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Adam Lambert: GLAAD Fever!!!

Adam Lambert: GLAAD Fever!!!

Adam Lambert gets shady with a pair of fierce sunglasses at the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards held at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Saturday (April 17) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old American Idol vet performed a two-song set from his album, For Your Entertainment. Adam belted out “Fever” and “Music Again.”

Earlier in the evening, Adam tweeted, “Looking forward to the GLAAD awards tonight! I may just have to swish it up a bit. :)”

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert with GLAAD fever…

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Credit: Russ Einhorn , Michael Caulfield; Photos: Wireimage, SplashNewsOnline
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89 Responses to “Adam Lambert: GLAAD Fever!!!”

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  1. 26
    Wicked Glitter Says:

    Adam looked like a handsome movie star from the thirties, and forties. Those men were the epitome of class, and beauty. Actors like Cary Grant, Robert Taylor, and Errlol Flynn. They had the ‘IT’ factor just like Adam.

  2. 27
    Henry Says:

    I really love that his “mission is not only to promote visibility in the gay & lesbian comm. but 2 promote diversity in LGBT”.

    We needed someone like him in the public eye. An “it’s OK to be weird” message for so many secluded kids struggling to deal with society’s expectations and bullies. And even older kids, adults.

  3. 28
    afinefrenzy Says:

    So cute, this one:

  4. 29
    Mari Says:

    So damn pretty!

  5. 30
    Tyrone Says:


  6. 31
    Jerry Says:

    Just keep cutting that edge, Adam!

  7. 32
    glória Says:

    Adam is amazin…love him at the first sight…love him eve more every day..
    He’s really a ROCK GOD!!!!

  8. 33
    CRY MORE Says:

    @Roderick: Hahahahaha. Don’t be mad he has friends and fans in Slash, Spielberg, Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Tyler, Tim Burton, Demi Moore, JMcHale, Rob Marshall, Muse, Madonna, Cuomo, Selena Williams, Gaga, LPerry, Stephen Fry, P&L Presley……and you’re still a life-less anon. nobody who will never get that kind of love and respect, EVER. xoxoxoxo

  9. 34
    Sandy Says:


  10. 35
    SEX is not the enemy Says:

    @C: You, are in a GLAAD thread, yet speaking like that? Are you lost? You’re disgusting. Actually, I think you have some internal issues you need to get ~OUT.

  11. 36
    heapgrohl Says:

    @Faith: Ew, can you not bring those claykins into this thread :s They’re f-n scary and almost all of them like to ignore the fact that Clay is a gay man whereas Adam fans don’t even care or celebrate it. Some of the things they say are ridiculous like “Clay is a God-fearing man, a Christian, please do not bring homosexuality into the conversation!” still not accepting the fact that is it an ORIENTATION, completely dismissing that part of his life. It’s way sad. They’re almost all musically stunted old men/women with their musically stunted sheltered daughters who only know music from watching Idol. 90% of Adam’s fans are MUSIC LOVERS, real music fans, most of us don’t even watch or like Idol. His fans are everyone which is what music should be about, bringing people together, crossing ALL demographics & boundaries. Babies like him (yea no joke), kids, children, young boys, girls, College/Uni dudes & chicks, older dudes, truck drivers, Underground performers, gays, straights, lesbians, Bisexuals, mothers, dads, trannies, artists, musicians, bands… it goes on….pepople from all over the world. He’s mainstream, Claiken is still in his Idol bubble as are his fans. Adam’s different. He a brain of his own, a sound of his own, mad versatile talent, a mission, proper star power, respect from well-respected legends/icons/musicians/film directors/industry VIPs. Yeah, he has rabid passionate fans as well but so do most artists. If your fans aren’t passionate, you won’t even get far, eve noticed that? Florence & The Machine was just on my TV talking about a fangirl that got her face tattooed on her scalp (wtf). Anyway, thy do you think people like MJ & Gaga had so much power behind them. Passionate fans do make a huge difference.

  12. 37
    heapgrohl Says:

    *why (not thy…)
    lol, ignore all the other typos

  13. 38
    Jack Says:

    Sorry…being openly gay, wearing expensive suits, pretty glittery make-up and singing does absolutely not prove to me that he deserves to be recognized by the GLBT community. He’s there to pimp his CD, simple.

    There are a lot of young talented gays out there behind the scene that do a hell of lot more for their community and are never recognized.

    And please Glamberts..keep your homophobia cards down and do not attack just for stating an opinion…mine not yours :p

  14. 39
    f.o.c.k.e.r.y Says:

    He is the only gay artist signed onto a major label – who was openly gay at the start of it. And he is also popular and globally successful already even though he’s only at the start of his career. Respect, seriously.

  15. 40
    Eric Says:

    @Jack: Sup m0ron. Name me ONE actor or artist who was openly gay from the get-go and has the industry respect he has; his size fanbase; his versatile fanbase – race/gender/sexuality/location/age/music genre; is as crazy In Demand as he is; gets the amount of internet hits as he does (he’s above the mid mark, gaga and obama are just above him); has had the Sales success as he does. Name me one. And dam.n quit with the Gberts, 10% of his fans call themselves that, the rest of us are fans, you think his legend fans call themselves gberts? Your bias is showing bro.

  16. 41
    half a mill nearly :) Says:


  17. 42
    EQUALITY. Says:

    When Texan-born ex-BIGOT Michael Sarver was asked who he looked up to he said, “Actually, the coolest person I’ve met is Adam Lambert, as far as teaching me the most. And it has nothing to do with music, eveything to do with character. And not seeing the difference before you see the person, seeing the person first. I have to say if I have grown the most from any certain individual it would have to be Adam Lambert. Just, this guy’s heart and soul is amazing. And he always has something positive to say, no matter what we’re faced with, no matter what life throws at him. I can say I’m a changed man because of him, I am very thankful for that.”

  18. 43
    XJG Says:

    Rob Halford: “Thank God for Adam Lambert, we need someone like him in the community.”

  19. 44
    Jack Says:


    All of his fans are such hypocrites because unless you have something good to say about Adam Lambert…we are all morons. You simply have to read some of the responses above to prove my point. You all need to get you heads of the sand and stop being so obsessed about a damn singer because that’s all he is.

  20. 45
    Jack Says:


    All of his fans are such hypocrites because unless you have something good to say about Adam Lambert…we are all morons. You simply have to read some of the responses above to prove my point. You all need to get you heads of the sand and stop being so obsessed about a damn singer because that’s all he is. Just continue to talk non sense amongst yourserves.

  21. 46
    Jack Says:


    Yes, because in the end that’s all they are “glamorized Claymates”

  22. 47
    vic Says:


  23. 48
    Middle Aged Fan Says:

    Older homosexuals love Adam

  24. 49
    tutupat Says:

    Lionessa….I agree, he has the perfect nose. I’ve commented on that
    before. Perfection!!!! He is perfect in all ways and talented to the nth degree. LOVE HIM!!!

  25. 50
    tutupat Says:

    Love overcomes Hate, Love has no color, love has no orientation,
    ALL IS LOVE!!! This says it all. Everyone please pay attention!!

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