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Catherine Zeta-Jones Bares All for 'Allure'

Catherine Zeta-Jones Bares All for 'Allure'

Catherine Zeta-Jones poses nude in the May 2010 issue of Allure magazine, on newsstands Tuesday (April 20).

“That’s when your dancing days and being in theater pay off,” the 40-year-old actress said of her sexy photoshoot. “When you’re doing a quick change, you don’t give a s— who sees you.”

Catherine also speaks to the mag in a revealing interview in the May issue.

Bigger pic inside (be aware it’s not safe for work)…

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Photos: Michael Thompson
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  • gabs


  • juana
  • janelle

    She looks good but what’s up with 40+ women taking off their clothes? I’m not a prude I just find it strange.

  • Ilia

    Yeah, I’d f u c k her!

  • tim

    she got fake boobs
    what a shame!

  • Catherine is beautiful

    Do not make comments about someone’s age. Many women in their
    forties are much more beautiful than any 25 year old woman.

  • sara


    because she is a show off like many others. i respect actresses doing nudity scenes in movies when it’s important for the plot. but these above, well, she just want to show she still can deliver it. it’s so lame…

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @janelle: Because past 40, movie execs look to younger girls to cast as their female leads and make the horny boys squirm in their seats. Posing naked is these women’s way of saying “Hey, look at me I’m still hot and people still want me, cast me, not Miley Cyrus!”

  • lexy hates bilson

    Please CZJ is NOT worried about losing roles to Miley Cyrus. This woman is the complete package! Brains, Beauty and Talent! She’s posing naked tastefully as opposed to some of these younger celebs who look like hookers! I think she and others just like to remind HW that you don’t have to be 17 to still be hot!!

  • Poop

    40 my a$$! she was 40 like 6 years ago!

  • Lalique


  • luke

    photoshop at is best :)

  • Nice

    She looks good no matter what age she is. There are younger women who will never look like this…ever

  • cheryl

    Hasn’t she been 40 for A LONG TIME?

  • idani


    Well Heidi Pratt Spencer (whatever she is calling herself) is certainly trying! LOL

  • Britt

    Catharine Zeta Jones is up there for most beautiful woman. Next to Angelina of course. She’s gorgeous, who cares if she is 40? I’m 17 and I don’t think beauty has an age limit. As long as you have good genes and take care of yourself you will be attractive.

  • Bab

    I think she looks great, but magazines do a disservice when they photoshop the hill out of these women.

  • Buy A Brain


    No wonder you’re 17, it really shows. How dumb are you – “As long as you have good genes…” What if you don’t have good genes? What then? Youth today is so shallow and full of it, I swear.

  • Piratess

    Hilarious that CZJ and her publicity lackeys think they can still claim she’s “40″. LOLOLOLOL She’s been 40 for how long now? I would feel like an idiot trying to shave 2-3 years off my age every year and expecting everyone around me to believe my ever-decreasing age.

    Accept it, CZJ — you’re getting OLDER, just like everyone else in the world.


    @lexy hates bilson:

  • You are WRONG

    Excuse me but if you are a fan of Catherine you would know she is
    forty and her next birthday is September 2010.

  • mf

    Katherine looks great. Very sexy and all woman which is far more sexier than some skeletal 19 year old.
    Society needs to get a grip already on the women and age thing.

    Look at Helen Mirren…..she’ll be 65 this year and she’s very sexy and beautiful. Actually I think she’s hot!

  • yodarike

    Beautiful !

  • ??????

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: Which seems desperate. The woman has an Oscar, a family, and tons of money. Why should she have to drop kit to prove her worth as an actress? It’s an act of desperation for attention. She should be above that.

  • El enhebrador

    Una hembra seductora y dueña orgullosa de unas pequeñas teticas, algo flácidas pero bonitas y de una cola incitadora a cabalgarla y depositar, suavemente y con delicadeza, el elixir vital, en sus lascivas profundidades, en un grandioso coito que se sublima en un pleno orgasmo simultáneo.