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Adam Lambert: GLAAD Fever!!!

Adam Lambert: GLAAD Fever!!!

Adam Lambert gets shady with a pair of fierce sunglasses at the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards held at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Saturday (April 17) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old American Idol vet performed a two-song set from his album, For Your Entertainment. Adam belted out “Fever” and “Music Again.”

Earlier in the evening, Adam tweeted, “Looking forward to the GLAAD awards tonight! I may just have to swish it up a bit. :)”

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert with GLAAD fever…

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Credit: Russ Einhorn , Michael Caulfield; Photos: Wireimage, SplashNewsOnline
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89 Responses to “Adam Lambert: GLAAD Fever!!!”

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  1. 51
    Jory Says:

    God he is looks Hot and So Handsome, Love Him <3

  2. 52
    LuckyL Says:


  3. 53
    Faith Says:


    That’s true. They are almost identical to what Claymates were like after Clay was on AI! They spam polls, slam anybody that doesn’t love Adam, overflow the radio stations with requests (and demands) that Adam’s records get played. Adam even had to admonish them for that, they multiple buy his CD to try to make it look like he sold a lot more than he did. The list goes on and on and its identical to Claymates. It got so bad radio stations refused to play Clay’s music period. Every article written that disses Adam even in the slightest way gets bombarded with his fans. It is very irritating and in the long run will turn a lot of people against Adam through no fault of his own.

  4. 54
    p. Says:

    “No matter how old are you, no matter who you sleep with, no matter what color your skin is, we can all party together” – Adam Lambert

  5. 55
    happy girl Says:

    he is soooo pretty! beautiful.

  6. 56
    happy girl Says:

    i wish he was straight so he could be mine.

  7. 57
    Mary Says:

    Very nice :)

  8. 58
    confused Says:

    Is Adam a rock or a pop person??

  9. 59
    ummm Says:

    @happy girl: If he were straight he still wouldn’t be yours….

  10. 60
    lol Says:

    @confused: Why do you want to box him? The fact that he can’t be boxed easily into anything is part of his appeal, and he should take pride in that. Well, he’s both. He lives and walks the spirit of glamrock tho. He’s more a popstar than a rockstar (to become a rockstar takes years dude) – and he calls himself a pop artist instead of a rock artist, but he’s obviously a huge rock fan. And his band like to play rock arrangements, and often he’ll sing more like a rock/heavy metal singer than a male pop singer. No need to box.

  11. 61
    ♥_______♥ Says:

    Adam took Brad with him to GLAAD blkdofghdf;dfhghgjhsdvopobv

  12. 62
    YT Says:

    @♥_______♥: who’s brad?

  13. 63
    MaC Says:

    His foundation makes his zits and craters look huge…

  14. 64
    JOKER Says:

    @Jack: YOU’RE the one in his thread. If you weren’t so interested – so ‘obsessed’ – you wouldn’t even bother to proceed to CLICK.

  15. 65
    AL Says:

    @Faith: You are Sooo right! Glamberts are freaks!
    They attack anyone for anything!
    It is a total turn off to Lambert.
    I like him but his “fans” ruin it for him to gain more (non) obsessed regular fans..

  16. 66
    TheWho Says:

    @Jack: LMFAO. Everyone knows who you two scumbags are on Twitter. Gotta love how hard you pathetic trolls (you are the EPITOME of internet ‘trolls’) try and try. No matter how many times you spam spew all over the internet with twisted hilarious envious bitterness, you’re not going to get the love and respect Adam has that you desire so fkn much. The truth hurts huh? Poor babies <3

  17. 67
    he blows Says:

    wake me up when no talent Adam develops a style of his own

  18. 68
    RBIlly Says:

    I’ve never heard this Kat’s music, but his hair is sick!

  19. 69
    barf Says:

    Roderick and MaC. You two are genuinely, two of the most inside-out hideous people my eyes have ever had the misfortune of seeing. Sorry about your faces : ( I do love the fact that you actually LOOK like TROLLS irl lolllllllll. No but seriously, who told you it was a good idead to use your own photos for your Twitter display pics? Dayumn.

    And screening the ISPs – LOL at you losers spamming with different usernames – fuc*ing priceless. There ain’t 1 user here with a positive comment spamming under another name – only you fools, amazing. Love will ALWAYS overpower Hate at the end of the day. You dbags are so hate-filled for whatever reason, you. just. can’t. take. positivity. It’s awe-inspiring how your stomachs turns at the fact that “hating Adam Lambert is like hating sunshine”. You always get so uptight that a positive, genuine soul gets more love, respect and attention in one minute than you two have had in your entire lives. Sorry about your lives. I love that RB blocked & stopped following you btw MaC hahahaha. Man it’s just fuc* ing incredible how Kris A. fans are so disgusting when Kris himself is the opposite. So what is it about Adam that draws you in so much? You’re always talking about him and tweeting him repulsive sh*t. The fact that you know more about him and his fans, than 90% of his own FANS do, is beyond frightening. It doesn’t say much about your health, does it? Once again, gotta love how incapable you are at following a simple statement. You’ve dismissed 90% of Adam Lambert’s fanbase: his casual fans, his ‘love him’ fans, his legend fans – for the 10% of his fanbase that are obnoxious, loud, ‘Adam notice me!!!11″ attention-seeking, RABID fans. Why are you both so caught up in that 10%? You’re so stuck in the Idol bubble you can’t see straight. They pi$s me of too but then I get my a$s off the internet & forget about them. Don’t you two ever have real lives to get to?

  20. 70
    LDN Says:

    @XJG: Judas Priest’s Rob: “First, thank God for Adam Lambert. We need someone like this in music and the gay community. His voice does many great things.” lol he’s so awesome.

  21. 71
    YT Says:

    @YT:Brad Bell, Adam’s ex/first love. His comedic persona is called Cheeks. He’s smart, and pretty hilarious:

  22. 72
    @YT Says:

    @YT: Another lol ~

  23. 73
    Shredder Says:

    How tall is Adam? Because woah:

  24. 74
    Emily Says:

    @Shredder: 6′ 2″ :)

  25. 75
    Layla Says:

    I wish I could meet him. I know he doesn’t know me but I’m so effin….proud of how far he’s come. I don’t mean just the fact that he’s been working up towards mainstream success for over a Decade, but from how far he’s come from HighSchool as well when he would walk into the classroom with bright purple hair and ridiculous clothes, and people would just be like wtf and know him as “the weird one”. But he embraced his ‘weirdness’ instead of trying to push it away, molding himself into what society boxes as the ‘norm’, combined it with his vocal talent – took it to another level – and as a result gained a squillion global fans and the respect of respected established people, despite any insecure haters like Roderick and his kind still acting like those school kids. He cares, he cares for weird kids to have someone to look up to because he never had that. He always in his interviews stresses the fact that it’s more important to be YOURSELF, even if people call you a ‘freak’, it’s more important to be 100% comfortable in your own skin, than to be what society wants you to be, you’ll find your calling in life, sooner or later . “It’s OK to be weird”. People can hate on Gaga all they want but she’s another example of a fierce freak. Nowadays if someone calls you a “freak!!” the hurt is less because there are fierce, beautiful ‘freaks’ living their dreams inspiring millions, as the bullies ended up in McDonalds. As I said, it’s not just the gay thing with Adam, it’s the whole ‘weird’ acceptance thing, from the gay community as well as, you know all the cowardly, ignorant, insecure GAY men who portray themselves as publicly neutral and A-sexual as possible who go “I’m nothing like that!!! Please don’t judge all gay men like that!!!!!!” then go back into their homes f—-g their partners even gayer. He is so amazing and so in-tune with himself.

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