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Kris Allen: Shirtless Sexy with Wife Katy!

Kris Allen: Shirtless Sexy with Wife Katy!

Kris Allen goes shirtless while enjoying the water rides at the Atlantis Resort & Casino in the Bahamas on Sunday afternoon (April 18).

The 24-year-old American Idol champ was seen soaking in the sun on the lazy river, sharing a double tube with wife Katy. Kris also spent some quality time with his bandmate Cale and younger brother, Daniel (pictured below in blue swimming trunks), who is a college cheerleading coach.

Yesterday, Kris performed a 45-minute concert in the ballroom at the Atlantis. He recently signed a deal with the Universal Music Publishing Group (they will distribute his music worldwide).

10+ pictures inside of shirtless sexy Kris Allen

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kris allen shirtless 01
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Credit: Sinky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Celia

    Sexy. Although, he needs to lose the sideburns asap!

  • Thomas

    That boy is hot! I wish he was gay…

  • Kallie

    Sexy is right! He’s so cute, and what a talent.

  • Chris

    I’m not gay, but damn! Not what I was expecting from this guy!

  • Jamie

    Hot! Not bad, Kris.

  • Beth

    Boy is hottt! Who would have thought? Thank you sfm, Jared!!!

  • Nancy

    Wow! I always thought he was hot but never imagined this hot. God, he has both the looks and the body.

  • ranz

    Hot damn, Kris Allen! We need to see more of him! Love that guy! :)

  • fann

    HOT DAMN KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANS NEVER THOUGHT THIS DAY WILL COME! LOL! Boy sure is hot!! :D

  • Jon

    I’d let him. Yummy.

    Thanks for keeping the wife to a minimum. What a boner killer. Looks like a beard though.

  • Sarah

    UNF UNF! :O

  • Jack


    Nah, um forget it. I know them, that guy is the most leve headed and grounded guy I’ve ever met. We were not suprised when he married young .

  • Jon

    Sure “Jack” I’m sure you just happen to know him and are a poster on justjared.

    I can spot a closet case a mile away and I’ve never been wrong before.

  • chris

    Looking good!

  • britt

    Thank you Jared for these pics!!! Kris Allen is one HOT American Idol!!! UNF!

  • Mason

    I would so do him.

  • maddie

    wow!! nice pictures!!! for sure, Kris is hot inside out :D

  • David

    Is that a vagina under his belly button?

  • lacy


  • David

    Is that a va.gina under his belly button?

  • A Lamb

    Oh it’s Katy. It’s too bad her husband is gay. I know from experience. :) He’s looking good right there.

  • Brad

    Wow, Kris Allen is hot. He’s gay, right? Love him.

  • facts

    @Jon: So ppl who know celebs can’t post on JJ? Really? Since when? Does a goblin come out from under the keyboards and bite our fingers off?? Please do tell! Moron.

  • Max


    I actually agree with you here.

    And daaamn. That boy is fine.

  • Amber

    My jaw is on the floor.
    Damn, Kris. You’s a sexy bitch.

  • cALEB


  • Ember

    Talented AND hot. I’m feeling about as deep as that pool right now.

  • ripley

    WOW! Kris Allen is hot. Keep ‘em coming – Kris & his boys, that is.
    I might have to stay here a while longer *staring*

  • Jack

    @ jon,
    I wouldn’t argue with you cos it’s useless. I’ve known both of them since childhood because we are from the same state.
    Do you know him? Or you just read about him?
    Anyone can post here and the fact that I’m someone who knows him personally really bugs you why? Go use your gaydar somewhere else and continue living in your delusion, just don’t post things like this on the internet about people you don’t even know especially something you don’t have evidence of.

  • Jon

    wow he’s goin baaaalddd haha

  • jake

    Guys and Girls who say I would so do him disgust me.
    The guy seems to have hair in all the right places.

  • tink

    The wife wants me to turn this off and give her some attention. Sorry dear, hang on, we’ve been waiting for this shirt to come off for too long. Looking real kickawesome Kris! I for one love the flowered hula dancer swim trunks.



  • Malory

    Jack, lighten up. If you know Kris Allen, that’s great, but I’m not sure you need to be posting here. Let it go, man.

  • Yaya


    And Kris doesn’t even work out or work on his body. I wouldn’t mind working on that body of his.


  • ripley

    Jack – It’s the internet – It’s easy to say you know someone – just don’t expect people to believe you.

    Do you know what Kris says when people say he’s such a nice guy? He says he’s not – he says he just puts on a really good front. And I’m not making that up! He’s said it a number of times – and I for one am very happy to hear that. Tell us more about your “not so nice” side, Kris!

  • Landon

    Hot Damn

  • Yaya

    I wouldn’t mind hitting on that. His brother is hot too.

  • RC

    Thank you, photographer. We owe you one.

  • jenn

    Ugh, The crazies are here too? They just can’t give up and accept that this guy is married, LOL ! It hurts, yeah I know but it’s too late for all of us, hahaha. Well let me appreciate me some pretty. Boy is hottt and sexy. Lucky wife!

  • Ludo

    DAYUM!!! Not at all what I thought was going on under those clothes! Kris honey … Keep them off!
    Also, I showed this to my husband and he said “Isn’t that Adam Lambert’s boyfriend?” I said “No he’s married, that girl is his wife” He said “Married since when? I call bullshit, that boy’s gay” … I concur!

  • Sorry for your life


    “Nah, um forget it. I know them, that guy is the most leve headed and grounded guy I’ve ever met. We were not suprised when he married young .”

    Yeah? Since when level headed and grounded men get married without a job? LOL Go play with Barbies.

  • Yaya

    Brad Pitt’s married…isn’t he?

    David Beckham’s married too.

    So we can all wish can’t we…lol

    …ans stare.

  • Lione

    Very nice, thank you photographer! Kris fans have been waiting for these pics for a long time, and we have been so good! Especially since last year when he was in Florida we got totally screwed when a pic was taken of him on the beach with 2 women and they stood right in front of him and blocked this hotness, it was so evil and no one was around to to right this wrong. Finally we are unscorned, or as we would say unsconed.

  • Jasmine

    What are you all, 12 years old? His marriage and sexuality, and come to think of it, his whole damn private life is NONE of anyone’s business. Leave him alone and go back to your barbies.

  • Mark

    I remember this dude from school and he was always pretty much gay. Now people say here his mother didn’t want him to get married to a woman. I wonder why? LOL

  • Jamie

    People say it to his face a lot about being a nice guy, so I think if he ever says otherwise – I think he just doesn’t want people to think he’s perfect or one dimensional. But the fact is that he is a reeeaaaally nice guy, after meeting him a couplef times, but I won’t say it to his face. You can tell someone is a good guy when the people around him genuinely love him to death. Can he get any better than he happens to be uber hot in these photos? Thanks JustJared!!!

  • Alex M

    He’s married? Oh well. Wasn’t he the one who said there were no boundaries? I’ll take you at your word, Kris Allen.

  • wow

    Sexy sexy….HE”S the American Idol…enough with glamberace. Love that happy trail he has going on….fanning myself

  • Cailtin

    Jared, did I ever tell you you’re my herooooo….. Seriously, thank you for these photos! <3 We finally get to see how hot & sexy Kris is! Goes along with the charm and talent quite well.