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Matt Bomer is White Suit Sexy

Matt Bomer is White Suit Sexy

Matt Bomer is heralded as one of Hollywood’s five hottest men in VMAN‘s upcoming issue #18, on stands April 20th.

“My role model is Paul Newman,” the 32-year-old White Collar hunk shares. “For me, he embodied what it means to be successful at this. You can believe him as the romantic leading man, or he can be Cool Hand Lukeā€”he can have the grit. I like characters who aren’t perfect, that’s what’s fun for me to play as an actor: the imperfections, the shadows.”

FYI: Matt is wearing a Gucci suit, Boss Black sweater and Shamballa Jewels bracelets.

Bigger pics inside…

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matt bomer white suit 01
matt bomer white suit 02

Credit: Benjamin Sturgill (Styling); Photos: Doug Inglish
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  • Katra

    Matt is so damned hot!

  • nohemy

    He is such a cutie. Great actor. and his show is amazeballs!

  • sussy

    this man is so hadsome!!!hot.

  • dots

    I literally gasped out loud when I saw this!

    HOLY HELL THAT MAN IS GORGEOUS! That shoot is beyond beautiful!

    Thank you so much Jared, for Matt! More please!! :D

  • RPattzSUCKS

    Another mediocre actor getting roles based more on his ‘looks’ then his alleged talent.

  • Ava

    Could this man get any hotter! Love the white suit and the hair.

  • Ava

    Bomer is perfect in White Collar, he owns that role.

  • Ay papi!

    Naked Ricky Martin and Matt Bomer in a white suit – so much hotness today !


    Open your shallow eyes this idiot is a DOUCHEnozzle. He LEFT his girlfriend who he’d had THREE kids with for a guy – a high-powered publicist. He was prob. sleeping with him while he was still with his girlfriend the *******

  • gurl

    @Ay papi!: Lol, Ricky Martin is not hot. His muscles look like they’ve been pumped with ‘roids and he has an awkward face and tacky tats. AND makes sh!te ‘music’.

  • Spencer

    @Fickle Fools – total fabrication and lie. Matt has never dated women you fool…end the lie here.

  • Sammy

    Matt carries himself so well, uber-inteligent, elegant, and, oh yeah, smokin’ hot!!

  • Penn

    He has re-defined what hot is for the world and apprentley an amazingly wonderful person based on what many in the ‘biz’ say.

  • parker

    He is amazing – great actor, does all sorts of kids charity work, in long term relationship, and spectacular to look at. He is perfection.

  • JensonJ

    Can we please have a Matt-a-Day post?? Life would be so much better with more bomer…

  • Pepe

    “Ricky Martin is not hot”
    Jealousy is not an attractive quality.

  • Debbie D

    This guy is or not…he is an exceptional actor and a hunk at that. Love this guy…And FYI…to the douchenozzle quote…YOU dont know the whole story. mind your own business..same goes for Tiger Woods..who cares..that has nothing to do with there great skills with there professions. and Matt is GREAT!!!!!

  • G is for Giggles

    Yes, he’s a looker but I’d be more interested in him if I knew he was straight. so I think tv is fine for him, film no.
    Now a gorgous man on the market now–Sam Worthington from Avatar.
    Nothing like a real rugged man, who actually likes girls, that deserves a obsessive following.

    More Sam Please JJ!

  • Sane?or not..

    Lol at ya’ll who drool over Matt Bomer.My mom always likes 2 quote..”Their crap stinks just like ours”..EVERYBODY’S got talent..Im a fan of the show becaz it’s WELL written.Yes the actors r playin their role well n I give em a thumbs up for it,but without a story there’s no show!

  • BenCross

    Matt has been showered with movie scripts and will have large film career – h’wood is abuzz with what’s being thrown at him for his choice. BTW, Sam W. is 5ft 7, wears lifts…

  • heaven

    H-O-Tness in a suit where can i get one?

  • Christopher

    @G Giggles – Sam is a shorty and not polished at all. Matt is gorgeous and classy.

  • heaven

    @RPattzSUCKS: since you apparently do not like him much then why are you on this website looking at his picture?

  • Peter

    Sam Worthington would need a step ladder to talk to Matt. Matt is the dreamiest thing in hollywood…

  • G is for Giggles

    NO Sam is 5″10, so get your facts straight
    and most gay men are polished and classy, but it doesn’t change the other fact, he’s nice to look at and nothing more.
    I guess I wish there were more manlier men being backed now, Heck – I love my gay husband as much as the next girl, but the reality is there’s somethings he just can’t do for me.
    Where Colin Ferrall, just thinking of him makes me tighten my thighes, but each their own. Enjoy your fantasy ladies
    Where Colin Farrell, just thinking of him makes me tighten my thighes, lol!
    (And it’s a plus that he would actually be in my thighes)

  • Gorgeous

    Gay or straight, he’s gorgeous! I like how he’s not trying to hide anything about himself. Confident man.

  • Tom

    @Spencer: Umm, yes, he actually has. Where do you think his kids are from? I don’t know the details of the seperation – whether she knew his sexuality, whether they were happy or not – I don’t know, that’s his business, but he absolutely DID have a girlfriend.

  • mimmic

    @Spencer: how does anyone know the truth with all the lies out there . someone ( matt ) or people that know the truth should speak up and everyone should leave him alone ! let the man live his life !

  • Kara

    @Pepe:Ugh, Ricky Martin is NOT hot, not at all. He has stumpy arms and a stumpy neck, his face does nothing for me, his body neither. His music is pure cheese but I like the guy. There you go, that’s my opinion. Does it mean I’m jealous of Ricky Martin? Lol nope, it’s all a matter of taste.

  • pup

    Woooah. Uber good looking. O.O

  • NYDell

    Matt is the new HOT, and giggles, love Sam but he is not 5.10….

  • Namewithheld

    I’ve had the honor of working with Matt off and on for about 7 years. Wonderful human being and absolutely no truth to the ridiculous rumors of girlfriend / children above, but who would believe such a silly thing anyway? It amazes me how people create these fantasies. I beleive he is quite happy helping Simon raise Simon’s kids.

  • Patricia

    Matt is so talented and his movie idol looks are just a bonus for all of us to enjoy.He is headed to the big time and deserves it. He will leave so many current popular actors in the dust.

  • wow

    Matt Bomer is just gorgeous and talented actor! I can’t wait for Season 2!! I really love white collar!!

  • Carrie

    He’d look better without the suit!

  • Alisha

    I wanna bang him like a brand new drumset!!

  • James

    @G is for Giggles:

    Why is it so important that he’s straight?

    A. You are NEVER gonna get a chance with him anyway.
    B. Actors ACT. When you see Michael C. Hall in Dexter, is it any less good that he’s not a REAL SERIAL KILLER?

    Jesus, ignorance is rampant in some people!

  • ronda

    he is straight

  • Steve H’wood

    Matt has been out and about in hollywood for years. Crazy stupid lies above on GF/kids. His orientation matters none, he is an actor and a good one at that; does anyone care about Cruise, Travolta, Smith – no! I’m glad the world has found this man’s talent an charm – he’s defintely going places! Need more bomer in our lives!

  • William

    God must have been in his best mood ever the day he created this man…

  • Teresa

    U r sooooo hot! Love u Matt

  • Sab

    Absolutely stunning man. Just stunning. And a very good actor as well, who brings an irresistible mix of intelligence, humor, vulnerability and sexiness to the role of Neal Caffrey.

    I don’t know what is up with this person who keeps posting this ridiculous rumor about past wife and kids. Everyone knows that Matt has been *out* in Hollywood for years (well, anyone with access to the internet anyway). And kids would be a matter of public record and impossible to hide. WTF is up with some people?

    Anyway, thank you for the beautiful pictures, Jared. I really hope Matt is going to be the star he deserves to be, so that I get to watch him being gorgeous and talented for many years to come.

  • Steve H’wood

    @SAB – Those posts are ‘plants’ to start stupid rumors but are so absurd and able to be proved wrong they are laughable.Matt is wonderful.

  • Smitten

    Damn this proves that gay men who dont beard can be HOT and loved. Wonder why Jake Gyllenhaal doesnt believe that. Come out Jake you look like a fool. Everyone knows and we still love you.

  • mandy

    He’s soooooooooo dreamy!!!! Uff I miss White Collar….

  • isla

    I’ve been a big fan of Matt’s acting since “Traveler.” So glad he’s finally on a hit show that showcases the intelligence and likability he brings to any role. Anyone who says he’s not talented has never seen “Traveler,” or “Chuck,” or “White Collar”, for that matter. WC is aided by the fact that there isn’t a weak link in the cast – I even love the bit players like the actor who plays Alex, she’s so much fun! – but Tim and Matt are the centerpieces and they’re both a joy to watch. My Fridays are just not as bright without them on my DVR!

    And I am a straight woman and don’t care about either of their sexual orientation. I watch TV for entertainment, not fielding potential romantic partners. Ignorant people.

  • James

    I have never been one to get excited over actors.For some reason Matt Bomer is the exception.He is quite an amazing combination of qualities.Easily the handsomest man in show business with that rare star quality that makes other, currently popular actors pale in comparison.A gifted actor who always comes across so warmly in interviews, one can only assume he is a sweetheart off-screen which is his general reputation.Nice to see this guy succeed!

  • Sara

    @Tom: Sigh. The three children in question are Simon Halls’ biological children, not Matt’s, and Matt is happily helping raise them from what all reports in the industry are. He’s gay, sugar. Always has been, and randomly claiming that he used to have some girlfriend without any evidence only makes you look like exactly what you are – a petty troll.

  • gisele


    Totally agree. OMG he is so dreamy!!!