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Kristin Kreuk: Ditched for 'Hitched'

Kristin Kreuk: Ditched for 'Hitched'

Kristin Kreuk will not take the female lead role in CBS’ comedy pilot, Hitched.

The part is now said to be played by My Secret Girlfriend actress Sara Fletcher, according to Deadline.

Hitched tells the story of a newlywed couple (Fletcher and Jack Carpenter) learning to deal with their family and friends while still learning about each other.

The Hitched pilot was co-written by Matt Miller and Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, Chuck, The O.C.).

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  • Josie

    WTF? what happened?!

  • Melu

    Oh no!! Kristin is a great actress, I think they made a mistake taking her off the lead role WTH the producers were thinking???

  • ganymede30324

    I hope something better came up.

  • j

    im pissed now. i was looking forward to watching her again. w/e, i hope she gets a better series that isnt on CBS

  • Kristen

    This show sounds a lot like “18 to Life”.

  • daniela

    I was really looking forward to watch KK again in a new series, damn it! Not gonna watch it now that KK isn’t on it. Oh well…

  • Lilly

    I’ve read some comments/rumours that the team behind the pilot was not happy with KK and her “acting”.

    She is a gorgeous woman, no doubt about that, but IMO not much of an actress, so not really surprised that she got replaced. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet though. Good luck to her whatever she does next.

  • lexy hates bilson

    this show isn’t starting off on the right foot! Maybe Josh should stick to teen dramas! Or get his BFF Rachel back – LOL!!!

  • Sally

    I was so looking forward to this. Granted, who knows if this show even gets picked up lol But seriously, I wanted to see KK so badly gracing my tv screen again…she is awesome! Boooooo!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ouch, burn! oh well the show isn’y going to last long anyways. doesn’t matter who’s in it.

  • mike

    THIS SUCKS .oh i now i won`t be watching it anymore,Kreuk ROCKS!

  • mike

    KK is a great actress,she got many praised for her performance on CHUCK,partition,and smallville.

  • Halli


  • RobstenFAN

    WTF ! this is crap, shit, Kristin is AMAZINNNG, i LOOVE her, she deservees a role … ill wont watch this crap anymore, without Kristin is shit !

  • Stephanie


    Kristin Kreuk is talented actress . Her performing on Chuck was amazing. The ratings went up when she was on the show. Even Zachary Levi said Kristin Kreuk is amazing actress during his interview

  • mike

    I hope this fans outrage will bite CBS in the end.

  • megawatch

    I am not watching Ditched. CBS you are an idiot. She brings in the fans and the ratings you dumba**.

  • lilly

    I hope this show FAILS now!

    Kristin is better than this ish.

  • Me

    OMG what an idiot!! The producers are making a big mistake pulling of Kristin Kreuk. She was really great on Chuck. What the hell are they thinking? The show is going down without Kristin K!!!

  • Sae

    How stupid. Kristen is talented, gorgeous and has a fanbase. Who is Sara Fletcher? They ditched Kristen for a stereotypical blonde sitcom girl? Way to be creative, CBS.

  • Kate

    This was a major blow. I was gonna watch it just cause of her.

    And Eugene Levy who is playing the dad, CAN NOT have a child that is blonde. Doesn’t make freaking sense. Sure the mom can be blonde, but it’s way over the line that the dad is brunette and tan and expect a blonde-blue child. Or maybe this chick will have her hair dye.


  • babygirl

    I’m disappointed. WTF are the producers thinking?!

  • ella

    Noooo, bring back Kristin !
    Who the heck is Sara Fletcher ?

  • Venom

    I love Kristin.
    Put her back on Chuck.
    She is gorgeous and great.

  • lisa

    I wouldn’t say Kristin is not a good actress but not everyone can do comedy either. They also may have changed something with the character and Kristen was no longer the right choice. It happens and doesn’t say anything bad about her in the least. And just maybe Kristin got the offer of a movie she really wanted to do so hopefully it all works out for the best for her.

  • Jared

    Kristin is funny,i watched her on Chcuk and Eurotrip.This Blows.
    Noone gonna watched the damn pilot if it aired on TV,people already boycotting this early on.
    KK is the only reason they got interested in first place

  • Ashlee

    Kristin is the only reason this series is getting the amount of buzz it’s been getting since her casting.

    Lets be honest, would justjared posted about Sara Fletcher casting if it wasn’t because she was replacing Kristin? Ugh, NO.

    Who’s this Sara Fletcher actress and what’s “My Secret Girlfriend”?

  • Donny

    If KK`s out,so am i.I hope to see her in movies soon.

  • Kate


    Nvm. eugene isn’t playing the dad. Kurtwood Smith is.

    Still so sad Kristin is gone:( They can’t seem to make up their mind who the girl was gonna be. First Mandy Moore, than Rachel Bilson, Kristin Kreuk, and now this! Geez!

  • mickey

    I think Kristin is a pretty good actress, but if I’m not mistaken this is 3 camera comedy and that takes a very specific kind of acting. It’s much broader than naturalistic, which probably didn’t suit Kristin as well. The girl in the picture looks like she is tailor made for that kind of comedy. I don’t think it’s because she got a better offer–if she signed a contract–she can’t just go, “Nevermind.” I truly think it’s the type of acting required from her didn’t turn out to be such great fit and the showrunners or the network canned her. I thought it was kind of strange that she was chosen for that role anyway. She doesn’t strike me as a “slapstick” kind of actor.

  • Zack

    No Kreuk No Hitched for me.
    Lost KK,then it`s a Guarantee they`ll lose viewers if it gets picked up.Period.

  • capri

    I’m joining the overwhelming majority here that’s going to “ditch” the show before its gets “hitched”.

    I’m thinking that KK was let go not because she couldn’t hack sit-com acting… maybe there was just no ‘spark’ between her and the lead actor, so they were not convincing as a married couple…

  • Pete

    That`s it im no longer hooked if kreuk`s out


    Now I will not be able to tell the difference between that sitcom and any other sitcom on CBS. Is there a CBS sitcom with anything other than 20-something year old blonds?

    Just looked up: Yes, one show out of seven. Julia Louis-Dreyfess…but of course, two of the other main characters are 20-something year old blonds.

  • Ashlee

    @bEN fRANKLIN:

    That’s true, Hitched would had really stood out if they had Kristin, since she doesn’t look like the norm for CBS… which now clicks even more as to why she was replaced by whatsherface.

  • megawatch

    CBS is stupid, replacing a big fat unknown for Kristin Kreuk. Kristin brings in the viewers, the ratings and now Hitched is Ditched.

  • bob

    I don’t think CBS is all that worried about the backlash as KK has about twelve fans all of whom are posting here. This fact was proven by the laughable and tragic results of her most recent movie. At one time she was easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but things change and we all get older. Now the facts, as a stand alone actress she is obviously not funny as no named actress would be pulled from a series this late in the process unless she was dreadful.

  • someone

    bob, you fuc|<ing blow. oh, and you’re a pu88y too.

  • Marty

    Maybe, KK is too gorgeous for the leading man that she would definitely outshine him. Good luck to her–I”m sure something better is out there for her.

  • mayra

    i hope kk is on a tv show soon I miss her :( she was so pretty and sweet in smallville.

  • jason

    Sara fletcher is also flat XD Kristin is prettier…maybe she did not want that role anymore?
    Comment by carso — Sunday February 26, 2012 @ 5:13am PST Reply to this post

    @ bob, kristin still looks 19, thanx to her asian blood XD Western teenagers have wrinkles and looks 15 years older due to their origin, asians look young. U must be really jelous lol.
    I am half asian too, my mum is 43 but looks like she’s in her 20′s. While my friend’s mothers look old.
    Comment by Carso — Sunday February 26, 2012 @ 5:17am PST Reply to this post

    Sara flecther has wrinkles on her big ass forehead, her bangs are covering up(bet when she’s in her late 20′s she’ll look like 38, unless she use botox, much make up or whatever hollywood likes, and trust me it will go quick, just a short time and she looks old). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many males(including me) fins Kristin prettier cuz she is naturally beautiful and kind and gracefull. Luvz from french polynesia.

    *lol, the comments are taken from some other site, funny and true ;)
    At least KK did not play in that shitty comedy full of assholes and shit. KK deserves better. Exept that pic does not do her justice! She looks prettier than that, a not so photogenic pic of KK!