Vanessa Hudgens: Yum Yum Yogurt!

Vanessa Hudgens: Yum Yum Yogurt!

A fresh faced Vanessa Hudgens picks up a cup of frozen yogurt to go in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 14).

The 21-year-old actress, who sported a cute flowery romper and a long cardigan, had just come from her parents’ place in North Hollywood before grabbing a snack.

Yesterday, Vanessa was spotted waiting for a ride from boyfriend Zac Efron‘s place. Love the leopard print look!

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vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 01
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 02
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 03
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 04
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 05
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 06
vanessa hudgens frozen yogurt floral romper 07

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  • mouth breather

    that looks dirty

  • Carol

    Beautiful even without make up

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …disgusting. she’s getting fat.

  • sj

    aww the photographer guy said she had food poisoning

  • coco

    She naturally has nice legs… hate her!!!! I wish mine looked like that without working out!

  • http://justjared shantel

    She does’t look to good in those pictures.

  • sj

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: what a stupid thing to say. She’s probably not even a size 2

  • Josephine

    she looks gorgeous! i love her hair.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I love the hypocrisy: big-ass crucifix, and dress that stops just short of her twat… Yup, my type of girl!

  • Venom

    Yum Yum Yogurt is right ;)

  • kgg

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: FYI, that is a romper she has on, not a dress and she is sick with food poisoning, for God’s sake…be nice, you nerd.

  • sara_lavoi

    a amy winehouse look a like :D lmao….
    don’t like her boyfriend, her hsm, her clothes, her flicks..

    next please!

  • kgg

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: You are such a negative person….did your mom not hug you enough when you were growing up? If you can’t say something nice, then shut the hell up.

  • Joyce

    love her…simply beuatiful!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @kgg: my mom died giving birth to me, so no she didn’t. ahahahahahahaaa.. the octor hugged me though. i still remember it like it was yesterday, she has nice booobies. ahahahahahahahaaa.. can you hug me? are your nice?!? =]

  • kgg

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: You are one sick sad person. Go back in the corner and suck your thumb like the baby you are.

  • Dreads

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: LMAO @ the big ass crucifix HA! I don’t like her but I do like her raven black long flowy hair and her cool style. …..but yeah, that doesn’t mean I like her.

  • kgg

    @sara_lavoi: Well she must be interesting enough to draw your attention to this thread. I know it was hard to make yourself click on Vanessa’s name and post that negative comment. Next!

  • http://google BARBARA

    The haters don’t have a clue, these pictures were taken yesturday, before she change her clothes at Zac, she really had bad food poisoning,that is why she was eating yogert, it is good for the digesive system. She went to Zac’s to get ready for a interview with Larry Carrroll, Beastly promo (MTV) he said just interviewed Vanessa Hudgens, despite wicked – bad food poisioning. She did the whole shoot and she is really sweet! I Admire her, because she was so sick, she still went and did the interviiew. What a classly girl she is .All you haters are absolute WIMPS!!!! I know you would of cancel out.Buy the the way you haters are cold hearted and what comes around will come around to you! You make me sick.

  • ZAC


  • sara_lavoi

    thx kgg´, i’m bored and i don’t like V. so…. your “baby” looks like she has to throw up hehe . maybe she is pregers hahaha. i’m still waiting for baby v and efron split :)

  • Janeth

    She isn’t so pretty without makeup. Yikes! But I love the way she dresses.

  • kgg

    @sara_lavoi: Read comment #19, please. She had food poisoning and that is why she looks a little peaked. All in all, she still looks good for being so sick.

    BTW, thanks Barbara #19 for the info. on Vanessa…too bad many people on here won’t read it – their loss.

  • sara_lavoi

    @Dreads, “raven black long flowy hair” LMAO :D thx that’s so funny :D

  • Rosa

    if she has food poisoning why is she eating ice cream?

  • anon.

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: How would you feel if someone said you were getting fat. Just because she is a celebrity it doesn’t mean you have to be a bitch about it.

  • sara_lavoi

    “A fresh faced Vanessa Hudgens …….”
    :D i can laugh all the time. thanks :) and she’s wearing a ugly romper :D
    It’s enough for me, bye.. I’ll be back

  • Andy

    Seriously hot legs!

  • hunny

    @BARBARA: Thank you for that info. That was really cool of her to do that. Having just recovered from a bout of food poisoning myself, I’m not sure I could do what she did while sick. Classy and gorgeous lady.

  • Malia

    Wonder if she got food poisoning from eating at Nobu? Fish can be sometimes be the culprit. And she and Zac have been spotted at Nobu a lot lately.

  • nathalia

    same patient
    and tired appearance
    vanessa can be lovely

  • gabs

    …ummm…Pants??? Did she forget???

  • Malia

    I see there is ONE mean, nasty, uneducated little girl on this thread who HATES herself. And she is trying desperately to make herself feel better by making mean comments about Vanessa.

    But we all know those degrading comments reflect right back on you. What you say about Vanessa is exactly how you feel about yourself. You are showing your lack of self esteem. When you don’t like yourself, you don’t have the ability to like others.

  • ellen

    Poor thing looks awful. Should have stayed home in bed with her bf.

  • Darche

    Don’t know who she is but she is very blah.

  • go sox

    The fact that she was sick, and still went through with her commitment for the photoshoot and interview, tells you the kind of work ethic this young woman has, as well as the comment from Larry about how sweet she is. Love that.

  • cosmos

    Aww – I hope she feels better today. I had it a couple years ago during the spinach recall. She’s a trooper to still be able to fulfill her committments especially when you feel so aweful.

    @ Rosa – it’s not ice-cream it’s yogurt which helps your stomach. It’s probably one of the only things that she could keep down. Just my thought as that’s what I ate.

    @gabs – do you need glasses? No offense but honestly how can you not see she is wearing a romper.

    As for those who type vile and hateful things I don’t even know what to say anymore aside from completly agreeing with Malia’s comment. It’s called Karma whether you believe in it or not your words and actions do come back to you. Grow up, learn some manners and learn what respect, kindness, positivity really are. Your lives will be better for it.

  • Kirreii


    Haha, you seriously make me laugh because despite you saying how boring she is and how much you hate her, you still spend your free time on her thread. Wow, what a life you have, huh?

    Yeah, sure, state your opinion and whatever, but spending your time on here dissing her just makes you a naive disrespectful whiner. Did your family forget to teach you manners or something?

  • espy
  • Soni Hannigan

    I think Vanessa looks perfect. In fact I have always thought she looked better without makeup. As for feeling sick, for me crackers and 7-up or sweet sourdough bread and 7-up works for me. But Vanessa has always been a die hard performer and if she signed up to do an interview than she keeps the appointment. And fi anyone looks closely they can see she is wearing a shorts romper outfit.

  • Sam


  • Britt

    I think she looks cute in spite of being sick. I’m sure the haters don’t look like that when there sick. Leave her alone!

  • http://j ivanka

    beautiful even without make up

  • zara

    she looks sad and sick

  • ME

    what hapen with Vanessa loooks so bad

  • WILL


  • BOJI

    For those of you posting nasty uncalled for remarks here, take some time to reflect upon your words. Feel it like it was directed at you and how you would feel, got it? Just remember that nastiness exuding from you brings bad vibes to you. Think well of others and you will feel the difference.Trust me, if you don’t like the person on this thread just skip it and seek out your favourite celebrity.

    Vanessa looks rather pale here, as the thread said she probably just recovered from her illness. Yoghurt is not something you should eat however, after a bout of food poisoning. Hope, she’s over it by now.

  • aNA


  • mykamicks

    An evil mind always think nasty things. So sad then that there are people loves to remain that way..

  • Kirreii

    Also, to add to my last comment, I agree that she doesn’t look her best in these pictures, but I know that I certainly don’t look good when I’m sick, so it’s normal that she’s not looking 100%. She is human. Keep in mind you haters out there that she might be looking pale because of her sickness, not because she’s not wearing makeup etc…