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Alexander Skarsgard: Crotch Grab!

Alexander Skarsgard: Crotch Grab!

Alexander Skarsgard gets his crotch grabbed by a female friend during day two of the 2010 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday (April 17) in Indio, Calif.

The 33-year-old Swedish stunner got a little revenge on his gal pal by squeezing his knees around her head. Hah!

Alex‘s girlfriend, Kate Bosworth, stood close by and had a good laugh. (More pics of Kate were posted earlier.)

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard getting his crotch grabbed…

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alexander skarsgard crotch grab 01
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 02
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 03
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 04
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 05
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 06
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 07
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 08
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 09
alexander skarsgard crotch grab 10

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  • VILF

    Looks like VILF is having a good time at Coachella!

  • Spice

    I don’t think Kate did look happy at the crotch grab if you really look at the picture.

  • don

    she’s smiling, stop with the conclusions Jared she’s not his girlfriend until he says so

  • lol

    She is grabbing his junk! lol

  • elle

    Alex looks hot once again

  • beautiful day

    He does not act like a guy in a relationship. I think he plays the field.

  • Mollie

    Looks more like she is grabbing the bottom of his shirt,

  • Britt

    That looks funny glad to know he’s having fun

  • ha!

    He does look hot for a pervert.

  • ck_always

    @Mollie: Lol, someone is wishful thinking.

  • sixx

    I’m not seeing how holding her hand on his groin is going to help her up.
    He could just reach over and pull her up. He doesn’t seem to be making much of an effort. Maybe he enjoys the hand on his privates.

  • ayla

    Yummy he looks good

  • Lina

    I think she’s just holding on to him to get up

  • King

    So, dude likse to go around sitting his balls on women’s necks?

  • eightball

    @ck_always: True, if it were KB’s hand on his crotch, they’d be claiming she was giving him a hand job so they must be in a relationship.

  • GreenCAT

    @don: I agree don! It actually seems that Alex was keeping his distance from her.

  • Kill Your Darlings

    @Spice: No, she doesn’t look happy in htat pic but I bet that girl has lots of stuff on her so she has to keep her trap shut while her friend enjoys the gracious plenty.

  • Weeds

    Forget the crotch grab, why is he sitting on that girl’s neck?
    That’s not normal.

  • adriana

    Does anyone know who that girl is

  • Arrested Development

    He’s 6’4′. I bet that feels heavy to have that guy sitting on your neck.
    What was this man thinking? He’s 33 going on 13.

  • L

    That girl seems wasted.

  • Time

    @adriana: I think she’s Arlene Moon. She works for Coldplay and is one of Bosworth’s best friends. She probably has seen a lot.

  • coldplaying

    Skarsgard seems to be enjoying himself with the crotch grabber.
    What a flirt!

  • Free People

    Can’t see the girl’s face so not sure if she’s wasted. Probably just trying to get up at an awkward angle but not sure why she thought hanging onto his shirt and crotch was going to accomplish anything. Same for him too. He doesn’t seem upset over the situation.

  • bon temps

    If you’re ever at Coachella and you suddenly feel a weight on your shoulders and something hard poking at your neck, it’s probably Vampire Eric. :-P

  • anna

    Alexander’s head looks really small compared to the rest of his body, especially the arms. Not that there’s something wrong with that, it was just something I noticed LOL.

  • TBfan

    A group of friends fooling around having fun. That’s what you do at a music festival, well apart from listening to music.

  • Wow

    JJ your late in th game in posting these photos, hey why not show KB face while the crotch grab. She did not look happy. I quess after he humped the girls head she was laughing but then realised it wasn’t funny anymore!!!She has been photograped with more intimate physical contact than KB yet she is his girlfriend and the women is just a friend wow JJ , KB must be paying you well.

  • katefane

    Kate drop his ass he is not worth it, he is making you look like a fool. You are beautiful and deserve more respect.

  • ASfan

    Step out of the limelite and focus on your career, your looking like a douche. Take cue from Collin Farrell and get out of the Hollywood scene, he did after he almost completely ruining his career with his parting ways and hanging with famewhores like KB and quess what he won an Oscar. He even admitted that he regretted making a fool of himself!!! People were not taking him seriously for any roles and he realized he had to make a change. Hey if KB was smart she would do the same. But hey she does not care??? It seems she will just drag you down with her!!To think I defended you against KB and AS haters, the more you hang out with her the more you bth prove you are bth pathetic. You do not want to be known as only Stellan’s son and that actor on that vamp show!

  • CrushBlue

    They look like they are having fun. She looks really cute, I love her dress.

  • Hilarious

    In the 6th photo he is like a little lower yeah….Ha..ha..ha Maybe he is th manwhore everyone is saying he is. Man can let loose when he drinks!!! Just look at his face.

  • NotAgain

    Sorry but he looks like a total pervert and sleezeball. This is someone who is letting fame go completely to his head!! He already went down in my eyes for messing around with and being linked to KB who is a homewrecker(Martin), backstabbing friend, alleged serious crankhead, skank/slore, famewhore, pap calling, anorexic/bulimic, TERRIBLE actress who ruins every movie. Now this just shows he is full of his own EGO and disrepectful. That runs the line of getting your a** kicked. How rude to come up behind someone and put your d*ck on their head/neck while your supposed “gf” looks on and its HER friend. Yeah they were all playing. The friend grab his crotch area out of fun too and maybe b/c she likes the flirting which OBVIOUSLY did not sit well with Kate(she looks like she is about to cry in that pic and in the pics from later in the day sitting with her dark haired friend on the curb). Kate did not look happy at all after that. Even Alex’s friend Bjorn looks surprised the girl did that. Sorry but Alex is now no better that Kate in my eyes. Trashy man for a trashy/gutter girl. Just like Colin Farrell started out!!! Uh he won’t be around for long. You don’t see SAM WORTHINGTON having to do this kind of crap for publicity and attention and all of hollytown is beating down his door. It’s all about respect and integrity. Alex has lost all of it now.

  • icky


    not arguing the sentiment of your message only suggesting you check your facts. Colin Farrell has NOT won an Oscar. MTV and Teen Choice Awards, yes. Oscar, no.

  • adrienne

    i dont get this thing bout them being a couple, they just look like friends to me! they arent ever really seen holding hands or acting like a couple, so he gave her a hug yesterday, i hug my friends all the time!
    he seems more into the other girls than her!

  • Whynot

    I am by far not Kate fan and I am not uptight but that is uneccessary for AS to that esp in front of paps. Even if they are just having fun. Kind of feel sorry for her, she looks pissed as her friend grabs his crotch. But I quess we cannot hate AS, because we do not know the specifics of their relationship, if there is a relationship, if he says they are not serious, it is her fault that AS is making her look like a fool!!! Ask ERW
    wasn’t she the one who said AS plays too many games and needs to grow up. Kate if he is not looking to commit no matter how much you spend time with him, move on concentrate on your craft.

  • ASfan

    You are right, My mistake it was a Golden Globe i always get the two mixed up, but nevertheless, Colin F build is reputation back up, golden globe not too shabby though!! My point was give AS a little advise because I did not even care he was perhaps in a relationship with KateB but now the more he spends time with her the MORE his reputation is getting negative.

  • adrienne

    i think ur thinking way to much into these pictures, he looks like hes just having a laugh with his friend…its called banter!!! i dont think hes thinking ‘oh i know il go put my d*ck on her neck’ , he looks like hes just winding her up and having a good time! just because there are cameras there is he supposed to just sit there and not enjoy it? i dont think it really makes him a ‘pervert’! and hes not really on this website, mainly he is when hes with kate, funnily enough, who is on here far more than she ought to be!!

  • Justsaying

    AS fan are going to pitch a fit after the see their holyier than thou saint AlexS pulling this stunt. ASfan I agree with you that AS should take advise from collin farrell and get out of the hollywood scene and concentrate on his career, but it is not like it is all Kate B fault that he cames across a total immature horndog, he is a grown man he knows what he is doing. Neither wants to commit and bth are whores, perfect relationship.

  • oh balls

    Kate really can’t win. She finally gets officially upgraded to gf and ASkars plants his d*ck right on some girl’s head in front of the paparazzi. Followed by him holding the girl’s hand…on his balls. That was some funny shiz.

  • hans

    ffs people they are at a rock festival… its like people never been to a consert in their lifes…

  • Veruca

    If that’s a crotch grab then his body is built a little differently than most people, since she seems to be grabbing him a bit higher than the crotch area. To me it looks more like she’s grabbing the top of his jeans – you can actually see her fingertips curled under, grabbing on to the pants. With the way the girl is positioned, it does look like she grabbed on to him to help get up.

    And to me it just looks like some friends goofing around. If we were seeing non-celebs doing exactly what the pictures caught, nobody would think anything of it.

    Anyone else wondering if he owns any other boots? He’s been wearing those everywhere since the TB season 2 press stuff.

  • icky

    the reality of this is, that the whole sequence would have only taken seconds. The only problem with it is that is that it’s been frozen in time for over-analysis.

  • *********

    she is holding his T-shirt.he is Crotch Grabing her.

  • Part Two

    The question is no longer, “Will AS crash and burn?” but when. What a waste.


    Drunkards at roachella act up. Put down the cup. He’s lucky she did not vomit on his crotch.

  • juniper

    Kate looks uncomfortable, this guy acts like a flirt and a player. To do this stuff in front of Kate is passive aggressive or just oblivious of anyone else. I think she should dump him and get a guy who’s playful (proactive) attention is on her not other women.

  • peter

    they are boring

  • Emily

    who grabs someones crotch like that he must not be with kate but just hooking up or something

  • Listen

    @*********: He’s holding HER hand on his crotch. He seems to really like it and he also sat on her head.

    Agree, he’s a terrible flirt and definitely not acting like a guy in a relationship. He’s playing the field and loving it.