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Nicole Kidman: Frozen Yogurt Sunday!

Nicole Kidman: Frozen Yogurt Sunday!

Nicole Kidman and her husband, country superstar Keith Urban, take their cute daughter Sunday Rose, 21 months, to pick up some sweet treatrs from Active Cultures Frozen Yogurt on Wednesday (April 14) in Studio City, Calif.

Nicole, 42, was also seen carrying Sunday‘s toy phone. Keith, 42, carried a carton of piping hot coffee, some other treats from Peet’s Coffee and Nicole‘s red purse. His shirt also reads, “Love Is My Religion.”

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  • shaar

    I wonder why is she never photographed w her other kids? The last time that happened seems years ago…

  • JJgal

    Her other kids are grown and they live with their dad. What about this don’t you understand. Your clueless comments are ridiculous

  • Anon

    She probably has time with her other kids when whatshisname allows it. Thank goodness she is free of that and found Keith. I think they are adorable together and Sunday Rose is a doll. She is getting so big!

  • ames

    So cute!

  • claudia

    she looks awful. i have a feeling this marriage won’t last.

  • kizbit

    Because Connor and Isabella go to the Scientology Center for all their schooling and I’m sure she isn’t allowed near the place. I love the lowkey lifestyle Keith and Nicole live. So refreshing!

  • Angelove

    Sunday is really pretty. Nicole looks so happy. :)

  • Wow

    Nicole please eat you are a beautiful women yor bony chest is not attractive and it ages you.

  • sweet

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I miss sunday so much!!!!!cute pie!!!!

    Sunday rose i love you !!!!!!

  • Liar

    Nicole is simply a mental mess.. I know them personally and know so many others that have worked for them. NK is a mind controlling Diva and keith is a classic Puppet! Good luck to you KU!

  • ted

    i dont know which one is uglier, the mom or the kid
    its a toss up

  • @LIAR

    what do you mean by “mind controlling DIVA”? details please!

  • Jamie

    speaking of things FROZEN, so is her FACE!!!!!!!!

    hahaha, I kid. I like Nicole!

  • shaar


    I’m more inclined to believe whoever said that their dad won’t allow it coz of scientology

  • Galey

    love this family. I know that they are very low key and nice to people. Sunday in my opinion is dressed like a little girl should be. You can tell her mom takes pains to fix her hair etc.

  • bebe

    what happen to nicole body ? tooooooooo skinny.

  • BeReal

    Nicole should try some soft wispy bangs. Not a lot, just a little. It would really soften her severe strained face. Do you think?


    Once and for ALL TIME:

    Kidman has aways shielded all of her children from the press and the public.

    Her children were raised from infancy in a completely private way. Kidman also stated in several interviews, when questioned, that when the children became teens they didn’t want their parents discussing them to the press and she respects their wishes.
    See youtube for numerous interviews whewre she responds she is not allowed to discuss her children to the Press.

    If only all parents were so careful and organized about avoiding the press.


    Perfect attire for a mum and her baby. Kidman is in a pretty Spring floral with classic cardigan, washed hair casually piled upon her head.

    Sunday Rose is dressed in pretty colorful age appropriate dress, little cardigan, and sturdy toddler sandals.

    If only all of America dressed so prettily for a visit to a strip mall.

  • KATE


    Wispy bangs???? !!!

    There is no such thing as bangs at all with curly hair.

    Further, who cares, she was stopping to buy her baby a frozen yogurt. Her make-up is on and they are dressed very cute. More than most mom’s bother to do for a quick trip.

  • @liar

    Sure you know them personally! Give it up. You don’t. Although I don’t know her I do know people who have worked with her and believe me their assessment of her is the opposite of yours. According to them she is a consummate professional and always knows her lines. She is kind to the crew, staff and other actors. She is temperamental like many artistic people, but in no way controlling.
    I highly doubt Keith would write the wonderful songs about her that he does if he didn’t genuinely love her. Nor would he give such great shout outs when he wins the awards he wins to her.
    Sounds to me that you’ve been reading blind vices by people who won’t put their name on them!

  • Beautiful woman

    Sunday looks like she is getting curly hair like Nicole. My girls wern’t born with curly hair but it turned curly as they got older. Now I wonder what causes hair to turn curly?

  • jaja

    LOVE Sunday’s curly hair!!!!! She is so adorable!!!!!!!
    This is quite a treat coz, Sunday Rose is rarely seen and
    I must admit I do miss her .

    Thanks to JJ and staff. Maraming Salamat po.

  • Eve

    Beautiful real family.

    That’s what pisses off the skeptics. They’ve been lying for 5 years and meanwhile we get pictures like these. May the Urbans continue to be blessed.

  • Emme

    Oh dear god woman EAT. Your bones growing up from your chest look hideous.

  • Eve

    @BeReal: She had bangs when she was blonde and wore her hair straight. Around 2004/05. Now it simply wouldn’t work.

  • pink

    Nicole is a habitual liar. She said she has never lived in California, yet she lived here with Tom and his older children. She said she carried that child, but she never looked pregnant.

    And she is pals with the worse Republican to ever embark on American soil, and take over the American media. Rupert Murdoch. And that is who Nicole hangs out with.

    I can’t stand her with her right-wing pale @ss.

  • brightside

    I noticed that too – her collar bone, ribcage and sternum are unusually pronounced and lumpy. It’s not an attractive look. Slender is fine but no one wants to see what’s under the skin, except perhaps in an anatomy class!

  • Pac Man

    He can’t allow or disallow anything, #3 and #6 and #14. He doesn’t have that kind of power.

    I’ve heard her talk about her kids in the press before though, #18. Albeit not very much at all.

    How did she not look pregnant, #27? She had a growing belly.

    Kidman has the right to be friends with whoever she feels like.

  • @pink

    I think what Nicole said is that she has never owned a home in California. She usually stayed with Naomi Watts when she visited her kids.
    Nicole is 5’11″ – so of course she didn’t have a burgeoning belly. She was in the birthing room with her mom, sister, Keith and friends. An awful lot of attendees for a “fake” birth. Furthermore if you suspect Antonia was a surrogate–well google pics from that time frame and you’ll find she was thin thru out the entire 9 months. Nicole was definitely pregnant.
    And as far as friends go–her ex-husband is a xenu member and BEST friends with the head of the cult who has been accused of physically and mentally abusing other cult members. Murdoch was also good friends with Tom at one point and many others.
    Kind of mean and small minded aren’t you?

  • Zoe

    Sunday looks more and more like Nicole. Same curly hair and skin color, same eyes and it looks like she’s going to be tall. She’s so cute…

  • Jimmy

    Frozen yogurt for a frozen face.

  • Zoe

    There’s nothing “frozen” about her face in those pictures. She looks really good. She and Keith are a beautiful couple.

  • -

    Rib cage queen…

  • seanna

    Sunday is a doll. Love her dress, very age appropriate, stylish and neat. For sure she will grow up to have the same fashion taste as her mom.

  • Bia

    So cute

  • Mike

    Nicole looks gorgeous!!!


    i love how normal she is.
    no bodyguards, just that hot hunk of a hubby (love the tats) and her lil’ raspberry angel.
    sunday is such a cutie. she reminds me of a victorian era baby.
    just precious :-)

    p.s. – nicole has ALWAYS been thin…rent ‘Dead Calm’ (excellent movie btw) if you don’t believe me.
    some broads are just 4 ever thin…let it go already.

  • juniper

    I like Nicole, although she is looking a bit too thin here. Her daughter is cute and she and Keith appear to be happy. It would be nice to see her with her older kids once and a while, on the other hand her older kids grew up with famous parents and may want to avoid places where they will be photographed.

  • sharylmj

    love, love, love this family.. they are so natural and have managed to be able to come and go and live without all the chaos. Sunday is growing up so fast!! She’s adorable! So glad that Keith and Nicole stuck it out through the hard times.. they look really happy! Keith Urban ROCKS!!

  • Nelson

    The kid is funny looking.

  • Charlotte

    That child is not cute at all.

  • dorma

    @pink: LMAO You do know Kidman doesn’t share Murdoch’s political beliefs. Don’t you have friends that don’t agree with you on everything?

    She’s always had a thin chest. Sorry. When a woman is carrying a child those muscles will be working. Get over it people.

  • eliza

    Sunday is adorable. She and the Jolie-Pitt twins are just about the same age. Hope they all continue to thrive surrounded by love.

  • bertha

    I love to see this family together, they look so happy.

  • love!!!

    Sunday is so beautiful! I love this family, so true.


    Keith is a father so present, that is so cute.

  • Galey

    Nicole is a liberal she donates to the democrat party. Her works with Unifem and the hospitals in Sidney and St. Judes are very admirable. She talks about being raised by very liberal parents who are great activists and taught their daughters about helping the less fortunate. Actions speak louder than words.

  • Correction


    Kidman has consistently donated only to Democratic candidates. It’s public record.

    However anyone who hates 5-% pf the world for being politically conservative is too ridiculous to contemplate.

  • sofia

    love this family