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Gerard Butler: Hybrid Hottie

Gerard Butler: Hybrid Hottie

Gerard Butler hops into his silver hybrid Mercedes-Benz S400 in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 15).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor was just in Haiti with Artists for Peace and Justice, which encourages peace and social justice and addresses issues of poverty and enfranchisement in communities around the world.

Gerry‘s latest animated flick, How to Train Your Dragon, is in theaters now!

15+ pictures inside of hybrid hottie Gerard Butler

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gerard butler hybrid 01
gerard butler hybrid 02
gerard butler hybrid 03
gerard butler hybrid 04
gerard butler hybrid 05
gerard butler hybrid 06
gerard butler hybrid 07
gerard butler hybrid 08
gerard butler hybrid 09
gerard butler hybrid 10
gerard butler hybrid 11
gerard butler hybrid 12
gerard butler hybrid 13
gerard butler hybrid 14
gerard butler hybrid 15

Credit: Clark Samuels; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • Iva


  • lovelyy

  • redOctober

    …just smile G…and l leave them wondering…

    Nice beard, btw.

  • lil

    Watch out Gerard, there is Jennifer around the corner! Run!!!

  • Holly

    Hottest man on the planet! My Lord, he looks good with a clean face, scruff and this bears. I love that beard and I hate beards. He is perfect!

  • rosalee

    Leave them wondering about what?

  • gossiphound

    I wonder when the thread was coming…

  • hellotheregb

    They obviously were not allowed to post why he was really hanging out by a car in an alley. I think gossip h was right visiting a FWB! or something sorted we can have fun with. Or we can just makeup what we think is going on. any takers?

    I posted this on last thread:
    @redOctober: I will take credit for the blue steel comment why back when when the premieres were going on in Europe. So afterwards In touch mag. had an entire page dedicated to the pics I was commenting on with the title blue steel. Some other pics of celebs as well. You all are all much more entertaining here than in the mags. They steel our material and get paid!! I know I have said this before but felt like repeating it! good morning all! Hello Mexico! No you are not alone with your “interest” in the Hot Scot!!

  • canadiangirl

    This is not his car.Plates have a March sticker on it and his birthday is in November.
    He does look good with the longer hair and he trimmed his beard.Love the green shirt.

  • gossiphound


    You are assuming the car is not leased or not in a corporate name.

  • redOctober


    If he puts an enigmatic smile on his face why not wonder about why the h*ck is he smiling?


    …you deserve all the credit for the “blue steel” …and , of course you should get paid for it. ; )

  • gossiphound


    You are assuming the car is not leased or not in a corporate name.

    I often get stuff out of the passenger side of my car or is he talking to someone in that car? Hard to tell.

    That appears to be the street he lives on though I didn’t think the paps went that far with him yet.

    If there was someone in the car does that mean JJ excluded those photos but they will appear at another less Butler co-operative site?

  • hellotheregb

    We know JJ there are more pics that tell the story that you bothered to make a post with but did not. What is the big secret?

  • Chazima

    Looks like he’s about to hop in to the passenger seat. I wonder who’s driving ;)

  • r.

    Terrific actor and seems to be a good person. He’s single so I don’t know why people give him sh*t for being a typical male when he’s single. He’s lovely.

  • Chazima

    @hellotheregb: There are more? Oh please tell :)
    Where can I see the other pictures?

  • sallyo

    I’m all for wild speculation. here’s the story:
    Lolita is in the car and is refusing to come out because she has accused gerry of staging the paparazzi shots to get good press. She’s also upset with him for the finger in the butler pictures in paris when gerry swore to her nothing was going on. now that jennifer aniston has named her perfume after her she is even more outraged – she thinks jennifer is trying to be her step-mom and lolita wants no part of it.

    where did gerry’s bum go? oh dear. he looks like he got that Hawaiian disease:noassatall. hope he doesn’t lose any more weight!! i need something to grab onto.

  • yesssssss

    There will be flights in half an hour.Sky above Serbia is clean.

  • aha

    Geral “finger in the” BUTTler strikes again.

  • laura


  • rosalee

    I don’t think there are more pictures. Here are all the pics of the original set from the photographer’s site:

  • hellotheregb

    @Chazima: Oh that is just my speculation. Why would they take these pics if they weren’t going to state where he was?

  • hellotheregb

    @sallyo: LMAO and why would someone give you a thumbs down you are just being snarky. Oh yeah I forgot the Jen hens are still out there. I thought they were gone for good.

  • Stinkylouise
  • sallyo

    oh that TMZ. i was hoping they would play his theme tune!

  • gossiphound


    He has been way overdue for TMZ.

  • gotta be kidding


    oh, that’s prob who’s in the car!

  • Stinkylouise

    @gotta be kidding : I don’t think the photos and video were on the same day. It’s probably Alan in the car anyway.

  • gossiphound


    I love it Lolita is have a diva moment and I would not blame her one bit.

  • rosalee

    @Stinkylouise: Dam*, I can’t watch the video, it won’t load. What’s happening in it? Is G just checking her out?

  • Tribe

    “Look at him, look at him! He gave her the Butler Eye!”

    That TMZ video was hilarious!!

  • hellotheregb

    Soooooooooo glad he is back in his game! I love the TMZ video. I can take a deep breath and know he is well and back in action. Good for Lolita having her diva moment. She is learning from the master.

    Master Mutant Ninja manger is debating on dropping “trolling for strange” for Diva Lolita!

    Alan was probably sleeping in the car and G found him and was pis$$ed.

  • Tribe

    It’s just a very quick video, but a great look. He’s in the middle of conversation with two people and a tall, dark haired lovely walks by (she’s walking very quickly) and he looks over with this open-mouth, up-and-down look and you can just see the wheels spinning in his head. It’s not creepy, it’s actually kind of cute… very flattering. But funny. He can look at me like that any time he wants to.
    The funny part is hearing the guy who is filming. “Look at him… look at him! He gave her the Butler Eye!”

  • rosalee


  • Stinkylouise

    It will probably be on tomorrow’s show.Along with the Butler theme song.LOL!

  • Di

    HOTTIE!!! although I do not like him very much, he’s really handsome!

  • tmz

    Yeah the guy behind the camera is funny “look at him. Look at him. He is giving her the Butler eyes” and he said that 4 times. Now I really believe Butler is easily distracted by shiney things or pretty things. He is like a high school boy “He couldn’t be more sutler cos heee issss Gerard Butler!”

  • how long

    will it take before JJ makes sure there are 3 pictures next to each other above – Jen, GB and some permutation of the Jolie-Pitt family. Exploit that (non-existent?) triangle!

    The great triumverate of celeb gossip, at least on this site.

  • sallyo

    i wonder if he could hear the camera man squealing like a school girl.
    @tmz you’re right i think he’s in suspended adolescence. so easily distracated by girls.
    he gave her the “LEGS, HAIR,LEGS, FACE, can’t really see the face”check

  • Tribe

    It looks like she was checking him out first… causing him to do a double-take. Then he gives her the full once-over, and then moves to the side so he can see around the woman standing right in front of him as he watches the girl walk off.

  • hellotheregb

    @rosalee: Thanks rosalee, I guess no mystery here. Just Alan sleeping in G’s car again.

  • lucky jen

    I want gerry’s finger in me!! and other things too… …..

  • lacey

    Gerard Butler is the best looking man I have ever seen. He’s in class all his own. Just downright beautiful.

  • is this

    a British car with the steering wheel on the other side? Why hopping in on passenger side?

  • Nicole

    He can ride inside of me! Sorry he’s a hot piece of man!

  • Your Phantom

    Go green Gerry, wonderful, you have shown your social concern, I know you have a spiritual side.

  • redOctober


    Thanks for the link! …ohhh …those Butler eyes ! LOL!
    (I do the same thing when a man calls my attention, so I guess I’m in suspended adolescence too! ) ; )

  • gossiphound


    He almost gave himself whiplash he has to be more careful, he has films to make LOL.

  • CJ
  • I’m sure

    Laurie would be shocked that he is leering at random girls at the Grove! *snort*