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Gisele Bundchen: Nature Calls!

Gisele Bundchen: Nature Calls!

Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady arrive at LAX airport with their son Benjamin Brady, 4 months, on Monday (April 12).

Earlier this week in Paris, Gisele had a bit to say while promoting Ipanema: “Nature is very close to my heart, and it is important for me that people who buy my flip-flops are made aware of the environment. I am very inspired by nature and like to use that for my ideas, but actually designing them – no way. I would be a disaster.”

FYI: Gisele is traveling with a luxurious Rimowa “Topas” titanium luggage set.

10+ pictures of Gisele Bundchen at the airport…

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gisele bundchen nature 01
gisele bundchen nature 02
gisele bundchen nature 03
gisele bundchen nature 04
gisele bundchen nature 05
gisele bundchen nature 06
gisele bundchen nature 07
gisele bundchen nature 08
gisele bundchen nature 09
gisele bundchen nature 10
gisele bundchen nature 11
gisele bundchen nature 12
gisele bundchen nature 13

Credit: Gerallt/Keola; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Jamie

    There is nothing beautiful about this woman’s face.

  • Jamie

    There is nothing beautiful about this woman’s face.

  • Nic

    I love how she never wears tons of mkae-up, always so natural and gorgeous, waht a stunning woman she is, so lucky. And it seems she is totally at ease in the new role, being a mom.

  • zaraaaa

    if you were to see her on the street you wouldn’t be like “Damn she’s the most beautiful woman in the world”….she diff. and she photographs well. And Tom Brady why didn’t you spend that amount of time with your first child….you dsuche bage!

  • lisali

    They are the sweetest family..I love pictures of them!!

  • ace11

    i would drink her dirty bath water

  • anonymous

    They’re a beautiful family. I live in Boston and saw Gisele in person once, she lookseven more stunning in real- and she had no make-up on either.
    Benjamin is adorable, hope we get to see more pics of his cutie face soon.

  • gtd

    well I think she is really naturally pretty! great bone structure and cheekbones to die for. of course every woman is more beautiful with some makeup! duh. but I give her props for being confident enough to not wear any when she does errands. shows you she is not a stuck up into herself celebrity. love her more for that

  • pammy

    so adorable to see her so happy.

  • tomandgisele

    tom and gisele most beautiful couple alive

  • nose

    look at that honker of a nose please please give me a freaking break there is nothing hot about this woman at all nothing shes lucky shes 6 ft tall otherwise she would still be in brazil flipping hamburgers fugly and tom brady god will punish you for not seeing your other son what goes around comes back around he will grow up to hate his father good i hope he doe he deserves it

  • ohgeez

    haters spare us the info of why you hate her. do your chubby little fat fingers a favor please. xoxo

  • la beak

    what the heck look at that nose????????????

  • la beak

    what the heck look at that nose????????????

  • crapola

    gisele knows she has a bigger nose, she doesnt mind. she is beautiful and confident. to me its not that big either

  • honker

    giselle is known as the sl-t of nyc and they hate her in boston cause shes bad luck for brady hasnt won since he met her karma go see your other kid douche bag

  • honker

    giselle is known as the sl-t of nyc and they hate her in boston cause shes bad luck for brady hasnt won since he met her karma go see your other kid douche bag

  • ugly

    there is nothing pretty about this girl at all and furthermore shes a nasty b—– all the models that worked with her said it and its true honk honk honk honk

  • ugly

    there is nothing pretty about this girl at all and furthermore shes a nasty b—– all the models that worked with her said it and its true honk honk honk honk

  • ben

    name me one woman who looks beautiful with out makeup? I mean come on, sure they can look ok or nice, but no woman looks better without makeup than they do with it, TRUST ME….unless you are 16, over mmm 23/24 you need some extra help. I think she looks just fine. a natural type beauty

  • oh god

    the same non english speaker double poster multi name nut case is here stalking gisele again?? get a life

  • raja

    stunning couple

  • wow

    wow she has more comments already than jlo,ryan philipe,alexis bledel,keira knightly,and all the others (except angelina) haters or lovers, it dont matter she’s a superstar.

  • @20

    ok i will i live in NYC downtown not to far away from where gisele lived in her town house you can believe what you want but this is true alot of celebs and models lived downtown as well and if not they will come to shop have dinner or hang out i saw giselle on a weekly basis and i am tellling you she is not a naturally pretty girl she is very tall and very skinny and has a model look but she is not pretty now ive seen adriana lima im sure you know who she is i actually sat next to her in a little cafe she was with a friens and so was i the girl had no makeup on as a girl i know this nothing her beautfil brunette hair was pulled back in a ponytail it was summer she was wearing white jeand and a white tank top everyone man woman was looking at her she has the most amazing eyes i ever saw they almost look aqua her lips she is drop dead naturally gorgeous and i also saw alessandra ambrosio alot no makeup maybe lip gloss naturally gorgeous i can go on and on from living here in NYC i have neothing against giselle shes a great runway model used to be but naturally pretty no sir noway

  • @ oh god

    @21 listen we kow who you are stinky go take a shower or dod something with your hair we all know youre pathetic and sick go get a life if its possible

  • jennie

    i live in nyc too i also saw giselle in a club she is not beautiful shes very tall and thin but she does have a big nose and she just not pretty there are soooooooo many other girls non models that are so much prettier then her her height and being thin made her a model thats it i mean come on look at her nose

  • blahblah

    why do adriana,alessandra,bar fans care so much about gisele? gisele fans could care less about them. so good you like them and? I happen to think ale has a horse teeth mouth and aneroxic looking and adriana was pretty years ago. so shut up. you dont see pap pics of them very often, im sure if you did we would see them looking less than pretty too once in a while

  • danny

    haha i wouldnt do her with a bottle of vodka in me give me adriana lima and i will shes the hottest VS model

  • crazyperson

    you wish you saw gisele in real life, keep dreaming! read twitter sitings of her. nothing but nice words. you are a joke little girl. go play with your voo doo dolls somemore. no one says you have to think gisele is pretty or you have to like her, but then why the F*** is your ass constantly stalking her? lol go stare at adriana and alessandra pictures if you love them so damn much. GOD!

  • @ idiot

    @ 27 dont tell me to shut up looser you have no idea what youre talking about horse teeth go get some glasses its obvious youre obsessed with giselle so keep dreaming she looks like big bird from sesame street hahahahahahah with a bigger nose and you know it

  • camera

    lol crazy people. first of all. men dont post here. quit pretending to be one danny LMAO> only girls love to gossip and hate on other women. (well unless you are gay guy of course) and jennie, you are the same non english speaker with a mustache. we get your point. go somewhere then.

  • abs


    and im sure if you dont look like tom brady or leo she wouldn’t do your ass either LMFAOOOOOOOO

  • haliar


    ha caught in a lie right there. gisele doesnt go to clubs. LMAO

  • @crazyperson 29

    you can believe what you want i dont care you sound like an child and an immature little boy or girl that is obsessed with giselle and i didnt say i love anybody i said what i think of their looks my opinion now go take a pix of giselle and go jerkoff and if youre a girl go play with yourself cause youre an obsessed sick pathetic big bird lover honker honker honker shes a do face deal with it

  • anonymous

    I love how there’s an Adriana Lima fan here who feels the need to write 20 posts under different names comparing the two.
    Honey, you like Adriana more, some people like Gisele more. There is no rivalry or competition. Please get a life.

  • Chelsea

    you dont have to like Gisele, but I bet some wish you had her great life and pay check! lol Im sure most other models do too

  • @33


  • Chelsea


    and honey im sure you werent allowed to get into the clubs gisele could get into because you have to be thin,rich and beautiful to get into those kind of clubs supermodels get into. you cant be a fat piggy nobody who sits on their computers all day LMAO.

    adriana lima fans need to get over their hate for gisele. its so old. no one cares.

  • GUEST @35

    @35 listen im to smart for you i know exactly who you are you are posting as other names your a poor pathetic loose typing away day and night on your computer well guess what i have a life and yes im going to walk my dog downtown in NYC where i live so go play with yourself thinkinking of the HONKER BIG BIRD FROM SESAME STREET HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HOPE HER KID HAS HE NOSE SHES A SL-T AND A WH-RE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT HAVE A NICE DAY LOOSE NAPPY HAIR AHOLE

  • cc

    like one model, like 10 models who cares quit always comparing them. there is no competition, in fact most of them are good friends so shut up. they would probably be appalled to have fans like you who always bash their model friends. but no worries im sure models dont visit a trash site like jj. they actually have lives lol.



  • chelsea

    aww seems I have struck a nerve with you. you have to scream at me in caps. truth does piss people off sometimes, cant blame ya.

    and you are imnofan and notfamous and prolly 10 other alias. I can tell in your bad english. every person who cant speak english well in america is usually disgusting and hairy looking so now wonder you sound so hateful

  • ANNA


  • lol

    every girl who says Gisele is ugly are 10000 times worse so I wonder what they think of themselves everyday then? lol trust me, Ive seen them and they are so average looking its not even funny. no wonder they hate! pretty people arent haters. its the ugly/average,short,chubby bitter people who are so miserable all the time. lol

  • alias

    youre all sick giselle is ugly she has a big nose who doesnt see this is blind on no no im not the other person she just has a big nose and is not naturally pretty deal with it

  • alias

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    I can you you if you want and show some of her haters from various websites, if youd like? im sure they would be pretty embarassed…lol

  • jilley

    herr sister has the same honker hahahaha

  • lol

    jill her sister isnt in the pics lol. oh so youre another secret gisele hater/detective/stalker??? ahh I see.

  • danny

    yes im a guy and i despise giselle she ruined bradys career shes bad luck for him first broke his knee and ankle wont ever win with her around and hes a deadbeat dad to his other kid he s-cks big time and giselle is a ugly sl-t with a huge nose yes i do hate her and i wont loose any sleep over it her time is coming