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Kate Gosselin: Waterworks Woman

Kate Gosselin: Waterworks Woman

Kate Gosselin sheds a few tears as she fires back at her brother Kevin and sister-in-law Jodi‘s complaints to child labor officials. (They claim that their nieces and nephews were exploited during the filming of TLC’s now canceled series Jon and Kate Plus 8.)

The 34-year-old Dancing with the Stars mom was asked if she feels betrayed by her brother. Kate told Inside Edition, “I do actually because he has four children of his own…Spending time in court and gallivanting to New York to complain about me…couldn’t he be at home with his kids?”

Kate continues, “He knows the truth. And they’ve made a lot of money going out and complaining about us… I guess the money has run out because they are out complaining again. The truth is I haven’t allowed them to see my kids in two years.”

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  • sunaqua

    for pete’s sake, will you stop with all the tears kate—this is really getting old. go. home.

  • helen

    i don’t know what the truth here is but kevin may have made a tatical mistake. if child labor officials rule in favor of his sister then kevin will not only have lost his relationship with his sister; he will also most likely lose contact with her children. you can pretty much guarantee that after this kate will never allow kevin anywhere near them.

  • Leslie

    I really wish this woman would go away. I understand her point about having to make money to support her kids but does that mean she has to be on just about every news magazine show as well.

  • Wow

    Blah blah blah Kate… stop your whining and going to every media outlet to talk about your private life with the whole world. Kate is getting paid too…off her children!

  • jessica

    As much as I hate Kate — her brother needs to back off.


    Loathsome vile woman.

    No personality, not one feminine virtue.

    Crocodile tears or rather she only crys tears of self-pity.

    A true narcissist.

  • Raquelle

    stupid kate. i respect her as a mother, but that’s it. this kate that wants a fame can just go away. besides, this is the 485745394th time she’s cried in front of the camera. if you can’t handle rumors, trash talking, and the harsh media, then you shouldn’t be striving for fame. go away.

  • Kat

    I saw her on CNN, quote, ” Being a celebrity is THE ONLY way I can help my children”. As if the poor woman has only one alternative and we should all commiserate with her poor fate.


    Millions of people have eight children, none become media whores.

    The money spent on her cosmetic procedures, tanning, fake nails, airfare, THREE nanny’s, fake teeth, Fake boob, and stomach could pay for one child for years.

    She beleives her own sheet.

  • Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    You haven’t been home all WEEK, Kate you lying skank!

  • Liar, liar, pants on fire!


    Her brother is doing the right thing, don’t believe a word of BS that Kate says. Her brother and Aunt Jodi didn’t get paid for that hearing!

  • childadvocate

    Kevin and Jodi were ASKED to speak at the hearing. Besides, they have been working with Gloria Alred for some time trying to get child labor laws passed for children in reality tv.
    Kevin didn’t betray his sister. Go back and watch the footage on Youtube of the potty training, cameras in the kids’ bedrooms (in the Andrews house not the new house).
    Oddly enough, Kate made it a point to say in season 5 that cameras are not allowed in bedrooms but she had no problem filming her children prior to the labor investigation.

  • Liz

    @helen: Her friends and family have learned that if you don’t do what SHE wants you to do, she WILL take the kids away from you. Bottom line is she’s a bitch.

  • jaye

    The child labor division has already found that the kids should have had a work permit, but didn’t. They are not filing charges on that; which is the least of her problems. I can understand that she has to be financially responsible for these kids, since Jon obviously is not. But what bothers me is that even if Kate has a show which will more than take care of herself and the kids, she won’t be happy with that. Eventually she will spend more and more time away from her children, making excuses that she is doing it for them. Having a show with her kids is not the same as spending time with them, she doesn’t seem to know this. With the camera crews directing their moves it can hardly be called quality time with the kids. Kate has gotten the taste of celebrity in her mouth, although she formerly claimed not to be one, and I don’t see her spitting it out. She is controlling and manipulative and everything she says should be taken with a grain of salt.
    As for her relationship with her family, she doesn’t have one and hasn’t had a relationship with most of them for many years. Estranged from ALL of her family ( if she doesn’t have a relationship with them neither do her kids) and no friends, except the bodyguard and his family ? Something is stinky in Denmark.
    I don’t think she lost the few friends that she had because of the paparazzi, but because she became too full of herself. Most people who have met her has this opinion of her, how many can be THAT wrong? If it weren’t for her kids, no one would be interested in her now. Let her complain about her brother making money off of them; she has personally made a lot of money off of those kids. Besides the money, she gets a lot of freebies; you think she paid for that whacked $20,000 weave job??? The stylist should be embarrassed to even claim it as a $20,000 job. Who does she think she is, Jennifer Aniston?! Sheesh.

  • Liz

    Kate you KNOW you’re lying. You are nothing but a celebrity wannabe scumbag. So much for spending time with your kids, huh. Who are you trying to convince that you NEED to work FOR THE KIDS because Jon’s $21,000 a month child support isn’t enough. You make me sick.

  • :)

    It’s unfortunate that there are 8 young and innocent people involved in all of this mess.

  • Ashlie

    Funny how she says her brother should be home with HIS kids yet she hasn’t been home all week with HERS! Pot meet kettle.

  • lucas

    @helen: she already doesn’t.

    but here’s another question. Kate why aren’t you at home with your kids. who was taking care of them when you were filming DWTS, and the Today Show. Who is going to care for them when you are going off to do this new TLC show. Being a mother is more than making money

  • Yay Kate!

    I support you. Don’t listen to this board of dumbos. You are the mother of the eight children-not them. I know you love your kids. Your relatives are SNAKES! Shame on them for trying to drag you to court. Judge Judy would point the finger at them most certainly. Good people don’t do stuff like this to family members — unless there is a REAL problem. You’re not abusing your kids. You’re not a bad mom. This child labor stuff is just a way for your relatives to stay in the news because they are jealous of you too. They want your money like a lot of people do. Your brother will get his — lying scums! Keep your head up. God knows the truth. Keep positive and shake off the negative. You will be fine, girl! Oodles of blessings flowing your way!


    Kate tells lie after lie, but no one ever calls her on it. She claims to spend only three days a week away from her children. That’s FACTUALLY inacurrate.

    She’s so caught up in the celebrity game that she has forgotten how to mother the eight small children that have made her a household name. If she truly loved her children, she’d find a way to spend time with them.

    Every time this woman opens her mouth, out comes another lie.

  • Venom

    She is a disgusting fake and a fraud and a famewhore.
    I really wish she would go away.

  • Lisa2

    The whole story is just sad. I don’t know what to believe, but I do know Kate loves her kids. I think that she is a strong person and I feel bad for her at times, because I think Jon is basically useless. I think she knows she has to do whatever she can to provide for her family. I do think the kids enjoyed having the film crew around and I think the kids actually were entertained when they were there. I think many parents today ignore the kids and use the TV as a babysitter. I think the show provided structure and gave them opertunities that would never have happened if it wasn’t for the show. All the trips and perks they got were a blessing and I miss not seeing the new adventures of them growing into their own indviduals.

    Kate is so right about Jon, he is only in this for himself and needs to grow up and start providing not only for his kids, but for himself. Instead of him looking for the next woman in his life, he needs to get a JOB! If he has to take a job beneath what he thinks he can offer, so what! It’s still better than what he is doing now which is NOTHING!

  • Payson

    Over on DWTS they are picking songs for khate to dance to this week—-CRY ME A RIVER would be good!!!


    My God you are a grown woman,stop all the crying BS,we’re sick of it .Go home have your own pity party but PLEASE don’t invite me.I’m sick of you FAKE tears.As Jon said when the cops were called “She statrted the water works for them but it didn’t work”.The whole world knows you can cry,but that’s all you can do,Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janeth

    More I hear about this waste of space the more I dislike her…. Go away, you bitc*. Go take care of your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sallyo

    is it the botox that makes her face so expressionless? even when shes crying its hardly moves.

  • to childadvocate

    you are right, but that’s not the point here. if, at the end of it all, the powers that be rule that children were not exploited then any relationship that existed between kate and her brother will be over. period; end of discussion. kate will never forgive him and never allow him to see the children ever again. kevin will lose all contact with kate’s children. that is quite the price to pay for possibly being right.

  • Wow


    Jon cant get a job because TLC is restricting him doing so! Yet, Kate can go to every magazine and cry “Poor me” and go on DWTS, interviews, etc! Talk about unfair! Kate gets 20K a month in child support from Jon ! Im sure many “single moms” can only wish that they would get 20K a month. Kate and the children are hardly starving!

  • katrina

    Talk about hypocrisy, he’s off “galivanting?” And what does she think she’s doing?

  • bela

    Poor Kate!!!! ……. Her mansion (Paid by TLC!), free gourmet chefs, 3 nannies, 70,000 car and 7K hair extensions, donated clothes for the kids, childrens school tuition (paid by the state of Pennsylvania), her $400 shoes, etc………………..I think we should take up a collection for this poverty stricken woman!!!!!

  • lisa

    I enjoy watching every moment of Kate’s life tortured by those she mistreated in the past. It’s just wonderful to watch.

  • Neorules2112

    would love to spray my man juice all over her face .

  • mickey

    She needs to get a job and take care of her kids. Oh…wait…I forgot…she can’t do that because it would take too much time away from her ability to become famous. These people who have litters of children just to get rich and be famous are the scum of the earth.

  • Liv

    What on earth did she do to her lips?

  • oh, stfu kate!

    Your bro and wife are trying to get PA to pass laws to protect children in reality shows like every state should; that is a good thing. Geez, you have to bawl and whine about every thing. Surprised she didn’t beg for money or freebies.
    Kate doesn’t want to give up her fame-wh.oring, her lifestyle or trying to become a star. She doesn’t want to work like normal large families do, sorry ass sap.

  • Problem Solved

    Get your asz home, wipe some butt and make a few sangwiches

  • cry baby manipulator k8

    Kate was jealous because people were saying Jodi was a better mother than Kate. She couldn’t handle that. Beth was a better mother than Kate. Kate is a damn narcissist monster mom.

  • Uncle Kevin

    ” They fed the kids with a bottle hanging from the microphone boom”

  • idani

    What has she done with all the money she has earned from the show, her appearances, her book(s), and DWTS??? I reckon it has to be several million if not MUCH MUCH more.

    Does she not know how to save? One would think both she and Jon would have healthy savings account already in existence for each child and wouldn’t have needed the state of PA to mandate that this happens.

    One would think, since she brags about being responsible for the kids, that she would have saved a healthy portion of the earnings for a “rainy” day.

    But it appears she wants fame more than she wants a “normal” life.

  • Aunt Jodi

    ” They fed the children prunes in order to “move along” the potty training scenes.”

  • flo

    I think this chick is certifiable she is a bigger fantasist than Heather Mills!

  • cry baby manipulator k8

    I want to go to Nobu’s! I wanna go to Nobu’s! Let’s go to Nobu’s! Kate Gosselin on her book tours with Steve Neild.

  • so???

    Anyone else getting 800-570…..calls from the PA area when you post something? Hmm, Kate???

  • so???

    So Kate, you said Kevin used to always take the blame for you when you were little….why is that? You said it like you were shocked he still isn’t taking your blame or would dare go against you. Why do you always blame others or expect them to take your share of the blame or responsibility? Why do you “cut people out” when they don’t do it “your way” or provide what you want? Isn’t that selfish and narcissist? Are these people your supply sources to be used up and discarded?
    One day, the Gosselin 8 will realize that many cared about them, didn’t want to see them seen like zoo animals or to make money off of them—and cared about their well-being—mind, body and soul. (didn’t sell their souls and privacy to the public or write it in “love letters” for a few bucks)
    The STATE of PA do your part and protect all children in reality. ALL 50 states should do so, children should not be exploited in reality shows.

  • Goober81

    If the only way to take care of your kids is to be a fame whore maybe you could just drop the fame part of that and save us all the trouble of looking at you.

  • steve


    (I suspect this is probably whats going to happen to her “career” anyways)

  • AVR

    Anyone who believes this stupid b.itch and her fake tears needs to be checked into a mental hospital.

    Vote this b.itch off DWTS’s. Let her go home and mother that liter she hatched.



  • Lisa2

    @Wow: wow… from my understanding, Jon hasn’t been paying any child support and is behind in his payments. I think that 20,000 is a bit steep, but I just don’t like the way Jon has handled any of this. He could have gone back to school when they were together. Kate kept asking him what he wanted to do, but he never would tell her. Even though he has a contract with TLC, he was always stating he didn’t like the cameras, so what type of job was he wanting to get? He never said what kind of job he wants to have. He just makes excuses. I know lots of people here don’t like Kate, but I think she at least knows that she has to provide for her family. She has written books and done speaking engagements. She can be a bit harsh, and she does take control, but I look at it as good thing since she has so many mouths to feed. I really respect all the hard work she has gone though. It must not be easy walking in her shoes. Watching her dance in her shoes is a whole other topic! LOL….

  • Yay Kate!

    Keep ignoring the douchebags, Kate. They are all bitter teen mothers who don’t have any money or the father of their babies. You are a good mother, and one day you will be a great wife again to the right man.

  • Uncle Kevin

    “They put No-Doz in the kiddies milk so they could film all night”
    “When the kids wouldn’t stand still for a shot they would nail their shoes to the floor”

  • iFellytone

    She’s not ASKING to be at the centre of attention on this one, I don’t get why you guys are bashing her.

    I would, too, be devastated if my brother tried to have my kids taken away from me.

    But I still don’t like her