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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Coachella Couple

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Coachella Couple

Kate Bosworth is held in the arms of her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, during day one of the Coachella Music Festival on Friday (April 16) in in Indio, Calif.

Alex is so tall at 6’4″, he has to crane his neck to hear what his shorter female friends are saying. He was seen drinking a beer and giving Kate lots of hugs!

Last year at Coachella, Kate was accompanied by her then-boyfriend, musician James Rousseau.

25+ pictures inside of Coachella couple Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

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kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 01
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 02
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 03
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 04
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 05
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 06
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 07
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 08
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 09
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 10
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 11
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 12
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 13
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 14
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 15
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 16
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 17
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 18
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 19
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 20
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 21
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 22
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 23
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 24
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 25
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard coachella 26

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  • L

    love her outfit, hate his outfit though its not as bad as the woman in the jumpsuit!

    They are cute together, though I think she and James were cuter

  • LuckyL

    She’s snagging some hot guys.

  • jamiehsu

    so they’re like official now,right?
    They’re cute together
    and Alexander Skarsgard is freakin hot!

  • VILF

    I love Kate’s outfit. Does anyone know who made it? Alex looks hot as always.

  • true blood

    Alex looks good.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • coachellaluv

    Before the crazies get here I just want to say they make a great looking couple. He looks like he’s about to kiss her in one shot.

    Now, let’s see. The stans will say “they don’t look like a couple”, only she is smiling” “she arrainged the whole thing” “they are only friends”. LOL, they will deny until a sex tape comes out and even then….

  • hmmm

    she looks like a hooker barbie.

  • CrushBlue

    Such a hot couple and she looks great in her crochet dress and ankle boots. Such style.

  • Wild

    He’s been spotted with other women, so I don’t think they’re a couple, but he sure is touchy feely.

  • R&M

    Have got to be the most boring couple ever. Vanilla ice cream on a cake cone.

  • t

    she looks terrible. he doesn’t look much better.

  • Lindsay’s Tatas

    That’s not a couple. Nice try though.

  • Disgusted for Real

    This proves AS really is short on brains and that his little head has won out over his big head. I hope he and the BBS he’s decided is so perfect for him get what they both deserve.

  • groovelicious

    I see one or two shots of hugging. He is like that with just about everyone and given that he denies dating her, I’m reluctant to think they’re a couple.

  • samantha

    i think they look great together!
    I don’t get what the Skars fans don’t like about Kate..
    well anyways Im happy for them!

  • coachellaluv


    And so it begins….se my last comment above. There was a twitter last night that stated they are staying in the same hotel. What seperate rooms? Doubt it. Told ya’ll it will take a sex tape.

  • tr

    It’s a booty call not a relationship.

  • Lucky

    @coachellaluv: There was also a twitter that she was flirting with a married guy.

  • Cosmo

    @coachellaluv: I don’t blame people for not believing it. He seems to only hook up with her when it’s convenient. What makes you think this is any different?

  • level

    @16, I don’t think everyone is in denial that they are together, just that it’s not exactly a big romance. More like a FWB situation.

  • coachellaluv


    Did you read the rest of his tweets – he was joking. Geeze…

  • RiRi Fan

    i know this dude!

    I saw him at coachella. he was there with a whole group of friends including that blonde guy you always see him with. she was with that group. didn’t notice any affection going on. he was talking to different women.

  • RiRi Fan

    didn’t seem like a couple but maybe he’s one of those dudes that hits it with whomever he’s hanging with?

  • freebird

    @coachellaluv: Didn’t sound like a joke but we know she hits on married men, so old habits die hard.

  • Onyx

    @level: Agree, seems to be more like FWB at best. If they were a couple, he wouldn’t have a problem attending events with her.

  • jamie

    Friends with benefits definitely guys and girlies here and he definitely gets down with the fellas no doubt about that either. Trust there is some information going around about Alex (not the Nelly Fang stuff) that is pretty salacious to say the least!! Anyways it will make it out soon enough and Kate is going to look like what she is…an opportunist who is milking the faux mance for the publicity. It will make Alex look like the horn dog that he is known to be. This is definitely for the publicity you can be sure about that. They know the cameras are there her assistant(pictured in denim skirt) tips them off all the time. They show it for the cameras. No doubt he is banging the hell out her but they are both in the win win of publicity stunts right now. She needs to get the Martin thing off her and be talked about again and he needs to get the gay thing off him. But let’s just say that gay lovers are not exactly the most discreet ones with the information. Oh Alex you naughty naughty boy…what you do at those parties is coming back to haunt you….actually it is quite funny though…hahahaha!

  • level

    #26, details, please!

  • Sanna

    OK, I may not care much and be a fan of Alex, but even I have to admit that this is cute, lol

  • Emily

    hate her love him <3

  • Veruca

    Their touches do look couply – the hand on the elbow, the arm etc, in addition to their hugs and gazing into each others eyes. They look hot together.

    She actually looks healthy in these photos – not as skin and bones as she usually does. He of course looks hot, though I wish he would fix his posture – the way he holds his head makes his neck stick forward really weirdly – almost like he hates being so tall and wants to look shorter. I first noticed it on True Blood last year.

    In any case, whether friends, FWB, or a couple, I hope they’re happy!

  • sonicBoom

    God, you people get more freaking crazy every day…

  • nicole

    Alex is really stupid to say the least!! I mean with all the crap this girl has done and even to her own friend, that is who he choses to hang with. Sorry but I find Sam Worthington so much more appealing than him right now. He actually acts like a man who likes real women who are smart, funny, genuine, and not at all desperate and famewhores.
    But maybe that is why Sam is getting ALL the great roles in hollywood right now and every actor hates him. He is amazing and so not into the bs that Alex has gotten himself connected to with this one. Ugh. JJ more Sam Worthington pretty please.

  • Halo

    @Veruca: Her legs and thighs are the same width. That’s not healthy. I think the girl is genuinely sick and feel sorry for her.

    Agree with those who say it looks like a FWB situation.

  • MeMyselfandI

    What’s with the hat? Poor guy seems to think he can hide under it. Good luck with that when you are a HOT, viking giant. I like that he is his own person. Don’t care who he dates. It’s not like any of us know either one of them for real to judge. When or if this becomes love and puppies I’ll be happy for them. Just give me more Skarsgard JJ…. thanks for the pixs.

  • Finanas

    One more proof guys ! Come on stop denying… I can’t bare Kate and really like Alexander but come on… it’s now so obvious. Alexander is a friendly & love hug friends but… open your eyes !

  • Risie

    Please, details! ha, ha, ha.

  • Juno

    well, the dark haired woman seems to be touching him too and she’s also a pretty bad dresser. Wonder if they’re a couple?

  • evathediva

    @jamie: okay, since you were on the money about coachella, can you at least tell us when we might expect this salacious news? I’m curious.

  • MeMyselfandI

    @jamie: Alex is known to be this because you post nebulous things in a blog eluding to it? *laughing* Who cares anyway?

  • Pomm

    My brother’s best friend is Swedish so I believe him when he says he’s not dating anyone. He dates different ladies like a lot of Swedes do. It’s very different over there. She’s his FWB/booty/whatever you guys call it for this weekend so now the tabloids will assume they’re a couple.

  • ??

    Hope next time people ask if they’re dating, they won’t lie and deny it, because the photos are proofs. It’s just obvious!

  • Hannah

    Aww that´s really sweet! I officially approve of them lol. I love Skars so I´ll just say congrats to them as a couple, it looks like they´re having a great time! A bit jealous of Kate, I love touchy-feely, sensual lol guys who´s not afraid of showing affection in public, not everyone are comfortable with that and they can be hard to find. :P <3 them

  • ohplease!!!enough!!!

    @coachellaluv: Okay, so what if they are a couple I still don’t like her as as an actress, she still is too skinny and she needs a job!!! She really might be nice, but I think she is stilla fame whore. As for Alex, well, I have peeped this awhile back, and I know some of his fans are going to not like me for saying this. Come on!! He is a mn, he is not going to destroy his fan base. He will feed us lies until pics like this are shown , hoping that we are still indenial/ Ladies he is not going to sit still and be celibate for any of us. He likes KB obviously, pics do not lie, and he has been pulling our legs for sometime over this. The person you need to be mad with if any, is Alex. Dude, all you have to be is truthful. Whom you date is your bizi. Just say “no comment”.I like you as an actor, but you have really lost your appeal with me. All this chaos and lying, and playing games is crazy. I will continue to watch TB and I will follow Alex and I hope the best for him. However as ERW said, “his ish is weak”he plays too many games.however Alex, I’m sure your PF girls will be there for you always. Rest assured in the fact that they will always be there for you.

  • Rachel

    I think it’s awesome that they’ve got each other (whether they’re a couple, or just really good friends.) Concert buddies are the best buddies. =)

  • evathediva

    Enough about KB and Alex!!!, WhoTH is the lady in that animal print jumpsuit, dang she should be citated for wearing that ugly arse jumpsuit in public. Okay KB, now I have issues with your friends fashion choices as well. LOL

  • lilac

    I don’t see anything different here than what’s been reported before. Based on all the gossip, you know he must hooking up with her but doesn’t seem to consider her a girlfriend. Lots of guys do that. Are these two an actual couple? Probably not. If you want to see a couple, check out Shia Labeouf and Carrey Mulligan. They’re everywhere together.

  • Veruca


    True, she is still extremely skinny, but she doesn’t look quite as bad…

    I don’t know about Kate but I disagree with those saying ASkars is a famewhore – I mean, the guy quit acting for almost a decade because he hated the attention. Doesn’t make him seem like the type therefore to actively seek out photogs but instead lives his life as normally as possible despite them. He is one of the newest hot commodities in HWood, so of course he’d be a paparazzi target.

  • twitters

    @jamie: I initially thought you were a loon but your info has been spot on. I don’t care if he’s bisexual like his brother. Do you know Alex?

  • evathediva

    seems like Alex should have prob hooked up with Beyonce, she has more pull than Kate, I mean she is sitting with the Gubernator’swife and kids. LOL

    I just find all of this a bit hilarious.

  • Gail

    OMG look at how SKINNY Alex has gotten SNIF SNIF! I saw a video and he couldn’t stop playing with his nose. I think he and kate have SEVERAL things in common! Is it me or does it look like Kate has a baby bump in that outfit and the one from the event she attended the night before (JOKING). I agree they are a couple officially and has been for sometime now. We all better get use to it because unfortunaltely she is like a bad penny that won’t go away. Going forward they will probably attend future events together hand and hand. Like the saying goes two birds of a feather flock together. I bet Alex is not the golden boy he portrays all this time the company he keeps has me convinced that he and Kate are similar creatures. Oh well Good luck Kate and Alex!