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Taylor Swift: New Album This Fall!

Taylor Swift: New Album This Fall!

Taylor Swift makes her debut as the modern “flapper” in the May 2010 issue of Vogue (Sarah Jessica Parker is on the cover).

The country crooner will move into her own place in Nashville soon, have a new album by fall, and turn 21 in December. Of her new home, Taylor says, “It’s not giant. I didn’t want to have to MapQuest to get to the kitchen.”

Swift also admits, “Looking back on what these past two years have been for me, it feels like this magical dream of, Really? We toured all over the world? We played an arena in London? This is happening? Readjusting my goals and dreams has been something I’ve had to do a lot lately.”

Bigger pics inside…

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Photos: Annie Leibovitz
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  • mary

    $5 to Taylor if the new album doesn’t have the words “prince”, “princess”, or “fairytale”

    The bet is on.

  • Talk Sense Girl

    Please Tell Me It Isn’t True!!!

  • Team Swiftie!

    Again, you lot prove my point – you people live to tear others down, and it’s sickening and needs to STOP. I’d rather listen to Taylor than someone who sings about sex all day long.

    Her new album will be amazing, so STFU haters and stop being such hateful idiots.

  • Team Swiftie!

    Taylor does not deserve the hate!

  • reddie

    i bet witcha @mary:
    but that only proves it’s her style… lookin forward for the album…

  • Eric

    It is almost funny how this talentless so-called singer tour all over the world and sell out records. Never underestimate the marketing campaigns of the record labels.

    Safe to say almost every contestant on the American Idol right now sings much better than Taylor.

  • carrie/taylor_fan

    is it just me???? or am i the only one that loves taylor swift !!…well me and the millions out there who will continue to love her…and support her…hate is so ugly…

  • mimo

    @Etic …and yet american idol conetstants bore me to death. Taylor Swift does not…and that is why she sells albums.

  • Anon

    Notice how Taylor always seems not to brag but she really is…..wonder if she learned how to sing somewhere along the way? write songs like a grown-up?

  • dundies

    if she falls in love, i swear we’ll never hear the end of it

  • David

    Truly, American Idol is warping the tastes of the public into thinking that pretty warbling is what makes an important artist. But what would you expect from a show whose guiding light is a British twit infamous for saying he can’t stand Bob Dylan? NOW he says he wants someone “who’s relevant “, like TAYLOR SWIFT or Gaga (no doubt realizing that the majority of AI’s “singing stars” ride the AI hype for their debut album then tail off into “non-relevance”).

    By contrast, Taylor’s first records began modestly, then just kept selling and selling. Taylor’s the WHOLE package. Maybe not the most powerhouse singer, but still a mesmerizing one who connects dynamically with her listeners … a songwriting prodigy who can write hit songs in 15 minutes … and one of the most electric performers in any genre. All without getting naked.

    What’s REALLY funny is how people jealous of her success will make up ridiculous fantasies to justify their criticism. Yes, she IS a PR machine .. NOW .. because she has become such a crossover phenomenon. But PR and marketing are not what MADE her successful! In fact, Swift may be the LEAST manufactured superstar since Springsteen.

    In the beginning, she had NO clout. No Disney machine. No AI machine (Talk about being made a star by some “marketing campaign” — there’s NOTHING like AI). Taylor didn’t even have a major label with other big names to get her airplay. Her label was brand new, barely had a staff, and she was it’s ONLY artist! Taylor is a throwback to the artists who made it because they had an absolute fervor about music and belief in their vision, people who went anywhere (fairs, open mikes) to get heard, and who knew they had to work, work and work to get their record on the air.

  • Chloe

    If you really dislike Taylor that much then why bother reading a story about her?

  • Amy

    @David: Amen to that. Taylor Swift rules. Just look at her album sales. It’s bigger than Beyonce, Gaga or Kanye West. You go girl!

  • mickey

    Oh great, another album of the same sappy songs about sitting in the bleachers wearing sneakers repeated over and over again with different titles to make people think she actually wrote 11 or 12 different songs. I can’t wait for her fans to grow up so that she can go away. Of course as I’m writing this one of her insipid songs is playing on the radio. Oy.

  • mickey


    Probably because it’s fun to write about how annoying her music is.

  • Ashley

    Give her some credit, maybe she’ll surprise you. I love both of her albums and if the third is half as good it’ll be fantastic.

  • Alexa

    god, i’m so OVER this girl. i used to be a fan and all, but she just bugs me now. and i kind of realized that she’s lacking in the vocal department. she’s nice, but nice doesn’t mean talented.

  • Lucy

    Yawn. She’s just hype and self-referentialism.
    Fake persona.
    Fake good image.
    Her so called sales just prove how dreadful taste is currently.
    She’s average at best, and a mediocre till hurtful live singer.
    She will fade soon.
    But she could model with that flat skinny body.
    Lots of make up though on her bloated funny face with no eyes.
    Otherwise wouldn’t work.

  • Bianca

    just because she is a gorgeous, talented, extremely talented and much more successful than you haters, doesn’t mean you have to insult her.
    Whatever you say will never bring her down, and it won’t stop her from being the amazing person that she is.

  • Robessed16

    Taylor is wonderful….waiting for her new album….i know its gonna be great!!!!!!!!!!Love you Taylor!!!!!Me from India………..

  • princesspea

    @Lucy: i bet youre not at all attractive then if youre actually going to dog on her appearace. she wont fade soon. youre an idiot and amen to the people who alrady said what i wanted to say, she had no pr, no hype, and a small start, she has acheived it all on her own, unlike any other female performer

  • princesspea

    @mimo: amen!! american idol stars are all so dull and all the same im so glad you brought that up, yeah they have good voices, but no excitement

  • chrisy

    OK For all of yall thinking that Taylor Sings Horrible you don’t really know what singing is! My Friend Went to one of her concerts and she said she sounded JUST like her cd!! I am VERY VERY Happy For Taylor and CAN’t WAIT Till her new cd! Yeah Atleast she doesn’t cuss or sing about sex in her songs Like all those other singers! I am sooo getting her new cd so she can keep on making more! And I can’t wait for what she has in for us! Yall probably don’t like country songs, if you don’t then, dont listen to it. and she won’t fade away, she is amazing singer and I love her. how would you like it if you were her and girls were writeing about you like this??? and I am very glad that she writes her own songs, becuz why sing about a heartbreak and it never happend?? and Carrie Underwood and Kelly clarkson is like the only from American idol that has had great sucess so far. So you guys can stick to your word whatever! us Taylor swift fans will stay true fans!

  • Anna

    Just because Taylor isn’t “edgy” or dangerous and she doesn’t sing a word about sex, drugs, or any of the other BS that everyone else feels they need to, that doesn’t mean that she’s some insignificant “PR machine”. Her songs are relatable, and just because they happen to appeal to a younger female audience, that doesn’t mean that they’re shallow.

    As for her voice, I mean I’m not saying she can belt it out like Christina, but that doesn’t mean she can’t sing. Somewhere along the line we lost respect for sweet, melodic voices, like Taylor’s. Maybe she can’t hold ridiculous notes or sing with power, but she sings quite well.

    Love it or Hate it, Taylor has appeal that we haven’t seen in a while. As opposed to her counterparts she does not feel the need to change herself in order to “evolve” as an artist. She doesn’t need drugs, alcohol, partying, or anything else. Just because she’s a “good girl” who clearly works her butt off, that doesn’t mean that she’s fake or that her music is juvenile. It’s just her style, and if you don’t like it then leave it alone and listen to what you like.

  • taylorswiftfan!!!

    people come on! dont be rude… shes a hell of a better role model than miley cyrus! and she sings about real life stuff and isnt afraid to talk about her life! so people u dont have to listen to her if u dont like her & just dont read articles about her if ur gonna be haters!

  • Samm

    @carrie/taylor_fan: I back u up! she’s an amazing singer, so pretty and great performer. love her and will continue to for the forseable future :D

  • Speak Now

    I love Taylor Swift. She is amazing. I was 12 yrs old when she started and have been a fan ever since. I was never a fan of Disney or any other junk like that. I love country music, which is how I learned about Taylor Swift. She had a very small label, and she would spend all day mailing out her singles to different radio stations, they had no funiture or anything. Then she became a hit. If you listen to her voice it is in a way like the old time female country singers. June Carter, Patsy Cline, they all had the imperfections in their voices. Also, with those imperfections live, prove that she has the guts to acctually sing instead of using playback.