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Ke$ha's SNL Performances -- Glow In The Dark!

Ke$ha's SNL Performances -- Glow In The Dark!

Ke$ha glows in the dark while performing “Your Love Is My Drug” during Saturday Night Live on April 17.

Host Ryan Phillippe introduced the 23-year-old singer, who also performed her smash hit “TiK ToK” (she put on a very cool laser show for that one).

Watch K$‘s fun performances below! Can’t wait to see how these will translate in concert!!!

Ke$ha on “SNL” – “Your Love Is My Drug”

Ke$ha on “SNL” – “TiK ToK”
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  • Dave Alves

    I’m scared!

  • lisa v

    im sorry but she sucks

  • mrs_fuzzybee

    That was like a flashback to the 80s when Debbie Gibson was putting out crap songs. She sounds a lot like Debbie Gibson vocally. Not Deborah Gibson now but teenage Debbie Gibson – whiny, grating. Different year same junk.

  • MIMS

    her vocals are dreadful.

  • eeee

    Awful. Glow in the dark was fun idea but she just can’t sing.

  • blah blah blah

    Lady Gaga wannabe

  • RodneyC

    Um..she’s not really singing people, you know that don’t you? Her music is kind of like rapping, talking really fast. She didn’t sound bad on the “singing” parts though. Not everyone can be Leona Lewis..

  • ally

    not a fan but the concepts are fun, and the performances are more interesting than most on SNL.

  • Ron


    I thought both performances were superlative. Watching them made it clear to me that all of the people who love you are justified in doing so. Who said life was fair? Not me.
    So, if I were a gambling man, I would pack it up, turn away, and start walking. And not look back. Because, you know, life really is tough. (Share some joy with me, Sunshine?)

    That’s right, I’m not going anywhere, unless I need to. And I will not turn my back on you, unless you need to knead the knots in my muscles, incurred in removing the obstacles keeping us apart. I need to do the same for you, because I see all you do to remove the same obstacles. You fascinate me without limit.

    To the last question, the answer is yes. You could, of course, insert any time, or place, and the answer would still be truth. I imagine the function at the junction is proving to be both a delight and a spur, so to speak, to action. Can’t have any of that blah, blah, blah. Not when you have four on the floor. (Baby tigers sound awesome, Kitten.)

    I love you with all my heart.

    Joy to you, Rose.

  • nat

    that was so horrendous, i had to turn off the tv because i thought i was going to die

  • TooSmarttofail

    Shortly after her first set on SNL this past Saturday night, Ray Gordon listed Ke$ha as ONE Sexiest Famous Women in America for 2010! After seeing the video of her doing “Tik Tok,” I can see why.

    Ray wrote two blogs on Ke$ha in very short order after her SNL appearence aired in the east, which can be found at: and


    But GAGA is Grace Jones wanabe … lolzzz. GAYGAY fans are very where to talk shit abt other artists. They are born to be CRAP.

  • Louise

    Awful, plain and simple..there is no valid reason for the glow in the dark, it looks cheap and random and the song is repetative and dull.

    She is highly highly overrated!

  • n_n

    It was playback?

  • lisa

    she cant sing! thats like taylor swift at the grammys. cute but no voice what so ever!

  • Dana

    i like her!

  • Robert Parker

    She’s not going to go away is she? :(

  • princedmz101

    OMG someone please kill it!!! That was just awful. She cannot sing, she looks like a dumpster escapee, and her dancing is like Sarah Palin attending M.I.T, just doesn’t work.

  • Alvaro

    fresh, cute, nice!

  • Rob

    The lasers and glowing in the dark is pretty cool-Its a shame she can’t sing


    European/Australian bands like Angelspit have been doing this valley-talking spiel for years now, to much greater effect.

    Kiesha just stole the idea and added bumble-gum pop -UGH!

    She’s an average singer – not horrible but not impressive. The best thing about this performance was the glow in the dark – it reminded me of 80′s alternative.

  • Nora

    Good concept and we’re glad her face is hidden.

  • serena1994

    i sing HER songs better than she.

  • juniper

    Her voice sounds amateur. I don’t get her appeal.

  • nTrance

    mrs_fuzzybee, how can you compare to her the talented Debbie Gibson, a real singer-songwriter who came out with some of the best 80′s songs ever written. The only comparison to Debbie is maybe how they look. This girl has one of the worst voices I’ve ever heard – worst than Britney which is hard to beat. Can’t believe she got a recording contract.

  • Nana

    I Love Ke$ha !!

  • $pinning

    She’s copying the much more talented (but way less famous) Sia, and it makes me mad. Sia did a bunch of these glow-in-the-dark performances last year, including on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and in her concert video. I wish Ke$ha would go away already.

  • om

    she’s so awkward when she performs. Tik Tok was hard to watch and the dancing is like wtf…Did no one else catch that she kept looking to the side?

  • @itsmehannaa

    but you guys, at least she got her hair good on tik tok.

  • facts

    Britney CAN actually sing – if you want to get factual and technical with it. Jive records trained her to sing a certain way. And that way will strain her voice out if she sings it live while performing. Which is why she chooses to lipsynch. Britney is no Christina but she does have vocal ability and talent. She even has a better range and harmonization than Madonna – who I don’t think has ever used a falsetto. You can’t compare Kesha to Britney. It’s like comparing a servant to a queen :)

  • edgeboy1

    Wow, she really cannot sing (if you want to call it singing… she’s sort of just talking over music). Until she starts taking some lessons, here’s hoping her “vocal” career gets cut short. Putting a dollar sign in the middle of your name does not make you interesting.

  • Slugged

    She is a genius…..those ridiculous outfits completely distracted us from how terrible a singer she is…..Ashlee Simpson should take notes

  • jeff

    Ke$ha On SNL – Tik Tok (HQ)

    Ke$ha On SNL – Your Love is My Drug (HQ)

  • Tyler

    I’m shocked that even with this huge production value, her songs still sound just as bad. I can’t imagine how disappointed she’s going to be when she watches her performance.

  • jj

    @edgeboy1: She put the dollar sign in her name when she was so broke she couldn’t even afford proper food, but she was so happy with just her friends and her family. That’s all she needed. The dollar sign symbolised the fact that she would make music for the love of making music. It’s an ironic sign. You know how her vocals featured on Flo Rida’s track? She told him to keep all the money that track got, she wanted no rayalties even though she was broke. She buys antique vintage jewelry, she recyles he own clothes, she is a free spirit, free-er than most of you. If she’s not your taste, fine, but I wish people would do a LITTLE research if they’re going to spend so time/energy hating on said person.

  • http://N/A artisticguy99

    @blah blah blah: i can’t believe people are so quick to judge saying ke$ha is trying to be like gaga. lady gaga didn’t avant garde and she’s not the first to wear crazy outfits. lady gaga was inspired by grace jones who always wore eccentric stylish outfits everywhere she went. you might as well say lady gaga is a grace jones wannabe she’s really ripping off grace jones, madonna, roisin murphy by the way

  • POP

    @Tyler: Lol I don’t think she cares as much as you do. She has so many haters and yet girl keeps her chin up and keeps selling and topping the charts.

  • layla

    2nd song = Blatant Daft Punk rip off costumes.


  • what?!?

    @nTrance: Kesha IS a song-writers. She has written over 700 tracks!

  • j. ryan


    She’s not a singer, but when she did sing it sounded better than a lot of so called singer’s that I’ve heard live. She got a record contract because she is creative and different and it must be working because all 3 of her singles are in the Top 25 on iTunes.

    I love how easy it is for people to criticize other peoples work but you don’t contribute shit to society.

  • kathy

    you definitely can tell when someone just tries to hard to someone their really not…there is just nothing that great about this girl.

  • monae

    Loved it. The body paint was sick, and she looked cute and hot. Love the song, first song of hers I like that she’s released. Her artistry/songwriting/authenticity is finally starting to show. She needs to release Animal and maybe Hungover next. Keep doing your thing girlie.

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    That was one of the most ridiculous attempts at musical ability I’ve seen in a long time. It is a shame that so many artist feel that instead of working on and refining their gifts, they instead invest their efforts in shocking people. I have to say that up until about a month ago Lady Ga Ga annoyed me beyond comprehension, because I never heard her sing. After hearing her sing I changed my mind. She still annoys me with her costumes, famewhoring and her feaux Brittish accent but I can get past it because she has true vocal ability and real musical talent. This slag, on the other hand, I cannot tolerate even watching, much less listening…………… I have no idea who gives people like this a recording contract and they should be shot too.

  • in

    @Oh…how…lovely….: Please seek help STAT.

  • SNL

    I’m finally starting to see her appeal. That was cute I love the glow in the dark paint and the song.

  • cjchi

    hilarious that’s she’s trying to rip this entire gig off of fever ray. see “when i grow up” video and any of her live footage. what a joke.

  • Luiza

    Sorry but GAGA and KESHA are the best shit ever.

  • BellaH.


  • jkmartinjk

    Wow. Why are they clapping for that crap?

  • awesomepossom

    she sucks at singing, she just can’t sing. her voice is completely fixed in all her studio recordings. and her stage presence sucks as well.