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Jolie-Pitt Kids Scream for Ice Cream!

Jolie-Pitt Kids Scream for Ice Cream!

Here are some additional cute pics of Brad Pitt‘s parents — William Pitt and Jane Pitt — buying ice cream cones for their grandkids in Venice, Italy on Friday afternoon (April 16).

Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 3, were all seen pretty hyper, jumping around and flying down staircases.

Later in the day, Brad took all of his kids — including twins Vivenne and Knox — to run around a park playground.

15+ pictures inside of the Jolie-Pitt kids screaming for ice cream…

Just Jared on Facebook
jolie pitt kids ice cream 01
jolie pitt kids ice cream 02
jolie pitt kids ice cream 03
jolie pitt kids ice cream 04
jolie pitt kids ice cream 05
jolie pitt kids ice cream 06
jolie pitt kids ice cream 07
jolie pitt kids ice cream 08
jolie pitt kids ice cream 09
jolie pitt kids ice cream 10
jolie pitt kids ice cream 11
jolie pitt kids ice cream 12
jolie pitt kids ice cream 13
jolie pitt kids ice cream 14
jolie pitt kids ice cream 15
jolie pitt kids ice cream 16
jolie pitt kids ice cream 17

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  • jamie

    aww shiloh, in some photos she really looks like brad, but then some she really looks like angie did when she had short hair.

  • QQQQ

    Those kids are soooo CUTE!

  • ck_always

    Pax is going to be good looking.

  • jojo

    all cutes ! Shiloh seems very tall (and taller than Zahara).

  • kiara

    shiloh is soooo big for her age… seems she has 5 years old

  • Katsaridoula

    Poor old soul Maniston, must be crying into a pillow after seeing these pictures. Sad person…. Angie and Brad are the best…. come on, Maniston lovers, thumb me down. I DON’T CARE LESS you loons :-DDDDD

  • Dakota

    This family looks so normal. Brothers and sisters having a great time. I bet Grandma and Grandpa were pretty tired at the end of the day. Thanks for the pictures!

  • Neil

    Check out Zee with her ‘Hello Kitty’ handbag. LOL

  • Katsaridoula

    makes me laugh that idiots like you are first on Angie’s theads, I bed you salivate at home in desperation to see their pictures once they come out… you and you-alike make me laugh…:-D pathetic

  • Status quo

    Its kind of cool to see Angie let her kids express themselves. Hell I wanted to wear some of the boy’s clothes when I was little….those raider’s overalls were awesome…::frown:: Oh well, then puberty hit and I wanted to wear was pinks, yellows, and lip gloss….

    Oh Zahara you future model you…

  • Neil


    Such faux concern hiding a black heart.

  • Katsaridoula


    you seriously need some mental health input!!!!!!! NOW or perhaps it’s too late already!!! people like you should be locked up, full stop.

  • T pain

    Pearl is a little slow…

  • Neil


    No. You are on the wrong site. Go away!

  • Elena

    @Pearl: TRYING to make her into a lesbian?! What the F….??? You don’t MAKE someone into a Orientation you ignorant m0ron. Educate yourself, what you said is as pathetic as saying “ew why is she left-handed!” how do people like you even survive around people in the real world.

  • jake

    you need mental help. I’m confused boohoo. go crawl under the crock you came from. she is just a little girl. you know it, you only made that comment to be mean. You are a grown ass whatever you are (women or man). stop projecting your own insecurities on to other peoples children. you are not her parent, i can only image what you would do to try to traumatize the kid at such a young age and tell them how they can’t dress. kids go through faces. whatever shiloh becomes will be her decision when she grows up. she is just a kid now and she should stay that way and enjoy life before the real world hits her (where people are mean, judgmental and cruel). Its people like you how make our world such a horrible place.

  • marina

    Jared why haven’t you put up the B&A pics of them walking together at night?

  • Beauty

    @Pearl: Shiloh is fierce <3 Be gone bigot.

  • luvangie4ever

    Aww, cuteness!!! Such a beautiful family.

  • Danny

    Oh, I am loving all the pics of this family. The kids are growing up so fast
    Brad parents are enjoying their grand kids. I am going to see Kick-Ass next weekend. JP fans let me know what you think of the movie.

  • Neil


    Nice to be first some times especially when the first person is a fan. Thumbs up!

  • Beep beep

    @Pearl: I’m sure if she wanted to dress
    like zahara she would. If she wanted to carry a purse she would probz be fighting over zahara’s hand bag. It looks like she would rather jump around with her bros.

  • JL

    Look at Maddox and Pax, united by ice cream. lol

    You know this family is as close as people can possibly get.

  • marina

    who cares, silly!
    this is not a competition!

    go away.

  • QQQQ

    marina @ 04/17/2010 at 2:20 pm
    Those pics are from Ramey pix and most blogs don’t really post pics from that ageny. Maybe JJ doesn’t have an account with them.

  • Passing Through

    Those kids are going to turn into gelato by the time they leave Italy. Sign me up!

  • omg

    Because, haters will commit suicide if they see those pictures.

  • CJ

    What kind of people are you talking garbage about a three year old are either not parents or horrible parents…Shi is three years old..leave her alone..and pick on an adult..

  • Klams

    Shiloh is a cutie, seems laid back, much like her dad. Zahara is such a diva it’s so adorable. I remember when I was little I never was into to frills that my mom tried to put on me (I am the only girl out of six children, and the youngest). I felt much more free and comfortable in my older brothers’s clothes. I remember I used to run around in my brother David’s boxer shorts singing “I’m Too Sexy” My dad thought it was hilarious but my mom was always like “Girls don’t wear boxers Kimberly” lol but once I got older I started geting into boys and make-up and bright colors. Every kid has their own unique way of expressing themselves, it’s neither their fault or their parent’s fault. Wearing a dress doesn’t make you more of a girl than your vagina does lol! Go Shiloh!!!

  • mailey

    Day out with gramps and grams, having ice cream with my brothers and sisters = best day ever.


    Jared is a shrewd mother f u c k er!!!! Posting more pics from the same dang set of pictures. Now he makes a new pretend post about ice cream when these kids were eating the same stanky ice cream in the posts with the grandparents! Same set of pics. Jared is rich I tell you!! He is at the Bal Harbour mall shopping at Neiman Marcus while valet gets him his Jaguar. Then he goes to South Beach to party with that girl from Gossip Girl and the Twilight guy that is dating the girl from 90210 while you bishes are picking the dirtballs of your skin because you never shower and eating moldy cheese from welfare.

  • spicylily, Thailand

    What is wrong with you guys making hash posts over the JP kids ? Really ?
    It’s already bad those adorable kids are being hunted the the papz everywhere they go.
    Can you imagine your own kids going through all these ?
    They have their own rights to go where they want to go and
    they are surely not seeking for any publicity.
    Thye’re just kids going out and about with their grandparents.
    The papz taking the photos are the ones who do everything to make money out of it. You already know it, didn’t you ?
    And Shiloh is a cute, happy and healthy little grl.
    She is so tall in her age and there is nothing wrong with her dressing
    like this. Many girls and women are wearing t-shirts, pants and jeans
    most of the time. Are they all lesbains then ?
    You tell me ?

  • Danny


    Questioning your gender are you. You can out of the closet, its 2010, no one cares anymore. Is that the reason you are projecting your hatred on Shi,. You are nothing but a bigoted, ignorant low life attacking a child and pretending to be concern. LEAVE THE JPS KIDS ALONE

  • Dawn


    One who brings up JA in every thread regarding AJ, BP, and their children should not be calling anyone else a loon. You are a loon and need get over your soul sucking hatred for JA and her fans. You are an embarrassment to AJ, BP, and their sane fans.

  • Neil

    Isn’t it amazing? Angie and Brad resist what so many other parents do, that being succumbing to pressures to sexualizing their children. I would be more concerned if Shilo was wearing make-up, or tank tops and mini skirts and other age inappropriate stuff which I see too many other children GET TO WEAR. And yet the criticism seems to imply that that is exactly what she is doing. There are some messed up people here WHO REALLY don’t have a clue. Seems to me and other REASONABLE people that Brad and Angie are PARENTING their children along with cherishing and nurturing their independence. All parents should be so bad.
    But then again we fans know that this ‘concerned’ criticism is in actuality thinly veiled b*llshitt.

  • voe

    Great, great pics! What a fun loving bunch. All are beautiful, charismatic and appear to be tight siblings and grandchildren/grandparents. I love most the fact that Shiloh’s shoes are dirty, a sign of her having loads of active fun. The household must be bursting with energy all the time. It’s great to have grandparents! Oh, I miss mine.

  • JL


    And what the hell is wrong with Ellen Degeneres? Quit acting like there is something wrong with being gay.

    There are millions of little girls that have short haircuts that will not grow up to be homosexuals. It’s not a new thing for a younger sister with older brothers to dress like a boy. She could be either admiring them or trying to compete with them, but it sure as hell isn’t an indication of her sexuality. She is THREE for goodness sake.

    Some of you people REALLY need your heads examined.

  • Dawn


    You are an idiot.

  • Katsaridoula

    you were here yesterday, so why is it OK for you to call me a loon and not for me? I don’t think you are a loon, that is quite a mild description. You are a twisted idiot with empty head. Yes, that’s you… get lost you idiot

  • janet

    I love how normal this family is. They are happy and beautiful children running around with their icecream. It’s so cute.

  • Katsaridoula

    Dawn: and you are an embarrassment to this world, you are trying to play a moralist but all we get here is a pretentious idiot yapping nonsense!!!

  • Im not fam , im not hater

    The cutest babies in Hollywood(#28)
    -Knox Jolie Pitt
    -John Samuel
    -Sean Preston Federline
    -Vienne JP

    Violet is not cute,she is so unpretty, Suri is cute, Nahla looks strange, but she’s cutest than Violet

  • luvangie4ever

    I can imagine what a lively household it must be with all these kids. Brad and Angie must be very, very happy, blissfully happy. They’re obviously very much in love and their kids are all healthy, happy and much loved. Who has time for haters and ridiculous tabloid lies, right?

  • competition winner

    I bet Shiloh is even more mature than some of the haters. Look how happy she looks!!!
    Strong girl by herself!!!

  • Katsaridoula


    you think you are a better person for insulting me now? Get lost you pretentious so called moralist… you make me laugh, trying to look smart but coming across as a t.w.a.t, wait a minute, you ARE one :-) and look what I am going to write here: “JA IS THE SADDEST PERSON OUT THERE!!!

  • voe

    Lady B,
    Well, you are entitled to your opinion. I myself don’t find those you listed appealing. Not that they are ugly; they just lack the charisma that draw me to look for their pics. Beauty is in the eyes of beholders so I can’t say that everyone will find Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne beautiful, but the fact that you clicked on their pictures and were compelled to comment about them says that they, like their parents, mother especially, ooze charm. To me, charm is better than beauty as beauty fades. Jolie and her kids (adopted or not) have both in spade so you’ll be drawn to her or her kids’ threads making comical comments for a long while if not the rest of her life.

  • Lillianne

    Looks like these kids are NORMAL in every sense of the word.

  • niwatori

    AAWWWW all the kids are are cute but Shi is deffo the star in this set :D She’s soooo cute ♥ lovelyyy family :)

  • totallyuncool


    enough already??? Tell the Paparazzi to QUIT taking pics of the family then you’ll have enough!