rob and Kris are together. like together together xD:) Leighton is very beautiful, but i think this is not robs style :)

  • k_lola

    ohh noo!!!! its a pity!!!…….i mean they will be soooo cute together!!!!:(:(

  • karl

    i wish rob dating emilie de ravin, that would be so good and she is very hot and funny. kristen was happy with her ex michael. when i saw some pictures of her with michael she was open so free and so happy but with rob, she seems very sad and dark .

  • PrettyGirl456

    i was sooooooo pissed when I found out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but know its like you should never!!!!! ever!!!!!! trust stupid ass rumors cause we all know their fake!!!!!!

  • PrettyGirl4568888888

    hey!!!!!! there is no need to be mean!!!!! to Robert Pattinson!!!!! sorry but leighton meester is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hate her

  • PrettyGirl4568888888

    leighton is pretty but i think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make a really cute couple ROBSTEN!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Lil

    Gotta be honest, they would make a hot couple. But reality check, Rob is with Kristen and you Robsten fanatics better get away from checking their life every singe day while people who denies, well, keep your noses out of it okay, its weird denying a celebrity couple as it does shipping them.

  • Gracie

    Yeah I knew it wasn’t true only an idiot would think that robert dosn’t seem like a cheater.

  • mimi

    leighton is too good for him.

  • mellany

    Robert is WAAAAY out of her league

  • heleen- 100% TEAM EDWARD.

    Thank God !!! They don,t date :D

  • Registro de Marca

    Great couple!

  • deena

    Lighton who? what does she do?

  • GabO87

    @lucas: They are not together …Rob and kristen arent a pare… They are just good friends not more …Stop call them robsten ..I think he get in the future much better girlfriend as kristen stewart…
    I hate rumors and u guys should know it now…. Rob loves blonde hair girls with brown eyes …. So Hes dating another girl not kristen… sry ROBsten fans .-…

  • Stilladsudlejning

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  • Maria

    Robsten IS real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody who has eyes can notice it!!! Leighton is pretty but she is not with Rob… how did u come up with this???