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Rachel Weisz to Play Jackie Kennedy

Rachel Weisz to Play Jackie Kennedy

Rachel Weisz is set to take on the iconic role of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in a new film!

The 40-year-old British actress would play the title role in Jackie, a project about the days following President John F. Kennedy‘s assassination.

Rachel‘s fiance, Darren Aronofsky, will direct and produce, according to EW.

Rachel and Darren last worked together in 2006′s The Fountain.

DO YOU THINK Rachel is a good choice for the role of Jackie O – YAY or NAY?

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  • ddlebg27


  • Kelli

    She certainly looks like her and has the talent to pull it off despite the nepotism working in this situation ;) Their collaboration in The Fountain was amazing tho so hopefully this will be just as good.

  • cece

    she is perfect for her, if shes amazing at this role she may get an oscar nom.

  • Catchy

    well, yeah, she definitely fits

  • Celia

    Best casting ever!!

  • J. Ryan

    i love rachel weiz… still kinda pissed she passed on the 3rd mummy movie but whatever, i actually didn’t watch it because i didn’t want to see anyone else play her part… but she should be amazing in this.

  • Josie

    I can definitely see Rachel playing Jackie, but since rachels eyes are blue and jackie’s eyes are brown that can be a problem actually even though it sounds silly.
    On film, colored contact lenses look very fake, and the eyes look like they lack emotions,( yes even with brown contact lenses)
    . Case in point, ‘the notebook’ ryan gooslings character had brown eyes so they had to put brown contact lenses on Ryan and his eyes looked dead.
    it is really annoying.
    I have no idea why they no one has made realistic looking colored contact lenses, especially since there are ways to make them look more “real” (by being hand painted etc) and i’m sure the studios can afford them. Anyways, it sounds like a small thing but it actually isn’t.

  • Jordy

    Gorgeous choice. She has the poise and beauty to play Jackie. I’m sure she would be thrilled to have such a wonderful actress playing her. Hopefully she gets an Oscar. I just know she will do phenomenal.

  • G

    @J. Ryan:

    The 3rd Mummy movie sucked, no one blames her for not doing it. As for this film, she’s perfect for the part.

    BTW, Saw her in Torondo last week and she was very kind.

  • helen

    no!! rachel is a talented actress for sure. but i am sick and tired of watching casting like this take place. jackie kennedy onassis was one of our first ladies. this part should be played by an american actress not british. i only hope that caroline kennedy does everything in her power to prevent this from taking place.

  • sillyme

    Perfect casting, I think. Who cares if she’s not American. How many times have we seen American actresses playing characters from other countries. I can’t think of any American actress who would be better than Rachel. And, I think Caroline will approve.

  • luke

    winona ryder would be better.and i care that shes not american.
    british peopel would freak out when sharon stone would play lady di

  • Catchy

    winona is too bleak for this role

  • Meghan

    Jackie Kennedy Onassis was and is one of the most iconic and respected women all of American History and it would be tough for ANYONE to jump into her shoes and portray her in a movie. Though i do not know very much about Rachel, I believe they could have maybe looked a little longer for other actress’s. I believe she got the part mostly because of her husband, not her talent, though i am not doubting it. LONG LIVE JACKIE.

  • miapocca

    I dont care who plays her..Rachel has very Jewish/Arab/me features…Jennifer Lover hewitt woulf have been my first pick..but I may be way off…or even Racel Bilson..some one younger and fresher who can evoke sadness..because jackie o was one sad women even in that white house…terrible husband she was saddles with..may have been a good president but he was no picnic as a family man..

  • yep

    perfect casting…

  • cool


    Well Jackie had very ethnic features and I believe that she had Spanish and French blood.

  • anastasiabiverhousen

    I think Rachel is the perfect actrice to play Jackie Kenedy

  • Jen

    I think Rachel Weisz is a great actress and I think she’ll be a great job as Jackie Kennedy

    By the way, Rachel has hazel eyes, not blue yes.

  • mslewis

    I think this is a total outrage!!! Jacqueline Kennedy is an American icon and she should be played on film by an American, not some barely know, skinny Brit!! This is a terrible choice and it will definitely be a bomb and deservedly so!! Ridiculous!!

  • Yolanda


    Rachel Weisz is an respected and talented actress, you should get out more if you don’t know who she is.

  • Courtney

    for one thing Hazel is a hybrid of brown blue and green Rachel doesn’t have the Joi de vie to play Jacqui Kennedy Marrion Cotillard would’ve been a better choice because as a previous poster pointed out Jacqui had french Blood and Marrion being french gives her an edge in getting deeper into Ms Kennedy Onassises Character Making a movie about the kennedy’s is always troublesome because they’re the closest thing America had to a royal family

  • anna

    i love it! they really look alike, except Weiss is obviously prettier..and she’s an amazing actress! It will def be a movie worth seeing!

  • Jo

    I think Kirstin Davis would be the best for this role, you know Charlotte from Sex and the City. Kirstin and Jackie looks like sisters!

    But, Rachel is a good choice too, just sayin that Kirstin would look more like Jackie!

  • Halli

    Good luck with that accent.

    Jeanne Tripplehorn was a great Jackie in Grey Gardens. She really looks like a late Jackie O. And don’t flame me, but I always thought Katie Holmes shared certain facial features with Jackie too.

  • faith87

    I first saw her in that movie the mummy. She is so pretty.

  • rebecca

    NAY…. they could of done better casting… ala Hilary Swank. She only got the job cause its her husbands movie….

  • Pete

    Great casting, Rachel Weisz is an fantastic actress and she would do the role justice.

  • miapocca

    I think she will be an okay jackie Onasis but not the best if they had open casting,,and JFK was a horrid husband and father..,,,bobby was always covering for his aldulterous behind.,..

  • she shall remain nameless

    YES!!!! She would do a great job. She can pull through with portraying a classic and iconic lady.

  • Lalique

    @Halli: *torching Halli* ;-) Facial features similarities aside, Katie Holmes is a horrible actress who would ruin any movie.

  • athena

    Yes, Rachel Weisz will be perfect for the role. She can exude grace, charisma and charm that Jackie Kennedy had.

  • Jimmy

    Doesn’t look like her at all.

  • me

    they should have gone with an unknown actor to play such a prominent personality – as i viewer i’ll be too aware of rachel playing jackie.

  • lindie

    wonderful choice! she’s amazing!

  • Encore presentation

    This sounds like a remake of the 1981 movie “Jacqueline Kennedy” starring Jaclyn Smith. I hate remakes. So unoriginal. Who will play Onassis?

  • Tom

    @luke: us british people would freakout if sharon stone would play lady di as she is such a bad actress!!! anyway i think rachel is a brilliant choice and not just cause i am british. she can act and would probably do better than most american actresses!!

  • Conor

    @Tom: i agree i think rachel would make the film do well elsewhere than the states as no one really knows who jackie o is anyway outside the almighty USA

  • ana

    she is great and it doesn´t matter she is not american….
    how many actors was played icons who were not from the country like they

  • luke

    @tom Sharon Stone>rachel weisz

  • Conor

    @luke: Sharon stone is a hideous actress, i use the word ‘actress’ loosely, and i’m sorry rachel weisz is far superior. (cough) Catwoman (cough) and at least rachel turns down bad sequals like mummy 3 (cough) basic instinct 2 (cough). I’m sorry but it’s true.

  • Tom

    @luke: Yeah sharon stone is just awful. she had some good films but what has she been up to recently. and those films she was basically being slutty. Rachel however, is gorgeous and looks as if she could play jackie perfectly. I think the academy awards would agree too.

  • Conor

    @luke: sharon stone can not act anymore. she peaked in the early nineties with slutty roles, hardly a stretch for her. rachel has an academy award for a film 5 years ago and time after time proves that she is one of the great actresses out there not only in england but in the world. so suck it haters.

  • anna

    to be perfectly honest, Jackie O is a terrible role model, puting up with the cheater husband, then marrying Onassis because of his money, she is typical golddiger, woman with no selfrecpect, and she is UGLY, inside out.

  • jaye

    ‘She looks like her?” Ya”ll must think all white people look alike lol. She’s pretty, but she doesn’t look like Jackie O, maybe with the make up on set she will. As for whether she’s the right person, I don’t know. I don’t even know why this movie has to be made.
    As for the Kennedy’s being American Royal, not so much. The only good thing about them were some of the women. The men, even their old man, were a bunch of crooks, liars and man-w*hores. Oh, that does describe some of the so called Royals lol.

  • thaty

    Who cares if she’s not american?

    She’s a fantastic actress. She’s elegant and classy, just like Jackie, and will do a great job.

    Forest Whitaker is not from Uganda, and did a great job in the last king of scotland, so did Morgan Freeman in Invctus.
    Cate Blanchett is australian and did an unforgettable Elisabeth! Nicole Kidman is also australian and was Virginia Wolf!

    You guys are being too xenophobic!!!!

  • Lalique

    @me: Not if the actress is good enough. Remember Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II? :-)

  • Taylor

    Maggie Gyllenhal. She would be the best.

  • Letha

    @Josie: Correction Rachels eyes are green

  • Elle


    Well, Katie Holmes will be playing Jackie O in the History Channel Mini-series, so maybe that will work better for your taste.