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Kate Gosselin: No One Would Dare To Date Me

Kate Gosselin: No One Would Dare To Date Me

Kate Gosselin laughs out loud during a book signing for “I Just Want You To Know — Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family” at Barnes & Noble bookstore on Friday (April 16) in Santa Monica, Calif.

“I don’t really have time [to date],” the 35-year-old mom told Access Hollywood. “I don’t believe there is someone out there who can handle my baggage that’s too heavy to lift. I’m married to my kids and my career… Honestly, I don’t believe there is anyone out there.”

As for her custody battle with ex Jon Gosselin, Kate told Jay Leno, “I feel like I say this a lot, and for whatever reason I feel like I have to defend myself. But the truth is, moms work. Single moms work. I travel and work – that’s my job.”

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  • Dani

    i really hate this woman, she’s famous and has no talent! OMG! this world is tooo generous with her!

  • t

    shes a freaking psycho! ever since her painful dance to “paparazzi” on DWTS, i’m scared of that

  • pops

    That chick is one big phoney! Someone call child protection services!!!!

  • Britt

    I’m not gonna say hate because thats a strong word.. but I truely get soo annoyed by this woman. Honestly, and the more I dislike her the more money and media she gets!! Doesn’t make sence. Why is she famous?


    she is desperately seeking fame. i feel bad for her…. kids

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    Just as in her marriage and how she is with her children Kate is always negative, always expecting to be let down and failed. She wants people to fail to meet her expectations that way she can appear sympathetic and say, “I told you they’d hurt me. They failed me.”

    “Psychotherapists Treats Eight”. 10 to 15 years from now on the Mental Health Network which will be owned by Oprah.

  • Sasha

    GO KATE!!!! She is such a great mom and a great woman! She ALWAYS puts her kids first. She has made sure they have a wonderful home, clothes, food, and even set them up with a college fund. More than I can say for dirt bag Jon. TEAM KATE!!!

  • smo

    I really think this world is too judgemental negatively on Kate, there is enough children in this world with real issues such as physical and sexual abuse. I think a mom of 8 who takes the time to feed her children organic food really says alot about her primary concern, her children. I Think she is doing the best she can in her situation and if someone wants to critisize her they should do it in a more constructive way.

  • Angelove

    I am totally TEAM KATE. To much judging going on here.
    Kate loves her kids and is a good Mom. GO KATE!!!!


    @pops: I AGREE with you.
    I do not want someone like this excusing herself from hitting her child.
    If she admitted it was wrong and said she was raised that way and did not know any better, I would forgive her. Instead she defended her actions trying to convince others THAT IT IS OK TO HIT CHILDREN.
    I hope everyone would participate and join in the fight to
    A talk show once mentioned a website to help children.

    If you care about kids please help them.
    Most of all do not let this Kate person be a role model.

  • Kate Fan

    I’m for Kate – all the way. She gets more beautiful inside and out…with each passing day! Onward and Upward – goooo… Kate!

  • teamjon- cus kate is 10x worse

    every time i see her, she seems more and more fake to me. she keeps playing the victim role and its so pathetic now. stop cyring, dancing and writing books. instead, go look after your kids. remember your kids kate?

  • http://justjared sjeuibfbaj


  • rural mom

    Check out the blog Gosselins 15 Minutes Style to read a first hand account of that book signing, less than 40 people showed up and when the blogger asked Kate about the child labor laws the body guard grabbed her arm and lead her away. She is not a celebrity, she is a manufactured wanna be.

  • Kate Stinks

    Of course no one would date her, she’s exactly right. Who wants to get screamed at all the time, and help her out with 8 kids? What single guy would do that after seeing the abuse Jon took on that show?

    She’s such a fake.

  • Dee

    She’s a nobody. Go away and stay off my television. She’s not a star and she has no talent. How she ended up on Dancing with the Stars is a mystery. How long has she been away from her kids now? At least a week this time? I feel so sorry for them. LIttle kids needs their mother, no matter how much of a shrew she is. She can get a nursing job in PA so she can be near her kids. She says she can’t afford to do it, but if she sold the McMansion and luxury SUV’s, and cut back on the Botox, plastic surgery and fake tanning, sure she could do it. Her loser ex-husband needs to get a job too and support his kids. Those two are famewhores and don’t care about those poor children.

  • Nana

    Always puts the kids first? Doesn’t sound like you are well-informed. They have always been cared for by their father (who is now acting like a fool) and by nannies. By the time they went to kindergarten, she had NEVER taken care of them by herself. We saw how miserable and harsh she was with them on the TV series. TLC encourages that kind of behavior, too. They are now encouraging it on Little People, Little Choclatiers, LA Ink….they encouraged it on the chopper show, and that family is now defunct. We should all stay away from TLC and their quest for ratings, seeing that they have a part in ruining families.
    Kate’s only fame is that six of her kids were born on the same day. She is not gracious, not talented, not easy to listen to. She dreams of having a talk show herself…and yet, she is a narcissistic-type person, caring only about herself. In that venue, she would have to study up on each guest and show an interest in them. Her self-centered attitude is one of her downfalls. The children are already damaged. She and Jon can thank themselves for selling out to TLC. At no time should she be giving mothering advice. She is a failure.

  • Nana

    @smo: Don’t drink her Kool Aid.
    That is her NEW mantra: “I must support my kids.” and “My kids always come first.” and “I am doing the best I can.”
    She is doing the best she can for HERSELF.

  • Nana

    @Dee: You are so right.
    The other thing that bothers me is that she once appeared on the View, tearing up, stating that she had bills in her purse that she couldn’t drop in the mail.
    What a fake! Actually, she could take what she has earned on DWTS and the latest interviews, and that would carry her family over for a couple of YEARS, IF SHE WOULD LIVE WITH WISDOM and discretion.
    No…she is DETERMINED to “live like a star” and the spending continues. She is constantly chasing the next gig, so that she doesn’t ever have to return to regular work and housework, and all that goes along with a family. She is a narcissist.

  • no fan of kate’s

    this woman has scammed the world. she is a terrible mother and person. she needs to be in therapy. she should be home raising her children instead she is humiliating herself on national television because she is as bad a dancer as she was a wife. say what you want about jon g. but she consistently put him down and ridiculed him on their show so much so that he looked like he was in shock most of the time. i think she is a horrible person who has exploited herself, her marriage and her children and yet america embraces her. she must have one damn good spin doctor to turn this sow’s ear into a silk purse. but even wearing lipstick she’s still a pig. she says she’s just trying to support her children…well the money she spent on plastic surgery alone could have put some of them through college, but oh yeah, she comes first. pity those children. they crapped out in the parent department.

  • Kimmers

    Leave her alone! She originally had a trusting marriage that produced miracles and now he is straying away. If they ever got back together it would be a miracle but she is doing what she has to do to keep her family afloat. I have come to love Kate and am always in her corner and love that she keeps striving when the world is against her. I have come to find that I can never have children so I live through you Kate and please reach out, I would love to help and be a Godparent :) Stay strong as you always do, it’s hard but you make it look effortless!

  • marie

    She’s a joke. She only had about 15 people at this book signing — with TLC filming it and Tony there to watch the sad affair. Wow.

  • Courtney

    I look at this fake looking woman and think back to her controlling ways with post a notes covering the mirrors and playing drill Sargent with her kids and mean demeanor toward her husband. LOL and now she’s on DWTS unbelievable…

  • Courtney

    @Nana: You hit the nail right on the head!! Kate Gosselin is a fraud, when was the last time any photos were taken with either parent taking the kids to school? There aren’t any , nannies are raising these kids. Kate has distanced herself from her family , afraid they might get in on the cash cows!!

  • Anon

    Mothers are not narcissistic, self-absorbed fame-wh.ores, Kate.
    Having a narcissist for a mother is a lot like living under the supervision of a six-year-old. Narcissists are always pretending, and with a narcissistic mother it’s a lot like, “Let’s play house. I’ll pretend to be the mother and you pretend to be the baby,” though, as the baby, you’ll be expected to act like a doll (keep smiling, no matter what) and you’ll be treated like a doll — as an inanimate object, as a toy to be manipulated, dressed and undressed, walked around and have words put in your mouth; something that can be broken but not hurt, something that will be dropped and forgotten when when something more interesting comes along. Like DWTS, book tours, the TV talk shows showing your magic uterus…

  • Anon
  • pickles

    It’s obvious she is psycho and shouldn’t be around those kids for more than a couple of hours at a time. She is abusive to them and if we can see it whay hasn’t some one in authority stepped in. Her
    ex-husband is a wimp. If he weren’t so caught up in being famous for being famous, and being weak, he needs to get agressive with her and go for the kids. I would let her go out here and be crazy and get paid for it and I would charge her alimony and child support and raise those kids. She is sick and abusive. Poor little kids. I saw her being really hard on that one older girl.

  • Shana

    Yay to all the haters!! You’re making Kate so famous and adding to your own “pain” at the same time. Kate deserves the pain for having all that judgment thrown at her all the time, and you deserve the “pain” because all you have to do is change the channel and ignore her, but don’t – so you deserve to be annoyed.


    No likey my posty? Thumbs downy? LOLOLOL


  • Venom

    Kate, I think you mean no one would even want to date you.

    Even as a one night stand she would be awful because she would be just bossy and bitch and annoying and not even worth the time.

  • Soni Hannigan

    Give me a break. SHe has no career. No job, Her kids tuitions are paid for by the state of Pennsylvania. TLC pays her for evertime one of the shoes are shown. She just wants people to feel sorry for her. And of course no guy would want to marry her. They all saww the way she treated Jon.

  • Morgan

    How is it that she is getting FATTER by the week when most DWTS contestants lose a lot of weight?

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Kate Gosselin has narcissistic personality disorder at the very least. She is seriously mentally ill. I’m still amazed at the “fans” out there who fall for her attempts to rewrite her own history. Jon did the lion’s share of child care during that marriage, while Kate gave orders and complained. She was the one who told him the marriage was over, just after the revolting marriage vow renewal in Hawaii. And it wasn’t because he was seeing other women, that came after she told him it was over. She could probably live off what she made on the proceeds for Jon and Kate plus 8 for the rest of her life. This no-talent, botoxed, plastic surgeried to the hilt nutjob is doing all this for her, not her precious kids. They will all be in therapists’ chairs for the rest of their lives. She is rarely home, unless it’s for a photo op.
    And to the poster who said she lives through Kate, I feel sorry for you.

  • Epuni

    I don’t really care for Kate but there is one thing that I cannot stand and that is her fake smile.

  • hmm

    i dun geddit..if she’s breaking with jon why is she still called kate GOSSELIN???

  • troi

    I suggest we all use our 9 votes for Dancing with the Stars on someone else and vote this untalented, fame mongering, idiot off the air.

  • brightside

    Umm – it’s not often I agree with Kate but, in this case, she is absolutely right. No man would want to date her because no man wants to date a b*tch! Men don’t willingly engage in relationship suicide! She might find a few temporary hangers on looking to benefit from the money she is making by pimping her children. They’ll soon high-tail it for the hills when they’ve got what they want out of her. But a serious relationship, well she can forget about it because it ain’t going to happen!

  • lexy hates bilson

    There are obviously a lot of anger, bitter, divorced women who keep Kate famous and it’s VERY sad!
    Of course no man would date this woman! She’s a miserable b!tch with 8 kids and if that loser Jon couldn’t stand her, what makes her think a real man wants to be around her? She’s too miserable and b!tchy to even be a HAG. Not even a gay man wants to be around this monster!

  • Payson

    Did you ever make it back to Pa. this week? WOW such a GREAT MOM. Steve and Tony are much more fun than 8 yelling,hitting kids aren’t they?

  • Mammie

    Did you see the tears in that interview ? Yet she was on later with Leno and just as happy as can be, laughing & making faces and really being “on”.
    She did a complete turnaround. I finally figured out what she was doing.
    She was auditioning for a movie role !!!!! Remember she has already said she cannot move to LA cuz she has no job & she has also said she
    wants to be in a movie. Hmmm………Her wish is everyone’s command.
    We wait & see who will be the next sucker to be taken in by her.

  • Mammie

    @Morgan: I totally agree, she is rather round & her legs are awfully large all the way to her cankles. Egads !!!
    say it ain’t so, could she be preggers by Steve-o ???

  • Donna

    Celebrities VS. Kate Gosselin:
    1. Going on a talk shows and interviews for what?
    Celebrities: promo for a movie/show
    Kate Gosselin: herself, her personal life on why she’s “doing it for the kids”/crying how the media thinks she’s mean/why people make a big deal about her hair/whining about how she’s broke and how her family disowned her
    2. “Dancing on the stars” claim to fame:
    Celebrities: actors, muscians, dancers
    Kate Gosselin: birthing out 8 kids fr. her stomach
    3. When books are written:
    Celebrities: autobiography about their tough life and overcoming struggles/fictional books
    Kate Gosselin: letters to her kids on how much pain they’ve experienced during a divorce and how their flaws could be overcome

    If some of you out there, still don’t see the child exploitation, then you’re blind. Take away “kids” in each factor and kate gosselin would be nothing.

  • Tim

    If anyone on here that made a comment had the opportunity to get rich doing what she doing would quit there Job or drop out of School and laugh all the way to the bank….Better her then Paris,Kim K.,Nicole anyone on Mtv, VH1 and E.

  • Jodi

    Hi Kate:

    Sorry I’m so jealous of you that I had to lie about you in order to get my own fame (and quite a big pay out too) just to sell you out. P.S. Can I borrow 10 dollars?

  • Paulie

    This is a perfect example of why she is so loathsome. Why not write letters to your children and, you know, keep them private? Why does she feel the need to share them with the world? Oh yeah…$$$.

  • Liz

    Can you say “media whore”?

  • troi

    You are right, many of “us” would take an opportunity to take fame and earn more money, BUT MOST OF US would not have pimped our eight kids out to the media either. Anyone who puts their kids first would not have done this show. It was and continues (reruns) to be horribly intrusive, unrealistic, and a ratings gold mine for TLC. Does anyone who has any realistic expectations honestly think TLC actually cares about those eight kids? NO they care about ratings and ratings only. What kind of parents would do this to their children? What makes it worse with this media who$re is the fact that she continues to cry and moan about having no money? Where did it all go? TLC has paid for much of her expenses. DWTS is most likely paying for her hair, make up, nails etc. So where is the money?
    As one person noted she said she has bills in her purse that she cannot pay. If it is the purse she was carrying the other day–is that not a designer purse costing $1800 or so? Sell the darn thing and pay your bills! Better yet, DON’T BUY the purse in the first place!
    And what bills are we talking about anyhow? House is paid for by TLC. Kids tuition is paid for by TLC. Kate grabs whatever freebies she can from nails to hair to clothes. So what bills does she have to pay for? Nannies? Body guards? Electricity? Gas? WHAT???? Oh yes, clothes. Designer bags. Designer shoes. More clothes for herself.
    I’d have far more respect for her if she’d just shut her yap and say “I like the attention and want to be the next Paris Hilton” than to put on this whining act at the expensive of 8 precious children.

  • Neil

    I predict there is another book in the future. Only this one will be from one of her children and it won’t be pretty. Mommy and Daddy Dearest?

  • Neil

    @lexy hates bilson:


  • To Smo

    smo @ 04/17/2010 at 4:31 am

    I really think this world is too judgemental negatively on Kate, there is enough children in this world with real issues such as physical and sexual abuse. I think a mom of 8 who takes the time to feed her children organic food really says alot about her primary concern, her children. I Think she is doing the best she can in her situation and if someone wants to critisize her they should do it in a more constructive way.

    I’ll give it a shot. Her kind of parenting may have its advantages to young children where a drill sergeant is the best thing to bring order to little children in need ot order and structure. But her kind of parenting is oppressive to any one older than that and can only lead to rebellion or distance. She is courting disaster if she thinks her sort of OCD doesn’t come with consequences from those who don’t suffer similar afflictions. She has never shown any sort of flexibility and I don’t foresee her changing her ways as her children get older. Good luck to her facing 7 hulking teenagers with different ideas and concerns.

  • justLikeapill


    Marylin Manson + Lady GaGa are jesus & holyness compared to this dark sided tomfoolery.