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Adam Lambert on American Idol: Whataya Want from Me?!

Adam Lambert on American Idol: Whataya Want from Me?!

Adam Lambert shines in a studded blazer on American Idol on Wednesday (April 14) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old Idol vet performed his current single “Whataya Want from Me” from his album, For Your Entertainment. The glam rocker put on quite a show with lots of awesome laser effects. Check it out below —

The day before, Adam gave advice to this year’s Idol contestants as the musical mentor for the Elvis-themed week.

Adam Lambert on American Idol: Whataya Want from Me?!
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Photos: Frank Micelotta/FOX
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  • uuu

    O MY GOSH! Adam Lambert is phenomenon! PERFECT PERFORMANCE! I simply have no words to express my admiration..

  • Jory

    Love Him So Much <3 No one can Rock that stage or any stage like him, he is the real deal period.

  • Catttt

    He was kickass, and the lasers were awesome! And family friendly, so there!

    He gave good advice too – too bad not all the contestants took the advice.

  • Why what how?

    What is the appeal of this guy?
    I just do not understand it?
    Pitchy voice, crappy song.
    It’s like 8 year olds are running the music industry now.

  • Rocker_Girl

    Adam did a professional and brilliant performance. And so cute, he brought his own laser show:-) His vocals were spot on, loved the opening and way he changed it up… He just announced today on the radio that his tour this summer will be called “The Glam Nation Tour”. Can’t wait to see him live again in concert!

  • MusicLover

    @Why what how?:

    Obviously you are deaf and blind, so I will forgive you.
    Adam Lambert is the best thing to hit the entertainment world in my lifetime. So fresh, talented, never and I repeat never pitchy. Acoustic version of this song is to die for. Obviously it will go platinum, so many people love this song and Adam.

  • Linda

    According to an EW reporter who was sitting in the audience as amazing as the performance was on TV it was even better live!! He said the lasers were 3D – which doesn’t show on your TV. He said the sound was amazing too! Wish I was there!! He said the audience went nuts. That it was deafining in there!

  • clarisonic

    I just watched him on American Idol and he was great! He really is unique and something different.

  • Lil

    The best performance of WWFM evah! Can’t wait to see him this summer… again! Best performer, entertainer since Freddie Mercury? Michael Jackson? Time will tell, but at the moment, no living singer can hold candle to him. I bow down to you, Master Adam!

  • Castorella

    Well, obviously, not everyone’s going to like it and that is fine. For those of us who don’t listen to the Biebers, Ke$has, Susan Boyles, JoBros, Nicklebacks, Underwoods, the whole R&B and hip-hop section of the music industry, there’s Adam Lambert. Isn’t it great to have so many options in music? :)

    To me personally, that was a very Lambertesque performance. Hair-rising vocals, stunning visuals, exhilarating showmanship, very interesting arrangement, adrenaline-charged energy. Its a litte rough gravely at times but holy crap. A-

  • mary

    How can you NOT like Adam Lambert!!! He has great vocals….Is a Great Entertainer and so down to earth!!

  • Lambert Lust

    absolutely phenomenal! Adam is a musical genius that always continues to amaze and impress! i was completely floored after his performance and i’m still trying to come to terms with what my eyes witnessed and my brain is still processing!!!

  • marie jane

    Adam Lambert’s performance on Idol last was one of the best live performance I’ve seen in a long while. The voice was perfection and the visual effects were amazing. Definitely going to his Glamnation Concerts!

  • Cate

    Last night, Adam Lambert showed the idol contestants and everyone HOW IT IS DONE. Like Ryan said, that was a performance. No matter how many times Adam performs a song, he changes it to make it interesting and new. And the lasers, and the fog, and the swirling vortex… you would have to be dead not to get excited about that visual explosion of awesomeness. I cannot wait for his Glam Nation tour!!!!

  • JustSayin

    I have always heard that being in the audience to hear an Idol’s performance live is way better than the TV version. That said, anyone who thought Adam was pitchy must be listening to too much electronic sound effects on the radio cuz the man can sing like nobody’s business and last night he absolutely rocked. This guy might be too much for some, but many can’t get enough of his fierce energy. Absolutely amazing!

  • Rebecca

    I can understand that some people may not like how Adam Lambert looks (we all have our preferences), and I can understand that some people may not like how Adam Lambert sings (we all have our musical tastes), but I do not understand how someone can listen to Adam Lambert speak and think he is anything other than kind, humble, fun, intelligent, and confident. Seems like a genuinely good person to me, so I am constantly appalled by the level of hatred some people have toward another human being.

  • mickey

    I want him to stop singing that annoying song.

  • Christiana


    BRAVO! I share your sentiments. I guess it is easier to hate than to love. Such a waste of energy though, which by the way haters, is filled with negative repercussions when life comes full circle, and bites a person on the butt with the same measure of hatefulness. Such a pity people have nothing better to do with their time.

  • cc

    Middle-aged and older women in the audience went crazy for Adam.

  • Laurie

    Adam’s performance on Idol last night was unf—ing believable! There is NO ONE in the music industry who can match his vocal range, charisma, and creative genius. He is so exciting to watch, and never sings a song the same way. Just another magical peformance proving that he should’ve won AI last season. And he has got to be the most gorgeous man on this planet! I can’t wait for his upcoming summer tour!

  • grace

    I like Adam and was looking forward to hearing him sing. I did not care for the laser show – you could hardly see him and that’s part of his appeal. Also, I felt he screamed this version just a bit much. I think if people were seeing him perform for the first time, they might care to see him again.

  • valerie

    @Why what how?: my guess is that you have a problem of hearing, ?

  • missed it

    Did he shove his crotch in any one’s face again?

  • Lem

    @Linda: Thanks for this little tidbit – interesting to know!

  • valerie

    @mickey: his new single is coming very soon :)

  • valerie

    @missed it: why don’t you watch the video and check it out. Maybe you’d form an informed opinion.

  • Jay

    This performance was pure wizardry!! Adam was spectacular. If you don’t like his music that is fine, but to say he can’t sing – please, you look like a fool.

  • Jay

    @mickey: It is his single, it is still selling and rising on the charts so he is gonna sing it. Have you not noticed that is how the music business work??? Release a single let it ride as far and high as it will go and in 4 to 6 months release a new one, Adam’s single is only 3 months old and almost platinum.

  • Pandora

    Adam is swoon worthy. I think we’re going to run out of adjectives to describe him because what more can be said? This guy is the complete package. He so deserves his success. It’s bizarre (and speaks volumes, but hey, we won’t go there!) when he’s referred to as “runner up”.

  • sillyme

    It was just okay. Geez, are people really all that impressed just by someone throwing a laser in their performance and shouting through a song?

    On the other hand, I think Adam did a great job mentoring. One of the best mentors the show has had. He gave some really good advice that, I think, enhanced the performances (if they listened to them). He looked like my Aunt Meg sitting next to Ryan, though, LOL! He reminds me so much of Blake, who also seems to be a big pudgy.

  • Lily

    sigh sigh sigh… Someone wrote that Adam seemed almost in tears during the song: Was it because of the reminiscence of the AMA performance ? because of the extra smoke on stage ? because of the lack of attention of the season 9 contestants to Adam’s suggestions ? Or maybe because his Glamband was hidden behind the smoke ? At least the drummer had lights at the end of the drumsticks… so it was a bit visible… Or was he just reminiscent of the song he sang at the finals last year :” a change is gonna come”…

  • kms

    @sillyme – your username says it all. Apparently you missed the entire acapella opening.

  • Keri

    love love loved it!

  • kiah

    Holy wtf was that??? This guy better win this season or I’m calling bull$hit.

  • marisa

    i love him SO much! words cannot possibly describe. i cannot wait until his next single, i’m sure i’ll buy it as well

  • Margaret

    Is it true Adam will be touring old folks homes this summer?

  • theb

    hey why what now..

    why – this generation needs an artist who can actually SING
    what – the talent skill and desire to perform music is in him
    how – adam is secure with himself first and that translates into genuine enjoyment and he GLOWS with enthusiasm not anger like most of the more recent pop “stars”

    who lately can really sing??? Adam Lambert can!!!

  • anne

    Love love the performances!

  • R

    Last night Adam shone like a well polished diamond. Hope he has a long and extremely successful career! That, and I met him in California back a few years ago – he really is THAT sweet – and a bit shy…and one heck of a singer!

  • goldfrapp

    Def. not the best song live but he is just bada$s. :)

  • Jupiter

    “Adam took to the stage, delivering by miles the best live guest perf I’ve seen on an Idol results show ever in the history of awesome.”-EWeekly

  • erm

    @Margaret: Huh?

  • Jermaine

    @Margaret: your insults would work better if they actually stemmed from somewhere. dude has one of the most diverse fanbases, so your ‘jokes’ make no sense. where do they come from even?

  • nosey

    OMG…I have not seen anything like this since Michael Jackson’s “Killer”…or whatever the name was.

    Adam has it all! True talent and a GREAT entertainer!

  • Adam Screams

    Does anyone watch Idol anymore?——- It’s over

  • Penelope

    Wow, that was…AMAZING. :O

  • BFLashes

    Some people still don’t get it, do they. Adam LOVES being polarizing. He could have effortlessly performed WWFM acoustically but he chose not to. Adam really does enjoy and take pride in the fact that some of his choices are completely polarizing – he walks the line, lives on the edge often. Q: ‘How would you describe Adam Lambert – the performer?’ “Well. Onstage me is basically offstage me – exaggerated for effect. If I live my life at 100%, I live at 200% on the stage. Hmmm…..for the most part, my style is not easily digestable; it’s not easy-listening or mass-pleasing, I definitely prefer it this way! lol. Glam rock to me, is first and foremost a good time. Glamrock embodies freedom of expression with satirical, ironic, ridiculous, fun, silly tongue in cheek humor, as well as ethereal and other escapism. I’m drawn to all these ideals, have been for a long time. I live my life to these principles, and try to surround myself with positive people who all share a certain spirit for life. We’ve progressed a lot over the years, but our society today is still pretty uptight, and so fearful. We don’t party enough. People were so care-free back then, everyone was partying in the ’70s and ’80s, loving on each other. JOY. That’s what we’re about at the end of the day. If I can provide a bit of entertainment, escapism, joy for someone even just for a few minutes, I’ve done my job, I’m fulfilled.

    And, if I’m going to be honest, I don’t believe you’re making Good Art if you’re not taking risks, if a lot of people just…like you, or are indifferent to you” [thankfully Legends - proper well respected bigname legends who are now friends and fans of his, agree. They agree and respect him, and enjoy him] “You’re performing in a way that’s been performed before. It’s awesome if you’re comfortable with that – but for me personally, I get the most thrill by taking risks – it’s risky but it’s EXCITING, y’know? *grins* I am a very ‘in the moment’ type person, tend to live my life by the seat of my pants, I do like living on the edge I won’t lie. A lot of the time onstage I’m the same way. I’ll make a decision on the spot and it’s obviously risky but – exciting. (Interviewer cuts in: ‘So THAT is your secret to being an unpredictable, refreshing, exciting performer!’) “Aw, well, thank you. You know what the thing is? Even if I’ve rehearsed a song dry, it never sounds the same live, not once. Ever LOL. Sometimes the changes are more drastic…sometimes the adrenaline takes over and you get carried away – in the best way possible, that’s my belief. You only live once, you may as well LIVE. The band are the same actually. We all like to live by the seat of our pants so to speak, onstage and offstage. Last week we decided to perform a cover – Mad World as a surprise for the fans at a private gig in Sydney – but we hadn’t rehearsed it, not once. We changed the tempo – sped it up and stripped it acoustic on the spot. None of us had played that version before but LP and Monte started jamming while I improvised, it sounded like a song, instead of an unrehearsed jam. It was filmed and it turned out to be a fan favorite. Living in the moment is the most fun, it’s an amazing feeling.”

    I thought his performance last night was AWESOMESAUCE. The only weak parts were the ending where his register got shouty/strained but overall, it was an Epic performance. And he made an EPIC mentor. Nothing but love \m/

  • -___-


  • honestly

    @cc You dummy you could hear and see all of the young girls screaming and trying to touch him. Why are you so jealous? YOU LOSER!!!

  • Vincent

    @mickey We want you to shut up and stop your annoying comments.
    You troll.