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LeAnn Rimes: ACM Awards with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: ACM Awards with Eddie Cibrian!

Eddie Cibrian comes out to support his girlfriend LeAnn Rimes on the orange carpet at the 2010 ACM Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 18) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LeAnn, 27, wore a gorgeous Lanvin dress, Stella McCartney shoes and a Jimmy Choo clutch. She sparkled in Neil Lane jewels — white topaz and gold drop earrings and a large topaz and gold cocktail ring.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at the ACM Awards

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leann rimes acm awards eddie cibrian 01
leann rimes acm awards eddie cibrian 02
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Credit: Kevork Djansezian ; Photos: Getty
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  • t

    Oh it’s Jimmy Fallon in drag again!


    THAT IS JUST UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pops

    I’ve always thought that eddie’s head looks huuuuugeee


    another post about LeAnn Slimes?

  • michaela

    She looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! THat’s a gorgeous couple!

  • michaela

    Love love love the hair just like that!!!

  • fashionista

    she actually looks here, they both do. whatever

  • fashionista

    looks good i mean

  • beans,

    Karma will come back around. Watch yo ass girl!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Brandy(Eddie Cibrian) has moved on.
    Dean Sherement(LeAnn Rimes) has moved on.
    So be it.
    Two people must keep a marriage. One person cannot keep a marriage.
    Both LeAnn and Eddie played for a fool and humilated their innocent partners and that was wrong.
    Rimes is so happy and in love and kept going after Eddie. He is the same,happy.
    Good luck to her because she’ll need it. She got the short end of the stick here. Eddie is no prize .
    Time will tell.
    She looks nice.
    Great outfit.
    Eddie looks good, but he looks good in anything.

  • s

    i hate this couple. they’re disgusting, terrible people and they should be ashamed of themselves. they’re just gonna do what they did to their former spouses to each other.

  • Honeybunn



    and in other news, leann SLIMES raids the Spanx stores and steals all their products


    Narcissists in Love

    You’re BOTH still married and COMPLETELY and utterly insensitive to the two people you promised to cherish til death you do part.

    As both spouses were left in such a hurtful manner and are still in pain……..

    this should have waited another year.

  • gretel

    The wicked nasties are here . wait it’s only one changing her name.

  • gretel

    Is that Brandi on here?

  • Zoe

    Portriate of two worthless cheaters. Why should they care about how many lives they’ve ruined? He’s pretty and she’s rich, so I guess a whole different set of rules applies for them.

    By the way, they are both still married to OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    Aren’t country music people supposed ot be Christians, or does that only apply to saying that gay people defile the sanctity of the marriage union?

  • Nic

    Dont know much about either of them, or follow their careers/lives, but i just wanted to say that this woman is rocking that dress, damn that is tight!

    And the shoes are perfection!

  • Tami

    I would love the opportunity to slap that self-righteous “look what I got” smile of of her ugly little face.

    Oh, and he’s an utter douche. I’m sure his kids really love seeing this on television. Losers.


    @Go Ask Alice: that’a true, but there are too many posts about them!!

  • cacey

    she looks like a WET rat, HOPE she did not pay to get that DONE to her HAIR.

  • kc

    LeLe is looking fine. I love LeAnn Rimes!

  • Gayle

    Watching the show has anyone seen either of them yet? They look so good in the picture Jared put up. Especially LeAnn.

  • Mer

    They do look gorgeous!

  • Timothy

    ZERO applause when this slag walked on stage.

    The camera panned to the audience and they didn’t even raise their hands.

    Message received.

  • teri

    I bet his kids hate him.

  • Mer

    Thanks JJ. You have some great shots!

  • Vickie

    I like her with bangs. OMG I just saw LeAnn on the show. HAWTie!!!!!!

    No one can deny she looked fabulous!!!

  • Gayle

    She was just on. Gracious she looked very very good. Where’s Eddie?

  • teri

    I see her family is going to be working overtime tonight on this board, as well as other sites. No way in heck I support a woman wrecking a family with kids.

  • Joey F.

    Yes Eddie, you are a lucky man. I understand why you had to do what you did.

    LeAnn fan forever

  • Zoe


  • Shay

    @ Teri the fact that you”ve taking the time to come on Eddie and LeAnn’s thread shows your support, so thank you. And, no the kids don’t hate him. First of all their 3 and 6, and if the mother hasn’t taught them about hate, then they don’t know what it means.

  • michaela

    Tonight LeAnn beat out Eddie in the looks dept. He needs to get countrified. Really LeAnn was beautiful and articulate and beaming.

  • Melissa

    i’m glad she is happy now

  • Right On!

    @Shay: Exactly. Unfortunately, too many “moms” love to teach their kids to hate dad. It’s disgusting. Anybody that would do that to little kids……no wonder their husband left them!

  • S3WA

    I’m surprised they’re still together. Are they just hanging on and acting happy to save face?

  • CountryFan

    I didn’t realize that in order to get into the ACM awards alls you had to do was to plant yourself in someone else’s wife. Get off the stage LeAnn, the trailer trash days of country music are over. We don’t want you or your cheaten bag of dirt.

  • t

    lol theres one HUGE leann fan on here, writing all these comments about how good she looks. soooo lame.


    What the heck was Cibrian doing on the show? Rimes is going to have to give up her carreer to keep this guy in work. The only thing I know about him is that everyone hates him, and that’s all I want to know.

  • Lea

    LeAnn is lost country. What is she even doing hanging around the stage. She pales in comparison to Carrie who was so magnificent tonight as was Taylor and Miranda. Jennifer, Kellie, Reba, Martina, and even Julian all shine bright. There is no room for LeAnn in the company of these and all the other great and beautiful classy women of country music. LeAnn is a homewrecking embarrassment.



  • pup

    They’re disgusting. What goes around sure as heck comes around.

  • Lov’n Nashville

    I was very disappointed in the ACM Academy tonight for allowing Mr. Cibrian on stage. It is just this kind of stunt that demeans country music. Mr. Cibrian, who I understand is still married was on stage solely because he is having sex with a LeAnn who to the best of my knowledge is also married. These two take country music back to the days when we were known as druken bed hopping trailer trash. We are no longer that. We are Carrie Underwood and Taylor and so many more. Carrie gave her glory to God tonight. Rimes couldn’t begin to bear that cross, there’s not enough publicity in it for her.

  • Yesterday’snews

    LeAnn still has a nice voice but she belongs nowhere near a Carrie Underwood performance. I use to feel about LeAnn the way I do about Carrie but no more. When Carrie talks about God and morality, she means it.

  • Who’sthisguy

    This guy is a nobody and if he had a carreer, Rimes is making sure he won’t have one. Who let this guy on stage? If “doing” Rimes is all it takes to get on the ACM stage, I’m surprised we didn’t see Tiger Woods giving out an award.

  • Marleen

    I thought LeAnn looked good tonight but these two should not be parading around like this. They have shown their spouces, and he his children, no consideration all these months. No, I do not approve of this spectacle.

  • hilarious

    @Yesterday’snews: Yeah right. Carrie gets up there singing about one night stands in mini skirts so short you can see her knickers, with her fake boobs popping out – she has slept with HOW many guys?? MORALITY? please don’t bring morality into this, they’re all the same.

  • So.Ga.

    Fine, ya all in love, keep it to yourselves. Country music’s cleaned itself up for the most part. Gentry was proud to win the humanitarian’s award tonight. That surprised me, the way he felt about it. LeAnn, you used to be a good gal, or at least I thought you were but Gentry will show you how to be a real humanitarian. Thats all I got to say.

  • Katrina

    Carrie came into full bloom tonight. Damn you LeAnn, I use to like you so much. Why couldn’t you have left your husband properly, with respect. Deane loved you!! Shame and humiliation is not his, its yours and that goes three times for Eddie.