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Kate Bosworth: Tie Dyed Diva!

Kate Bosworth: Tie Dyed Diva!

Kate Bosworth sports a tie-dyed halter-dress and a rosette headband during day two at the 2010 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday (April 17) in Indio, Calif.

The 27-year-old Blue Crush star spent yesterday with boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard as they enjoyed the performances together.

FYI: Kate is wearing Joie “Picasso” shoes and Suno‘s halter dress with waist tie in CDC Shibori Tie Dye Teal Combo.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth, the tie dyed diva…

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kate bosworth tie dyed diva 01
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 02
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 03
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 04
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 05
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 06
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 07
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 08
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 09
kate bosworth tie dyed diva 10

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    Kate looks cute here. I like when she is not smoking, drinking, and eating. She looks healthy and really love her outfit. Her boyfriend is cute too!!

  • Jason

    She still needs a feeding tube and a f*u*c*k buddy is not a boyfriend. She’ll learn the hard way like most chicks.

  • tiger

    Aren’t there any real celebs at this event?

  • just saying

    She needs to lose the headband.

  • Magic

    I never noticed how square her jawline is…not very attractive.

  • Winter

    Nice try, Kate, but you’ll never be Gwyneth. I hate to give her credit but Paltrow rocked the hippie chick look well.

  • lovely
  • xcited

    @POOCHIE: She’s had a beer in hand for the past two days, so she’s drinking. How do you know she’s not smoking and eating healthy? She doesn’t look healthy.

  • Oh No She Didn’t

    @lovely: He’d have to be pretty short or wear a bra.

  • Silver

    The dress is actually cute.
    Why is she wearing that silly headband?

  • who?


  • don

    rumored boyfriend please Jared!!! stop trying making them happen

  • Jessie

    I think the outfit would be fine if she didn’t have that stupid headband on. Ok, what do we win for answering?

  • azlea

    Is Kate wearing a weave? No shame in that btw. Her hair suddenly looks longer and thicker.

  • Katarina

    @don: Umm….isn’t it kind of obvious that Kate and Alex are a couple? I mean, come on…..

  • Lauren

    @Katarina: Not really. We don’t see them out like we do normal couples despite almost weekly pics of Kate. They could be FWB and we’re reading more into it than there is.

  • icey

    I’m not sure if they’re a couple, don’t really care, but I was dating a guy I wouldn’t let my female friendl grab his d.i.c.k. Just saw the photos of that.

  • icey

    ^^ if I was dating….that’s a bit much.

  • Chloe

    There are pics of Alex alongside her today (saturday) somewhere. Interesting pics of Alex with her blonde friend. the Larsson couple also put in an appearance!

  • villa

    Yay on the dress by itself.
    Nay on everything else.

  • Chloe

    Lol icey IKR! I think I saw the same pics you did!

  • johanna

    It’s obvious Alex Skarsgard is behind the paparazzi shows they schedule, Kate is just going along with it because there’s lots of publicity in it for her. At least with Kate it was always clear she’s after fame, it was only Skarsgard who wanted to be seen as a serious actor.

  • Pisces Girl

    @Chloe: Yes, saw them. He’s sitting on the blonde pal’s head and she’s grabbing his crotch.

  • Gail

    @Chloe: @icey: Hey Chloe and Icey please tell where we can see these pics!!! Thanks

  • jj fans

    She looks much better from yesterday but she still needs to eat a cookie or two. I’d love to buy her a burger and yank that headband off her head.

  • H

    Beautiful girl!

  • NotAgain

    Again…are you kidding??? This girl does absolutely nothing. BTW Just read on celebrity spotting that she is walking around Coachella with TARA REID holding hands. Birds of a feather much!!!! No Skarsgard in sight yet with her this evening. You know what white stuff those two are doing.

  • justpassingby

    First photo she looks like she has a wig on, perhaps she is using the headband to keep it from blowing away ha….ha ..ha

  • Wow

    Fashion Nay. Trying too hard!!!!

  • enough

    Um why do you post about her all the time? Blue Crush was what a decade ago?? Are her posts worth some extra $$$ to you, geez!

  • Whynot

    Kate has chicken legs and she looks like either she has a wig on or a weave either way she is a fashion nay, still trying too hard..

  • enough

    Um why do you post about her all the time? Blue Crush was what a decade ago?? Are her posts worth some extra $$$ to you, geez!

  • Conspiracy

    Where are the other celebs who are attending to see the singers in the festival , oh yeah they are working! They do not have the time to aimlessly have a three hour lunches, doing non relevant things. Kate please stop being soo pathetic, I used to like you, not soo much now, take time away from the paps and concentrate on your career you are not getting any younger, and there are many beautiful actresses in HW, who are raedy to replace you. Fire your publicist, never good to have family or friends as PR they never tell you like it is!!!!


    Come on, Jared. Post the pics from this series with Askars and KB’s BFF grabbing his crotch. Might take away from what you said earlier, though.

  • Vera

    She looks way better today than yesterday. The flowy dress is cute on her frame. The headband not so cute.

    I saw the original straw dogs and a remake was not necessary, i wonder why they would even bother it was a good movie not great.

  • Check #28 Hilariousphotos

    Kiko gives the link where there are photos of AlexS junk being grabbed by another women Kate B is not happy I quess this gig is up, He is not serious, Kate B lovers she even walked away from him in a huff…
    Alex is not looking to commit to anyone, proof is in the photos. Your a joke KB start concentrating on your career!!! Thanks Kiko for providing the link obviosly JJ is KB pockets since they did not include those photos!! Take it to heart when AS says they are not in a relationship!!! He is just very.. affectionate he’s a swede.

  • lake86

    some on ONTD said that the girl garbbing askars is coldplay’s (former?) tour manager. can someone verify.

  • Chloe

    Pics are everywhere except JJ – they surfaced a bit later than the pics of Kate with the girls….but that’s Arlene – Coldplay’s tour manager. She’s often with Kate. She was trying to get up and grabbed Alex’s waistband. You can see her pulling on his tee, she isn’t grabbing his goods lol…..

  • Infinite

    @Chloe: Just saw those. Her hand is right on his crotch. He’s holding it there which is why KB probably looks pissed. Plus, he has his legged around the blonde girl’s neck in some of the photos. Again, the crotch above head. Can’t decide if this guy is a major perve or a flirt. Maybe both.

  • Wow

    Yeah your delusional Chloe that is why he is also rubbing his crotch on her head as well. AS and KB are not serious!!! Yes he is swedish he is a major flirt. Hey I saw photos of Camilla B at the fest perhaps he’ll go after her!!!

  • Chloe

    I think it was just a group of friends having fun and she might have been drunk. She grabbed his waistband and tee not his actual crotch.
    I think if someone jumps straight in saying things like ‘you’re delusional’ then they are very defensive. I wonder why??
    All I have ever done is call into question the ridiculous ‘insider’ claims on this site. I’ve never posted anything about their relationship before. Certain other Alex fans cling to this hope he’s still single for them I guess. To all these people thinking he’s going to run off with Camilla – perhaps he’s formed something called an actual emotional bond with Kate? You know – feelings? Perhaps he’s a decent, sweet guy!!!

  • Wow

    Your nuts how many times have you stated soo many things as if you were the insider. He is a swede they are overly affectionate, Kb and him are soo not together if they were he would have no problem admitting it! I quess he is now dating her friend since he was actually rubby his crotch on her head whatever. JJ does not want to post the photos because they know him being her boyfriend is totally bullsh..
    Yeah I agree w you that he is a good guy, but the only emotionally bond he has with her is friendship did that ever occur to you? That is why when ERW stated that he is immature and played games I was like wow chick if he says he does not want a serious relationship believe him, now if he lead them onto something more, he is a douche.

  • cheetah

    @Chloe: I’m sure he was horsing around but guys in relationships don’t sit on ladies’ necks. He sat his groin on her neck first so he was the initiator. No idea if either were drunk. No Blood Alcohol level was listed. Maybe he was drunk when he was hugging Bosworth too?

    We can speculate about an alleged relationship all we want but we really don’t know. They could also be friends with benefits, occasional hookups or touchy feely pals.

  • allmylove

    Can’t blame the women for using the headband to keep her hair pulled over that huge forehead, or is a recedng hairline…

  • Katefan

    @Cheetah, your hilarious
    Another note Kate if you have any respect for yourself and you are indeed in a serious relationship with him dump him, you do not need him to make you look like a fool. Yeah you heard AS FANS she is better than that, if I saw my boyfriend doing that with a friend in front of the paps I would kick him in the balls! She should go back to Orlando Bloom hey he might consider taking her back!!

  • balding but proud

    Hey, it must be tough for her to be losing her hair. If my hair was in that state I would wear a big ass headband too. I think it’s great that she is still trying to make a go of her career, most folks would have given up by now. You stay strong Kate, it will happen eventually, and if not then at least you gave it everything you’ve got. She is a shinig light to the rest of us mere mortal women(with hair)

  • Melissa

    love her smil

  • Hilary

    She’s the cutest girl ever!

  • Honestly….WTF

    Love this dress—we did a DIY on this type of tie dye. Try it and make your own!!

    Erica and Lauren

  • engagement ring

    That’s for sure!