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Zac Efron: Mustache Macho

Zac Efron: Mustache Macho

Zac Efron tries out a new mustache look while filling up his car at a gas station in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (April 16).

The 22-year-old star was accompanied by his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

Zac recently signed on to produce and star in the re-make of Snabba Cash, which was a blockbuster film in Sweden. He would play a young financial wizard who hopes to strike it rich quickly by becoming a runner for a coke dealer.

20+ pictures inside of mustache macho Zac Efron

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zac efron mustache 01
zac efron mustache 02
zac efron mustache 03
zac efron mustache 04
zac efron mustache 05
zac efron mustache 06
zac efron mustache 07
zac efron mustache 08
zac efron mustache 09
zac efron mustache 10
zac efron mustache 11
zac efron mustache 12
zac efron mustache 13
zac efron mustache 14
zac efron mustache 15
zac efron mustache 16
zac efron mustache 17
zac efron mustache 18
zac efron mustache 19
zac efron mustache 20
zac efron mustache 21
zac efron mustache 22
zac efron mustache 23
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zac efron mustache 25

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  • Trina

    Zac and Vanessa both look great. She is beautiful from head to toe and so is he.

  • http://Justjared Jenny.s.

    Once again, love her outfit <3 True beauty
    As for zac, whatever floats his boat, just hope it’s a temporary thing :)

    why success: NO

  • duuumm

    wowww, what can i say besides………LOL at you zac.

  • gross

    He looks hilariously ridiculous and she looks like a sl.ut.

  • james

    What Brand are those sunglass zac efron is wearing ? =]

  • Jasmine

    luckky peeoplee, they were driving to coachella.


    The phorn stache doesn’t flatter, Effie. Orlando Bloom’s the only one who can rock it right.

    You looked better doing your Chace Crawford impersonation ala the 5 o’clock shadow. That said, I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for it. (-;

  • http://facebook Ayde


  • Isabelle

    I love Vanessa, but her outfit makes her look like a crack whore.

    She is classier than that!

  • WOW

    Channing Tatum now kid Zac. Back to normal guys.

  • yets

    cutest couple!!!!!!!

  • Soni Hannigan

    Does anyone know if they went to coachella? If so does anyone have any pictures.
    They are the cutest and best couple ever. Just wish we could have seen Vanessa’s face better.

  • BOJI

    If you say Zac looks gay, only got this to say, just about every other male on earth looks gay. We all have x and y chromosomes so go figure. Call Zac pretty face? Look at Leonardo De Caprio, he is one pretty baby faced celebrity who has done and is still doing pretty pretty well for himself, I must say, so there.

    Vanessa is looking boho hot hot hot! Love her in those cut off shorts and gypsy top, shows off her best features. The couple that shops, play house,jogs, does movies, eats, and goes to music festivals together have alot to share.

  • kgg

    You poor children and your infantile comments… clueless. Vanessa looks great and Zac looks cool in his new moustache. You guys need to quit being so judgemental and quit post several posts and changing your name. They are both dressed appropriately for going to Coachella, a music festival. Now go write 100 times: I will be nice to others on the internet and not be such an immature hater.

  • Malia

    There have been a few tweets of Zac and Vanessa sightings at Coachella. They are posted on the Zanessa=Sweetheart site.

  • lauren

    they are cute,

    but there both going to be know as “the high school musical stars”

  • Malia


    They’re now still knows for HSM, but within 5 to 10 yrs, they will be known for other things. People still remember Johnny Depp for “21 Jump Street” but that’s not ALL they equate him with today.

  • roadhouse

    Sorry Zac, can’t stop laughing. You need to use more mascara,than that dirt on your upper lip would look better. it would look better on V. Although she still looks like roadside trash.

  • curiosity

    V is just HOT no matter what she wears…I do like the mustache on Zac.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Roadhouse, I didn’t know you think of yourself as roadside trash! Thats to bad.

  • Birdie

    They are so gorgeous. I think Zac looks adorable with or without a mustache, and like everyone guys like to try different looks and hair
    just to mix it up a bit. Hope they’re having fun and the paps leave them alone.

  • Karen

    John Travolta after all these years still gets attacked for various things although it has been a decades since he played Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter. Leo DiCaprio had this huge round head and baby face until he was at least 30 but is still in the class of a “pretty boy”. Haters just want to hate—that’s all they know. Hate breeds more hate. They are too afraid to try to be anything else. That’s why they are where they are—probably having nobody that loves them like Zac and Vanessa have each other, nor do they have money to go out and have some fun with friends because they probably have no great job. That is one of the reason they have to come on a site like this and rag on someone.

    Someone who has a positive attitude always tries harder and is notice more just because they make people around them feel better. SO, they are offered more things in life because they bring positive things to what they touch, etc. People want those kind of people around them and their surroundings. The trouble comes from some negative person who is jealous or resentful or just doesn’t like NICE. They are like the doomsayers of the world.

  • Soni Hannigan

    #65 Malia:

    The site talks about it, but it shows pictures from last year.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I really like want Vanessa is wearing and I love the shirt Zac is wearing,

  • http://google BARBARA

    I love want Vanessa and Zac are wearing, I love the shirt Zac is wearing I’m from Denver, and My brother went to CU and got his Dr’s degree from CU and he, lives in Orgon, hes a scientist that studies genes.I think Zac’s mustache looks good , he’s just expermenting, and I think is great, and I think Vanessa doesn’t mine a bit. They always support each other in want they do. Karen I agree with very thing you said.

  • go sox

    @roadhouse: You have serious problems. NO other words for you.

  • Mona

    Let’s see – there’s only limited choice of hairstyles/looks for guys: long/short hair, curly/straight, sideburns, mo, soul patch, beard. I guess at some point Zac is gonna end up looking a bit like a few hundred million – stylewise. But no-one’s gonna look cuter!

  • umm

    @Isabelle: Classier than that? LOL have you forgotten her n.use photos??

  • lmao

    He looks like a limp buffooon. and she looks like trailor trash

  • peter

    I’m glad he got rid of his bangs, and has a more grown-up hair style. She just tries to hard to be stylist. Doesn’t work.

  • Malia

    @Soni Hannigan:

    I was referring to the TWEETS they had posted on Zanessa=Sweetheart. Not the pictures. I think everyone on earth knows those pictures are from last year. If not, they must live on another planet. LOL

  • pita

    Hopefully well get a pictures of the couple soon.Just Jared jr. spotted the two couples checking out the Coachella Musical Festival i dont know why JJ.take long to post here if he spies caught them.

  • Malia

    I think JJ’s spies are the tweets that have come out. I don’t think JJ actually has any spies at the music festival. :)

  • pita

    @ Malia; thanks for your clarified my comment.
    oh well!!!! Zac the Me and Orson Welles DVD was released tomorrow here in UK. I can’t wait.

  • Divine Goddess

    @umm: taking sexy pics for ur bf doesnt make u unclassy. ppl make mistakes. she was a teen, get over it

  • Martina

    Okaaay so!Im usually not into mustaches soo much but ZAC EFRON PULLS IT OFF,hes yummy. <3

  • Karen

    I would love for someone to tell me just what “trailer trash” is. You know what I think? I think those on these boards who use that expression are 14-15 year olds who think they sound so “bad” and are using the utmost insult which will get them noticed. Those people who desire to make such comments are the most uneducated people on earth. I graduated with a person who was an honor student who lived in a trailer court. She is very well education now making money coming out her ears… What are you people who use this tire expression doing with YOUR lives? Can you boast to having the things Vanessa does or are you only busy writing ugly things about her? Is that the best you got in you?

  • Rn-224

    the floppy hat hide her face…. I can’t see her beautiful eyes…

  • Malia

    I just saw cute Coachella pictures of Zac and Vanessa on GG site. Wonder why JJ hasn’t posted them yet.

  • duuumm

    @Divine Goddess:

    umm, yeah, it kinda is. especially since she was underage too.

  • WTF

    I cant believe people actually believe this guy is straight.

  • ItstimeZac

    Poor Zac, it must be hell living that deep in the closet

  • http://miley1ashley maha

    i love zac more at hsm3 and 17 again he was so cute with out the mustach and he dosent disrve vanessa i mean she is pretty but not for him i relly hate zenessa but i love zashly or ziley is so mutch better

  • Mower Jack

    I like the car more than his lame mustache!