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Rihanna Lights Up the Netherlands

Rihanna Lights Up the Netherlands

Rihanna rocks it out in a dress covered in lights during her Last Girl On Earth tour at the Gelredome in Arnhem, Holland on Saturday (April 17).

The 22-year-old Take a Bow singer was in Los Angeles earlier in the week to cheer on her boyfriend/major league baseball star Matt Kemp. Rihanna was a good luck charm – the Dodgers won 9-5!

In case you missed it, Matt posed for GQ and coyly responded that Rihanna is a “good friend of mine!”

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna lighting up the Netherlands…

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rihanna lights up netherlands 01
rihanna lights up netherlands 02
rihanna lights up netherlands 03
rihanna lights up netherlands 04
rihanna lights up netherlands 05
rihanna lights up netherlands 06
rihanna lights up netherlands 07
rihanna lights up netherlands 08
rihanna lights up netherlands 09
rihanna lights up netherlands 10
rihanna lights up netherlands 11
rihanna lights up netherlands 12
rihanna lights up netherlands 13
rihanna lights up netherlands 14
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rihanna lights up netherlands 17
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  • sal

    i might get killed for saying this, but i feel that ever since Gaga came out, seems, that rihanna and a lot of other artist are so threatened by her, that theyre trying to be her!

  • jj fans

    @sal: I was just thinking the same thing.

  • casper

    She’s a cute girl. Why does she wear such ugly outfits?

  • cold case love


  • LadyGagaRihannaMadonna

    The concert was absolutely amazing! Hit after hit, costume after costume, Rihanna totally rocked it last night. The sold out 25,000 strong crowd was loving every minute of it.

  • The Joker

    When did her thighs get so big?

  • Bj√∂rne

    Unfortunately, she sucked live. Her costumes were interesting though.

  • H.

    What does this ho have against pants?

  • astro

    It looks like she’s putting on a live p**rn show.

  • rickirich

    Poor thing can’t sing to save her life…That is one concert i will not be going to. Oh and stfu about GAGA …it’s not her damn post. Riri looks cute btw…

  • LuckyL

    She should be wowing with her vocals not her booty.
    Girl will never learn.

  • greenfan

    She needs to stop trying to be Gaga.

  • WTF

    WTF is up with her face????

  • belgian

    i was there, it was great, her voice is becoming amazing. the production was unbelievable, the best concert i’ve seen in the last year (and i’ve seen lots, gaga and beyonce included). rih simply rocked out in the most genuine way and it was felt

  • WTF

    She looks like The Grinch.

  • Tori

    she looks like shes singing her heart out…shes isnt …her vocals are horrible there are many aritst out there that could blow her out of the water…its such a shame ,ther people that actually has talent should be given a chance.

  • berry

    Wow that was bad!
    Who else saw her live?

  • Taylor

    I like her but I wouldn’t pay to see her in a concert. She’s pretty but she’s a shitty singer.

  • mickey

    Time to lay off the McDonald’s and hit the treadmill.

  • Infinite

    Awesome body but she doesn’t have the talent to back it up.





  • meme

    She really isn’t a beauty. She looks just like Dionne Warwick.
    If only she could sing like her.

  • truly

    @berry: she never sounds good live and she can’t dance.

  • who?


  • roberto

    i went to her concert and i have to say all the people saying she cant dance, sing, etc. have NOT seen this concert. It was SIMPLY AMAZING. Thats all i can say. It was very genuine. Most of the songs were off Rated R so you felt her pain but you also felt the fun from her older songs. Great concepts, excellent. Perfect. Even BETTER than lady gaga live and she’s great.

  • Adriana

    @roberto: I completely agree with you. I have yet to see the show, but I heard from many fans that this tour is her best yet and she really brought it. The people who say she can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t put on a show are just saying that. The people who actually went to the show are the only ones who can judge the show and from all I hear, they loved it! Her show tonight in The Netherlands was sold out too!

  • Adriana

    You people are seriously obsessed with Rihanna. It’s pretty obvious. It’s okay, you can like Rihanna. Better to waste your time loving someone than hating on them. There’s really no need to comment and say nasty things. All it does is makes you all look jealous and sad. Get out, go to a show, get away from your computers and “live your life”. Rihanna isn’t a bad singer at all. In fact, she sounds better than 95% of singers live. Also, she does too dance and dances well. So what if she doesn’t want to dance? Who wrote the rule that a pop artist must dance the whole time? I’d much rather see Rihanna singing her heart out than Britney and Gaga lipsyncing while dancing as if that’s really what people came to see? Madonna doesn’t dance the entire time. In fact, I love it when she stops dancing and just sings on stage. Rihanna can convey more emotion in her songs and her singing that Lady Gaga ever will. The Last Girl on Earth Tour owns The Monster Ball Tour. Plus, Rihanna doesn’t sit and half sing/half dance her way through her concert. She sweats her ass off because she works hard. Please, Rihanna is in a league of her own. No hype, no stupid costumes, just great energy and stage presence. So STFU haters, continue hating because you will be seeing a lot more Rihanna in the next 6 months and Just Jared is gonna be there every step of the way. Kiss our asses losers. :)

  • Dooley

    All the girl artist are doing this look Gaga,Fergie And Beyonce but very few will say anything about them.But let Christina wear that very outfit and people go crazy…I hope Christina brings something new to this futuristic style.

  • Blackman2010

    Reading these comments kinda pisses me off. The same lame ass fools always commenting on Rihanna posts because they secretly want to be her…You lame ass losers should get out more and get away from gossiping on Rihanna as if you are really gonna throw off her stride. It’s people like ya’ll that make people famous, so really, you guys are perpetuating the thing you hate. I bet most of the people who have commented have never seen this girl live or never really listened to her album Rated R. I thought it sucked because I loved her raggae shit at first. I really don’t listen to pop music or care for dance stuff, but as a Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath fan, I really appreciated that album a lot. So keep harboring negativity because we can turn that negative energy into something postive, just like Rihanna has been doing for the past year. Like the chick above me said, I’d rather Rihanna singing and sweating than Lipsyncing and using stupid costumes to cover up for mediocrity. Fall back hatas because RiRi be making you mad and jealous and that’s pretty funny if you ask me.

  • Blackman2010

    @sal: Sorry sal, but Rihanna is a million times better than that POS. Why would a beautiful black girl want to be an ugly ass white tranny?? Lady Gaga is a total joke if there ever was one. She is not talented, not beautiful, not sexy, can’t sing, can’t dance, basically fails at everything in life. All her success is just pity…Her success is based on the same flash-in-the-pan success Susan Boyle had. People feel sorry for her and want the underdog to win. Lady Gaga never blazed any trail and is nothing but a Madonna wannabe and is walking on roads already paved by Madonna 25 years ago. No one is trying to be that ugly tranny. She sucks, her music sucks, she’s so ugly, so garish, so mediocre, so generic, Rihanna is so much better and has better songs. Take away Gaga’s lame ass synths and all you got is Amy Winehouse with bleached hair. Lady Gaga can’t even get a #1 song yet Rihanna has been #1 for 5 weeks straight…Even after the ugly whore sold out, got called out by MIA, tried looking the best she could, used everthing but the kitchen sink, she still can’t top Rihanna. What a try hard. Lady Gaga is an absolute loser/tranny/epic fail.

  • lala

    im actually surprised that no one has mentioned about her camel toe, lol…

  • guest

    this is sad this was a beautiful gorgeous girl her face is still beautiful but what shes been doing to herself dressing like this her hair the tattoos the weight gain something is going on i know she went through a rough time but she has to pull it together when i see her like this and then look at umbrella i feel for her

  • CanadaGirl

    Is she close enough to Iceland for the smoke monster to get her?
    Go away Rihanna.

  • Demi

    I went to Rihanna for the second time here in Holland & it was just amazing, really!! I love her!!

  • Jasmine

    @sal: Sal! I came here to comment on that exact same thing! I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this. I mean, Rihanna has always had more of an edge to her as she was gravitating toward that before Gaga hit the jackpot with “Just Dance”, but really…especially with this outfit? You can’t deny all the similarities…

  • Jasmine

    @Adriana: Sweetie, do your research before making a statement. Lady Gaga does *NOT* lipsync. I’m a fan of both Rihanna and Lady Gaga and while Rihanna has a decent voice, Gaga’s range leaves Rihanna in the dust. Watch anything she does, her voice live is 10x better than Rihanna’s enhanced studio version voice. That’s the simple truth. But hey, believe what you want.

  • Adriana

    @Jasmine: She doesn’t lipsync? Well what do you call it? Letting the backing track take over? I’ve seen many videos from her tour and though she claims to “die rather than lipsync”, she clearly isn’t doing either. Either lipsync really good (while dancing your ass off), or sing the damn song and give your fans their money’s worth. You can’t just sit down in the middle of the show, have the backing track blaring and just lay there as if that’s entertaining? “Rihanna’s enhanced studio verisons”….Well, kettle, meet pot. Everyone, fans included always bring up how different Lady Gaga sounds live. Her vocals are tricked out to death. Rihanna sounds exactly like the record when she sings live, so the simple truth is that Rihanna is a better live singer than Gaga. Take away the costumes and all Lady Gaga is, is a skinny little white girl on stage with a piano…Not quite as interesting without all the make up and costumes right???

  • R.M

    I didn’t like her costumes a lot .. But the concert was amazing … And she is so good live

  • tal


  • Sophie

    I have been the. She was amazing! She sang pretty good live and the dancing was amazing. Hit after hit, costum after costum. Everybody loved it. There was so much to see, I didn’t know where to look. Disturbia included big monsters, shut up and drive included a big car, etc.


    I LOVE her fashion style, but can’t say anything for her voice – I haven’t heard her live.

  • chaay

    I was there, standing frontlinee.
    She was amazingg!

  • lellola

    not a rihanna fan but have to point out that gaga did not invent this style i dunno bout the us but just before gaga came out in the uk alot of eclectro pop artists who are inspired by the 80′s started crossing over into the mainstream so this “glam rock” fashion style is just the in thing at the moment its not a case that artists are copying gaga or feel threatended by gaga having said that gaga has sold more albums than rihanna’s rated r or gggb

  • letsbe4real

    Stans will never criticize their artists even when they have an off performance for a few moments. Now, some of you stans know after swinging that bat and going into “Firebomb, Rihanna had no air left and was tired, vocals were off. Yes, she is trying to add a few dance moves but her cardio is off and she tires quickly which throws everything off. She should add cardio exercises to her regiment. Too much stage junk, I know it’s the madhouse but dang so much theatrics to diguise the vocals. The stans wear the hat forever preaching the big ups for artist until the bad becomes good again. The stans know when their artist has a bad performance they just will not speak of it for then it becomes true.

  • Rihannafan


    and tnx for the pic JJ ( there are much better than my pics xD )


    Her performance sucked, she never sounds good live and she needs to work on her dance moves cause that was WHACK! cute outfits though

  • Copy cat

    she is desperately trying to copy lady gaga…sorry I can’t help but compare it’s too obvious.

  • Gaga Fan

    @Blackman2010: you sound so filled with jealousy and hate, I mean I understand you are a rihanna stan but your hate for lady gaga is unjustified I mean no one can dispute the fact that gaga is talented beyond her years, she is original and has stage presence, Sorry to say but no matter how much you despise her you can’t take her God given gifts away from her so hate on.

  • Cece

    That pink outfit looks like a white outfit Gaga wore a while back, seriously rihanna get you own style.