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Ke$ha: SNL Skit with Ryan Phillippe?

Ke$ha: SNL Skit with Ryan Phillippe?

Ke$ha is ready to rock the house as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this Saturday (April 17), but now the 23-year-old singer is saying she’d like to perform in a sketch, too!

K$ told MTV News she’d like to appear with host Ryan Phillippe in a sketch. “We bonded,” she said. “That would be ideal [to star in a sketch together] – I hope that happens!”

As for what her own ideas for sketches are, K$ shared, “someone recently told me I smell like shrimp in a diaper, so I thought I could do a perfume skit about me with my eau de parfum being a shrimp in a diaper. It’s very sensual,” she joked.

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Credit: Sam Hendrick; Photos: MTV News
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  • Kelly

    ugh I can’t believe this piece of sh*t is performing on SNL

  • victoria

    she’s so annoying!

  • nativenyker

    Seriously, SNL has gone to the dogs.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Infamous

    I wish Kesha would go away!!

    TheInfamousLife. com

  • s

    this trash needs to be kicked back to the curb where she belongs. it pisses me off that anyone can get famous nowadays. and i guess she really DOESN’T shower [just how she looks] – it’s pretty bad if someone tells you to your face you smell like shrimp in a diaper. freaking disgusting.

  • kablamo

    It’s not shrimp in a diaper, its sh*t, dum dum. No one is surprised either, she looks like she smells bad.

  • Naty

    she is disgusting!
    I too wish she would go away!
    and whatever happens to snl?? before it was this big thing if a band or a singer made to snl… now days any piece- of- crap- 15 minutes -of- fame- one- hit- wonder can make it there!!!!

  • Nome

    Why does Just Jared constantly promote this Lady Gaga Wannabe/Copycat in Ke$ha? Enough Already!!!

  • eeee

    Jared PLEASE, you don’t have to write of any little move Kesha does. I think you promote her too much. As I said, write more about Gaga! She did a great performance of Telephone in Japan today, you should post that :/

  • Adriana

    I don’t get it. Why do writers always include the girl’s age and not the guy’s age??? “Kesha, 23…”….”Madonna…51″, “Halle Berry, 43…”….Yet they never mention the age of the guy. Why is that?

  • Eloise

    We met her in Sydney and she was so charming. She made us all crack up even though was the guest. She is super funny and fun. Honestly, she was spirited and bubbly and a bit brash and candid —- but just overall completely charming and endearing. She self-depreciates and knows exactly who she is – as a songwriter and as a person, and is very honest and very sarcastic but it works when you spend a day with her, she is hilarious and totally genuine. Her songs Hungover and Animal are gorgeous, they’ll make you cry if you’re in that mood. By the way in case anyone is actually wondering, she smelt gorgeous I kid you not. Her hair is so bright and soft and wavy and lovely in person. She is pretty in real life. I trashtalked about her a few months back but after meeting her, I’d feel like a d*** to do the same now, we all totally warmed to her. Keep doin’ your thing girl.

  • Eloise

    EDIT: even though *she* was the guest.

  • BECK

    all these internet hater trolls saying “she is disgusting!!!” can I ask WHY? where did the shower comments come from in the first place?? there are so many people who ACTUALLY look unclean and dirty, kesha actually looks cute unless she’s onstage sweating it out. why is it some people find it hard to deal with the fact that she has more swagger than your average girl, more than you? she’s a tomboy cutie let her be herself.
    she has become a target of attack, that is not okay. just let me say this. imagine if you were a girl as young as her making music and instead getting trashed and trashed and trashed by everyone. everywhere you looked there were nasty comments about you. gaga fans first started haaaating her when tik tok prevented bad romance from getting the top spot – that’s the buyer’s doing!! when people buy something in mass it goes to no.1 one how the heck can you hate her for that?!!! : [ then britney fans haaaated her because they thought kesha hates britney – NOT true!!! she has mad love for her. she co-wrote a song at the age of 13/14 where the lyrics said nothing lasts forever, not rappers, not pop princesses, nothing – only Styrofoam and that’s manmade. then bieber fans flipped out when she said justin is so adorable and little she wants to push him around in a pushchair – she actually meant it, it wasn’t a diss, she would have actually gotten a pushchair and driven him around in it for pure silly fun. kesha is like the girl next door, the girl in your class, your friend…that becomes famous, and doesn’t quite know how she’s supposed to ‘behave’, act like a proper ‘celebrity’ that’s why her fans love her so much, she is REAL and endearing. she’s not fame affected, she says whatever is on her mind just like we all do with our families and friends. she was on the red carpet a few months ago and they interviewed her and she had no idea what she was supposed to do, all these girls were posing and she’s just standing there in her pretty dress looking so nervous, making conversation with the cameracrew so she wouldn’t have to face the actual cameras. this truthfulness is a new thing in music, maybe you guys are uncomfortable with that but some of us find it refreshing. the last time you had that sort of candor and ‘scandalous’ personality just for not biting your tongue and playing the fake part of public perfectied princess, was ages back when we had rocknroll people saying all sorts of sh!ite. am i comparing kesha to rocknrollers noo way but do you get what i mean? there are plenty of people who deserve hate, she is not one of them. the class-less comments don’t make you any classier. it’s like saying “what a racist *racist word”. please, have some respect. she’s just living her life. she’s written over 500 songs ever since she started first writing. she’s finally making her break.

  • BiotSavart

    The reason people hate on Kesha is because she seems really full of herself. I disagree that she seems real. The girl puts makeup on in the shape of stars. There is nothing accessible about that. There’s also nothing accessible about someone saying, “Well, I was going to go to Columbia, but I decided instead to become famous.” That’s not exactly humble.

  • Tim


  • @Tim

    @Tim: WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    @BiotSavart: I swear Americans don’t have a sense of humour. Because that quote is hilarious. Honest and hilarious. I can see her smiling as she said it.

  • TLDR

    @BECK: Ehhh personally I just find her annoying and obnoxious. Obnoxious in that “I’m hot” type way when in reality she’s more or less talent-less, and has zero star appeal and zero stage presence. And obnoxious in that typically childish way. She’s embarrassing, if she were my friend I’d tell her to grow up. Then again, I prob. wouldn’t be friends with her IRL. God, can you imagine bringing her home to meet your mom lol?

  • Keshaluver

    Hahaha I’m laffin @ u guys cuz keshas amazing and my ppl who’ve actually met her all sez she smells good :) I wanna freaking hang out with chick!!! O n she Loox like 1 of my cuss n acts lyk her sister… She dnt know her dad… POSSIBILITY!!!!! Lol small chances but still :p