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Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Interview!

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Interview!

Christina Aguilera talks to UK’s GMTV while on the set of her new music, “Not Myself Tonight.” She talks about how her son, Max Bratman, has changed her outlook on life.

The 29-year-old powerhouse singer shared, “I’ve grown so much. [Max] has brought out a more playful side of myself. I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have before. I feel more confident, which comes with age. [I've been] going through that whole growing cycle of being a mom, where with age, I know now exactly what I want. I have a better understanding of exactly how to get it. I feel sexier than I ever have. Again, [it's] a natural coming about of feeling that confidence.”

Christina continues, “[Having a baby] makes you appreciate your body in ways you never knew existed prior. It’s a comfort level with your body. Maturity. Having wisdom and the knowledge you didn’t have in your early 20′s and not know quite how things work yet. Mmmm. (laughs) And how to get the best of them. So, with age, comes those lessons and those growing moments.”

Christina Aguilera: ‘Not Myself Tonight’ Interview!
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56 Responses to “Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Interview!”

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  1. 26
    woeisshe Says:

    Wonderful singer. Love most of her music.

  2. 27
    Bella Coola Says:

    @Tim: Dance music is mostly done by people with limited singing ability (i.e. Shitney Spears).
    Christina’s voice is too powerful for dance. She has a powerhouse vocal. I understood the RT criticism.

  3. 28
    slambang Says:

    I agree with the person who said it was a very odd interview…I like Christina, but she seemed like she was reciting from a script or something. And, I don’t like when mothers claim they are “more mature,” etc. than women who don’t have children. *rolls eyes*

    Like I said, I like Christina, and wish her no ill will, but I’m not sure I like this “new direction” she’s taking.

  4. 29
    Beautiful xtina Says:

    Christina is gorgeous. Can’ t wait for her new album. She is such a gorgeous and confident woman. She is always fighting for women rights ,and she speaks with such intelligence.

  5. 30
    truly Says:

    Thanks to all the haters who take their time to comment. Shows how much enetgy your putting on Christina, what doesn’t kill Christina only makes her stronger. Your comments has nothing on Christina or her fans. Keep commenting, your just wasting your time. Christina’s fans want to show you guys love and peace, maybe you guys are looking for love that’s why you guys are here hoping someone will listen to you, just like a child. Anyways go ahead and speak your minds out, who cares!!!

  6. 31
    floptina sux Says:


  7. 32
    I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L Says:

    people always say she is not good at dance music but the truth is she is the best at all genres, and does anyone remember her official debut was genie in a bottle not reflection, and genie… is a dance song. so to all the haters back off, Christina is a legend and has nothing to prove anymore.

  8. 33
    I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L Says:

    one more thing to the haters: christina can actually sing, without all the autotune that tranny caca and rihanna and shitney spears, and trasha need. Xtina is definitey up in the leagues with the great musical divas of the past (Mariah, Whitney, toni, Aretha, patti, celine, etc…)

  9. 34
    pradalicious Says:

    WOW smoking hot! cant wait for the video! <3

  10. 35
    mike Says:

    everyone is trying to say shes coping gaga but to be honest she is not she doesn’t need to copy anyone because christina is her own and has always been and she has something alot of thease other femalr artist dont have and thats “THE VOICE” and dont get me wrong i do respect gaga and think shes a great performer but she is not a vocalist like christina shes just not and to be completly honest she has been accused of coping legends like madonna and grace jones so that is far from being orginal people!

  11. 36
    boston61 Says:

    Her style is so UNoriginal. She can sing loudly. But she has not personal style. She just steals ideas from others. Her fan base is too young to realize what a retread she is.

  12. 37
    toni Says:

    Thank You to ALL the haters who have been saying their hateful words towards Christina. It just shows how sad, pathetic, envious, and jealous you guys are of this amazing singer. And if you didn’t care about her, you wouldn’t even be in her post. I never comment on someone I truly can’t stand. You guy or shall I say immature people are doing nothing but giving her more love. I won’t argue with you guys becasue I personally have better things to do than speak hate on someone. Also, please stop with Lady Gaga comparisons, saying she’s copying Gaga and attacking Christina and her fans while her fans say nothing back towards Gaga hateful is doing nothing, but making Gaga look bad and is in fact helping her lose fans. Do you guys want Gaga to gain the respect and love she deserves? Than stop attacking other artist and bringing Gaga in it trying to make her look bad and try to figure out if she’s going to last another two years.

  13. 38
    ohboy Says:

    oh. dear. god. Why does christina even bother doing interviews anymore? This could have well been an interview from 2000. Everything she says sounds scripted, stale and phony. . I’m happy that she’s feels empowered by her sexuality ..but honestly pick another topic or find another way to say it. As for fighting for women’s ass. Instead of painting your face, how about doing something genuine like taking on female genital mutiliation or education women. IF you are soo confident, STOP hiding your face in layers of makeup..

    Lady gaga is FAR from original ( her outfits have been straight up “inspired” from Kerli, Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones) & neither is her music, BUT Gaga is intelligent and a hell of a lot more interesting in the way she presents her interesting.

    I’ll check out christina’s album because I do think she tries to experiment with her music, but at times she comes across as an arrogant bore

  14. 39
    rickirich Says:

    It’s not christina’s fault that they keep asking her the same damn questions! um reporters stop asking her about her marriage and child damn! Btw she looks hawt…Not myself is an OK song but i’m sure it’ll be better if she performs it.

  15. 40
    rickirich Says:

    @LILO: Um looks like a GAGA drag queen? lol And Gaga isn’t? it took the world quite a while to even figure out if she was a man lol

  16. 41
    Simon Says:

    She is such a gorgeous and confident woman. She is always fighting for women rights ,and she speaks with such intelligence.

  17. 42
    sOhOt Says:

    Stop sayin’ that Xtina is copyin’ GAGA. U know what? GAGA is exactly a COPY CAT From grace jones… lolz

  18. 43
    SH----T Says:

    I’m glad Grace Jones said Gaga is copying her . its about time gaga fans realize that she didn’t invent electronic music its been around since the 70s

  19. 44
    sOhOt Says:

    Listen !! Look at Xtina again .. She is really a woman… GAGA is a woman? I doubt that. Coz she is A MAN… I can;t wait for tthis video clip

  20. 45
    Peeco Says:

    This chick looks like man.

  21. 46
    Liz Says:

    She looks and sounds like an A$$hole, WTF is her problem?

  22. 47
    iTunes Says:


  23. 48
    jonathan Says:

    I ENJOY HER MUZIK MORE THAN OTHER ONES… Definitely love the single so much…

  24. 49
    I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L Says:

    to all the haters:

    if you dont like her dont comment. as for the song perfromance its doing great and thats without a video or any promotion, just wait til Xtina performs it it will show how unoriginal tranny gaga is. Gaga is a rip off of grace jones and madonna and not even a good take on those two legends. and by the way who has gaga been compared to within the legendary muscical circles. NO ONE! Christina is compared to Mariah, Whitney, Toni Braxton, Patt Labelle, Celine and sometimes aretha. oh and celine dion the second best vocalist in the world said Christina is the VOICE OF THE CURRENT GENERATION and one of the best vocalists in the world. so when the haters say gaga is more original and has a better voice, they are obviously highly DELUSIONAL and smoked some serious crack before writing on this website. One more thing at least Xtina is all woman with no plastic surgery like some fake w-h-o-r-e and can actually prove she is a woman unlike Manny/Tranny gaga.

  25. 50
    truly Says:

    Wow you’re English is really behind normal standard. Are you an ESL learner, your grammar needs a great deal of work! You accused Christina’s fan base being too young, check yourself, your language skills are below average! Elementary kids can write better than you, when you learn how to write, come back here, and give us what you have!!! Be a good old man, stop causing trouble OK old hag! Lmao

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