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Rachel Bilson: Lacoste Pool Party!

Rachel Bilson: Lacoste Pool Party!

Rachel Bilson attends the LACOSTE Pool Party during the 2010 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on Saturday (April 17) in Indio, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress, who was there with a few gal pals, cooled down with a bottle of water and a handheld fan.

Other celebs spotted at the party: Aaron Paul, Emile Hirsch, Alexa Chung, Jesse Metcalfe, Lake Bell and Paul Walker.

DJs Chris Holmes and Ana Calderon spun the party!

FYI: Rachel is wearing Joie “Got You Babe” sandals and Jimmy Jimmy Shorts in Sardinia by Paige Premium Denim!

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Photos: Barry Brecheisen/WireImage, heybuzzsugar
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  • Lola

    I wonder if she hung out with Bosworth while she was there!

  • t

    shes holding a lacoste water bottle! that’s so cool, i want one!

  • crapshack

    Put your glasses back Crapchel – you’re so freakin’ homely… no wonder NO one wants to hire you even for a tampon or acne commercial LOL

  • Viper

    Figured we had to see something of this woman sooner or later she is playing the fashion circuit b/c she can’t act..Ok outfit only now one can see why she pimped herself to LaCoste last year so this year she is in hopes of landing something from them.

  • gilmorie

    This Permanent Zlister isn’t that good looking. She was never considered a “true” beauty or much more/less even a sex symbol in Hollywood. She will just always be known for being on the OC playing as the sidekick of the real star of that show who’s now a crackwh0re while her being an everyday mediawh0re.

  • a fan

    she looks so young and refreshing, cute outfit

  • crapshack

    Lets play some hitback… and sing it to the tune of Eddie Murphy’s 1985 hit song called “Party All The Time”…

    But my girl wants to party all the time…
    Party all the time…
    Party all the time…
    Though she’s been “jobless” all the time…
    Jobless all the time…
    Jobless all the time…

  • Venom

    Cutest thing.
    Definitely the girl you marry.

  • bia

    Why only Rachel? Mischa Barton was there too.

  • blairite

    And why would that be?! When Kate Bosworth. is just too happy to even ignore everyone out there (mostly just some d-listers) as she was just too busy cozying w/ her famous & very attentive boyfriend who “genuinely” adores her & just looks so proud to be w/ her – anyone could/would get jealous if they’re just on her/their “lonesome” self attending the said event.

  • Judy

    I love Rachel <3 She looks awesome!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Mischa doesn’t pay JJ to post her every move – that’s why you don’t see her on this site as much. Also, Kate Bosworth manages to get work here and there, she’s not just some unemployable loser!
    If she’s going to take off those sunglasses she definately needs to where make-up. She’s no natural beauty who can go without make-up or photoshop!!

  • Viper

    @ Venom

    Then you can marry her if you want the leach to hang all over you the woman is a reality show want to be. She makes Jessica Simpson look smart.

  • elle

    I would be ashamed to even smile in front of the camera if I was her

  • Bad

    she’s kinda cute since she’s very small, but she’s just so plain,, and her voice is annoying like blake lively’s

  • ;)

    Was wondering when it would show up again? What?! No Gayden to help her sport the Lacoste cr&p? Guess he is busy with his b/f! LOL!

  • ;)

    Shorts are horrible on her saddlebags too! :)

  • G is for Giggles

    No Pics of Hayden, you know the one that actually WORKED for Lacoste?

    I MISS YOU HAYDEN, come out and play sweetie so they can take a pic of you.

  • http://. D

    She’s cute.

  • belle

    @bia: yeah JJ can’t you cover somebody else besides rachel bilson & olivia munn. they don’t do anything! what about the other people at the party that are actually up to some semi-interesting projects?

  • vortex


    JJ won’t cover anyone else b/c RB manager pays big $$ for her to be papped out by these ppl. Other top celebs get papped b/c they pay the camera dude’s rent for the next several months. Someone like RB can’t get work unless she pimps herself out doing anything she can get attention for in hopes she can land work. In her case unless they are casting again for another Jackass movie I don’t think she will land much work.

  • boomer

    She’s not as cute as everyone makes her out to be. I don’t see the fuss at all. Why does Jared always post about her?

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Apparently she’s going to star in “Existence 2.0″, a comic book movie produced by Michael Bay and written by the creators of “Smallville”.

  • :0)


  • ;)

    @ #24 Don’t copy me your illiterate fool! Work on your grammar before trying to copy me! I agree her hair weave or whatever you call it is bad. Her hair looks like wood grain!

  • :0)


  • ;)

    OMG!! Are you f-ing kidding me? Swearing in all CAPITOLS like that just makes you look like an idiot. Forget it….I only argue with PPL that actually have graduated from elementary school. Your a psycho and to crazy and stupid to argue with.

    Thanks for the good laugh though! ;)

  • sara

    The correct spelling is CAPITALS not CAPITOLS.
    And it’s You’re a psycho, not Your a psycho.
    Also, it’s too crazy, not to crazy.

    I don’t have a side in this debate, but if you’re going to ridicule someone as being stupid and not having graduated from elementary school, it would help if you double check your own spelling.

  • Viper

    @ 28

    Does it matter really, Arabian Night is the one who is the Cap Queen who uses bad grammer and spelling all the time anyway. Many of us who have battled Arabian know her M.O. it’s common know how about her and all the crazy names and ideas she comes up with.

  • sara

    It’s bad grammar, not bad grammer.

  • ;)

    Who cares Sara??

    We all know who it was anyway. It was Arabian Nights and Big Black Bird CAPITAL QUEEN! This person also has made racial comments as well. Did you get on her case for that?

  • Viper

    Sara take a break from constantly correcting ppl on the board and trust me when you screw up ppl will let you know.

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s funny how Rachel’s always attached to something and 99% of these things don’t happen. Though perhaps this Michael Bay thing will come true…his movies are more about special effects. Acting skills aren’t really required – especially of the females though he does seem to prefer “eye candy”. Perhaps she sent in that picture of her on all fours from GQ.

  • Viper

    Won’t matter who is directing some movie she is attached to most of the time it’s only rumor projects. Eventually she will get off the rumor project and go out couch hoping again. Eye candy well she fails hard there as well. Meg Fox has it, can’t say I like her voice any more then RB but, I’m pretty sure that Megan Fox doesn’t need to read off of Cue Cards to work a scene.

  • Melissa

    she is cute

  • ;)

    boring conversation

  • Crapside

    @ #36,
    Then why are you here if it is so boring to you?

    I think even Jessica Alba is considered the eye candy. Not a great actress Alba is but, yet she is better on the eyes then Bilpoo. Other eye candy would be Megan Fox or Zoe Saldana. Bilson does not have that figure that turns heads you know?? She is just so ordinary. The only reason she is remotely popular is from the OC and Gayden Crystlemeth! :)

  • sidony

    @ 4 – she pimped herself to LaCoste last year so this year she is in hopes of landing something from them

    Like what?! A model?!
    Looking just like that – miscrospic in height, rought skin w/ saddlebags insect looking, desiccated hair, No HW career etc… – it would definitely be one of the “epitome of her grand delusion/s”
    The most that Douchel would get from the Lacoste people are their “freebies” that she always expects (aside from media attention) when attending these events.

  • guest

    i must say that i am a fan of rb but i have been reading whats been going on here and i dont believe in hating if i dont want to read about someone i dont care for i dont i go to another thread but it does make sense now that every time rb comes on jjs thread there is this person known as BRIGHTSIDE like the ppl call her and other names she uses i am seeing how she is really crazy wild mad and jealous of her and i am not the person you fight with but why are you hear hating rb if you dont like her go to someone you like enough is enough

  • Ahari

    I think it’s very interesting that Hayden was just dumped by LaCoste after less than one year, yet they have a party during a Coachella event, and Hayden’s “fiancee” shows up? Really? Really? I’m sorry, this looks odd to me. It wouldn’t surprise me if she weren’t behind him getting dumped, just so she could get some PR.

  • Lake

    IDK about anyone else, but if a company had just dumped my fiance, I wouldn’t go anywhere near their “party,” much less look so happy to be there all while wearing “his” ring. Just saying, it looks odd.

  • Chax

    Yo Rachel!! LaCoste dumped your man, what’s up with attending their party? Not so much fidelity, no?

  • austine

    It seems that it was just too complicated for her ret@arded brain (if she even have one) to discern or to even think for once regarding that matter.

  • WHAT!!!!!!!!


    its called knowing how to blow thats how she does it,

    probley wavied her $ 35,000 an hour fee top get the so called part.
    but we will see if anything becomes of it.

  • Harley Quinn

    i can’t be sure but her bag might be from turkey

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ 44 – but if she knew how to do that wouldn’t she have more work? Guess she’s not good at that or the casting couch either. For $35K you can hire a professional!
    Free is free and when you’re constantly unemployed you need all the freebies you can get! She’s probably filling her bag with Lacoste stuff to “show them” since they fired her man!!

  • brightside

    She is just not pretty and there’s definitely some Kate Bosworth thing going on with her forehead!
    You know, I’ve seen bags like that on the stalls in Marrakesh, the tourists love them and they’re not very expensive. I’m not a handbag person but I did buy a couple. Quite nice, I thought!
    @lexy hates bilson:
    Jumper was all about SFX too and no acting, at least from team Bilson/Christensen….but Rachel doesn’t have the looks to pull off a leading role even if talent isn’t called for.
    It’s no good hiding behind a fake name, everyone knows who you are! And your comments have been duly noted and thrown out of the window….this argument is an old one and has been addressed before. It’s a celebrity blog site, not a fan site, and people are free to comment however they feel fit, so either join a fan site or get used to the fact that a lot of people wonder why an unemployed d-lister with little credibility should be on any celebrity blog site especially this one. Does Lindsay Lohen or Mischa Barton or any other d-lister get this much coverage…….

  • Crapside

    @ Guest,
    This is not a fan site of RB’s. PPL are inclined to say exactly what they want about Bilson. Your not fooling anyone. It is so obvious who you are and your hiding behind the name guest. Why don’t you have the courage to come out and argue like a real man or woman instead of hiding under Guest? Silly really. You just gave yourself away. :D

    The only thing I like is her handbag but, I’m sure she paid a lot for it. Rachel does not carry around inexpensive handbags.

  • more than one possibility

    If you google Lacoste Challenge, Hayden is still on the website, as well as the information about him, etc.. It is very likely that Hayden signed a one year contract, that began at the Paris Open last year in at the end of May when Challenge was “unveiled”. It is possible Lacoste did not renew the contract, it is possible Hayden did not renew the contract, it is possible that Lacoste changes celebrities that represent their products year to year. These are all possibilities, he was not necessarily “fired”. The one year contract seems feasible, otherwise, why have him still on the website after it is known someone else will be following him? It is close to the one year ending , if there was a contract like that.

  • Viper

    Problem with that #49 is HC never truly promoted LaCoste cologne he did 2 events nothing more, he was never pictured on any ads in the store only the one on TV and one magazine shot which was over circulated. If you go to any store selling LaCoste at that time last year he still was never shown in the pictures for this Challenge Cologne. If LaCoste contracted him to do promotionals then he sadly failed at it. Your more or less seeing last years ads or pictures of him in the websites until they get Andy Roddrick up and running with this. HC is unemployed he isn’t working so why dump a good chance to continue on with something any money is better then no money coming in. LaCoste is more or less in need of a real role model for their sport/Cologne ads. I’m sure Andy will more then fill the bill where Christensen was a way sorry mistake all the way around.